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The Seventeenth Portent

April 6, 2015 Leave a comment

This month’s boss, The Thrice Drowned, is mostly the same as last year, with the same name and appearance, spawning in the same locations, preceded by the same green mob, etc. etc. See my post from last year for more about it.

Crabs with LAZERS!!! (Click to enlarge.)

A notable difference is that they gave the boss a new ability: What is Dead May Never Die, which gives the boss a 15-second shield (including an easily noticeable yellow particle effect). This shield provides it with both damage deflection (so your hits will do a lot less damage while the boss has this shield) as well as retributive damage, so it’s quite easy for people to kill themselves on it if they keep DPSing while the shield is up. The other abilities are the same as last year: Reaper Beam (channeled spell, the boss turns about 180 degrees while casting it; it’s a frontal cone attack that does holy damage and a 3-second stun); Rise Again (piercing damage, probably in a frontal cone); Curse of the Drowned God (frontal cone, does a bit of poison damage and puts a wrack on people, giving them -30% physical invulnerability for 30 sec); Geyser (ranged frost attack which the boss uses as an anti-kiting mechanism). The boss has 19.55 million HP, just like last year (and a bit less than most world bosses).

As usual, killing the boss gives you a buff called Slayer of the Thrice Drowned, but curiously it doesn’t remove the previous buff, Slayer of the Dust Fiend. I guess the devs forgot to update this when they replaced last year’s March boss (Serpent Man Oldblood) with the Dust Fiend.

The new shield particle. (Click to enlarge.)

Last year I had very bad luck on this boss, killing it 236 times without getting the purple pet. This year was better, as I got the pet after 67 kills on my guardian. The boss seemed to take much longer to kill than last year, perhaps because of the new shield ability and perhaps because there’s fewer people and/or more of them are AFK. I wouldn’t be able to manage even half as many kills as last year, even if I didn’t slow down after getting the pet. Fights lasting over 20 minutes are nothing unusual this week.

Here are a few screenshots of the purple pet dropping from this boss, Mini-Pet: Drowned One. The description (“A miniature replica of a drowned sorceress, she is now one with the sea”) seems to allude to Sodabeh, which makes sense since that’s the fight that contains mobs that look like this crab. But in that case, why did they use this model here in Thunder River, which (1) is in Aquilonia instead of in Turan, and (2) is a river and not the sea?!

People used to say that my guardian is a slut that probably has crabs…
Now, in a sense, they are right๐Ÿ˜› (Click to enlarge.)

Occasionally, the pet will KB you, producing a big geyser-style particle effect:

(Click to enlarge.)

I’ll add the loot table later, after I’m done farming the boss and opening the boxes.

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The Sixteenth Portent

April 6, 2015 Leave a comment

At the end of the first cycle of 12 portents, the devs announced that they would be replacing two of them with new ones, supposedly for being unpopular or something like that. I wonder thy the Dragon Spine portent, Serpent Man Oldblood, whom we fought in March 2014, was scheduled for replacement; there was nothing particularly wrong with that fight, nor did I have the impression that it was unusually unpopular. There may have been a bit fewer people there, but that’s probably just because the Dragon Spine is not accessible to people on free-to-play accounts.

(Click to enlarge.)

Anyway, the new March boss still spawned in the Dragon’s Spine, but is now a humanoid mob called the Dust Fiend. It spawns at (920, 680) in front of the Palace of Cetriss, near the T5 raid entrance. In terms of appearance it is nothing to write home about, and reminded me a little of the sand demons that were introduced with Turan. (Incidentally, there is also a quest called The Demon of the Sands in the Gateway to Khitai, at the end of a chain from Dair Usun in Menudsjin’s camp; but the resulting boss, called Writhing Sandstrosity, actually looks like a kraken.)

Initially, the boss was CC’able, so the fight was completely trivial since he pretty much never had the time to use any of his abilities. After a few days, they patched this in a hotfix and the fight was slightly less trivial, though still not particularly challenging. His abilities include: Swirling Sands (spawns moving fire circles on the ground; the circles knockback any players standing in them); Quicksand (spawns a circle on the ground, gives anyone standing in it +70% hinder movement and a slashing dot); Sandstorm (puts a 15-sec debuff on people near the boss: +50% miss chance, +0.5% fizzle chance, and a slashing dot).

Curiously, the boss has just 18.97 million HP, which is about 6% less than most world bosses.

(Click to enlarge.)

The loot follows the usual pattern: you mostly get a blue box, Hunter’s Trove of the Dust Fiend, or occasionally a purple box called Slayer’s Cache of the Dust Fiend. Presumably you can also get this purple box from the blue box (instead of directly to the boss), but this never happened to me this week (admittedly, I didn’t farm the boss *that* much). On one alt I got a Slayer’s Cache of the Inferno Lord from one of the blue boxes — i.e. I got a purple box belonging to one of the previous bosses, rather than to this one.

There is of course a new pet, Companion: Dust Fiend, which looks like a miniature version of the boss but doesn’t do anything terribly interesting. He does have a few nice spellcasting animations:

(Click to enlarge.)

(Click to enlarge.)

For comparison, here’s the Sand Demon, the combat pet that comes with the Turan pack:

(Click to enlarge.)

Things I got from the blue boxes on my guardian:

Count Item
Social animations, particles etc.
1 Bottled Spirits
5 Cool Runnings
1 Eighth Plague of Stygia
1 Ritual Knife
Food, potions, buffs
0 Potent Daggamalt, Dire Sweetpressed Haste
0 Ta Neheh Leaf Elixir
0 Kingsmight Ale
3 Elixirs (2 Invigorative Rejuvenation, 1 Precision)
6 Philtres (4 Constitution, 2 Strength)
1 Minor Elixir of Resurgence (self-rez)
Vendors of crappy social consumables
0 Traveller’s Merchant Contract
Social armor sets
3 Harlot’s set
4 Khemi Guard set
3 Shattered Colossus set
6 Slayer’s set
3 Vizier’s set of State
0 other social armor sets
Other social armor
1 Crown of Autumn
1 Tigerskin cloaks
Raid gear
7 T1 armor
3 T1 weapons (1 sword, 2 shields)
3 T2 armor
1 T2 weapons (1 sword)
AA urns
4 Flask of Completion (20000 Mastery XP)
5 Flask of Direction (50000 Mastery XP)
0 Coffer of Radiance (62500 Mastery XP)
6 50 Esteen Tokens
5 30 Marks of Acclaim
3 animal pets (2 Charcoal Firebird Chicks, 1 Topaz Komodo)
3 dancing pets (1 Aquilonian male, 1 Cimmerian male, 1 Stygian female)
Purple caches
0 Slayer’s Cache of the Dust Fiend (purple cache)

Also seen on other characters: Stygian Special Mushroom, Hero Ascendant social armor, Coffer of Radiance.

And an overview of purple caches from all bosses so far, on all of my characters (some of the bosses from the 2nd cycle are omitted as I wasn’t farming them much):

Boss Total
no. of
# purple caches Drops from purple caches
direct total Simple
Urns Rare

Dragon 185 6 2 8 7 (29) 0 0 1 0
Yeti 61 3 2 5 4 (15) 0 0 1 0
Basilisk 141 4 2 6 2 (7) 2 0 2 0
Serp. Man 78 3 6 9 7 (25) 0 0 1 0
Thrice Dr. 236 1 12 13 8 (31) 4 0 0 1
Ice Worm 191 1 9 10 8 (33) 0 0 1 1
Nergal 91 0 4 4 2 (7) 1 0 1 0
Leviathus 161 1 5 6 5 (20) 1 0 0 0
Execut. 122 0 6 6 4 (15) 0 0 2 0
Lurker 151 4 5 9 6 (29) 1 0 1 1
B. Queen 220 3 5 8 4 (15) 3 1 0 0
Inf. Lord 154 2 4 6 5 (19) 0 0 0 1
Second Cycle
Dragon 69 0 1 1 0 (0) 0 0 1 0
Dust F. 91 1 5 6 4 (16) 1 0 1 0

I got a second legendary Black Dragon minipet during the second appearance of the Black Dragon boss (December 2014). Sadly, as I already had one from last year and it’s BoP, I couldn’t do anything other than vendor it :S

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Targets of Interest achievements

February 14, 2015 8 comments

Here are the coordinates of the mobs you have to kill for the ‘Targets of Interest’ achievements. I’ll add other playfields as I get around to doing them.

Acheronian Ruins

  • Tham’Kur (170, 170)
  • Tapah (413, 182)
  • Bat Demon Kothar-Wa (468, 250)
  • Al’Gol the Corpsefeaster (375, 430)

White Sands Isle

  • Flesh-Eating Plant (662, 430)
  • The Silverback Behemoth (682, 320; actually he patrols around)
  • The Ravenous One (631, 199)
  • Gorilla Queen (218, 180)
  • Tear-Kirahn (565, 346)
  • Greater Black One (955, 671)

Tortage Underhalls

  • Askia (279, 155)
  • Ceremonial Master (164, 323)

Bubshur House

  • Shepses (375, 305)
  • Akhiban (335, 235)
  • Menkafri (288, 188)
  • Akhita (255, 260)
  • Lurker in the Dark (196, 295)

Khopshef Province

  • Mantis Champion (195, 297)
  • Hep Kab Chief (302, 655)
  • Captain Sylfest (207, 766)
  • Sektep (301, 1322)
  • Bubshur Undead Guard Chief (441, 1292)
  • Abasi (681, 1392)
  • River Raider Chief (1132, 1380)
  • Jahi (1400, 1460)

Wild Lands of Zelata

  • Mercenary Pathfinder (1122, 1367)
  • Nemedian Quartermaster (1116, 1018)
  • Nemedian Tactician (1001, 832)
  • Nemedian High-Priest (1041, 685)
  • Mercenary Commander (patrols all over the Nemedian camps in the east of the playfield)
  • Nemedian Forager (1007, 400)
  • Nemedian Executioner (887, 274)
  • Nemedian Mage (845, 315) and (842, 339)
  • Nemedian Bannerman (791, 263)

Conall’s Valley

  • Yeti (848, 1044)
  • Battlemaster Torgvall (1300, 875)
  • Commander Magni (1368, 800)
  • Commander Vakarr (1584, 1036)
  • Lodur Frostbeard (1622, 1133)
  • Jorgrimm (1752, 1071)

Field of the Dead

  • Ymirish Houndmaster (85, 551)
  • Ymirish Wolfrunner (182, 341)
  • Vanir Shaman (344, 388)
  • Thorain Redfang (367, 373)
  • Audun Nightstalker (437, 416)
  • Hakon Wolftamer (287, 679)
  • Werewolf Chief (343, 818)
  • Bloodclaw (397, 823)
  • Ymirish Bearlock (628, 979)
  • Lieutenant Rhor (645, 966)
  • Lieutentant Haken (540, 992)
  • Specter Warchief (886, 975)
  • Vanir Warmaster (1000, 780)
  • Ymirish Frostlord (981, 740)
  • Gurnakhi Champion (1090, 821)
  • Specter Warlord (1009, 1080)
  • Brand Hellhammer (1081, 398)
  • Ymirish Field Commander (1109, 419)
  • Vanir Headman (1007, 378)
  • Ymirish Seidir (1013, 420)
  • Specter of Chieftain Flann (876, 1028)
  • Specter of Chieftain Giron (515, 189)
  • Specter of Chieftain Talorc (587, 573)
  • Specter of Chieftain Enfreth (470, 300)
  • Specter of Chieftain Bricriu (582, 400)
  • Specter of Chieftain Iogenan (575, 160)
  • Specter of Chieftain Munaith (750, 250)
  • Specter of Chieftain Cemoyd (548, 404)
  • Specter of Chieftain Nechtan (660, 279)
  • Specter of Chieftain Fidaich (441, 234)
  • Specter of Chieftain Olgudach (631, 249)
  • Specter of Chieftain Cinaith (504, 388)
  • Specter of Chieftain Lutrin (562, 183)
  • Specter of Chieftain Gailtram (478, 169)
  • Brigand Philipus (1183, 267)
  • Outlaw Tobias (1302, 282)
  • Outlaw Henricus (1221, 251)

Eiglophian Mountains

  • Cannibal Chief (360, 423)
  • Cannibal Chief (1069, 295)
  • Cannibal Chief (506, 761)
  • Diabolist Aino (904, 767)
  • Nunatak (910, 661)
  • Necromancer Kullervo (1020, 926)
  • Vainamoinen the Dreamwalker (934, 908)
  • Titan (711, 1073)
  • Pongidae (842, 1231; actually he patrols over a wide area)
  • Na’Tsu’Ko (1073, 1230)
  • Kamoinen (1133, 1265)
  • Torumjumala (1219, 1290)

Cannibal Cave

  • Chief Uruk’Ar (227, 190)

Ymir’s Pass

  • Gelba (457, 710)
  • Captain Hramgar (155, 770)
  • Chief Groel (144, 1012)
  • Yzdar (794, 1275)
  • Champion of Ymir (996, 1259)
  • Zantillo (1127, 866)
  • Captain Rocca (1390, 877)
  • Jevina Nightsoul (1349, 306)
  • Zaroth the Black (1188, 211)
  • Cowled One (1204, 450)
  • Skuld the Ghost King (771, 295; patrolling)
  • Urdalus the Ghost King (665, 365; patrolling)
  • Parabella (439, 545)
  • Tharr the Battlelord (385, 427; patrolling)
  • Nardum the Quarry Overseer (227, 384; patrolling)
  • Kyrostias the Tormentor (858, 569)

Atzel’s Approach

  • Ice Demon (149, 825)
  • Atzel Fortress Gate Captain (691, 772)
  • Black Dragon Magnus (620, 642)
  • Lieutenant Eyvie (171, 673)
  • Chill Crawler Brood Mother (77, 387); this is a group boss, try to kill the minions extremely quickly, otherwise the boss becomes invulnerable to damage for a while
  • Troglodyte Chief (65, 127)
  • Nether Lord (917, 432)
  • Beastmaster (837, 151)
  • Crazed Troglodyte Chief (876, 18)

Thunder River

  • Blood Fang (481, 1587)
  • Tarakwi (1085, 1000)
  • Risen Avenger (1282, 1757)
  • Occultist Kodril-Kau (1445, 1172)
  • Ikkerons (1239, 802)
  • The Darkwalker (1122, 786)

Coast of Ardashir

  • Roshanak the Merciless (738, 603)
  • Jochi the Kozak (926, 416)


  • Chosen of Set (1124, 830)
  • Apostle of Set (1122, 790)
  • Blessed of Set (1148, 700)
  • Crimson Boss (710, 1012)
  • Death Master Harbinger (956, 359)
  • Black Ring Prodigy (727, 461; patrolling)
  • Rogue Guard Captain (675, 375)
  • Gullah Blade Master (509, 176) and probably elsewhere; the mob is really called Gallah Blademaster
  • Black Ring Warmage (293, 693) and elsewhere
  • Bat Demon Lord (273, 756)
  • Seremis the Outlaw (527, 1047)
  • Hong Gildong (698, 610) and other locations

Tarantia Common District

  • Risen Warrior (238, 1051; only appears at night — after 19:00 in-game time)
  • Amun-Nepthek (94, 937)
  • Lazar (269, 1007)

Tarantia Noble District

  • Ares the Pyromancer (811, 1088)
  • Elihud the Mender (898, 1045)

Villa Amiel

  • Chef Vibius (283, 177)

Villa Camillus

  • Lord Camillus (338, 176; upper floor)

Villa Lentulus

  • Gurges the Nimble (221, 308; top floor)

Villa Paetus

  • Lord Paetus (283, 286; upper floor)

Villa Verde

  • Kephalos the Cruel (253, 251; upper floor)

Gateway to Khitai

  • Gluttonous Archfiend (588, 355) and elsewhere; patrolling
  • Huge Grim Fiend (689, 287); patrolling
  • Kuchu Khan (1168, 304)
  • Yurki (1351, 730)
  • Huang-di (750, 820)
  • Kasar (710, 752)
  • Cong the King (1228, 384)
  • Zang Xin Elder (1116, 171; patrolling)
  • Zang Xin Lieutenant (1254, 374)

Northern Grasslands

  • Senior Warmonk (159, 457)
  • So’tu the Smasher (96, 756)
  • Zang Xin Defiler (148, 630)
  • Cro’tan the Knowing (181, 767)
  • Mu the Ferocious (370, 112)
  • Zan the Bonechewer (535, 145)
  • Fu the Screamer (656, 286) and (735, 58)
  • Lemurian Queen (1350, 324)
  • Lotus-touched Craterspawn (1185, 179)
  • Malevolent Craterspawn (698, 174)
  • Bloody Thief (960, 377)

Chosain Province

  • Darkspawn Corruptor (335, 1135)
  • Ling-Kung (110, 800)
  • Man the Merciless (390, 530 in a cave; and also 488, 567, which is in a cave upstairs)
  • Bing-Zhong (810, 132)
  • Baio the Guardian (1261, 1025)
  • Soul Harvester (1382, 1345)

Kara Korum

  • Hu’nan the Soultouched (823, 1121)
  • Merek the Tainted (980, 900)
  • Uncontrolled Kang-Zai (234, 383)
  • Overgrown Craterspawn (644, 466) and (897, 327)
  • Lun the Insane (928, 397)
  • Shi’za the Malicious (1257, 808)
  • Kha-tan the Crazed (1647, 1217)
  • Mei-ta the Mad (1444, 574)
  • Malevolent Apparition (1753, 347)


  • Gibbering Hermit (416, 305)
  • Dark Legion Commander (568, 184) and (817, 318); two patrolling ones
  • Hellish Fiend (742, 371; actually he patrols around)
  • King Pong (830, 525) — jump to his island from the Shadows of Jade camp, around (796, 510); I jumped with a tiger, got killed while landing, and used a self-rez potion; but apparently you can also survive the jump. You can apparently also pull him with a ranger (with the +range modifier).
  • Dominant Baboon (860, 476)
  • Master Dong (1207, 1390); he has a 95% damage deflection and +200% bonus damage buff; you need items from the Brittle Blade quest chain to remove those buffs, or you should fight him with a group

Dragon’s Spine

  • Abomination (2×) (550, 862)
  • Hapikern the Physician (1172, 399); rare spawn, also for the Bane of Serpent Men
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Great Khan’s War Bringer

February 14, 2015 1 comment

The Great Khan’s War Bringer is a legendary mount which can drop from the Hoard of the War Bringer, a lottery box that was recently introduced into the item shop. It’s also tradable between players. I bought a couple of boxes and got lucky, so here are a few screenshots:

(Click to enlarge.)

(Click to enlarge.)

In terms of speed (including turning speed), this mount is equivalent to tigers, wolves, Hyrkanian horses, etc., and is thus better than most other swift and armored horses. Its energy regeneration is actually a little better than that of tigers, wolves etc. (7 sec to regenerate, instead of 9 sec). See this post for more about mount speeds and other attributes.

The buff while mounted is −50 chance of being staggered.

According to the tooltip, the Hoard of the War Bringer can also drop a mount called Swift Ymirish Colossal Cold One (a mammoth), but I haven’t seen one of these yet; meanwhile, plenty of Great Khan’s War Bringer are available on the trader, so I’m starting to suspect that something is wrong with the hoard’s loot table and the second mount perhaps doesn’t drop at all.

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Shrine achievements

February 12, 2015 14 comments

To get the Shrines achievements, you need to do the correct emote in front of each of the shrines in various Khitai playfields. There’s around 120 emotes in the game and it isn’t necessarily particularly obvious which emote is correct for which shrine, so I made a script that test them all. The annoying thing about this is that whenever you do any kind of emote in front of a shrine, you get a message that “The gods enjoyed your performance” (which is particularly funny if the emote you did was e.g. /fart :P) and you also get a 1-minute debuff which you can’t remove and during which all your emotes are ignored. So you can only try about 1 emote per minute. When you find the correct emote for that shrine, you get a message that “The gods are pleased with your prayer” and you get a 15-minute buff called Major Gift of X, where X is the deity to which the shrine is dedicated.

For some shrines, you can also get the achievement update by making a donation instead of doing the emote. Some shrines are present in multiple locations and AFAIK any of them will count towards the achievement.

Note that if there are several shrines associated with the same deity, they will all require the same emote and often also look exactly the same, even if they are in different playfields.

Name Location Emote
Gateway to Khitai
Cang‑Jei 400, 508 /laughheartily or pay 1c
Cheng‑Ho 1254, 714 /give or pay 1c
Chi’fu‑Shen 971, 666 /crossarms or pay 1c
Niu‑Xinchang 1430, 628 /kneel or pay 1c
Yun 500, 585 /slitthroat or pay 5s
Northern Grasslands
Cang‑Jei 807, 694 /laughheartily
Cheng‑Ho 1493, 624 /give
Cheng‑Ho 1300, 177 /give
Ch’Eng‑Huang 936, 686 /trance
Ch’i‑Ti 475, 1120 /hugefish
Chi’fu‑Shen 1407, 904 /crossarms or pay 1g
Ciangda 291, 332 /squat
Han‑Congmin 375, 1182 /pointdown
Niu‑Xinchang 296, 909 /kneel
Xunsu 921, 1474 /bow_khitai_greet
Yun 997, 918 /slitthroat or pay 1c
Chosain Province
Cang‑Jei 1114, 711 /laughheartily
Cheng‑Ho 265, 1456 /give
Ch’Eng‑Huang 850, 107 /harmony
Chi’fu‑Shen 702, 98 /crossarms
Ch’i-Ti 914, 840 /hugefish
This one is tricky to reach; immediately after you cross the first bridge towards upper Shaulun, turn right and reach the climbing point at (929, 857), climb up and then use the next climbing point at (918, 853).
Ciangda 975, 815 /squat
Han‑Congmin 248, 1131 /pointdown or pay 1g
Han‑Congmin 1110, 782 /pointdown
Hu‑Hu 701, 434 /lounge
Hu‑Hu 1234, 532 /lounge
Niu‑Xinchang 285, 1468 /kneel
Niu‑Xinchang 1009, 803 (upstairs) /kneel
Xunsu 268, 1464 /bow_khitai_greet
Xunsu 899, 751 /bow_khitai_greet
Yag‑Kosha 919, 814 /pointup
Kara Korum
Cang‑Jei 554, 364 /laughheartily
Cheng-ho 1395, 986 /give
Cheng-ho 924, 389 /give
Ch’Eng‑Huang 515, 121 /trance
Ch’Eng‑Huang 1375, 1049 /trance
Chi’fu‑Shen 1777, 453 /crossarms
Ch’i‑Ti 1394, 974 /hugefish
Ciangda 599, 721 /squat
Ciangda 1922, 255 /squat
Han‑Congmin 483, 135 /pointdown
Han‑Congmin 1389, 966 /pointdown
Niu‑Xinchang 593, 1333 /kneel
Niu‑Xinchang 1775, 361 /kneel
Xunsu 419, 748 /bow_khitai_greet
Yag‑Kosha 1052, 1330 /pointup
Yun 541, 120 /slitthroat
Yun 1388, 521 /slitthroat
Cang‑Jei 454, 364 /laughheartily
Cheng‑Ho 1395, 994 /give
Ch’Eng‑Huang 885, 855 /trance
Ch’i‑Ti 718, 1268 /hugefish
Ciangda 1058, 1376 /squat
Chi’fu‑Shen 320, 1217 /crossarms
Han‑Congmin 1174, 916 /pointdown
Hu‑Hu 913, 633 /lounge
Niu‑Xinchang 259, 876 /kneel
Xunsu 1216, 1384 /bow_khitai_greet
Yag‑Kosha 548, 652 (altar, no statue) /pointup
Yag‑Kosha 558, 637 /pointup
Yag‑Kosha 564, 644 /pointup
Yun 320, 442 /slitthroat
Yun 298, 549 /slitthroat

Many thanks to people who helped me collect information about the shrines!

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Slutty guardqueror armor

December 18, 2014 2 comments

Having recently completed the T5 armor set on my guardian, I have to admit it looks a lot less horrible than the infamous abomination we got from T4, but it still merits an obligatory whine post.

I never particularly liked conqueror raid armor in the old T1/T2/T3 days. The skirt is just plain silly, the belt is a like that of a former wrestling champion that is using an overly broad belt to compensate for you can only imagine what, and the most charitable thing you can say about the helmet is that it looks like an old-fashioned chamberpot. So imagine my disappointment when it turned out that Funcom not only doesn’t have the resources to design 12 new sets of armor for T5, it doesn’t even have time to recolor each of the twelve T3 sets, so several classes now have to make do with armor that should really belong to some other class, and among other things guardians now get what is basically a slightly recolored conqueror set. The only piece of guardian armor they kept was the helmet, which is basically the T3 guardian helmet, complete with the silly horns and the can opener in the middle, just slightly recolored and with the horns pointing upwards instead of forward (now that’s progression!).

The only good thing about this set is the chest, which gives you plenty of opportunity to show off your boobs. I always felt a bit sorry when conqs started replacing their old T2/T3 chests with Khitai faction chests and T4 chests, so it’s nice to see that this model is now making a comeback.


Tireless Defender? More like tiresome defender ๐Ÿ˜›

Another annoying thing: in a desperate effort to avoid clipping with hair, the helmet makes your hair disappear completely, even if it’s long enough that it should be visible below the helmet. But then the lower-tier guardian helmets had the same problem.

The T5 conqueror set (Proven Champion) AFAIK looks the same, except in a different color and with a helmet based on the old conqueror helmet instead of the guardian one.

Set bonuses

I like the concept of set bonuses, but for many classes (including guardians) the bonuses you actually get from T5 armor are pretty underwhelming. The guardian T5 set bonuses work as follows: when you perform a certain combo, you get a 20-second buff (called Boon of X, for various values of X). Which buff you get (i.e. which of your stats it will improve) depends on your maneuver or tactic. The buff increases in power depending on how many pieces of the T5 set you have equipped (the first level of bonuses unlocks at 3 pieces, they get improved when you reach 5 pieces, and the strongest buffs unlock at 8 pieces). The buffs don’t disappear if you change weapons, switch stances etc., so in principle you could have two buffs active at the same time.

The following table shows the details. The ‘What it gives’ column shows 3 numbers — the first is when you’re wearing 3–4 parts of the set, the second is for 5–7 parts, the third is when you’re wearing all 8 parts of the set.

Combo Tactic or Maneuver Resulting Buff What it gives
Guard V* Maneuver: Mental Barrier Boon of Protection +100/200/300 protection for 20 sec
Maneuver: Elusive Daring Boon of the Spearman +4%/8%/12% weapon damage (melee) for 20 sec
Maneuver: Wall of Steel Boon of Vitality +2.5%/5%/7.5% received healing modifier for 20 sec
Counterstrike IV* Tactic: Provoke Boon of Dissipation +200/400/600 critigation amount for 20 sec
Tactic: Defense Boon of Defense +1.5%/3%/5% bonus armor for 20 sec
Tactic: Attack Boon of Guile +36/73/109 critical rating for 20 sec

*Or the corresponding version of Deliberate Reprisal.

If you wear all 8 pieces of the set, you furthermore get a passive +350 critigation amount bonus (you don’t need to do any combos etc. to get this buff).

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Comparison of Mounts

November 16, 2014 4 comments

Nowadays there’s a shitload of various kinds of mounts available in Age of Conan, and I was getting a bit confused about their speed and various other properties, so I decided to conduct a few measurements.

To measure the speed, I chose a section of road in the northern half of the Wild Lands of Zelata, starting at (526, 1028) and moving east from there. I used several different end points depending on how long a course I wanted: ending at (671, 1053) gives you approx. 150 meters; ending at (721, 1058) gives you 200 m; ending at (982, 1174) gives you 500 m; and ending at (992, 1314) near the Wild Plains rez pad gives you 650 m. I used the longer courses for testing the faster mounts, and the shorter ones for slower mounts. In particular, the 150 m course is useful for testing sprinting with those mounts that would run out of energy before completing the 200 m course.

(Click to enlarge.)

Of course the time measurements (using F9) are only accurate up to 1 sec, so the resulting calculations of speed are only approximate. Each speed is based on the average time of 2 or 4 runs. All the speed tests were done with a level 80 guardian with 800 skill points in the Running skill and without any other speed buffs (e.g. from armor).

Note that each mount has 3 possible speeds: walk, run, and sprint. Sprint is when you hold the shift key; otherwise, you’re walking or running, and you can use backspace to switch between walking and running mode. (If you press shift, the sprint speed is the same regardless of whether you started in walk mode or run mode.) Walking while mounted is very much not recommended, as it is even slower than walking on foot!

Another measurement that I found interesting was the turning speed of the mount. In my opinion, one of the big advantages of e.g. a tiger compared to a swift horse are that a tiger can turn more quickly; with a horse you either have to slow down or make a much bigger circle before you manage to turn around. I measured turning speed by standing in one place and holding the A key until I made 10 full turns, then dividing the time it took to do this by 10.

Before proceeding, it’s worth taking a look at the update notes for update 3.3.8, which included the sprinting revamp (introduction of the Energy resource) and a minor revamp of mounts. As the update notes say, the mounts are now divided into 5 categories and all mounts from a particular category are supposed to have largely the same stats and abilities. This categorization is still useful, although there were some exceptions to it even at the time of 3.3.8 and there are a few more exceptions to it now; more on that later.

Category Buff Total
Speed [km/h] Turn
Sprint Run Walk
Exotic Mounts −35 stagger 32 9 62 39 6.5 4.2
Level 80 Mounts −20/35/40 stagger 32 9 54 42 6.5 6.3
54 39 6.5
Level 40 Mounts −20 stagger 17 9 42 31 6.5 6.3
Basic Mounts nothing 12 24 37 29 6.5 6.3
34 25 6.5
Siege Mounts +1900 HP, −40 stagger chance 22 9 29 22 5.4 12.6
no mount nothing 16 16 25 20 8.0 1.8

In the lists below, an asterisk * marks mounts that I haven’t tested myself.

(By the way, for another great overview of AoC mounts, see this post on Henryx’s blog: link.)

Exotic mounts

This category consists of tigers, wolves, Yothian war-mares, and Hyrkanian horses. They require the Exotic Animal Handling skill. As far as I know, all the mounts in this category have the same speeds and the same buff (−35 chance of being staggered).

But in addition to that, some of these mounts have special abilities: the faction tiger can hide; wolves have the Terrifying Howl ability (which puts a 50% hinder movement debuff for 10 sec on nearby enemies; 60 sec cooldown).


  • Vaaghasan Slaughter Steed: this is the tiger from the Tamarin’s Tigers faction. To get it, you need to be rank 4 with them, complete a quest chain and buy a saddle, which costs 800 marks of acclaim and 10 gold. As far as I know, this is the only mount that can hide. It’s available in three colors (light, dark and black) but they all have the same name.
  • White Vaaghasan Slaughter Steed*: this tiger was available with some subscription offers.
  • Purebred White Vaaghasan Slaughter Steed*: from the item shop (900 Funcom points).
  • Imperial Bronzesteel Slaughter Steed*: sold by gilding vendors (13 gilding tokens); formerly also available in the item shop [1, 2].
  • Imperial Shadowsteel Slaughter Steed*: sold by vendors in PvP armories (120 campaign badges + 5 gold).
  • Imperial Greensteel Slaughter Steed: sold by the Hand of Glory faction vendor in Ardashir (requires no faction rank; costs 500 marks of acclaim + 200 rare trophies + 5 gold).
  • Imperial Bluesteel Slaughter Steed*: drops from the Zodiac in the Jade Cidatel (T4 raid).
  • Imperial Redsteel Slaughter Steed*: was available in the past in the item shop [1, 2].

AFAIK the only difference between these various tigers (apart from the hide ability on the original faction tiger) is in the color and shape of their armor and other paraphernalia.


  • Ridden Death: this is the wolf from the Wolves of the Steppes faction. To get it, you need to be rank 4 with them, complete a quest chain and buy a saddle, which costs 800 marks of acclaim and 10 gold.
  • Xanthic Ridden Death*: from the item shop (1260 Funcom points).
  • Bluefury War Wolf: drops from the Imp in the Jade Citadel (T4 raid).
  • Greenfury War Wolf: sold by the Hand of Glory faction vendor in Ardashir (requires no faction rank; costs 500 marks of acclaim + 200 rare trophies + 5 gold).
  • Shadowfury War Wolf*: sold by vendors in PvP armories (120 campaign badges + 5 gold).
  • Bronzefury War Wolf*, Redfury War Wolf*: these two were available in the past in the item shop [1, 2].

AFAIK the only difference between these various wolves is in the color and shape of their armor and other paraphernalia. All the wolves I’ve tested (Ridden Death, Bluefury, Greenfury) have the Terrifying Howl ability.

Yothian War-Mares

These mounts are only available in the item shop, where they cost 972 Funcom points each. Three variants are available (Green Yothian War-Mare*, Purple Yothian War-Mare, Red Yothian War-Mare*).

Perhaps you remember the Curses of Travius Blacktongue quests in the Armsman’s Tavern in Tarantia Noble District. One of the insults you use during the conversation with Travius includes the following line: “Your riding skills resemble the most debased acts of love between beast and man.” Well, this is what I’m always reminded of when I see someone riding a Yothian War-Mare: it looks as if the player was molesting an enormous snail. Additionally, having now tried riding one myself, it makes your entire screen wobble left and right so badly that I almost got seasick after just a few minutes of riding. So I very much don’t recommend these mounts.

On the positive side, you might not expect an oversized snail (with hands) to be as quick as a tiger, but it is — I measured.

Hyrkanian horses

To buy these horses, you need to be rank 4 with the Hyrkanian faction; each horse costs 800 marks of acclaim and 10 gold. The Hyrkanian horses are the only horses that have the same speed or maneuverability as a tiger or wolf, so they are a great choice if you find the looks of the tiger or wolf to be too exotic. Other swift horse mounts (which we’ll see in the next category) are slower.

The following 8 horses are available; each is painted with a different pattern:

  • Hyrkanian Bitter Wind-Biter*
  • Hyrkanian Dread Ash-Tramper*
  • Hyrkanian Fleet Scream-Catcher*
  • Hyrkanian Grim Skull-Treader*
  • Hyrkanian Pale Ghost-Chaser*
  • Hyrkanian Resplendent Sun-Strider
  • Hyrkanian Sable Shadow-Dasher*
  • Hyrkanian Wicked Chaos-Clapper*

Other mounts

The Great Khan’s War Bringer (a legendary mount which can drop from the Hoard of the War Bringer, a lottery box that was introduced in the item shop in February 2015; the horse is also tradable between players) also belongs to this category. It looks like an armored horse, but has the same speed (including turning speed) as tigers, wolves etc. Unlike all the other mounts in this category, this one requires just 7 seconds to fully regenerate its energy (others require 9 seconds). Its mounted buff is −50 chance of being staggered.

The Hoard of the War Keeper can also drop another mount, Swift Ymirish Colossal Cold One, which we’ll see in the next category. (In the early days the hoard was bugged and this mount couldn’t drop, but it was fixed in a subsequent hotfix.)

Level 80 mounts

This category includes various non-exotic armored and swift mounts. In our table above, there are 2 rows for this category, because some of the mounts in it have a slightly higher run speed than the others. These will be noted below, but most of the mounts in this group belong to the slower subgroup (39 km/h run speed instead of 42 km/h). (In fact, by now a pattern is starting to emerge: it seems that all the horses are in the slower subgroup and all the non-horses are in the faster subgroup.)

Armored horses

There are 32 armored horses, all named systematically X-barded Y Horse, where X is the color of the armor (Azure, Dark, Pale, Umber) and Y gives the color of the horse itself (Buckskin, Dapple Gray, Fading Black, Mahogany Bay, Rabicano, Skewbald Pinto, Tobiano, White). The horse vendors in hub cities (Conarch Village, Old Tarantia, Khemi) sell only the Azure variants; the horse vendor in your guild city sells all variants. Each horse costs 50 gold. The buff while mounted is −20 chance of being staggered.

Swift horses

There are 8 swift horses, named Swift Y Horse, where Y is one of the horse colors, same as above. They are sold by horse vendors in hub cities (Conarch Village, Old Tarantia, Khemi), where they cost 150 gold each; in the item shop (1125 Funcom points each); and by veteran vendors (85 veteran tokens each). The buff while mounted is −20 chance of being staggered.


We’ll start with a few mounts that have recently been added to the reliquary vendors. The first two of these have the peculiar feature that their run speed is about 10% faster than that of the other mounts in this category. Perhaps this applies to the Swift Killer Rhino as well, but I haven’t tested it yet (so TBH I can’t even be completely sure that it belongs to this category at all).

  • Fleet Black Riding Camel: sold in the reliquaries (1 rare relic + 120 simple relics III + 15 gold). Buff: −20 chance of being staggered.
  • Swift Hyperborean Siege Mammoth: sold in the reliquaries (50 simple relics I + 40 gold). Buff: −40 chance of being staggered (unlike the normal siege mounts, you get no HP buff from this one).
  • Swift Killer Rhino*: sold in the reliquaries (50 simple relics II + 40 gold).

Anyway, if you ever wanted a mammoth or rhino that handles exactly like a traditional swift horse, now’s your chance to get it!:)

The Wolf Pict Envoys in the PvP armories also sell two swift siege mounts: Swift Vendhyan Thundering Colossus* (a kind of mammoth) and Swift Wolf Pict Rampaging Behemoth* (a kind of rhino); each costs 300 victory tokens (from open-world PvP objectives). Judging by the tooltips, their mount buff gives you −80 chance of being staggered. I don’t know how fast they are, but I imagine they most likely belong to this category, same as the other swift siege mounts mentioned above.

Another siege mount in this category is the legendary Swift Ymirish Colossal Cold One, which drops from the Hoard of the War Bringer (see above). It looks like a white mammoth with some red markings; mounting it morphs you (the player character) into an Ymirish frost giant; and it has the usual siege mount buff (1900 HP, −40 chance of being staggered). In terms of speed, this mount belongs to the faster subgroup of this category.

Next, we have a few more horse mounts. The ones that I haven’t tested yet (marked with an asterisk) are included in this list tentatively; I can’t be completely sure that they belong to this category, though I think it’s unlikely that they belong anywhere else.

  • Swift Stygian Festival Stallion: has a chance of dropping from the Crate of Random Oddities, which you could get by handing in the Sacrificial Marks from the Khemi Halloween quest (Halloween 2014). Buff: −35 chance of being staggered. Unlike all the other mounts in this category, this one requires just 7 seconds to fully regenerate its energy (others require 9 seconds).
  • Tarpani Stallion: quest reward from a quest that becomes available in your guild city at renown level 20. In the process of doing the quest, you’ll have to pay 200 gold. Buff: −35 chance of being staggered, +590 protection.
  • Purebred Tarpani Stallion*: from the item shop (1890 Funcom points).
  • Stygian Halfbreed*: quest reward from a quest that becomes available in your guild city at renown level 15. In the process of doing the quest, you’ll have to pay 200 gold.
  • Swift Shemite Horse*: sold by the horse vendor in your guild city (from renown level 10); costs 150 gold.
  • Purebred Shemite Horse*: from the item shop (1575 Funcom points).

We also have two mounts that were introduced with the achievement system:

  • Hyrkanian Riding Camel: you get this mount by reaching 1000 achievement points. Mounted buff: −20 chance of being staggered. Unlike the other mounts in this category, its total sprint time is just 17 sec (same as for level 40 mounts). Apart from that, it has the same speeds (and turning time) as the swifter subgroup of this category (i.e. like the Fleet Black Riding Camel and the Swift Hyperborean Siege Mammoth).

  • Swift Cimmerian War Mammoth: you get this mount by reaching 7500 achievement points. Mounted buff: +1900 HP, −40 chance of being staggered. In terms of speed, turning time, and stamina, it behaves exactly like the Swift Hyperborean War Mammoth mentioned above.

One thing that I haven’t investigated in my tests is which mounts can do decent siege damage; I imagine that mammoths, rhinos and armored horses can do siege damage, but I’m not sure about e.g. the Tarpani Stallion and the like.

Level 40 mounts

This category seems to consist of nothing but plain ordinary horses. They are named simply Y Horse, where Y is one of the eight horse colors (see above). You can buy them from the horse vendors in hub cities (75 silver each); from the item shop (495 Funcom points each, except the White Horse, which costs 1125 Funcom points!); and from the veteran vendors (3 veteran tokens each). The mounted buff is: −20 chance of being staggered.

Siege mounts

These are noticeably slower than other mounts, and are particularly slow at turning. Their mounted buff is: +1900 health, −40 chance of being staggered.

  • Blue Snow Mammoth, Purple Snow Mammoth*, Red Snow Mammoth*: sold by horse vendors in the hub cities (Conarch Village, Old Tarantia, Khemi). The blue one has also been included in some subscription offers.
  • War Mammoth: was included with some pre-order and subscription offers.
  • Killer Rhino: was included with some pre-order and subscription offers.
  • Purebred Killer Rhino: available from the Hand of Glory faction vendor in Ardashir (requires rank 4; costs 10 gold); also from the item shop (990 Funcom points).
  • Purebred War Mammoth*: from the item shop (990 Funcom points).
  • Tuskripper War Mammoth*: from the item shop (990 Funcom points).

Basic mounts

This category includes the (non-swift) camels and the recently introduced Reaver’s Steed. Their main feature is supposed to be that they are available from very low levels (Reaver’s Steed at level 1, camels at level 20). Reaver’s Steed is a little faster than the camels, which is why there are 2 rows for this category in the table above. The buff you get while riding them doesn’t give you any stat bonuses.

  • Reaver’s Steed: from the item shop, where it appears as Reavers [sic] Stallion (costs 1080 Funcom points).
  • Brown Riding Camel, Dark Riding Camel*, Pale Riding Camel*: from the item shop (1575 Funcom points each, except the Pale one, which costs 1890 Funcom points). The Brown one is also included in some subscription offers.

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