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Maximum amount of player HP

August 22, 2012 12 comments

This post is an attempt to estimate the maximum amount of HP that a player character can currently reach in the game. (Of course there’s no good reason why one would actually want to reach that much HP, as in doing so you’d be losing too much DPS and make yourself much less useful in a group. For example, most of the armor used in the calculation below is from the Atlantean set, which gives you a lot of HP but no DPS.)

When you’re making a calculation like this, you have to decide which things to include and which not to. I decided to exclude purely short-term buffs such as the Blessing of Jhebbal Sag (which, among other things, gives you +20000 HP for 1 minute), or the one from the Sustaining Wrath AA perk (which gives you +1800 HP for 30 seconds, if you used it when your Wrath stack was at 20x), or the +2500 HP buff that you get from the fourth sarcophagus during the Grim Grey God encounter; everything else, however, is allowed, e.g. group buffs from priests, from a rogue’s Flanking perk, etc.

In the calculation below, we have to also keep track of constitution, not just HP itself, because the Empowered Vitality perk applies only to constitution.

New in Update 4.1: the Black Pharaoh set brings us slight improvements in HP from the helmet and boots; there’s also a new sword with slightly more HP. Additionally, there is a new potion, Refined Elixir of Constitution, available as a quest reward from the Mastering the Dragon’s Spine quest. This potion gives you +5% constitution for 4 hours; it works the same way as the Empowered Vitality perk and it stacks additively with it. For any aspiring HP-whoring conqs, there is now also a nice two-handed sword with 139 con (Brand of the Black Pharaoh).

What HP Con
Naked guardian: I created one on testlive and without any perks, buffs etc. she has 6673 HP and 230 constitution at level 80.
(No screenshots, you perverts! :P)
6673 230
Guild city buffs
Keep I 15
Keep II 30
Keep III
(Note: the buffs from all three tiers of the Keep stack with each other, so being in a guild with a T3 keep gives you a total of +75 HP.)
Battlekeep III
(Note: according to the guild city window, Battlekeep III gives +240 HP; however, the same character transferred to testlive, where we have a T3 guild city but no battlekeep, had only 225 HP less than on live.)
Destiny quest rewards
Level 30 destiny quest 40
Level 50 destiny quest 45
Level 60 destiny quest 50
Food buffs
Ta Neheh Leaf Elixir 324.5
Minor Brew of Fortitude 160 20
AA perks
Fortifying Empowerment (+79 con at rank 5) 632 79
Vitality (+800 HP at rank 5) 800
Empowered Vitality: see below (it’s applied on top of all your constitution)
Group buffs
Priest HP buff (by default it’s +1087.4 HP, but if the priest feats Spirit of Vitality in the priest general tree, the HP buff will be 40% higher, i.e. +1522.4 HP) 1522.4
Rogue AA perk: Flanking (375 HP at rank 5) 375
Demonic Vitality (group buff from the Demon Guardian pet; assuming that the demonologist has 2/2 feat points in Hell’s Embrace) or Soul Infusion (group buff from the Cacodemon pet; assuming the demonologist has 5/5 ranks trained in the Cacodemon perk) 409.3
Crimson Shield (group buff from the mage shield; assuming that the mage has 3/3 points in Crimson Shield in the mage general tree)

Helm of the Black Pharaoh 1040 130
Vambraces of the Atlantean 800 100
Armguards of the Atlantean 768 96
Belt of the Atlantean 840 105
Shin-pads of the Atlantean [feet] 1024 128
Gauntlets of the Atlantean 792 99
Chestplate of Courageous Souls 1056 132
Tasset of Courageous Souls 1120 140
Ring: Death’s Ward (Brittle Blade faction) 624 78
Ring: Coil of the Jiang Shi (Jiang Shi faction) 680 85
Cloak: Valka’s Illimitable Aegis (drops in the Little Prince hardmode in the Vile Nativity) 624 78
Necklace: Pendant of Royal Zamoran Favor (Silk Road quest reward)
(Note: Soulbearer, from Sodabeh HM in Ardashir Fort, has 625 HP, but no constitution, so it’s worse than the Pendant of Royal Zamoran Favor after you take Empowered Vitality into account.)
624 78
Sword: Blade of the Black Pharoah (drops in the Coils of Ubah Kan) 552 69
Shield: Impenetrable Word of Valka (drops from the Lurker at the Threshold) 680 85
Constitution so far:

AA perk: Empowered Vitality (+5% constitution) 692.8 86.6
Potion: Refined Elixir of Constitution (+5% constitution for 4 hours) 692.8 86.6
Total 24147 1905.2

You can get another 1900 HP by mounting a rhino or mammoth.

The Impenetrable Word of Valka mentioned in the above table is a healer shield from the Lurker at the Threshold. Other shields that make more sense for a guardian give less HP: Aegis of Dhurkan Blackblade (T3 shield) gives 528 HP; Waning Boundary (T3 crafted shield) gives 560 HP; The August Ones’ Impassible Grin (T4 shield) gives 576 HP; Steelforged Salvation of Undying Atlantis (from the Lurker) gives 624 HP.

Another good choice for the sword is Nilus the Blood Wake (T3 sword, 62 con); the T4 one-handed swords don’t have any HP or constitution. Other weapons with high HP include The Rock (thrown weapon from Den of the Crowmen), which gives 1040 HP, and Guisarme of the Bastion (blue polearm from General Arman in Ardashir Fort), which gives 1112 HP (just 8 HP less than the sword and shield combination in the above table). The Guisarme is an interesting example of a blue polearm which sacrifices armor and DPS in exchange for more constitution; as a result, it has more HP than any other polearm in the game, even purple ones. Unfortunately I didn’t find any sword with a similar tradeoff.

For the necklace, another option is the Ironclad Trinket of Eternal Resilience, which can drop from the Portents (world bosses) and also has 78 con.

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Orders of Magnitude (HP)

July 7, 2012 4 comments

I love the “Orders of Magnitude” pages in the Wikipedia. They have one for practically every physical quantity. For example, the Orders of Magnitude (mass) page goes from 10-40 kg to 1060 kg and gives examples of things with that mass for each order of magnitude in that range.

So I thought it would be interesting to make an Orders of Magnitude list for hit points (HP) in Age of Conan. Before we go to the list itself, a few notes are in order. (Or you can jump directly to the list.)

First of all, it’s difficult to estimate the HP of a mob precisely. You can of course kill it and go through the combat log and add up all the little bits of damage you did in the process (and subtract any heals that the mob might have received*); the problem is that if you do this multiple times, you will get slightly different results each time. Part of the reason is that your last attack, the one that killed the mob, is reported in full even though the mob might have had less HP by then (e.g. the mob was down to 100 HP, you hit it for 300 points of damage, and thus 300 points get reported in the combat log, so when you add up the damage done in the combat log you will overestimate the mob’s total HP by 200 HP).

[* Note: there are some heals that you shouldn’t subtract. In most Khitai hardmodes, you can see a big heal on the boss at the moment when the hardmode is triggered (e.g. “Po-sha’s Trial of the Godslayer heals Po-sha for 210910.”). Considering that the boss is generally at full health at the time, the purpose of this heal is probably to boost his total HP pool (compared to the normal mode version of the same boss).]

The only way I’ve found to avoid the ‘last hit’ problem is to rely on your retributive damage, e.g. from your mage shield or from a soldier’s Counterstrike Stance (feated in the soldier general tree). Unlike other attacks, the amount of damage done by a retributive shield in any individual attack will be at most equal to the remaining HP of the mob. For example, on my guardian each hit of the retributive shield is for 11 points, except the last one (the one that kills the mob), which can be less than 11 points.

I did most of the testing with my necro, which has the good characteristic that the pets do many small hits (instead of a few big ones), so you can easily stop them when the mob is at low health but before it gets killed by some big hit; and then you can finish it off with a few white hits (without equipping a weapon), which will be very weak since you’re a necro and thus have very little strength and combat rating. And finally, you can stop when the mob is nearly dead and let the retributive damage from your mage shield deliver the last few hits to avoid the last-attack problem.

There is another problem that occurs with low-level mobs with extremely low HP (e.g. prey animals). Namely, how do you aggro them without doing damage on them (which will oneshot them as their HP is so very low)? I didn’t find any way to aggro the mob with my necro without also doing some damage on it. So for those mobs I had to use my guardian instead, where you can use Irritate to aggro the mob without doing any damage on it, and then you just have to wait until it kills itself on your retributive damage shield. Another benefit of Irritate is that it works at range, which is good because prey animals tend to run away from you until you aggro them.

Sometimes the different estimates from multiple kills of the same mob differ by more than one would expect on the basis of the last-attack problem mentioned in the previous paragraphs. I’m not exactly sure what else might be causing this (perhaps a mob’s HP is chosen when it spawns by taking a certain baseline amount of HP and adding a small random number to it, for the sake of variety), but anyway, for the list below, I tried to obtain multiple estimates for each mob (if it wasn’t too impractical) and report a rough average. The reported values shouldn’t be considered reliable beyond one or two most significant digits.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the overall HP of a mob might not be all that informative if your chief interest is in killing it. For example, we can see that Thoth-Amon has 6.0 million HP. But you don’t have to do 6.0 million points of damage to kill him; 15% of his HP is taken by using the pads correctly, and once his health is down to 12% or so, Conan will oneshot him. So in fact you have to do just 4.4 million points of damage to kill him. On the other hand, you’ll also have to kill several pairs of adds during the fight, and each add (Overlord or Obliterator) has around 515 k HP, so the total damage you’ll have to do in the fight can go well above 6.0 million.

Other examples of mobs that take substantial amounts of damage from other sources than direct attacks from players include the Little Prince (Vile Nativity) when he’s below 40%; Arcanist Khor-nu (Threshold of Divinity) during Opening the Rift; and the Arch Lector Zaal (Temple of Erlik) in the phases that do piercing damage.

On the other extreme you have mobs that receive healing or have damage deflection shields, so you potentially have to do quite a bit more damage than the total amount of mob’s HP. You can see this e.g. in the Kharon, Daimone and Ixion fight (Thoth-Amon’s Stronghold) and in many Khitai encounters. Some mobs have phases where your attacks drain the mob’s mana or stamina instead of its HP; the problem with this is that the combat log reports only whe amount of damage absorbed from you, but not from your teammates; so there is AFAIK no practical way (i.e. without asking everyone in the team to record a combat log and then trying to combine them) of estimating the total amount of damage that the mob has absorbed in this way. Examples of this include Armsmaster Uxus (T’ian’an District), Arcanist Khor-nu (Threshold of Divinity), and Yah Chieng (Jade Citadel).

For comparison, I also added rough estimates of the total damage done by players to mobs during an entire raid or dungeon run (assuming there were no wipes). Of course, these numbers are even more approximate than everything else in this table, as they depend on which trash mobs have been killed (and which have been avoided), how long certain fights lasted (which might affect the number of adds killed), etc.

So, anyway, keep these caveats in mind; this list is more for fun than for any useful purpose. Numbers in brackets refer to notes below the table. The table is color-coded thus: solo trash mob, solo boss, group trash mob, group boss, raid trash mob, raid boss.

HP What
0.01 smallest meaningful positive amount of HP in Age of Conan [6]
9 level 1 prey mobs (e.g. chickens in Paikang)
22 level 5 prey mobs (e.g. rabbits in Paikang)
62 level 1 trash mobs on Tortage Beach
88 minimum HP of a player character (level 1 PoM/ToS)
129 Ancient Crocodile (level 1 boss, Tortage Beach)
136 level 20 prey mobs (e.g. Deer in Lacheish Plains)
168 level 2 bosses on Tortage Beach
200 Head Poacher (level 3 boss, Tortage Beach)
228 level 4 bosses on Tortage Beach (except Saddur)
252 Wild Cow (level 30 prey, Poitain)
319 level 10 mobs in normal playfields
330 Wild Cow (level 40 prey, Poitain)
409 Wild Bull (level 50 prey, Poitain)
460 Saddur (Tortage Beach)
638 level 10 bosses in normal playfields
662 level 15 mobs in normal playfields
888 level 1 chicken in epic Khopshef Province
933 level 20 mobs in normal playfields
1.68 k level 30 mobs in normal playfields
1.78 k Strom (level 19 boss, Tortage End Battle)
1.86 k level 20 bosses in normal playfields
2.21 k level 40 mobs in normal playfields
2.65 k Bat Demon Kothar-Wa (level 19 boss, Acheronian Ruins)
2.74 k level 50 mobs in normal playfields
3.27 k level 60 mobs in normal playfields
3.37 k level 30 bosses in normal playfields
3.92 k level 70 mobs in normal playfields
4.43 k level 40 bosses in normal playfields
4.61 k level 80 mobs in pre-expansion playfields
5.52 k level 50 bosses in normal playfields
6.55 k level 60 bosses in normal playfields
6.58 k typical level 80 mobs in Khitai
6.64 k level 82 mobs in Kheshatta
7.97 k level 20 mobs in epic playfields
8.30 k level 84 mobs on the Isle of Iron Statues
9.06 k typical level 85 mobs in Khitai
9.36 k Wharf Rat Scoundrel, Crow Nightblade (level 80 mini bosses, Tarantia Common District)
9.81 k level 70 bosses in normal playfields
10.3 k Champion of Ymir (level 63 boss, normal Ymir’s Pass) [13]
12.7 k Ravenous Warden (Vile Nativity)
12.7 k level 80 bosses in normal pre-expansion playfields
14.5 k level 30 mobs in epic playfields
15.2 k level 81 bosses in Kheshatta
15.4 k level 85 Kappas in Paikang, Corrupted ones in T’ian’an District
17.7 k level 82 bosses in Kheshatta
18.1 k typical level 80 bosses in Khitai
18.5 k Cambion (adds in the Incubus/Succubus encounter)
19.0 k Nekkhi Khan (solo level 80 version of the Breach), Youji, Aiji (normal level 80 version of the Forgotten City)
19.4 k level 40 mobs in epic playfields
19.6 k Abyssal Keeper (level 60 boss, normal Ymir’s Pass) [1]
20.6 k Utamon (adds in the Chatha encounter)
22.2 k Eiki the Sentinel (level 83 unchained version of the Forgotten City)
23.3 k approximate maximum HP of a player character [2]
23.6 k level 84 bosses in Kara Korum
24.6 k Warfist, Archer, Pikeman (adds in the General Sheng encounter)
24.6 k level 50 mobs in epic playfields
24.9 k level 85 bosses in Paikang
25 k Attilius (Attilius Mansion, solo version)
27 k level 20 bosses in epic playfields
29 k Refuge Corpse-Waker (Refuge of the Apostate)
30 k level 60 mobs in epic playfields
31 k Accalia (in the camp), Vayaspâra (in the village), Dadgar (Dead Man’s Hand, level 82 unchained version) [9]
31 k Serpent Man Echo, Messenger (adds in the Omni-Prophet fight, Coils of Ubah Kan)
33 k Youji, Aiji (level 83 unchained version of the Forgotten City)
34 k Aratus, Wolfspider Creeper (level 84 bosses, Isle of Iron Statues)
35 k level 70 mobs in epic playfields
40 k Satorus (adds in the Chatha encounter)
40 k Ancient Soldier, Atlantean Living Fire (Threshold of Divinity)
41 k level 80 mobs in epic Kheshatta, Onyx Chambers, etc.
41 k level 30 bosses in epic playfields
41 k Reanimated Mammoth (level 82 boss, Northern Grasslands)
41 k Vayaspâra, Quartermaster Drostan (on the ship) (Dead Man’s Hand, level 82 unchained version)
42 k Atlantean Conjurer (Threshold of Divinity)
44 k Tian-bai (Refuge of the Apostate)
47 k Holder of the * Light (adds in the Grand Vizier fight, Coils of Ubah Kan)
48 k Atlantean Spellweaver (Threshold of Divinity)
52 k Quartermaster Drostan (in the crater) (Dead Man’s Hand, level 82 unchained version) [9]
53 k most adds and trash mobs in the Threshold of Divinity
54 k Chill Crawler Mindrazer (Vistrix trash)
56 k level 40 bosses in epic playfields
58 k Chill Crawler Shadowbearer (Vistrix trash)
58 k Senior Warmonk (level 81 boss, Northern Grasslands)
62 k Accalia (on the ship) (Dead Man’s Hand, level 82 unchained version)
64 k Yakhmar Wyrmling (adds in the Yakhmar encounter)
64 k Sergeant, Runner (adds in the General Sheng encounter)
65 k trash and adds in Ardashir Fort, Ai District, T’ian’an District
65 k Spectral Slayer (Toirdealbach’s Tomb)
65 k Ymirish Heavy Berserker (Threshold of Divinity)
67 k Toirdealbach’s Savant (Toirdealbach’s Tomb)
70 k Toirdealbach (Toirdealbach’s Tomb)
72 k level 50 bosses in epic playfields
77 k Red Hand City Guard (level 25 guard in Tortage City)
78 k Black Ring Revenant (BRC Wing 2 trash)
80 k Oak, Renato Savill (Cistern), Titus Sempronius, Vicious Alpha Male, Alcippe (Main System)
81 k Zukas, Marcelin, The Sewer King (Main System), Arena Champion Bahmun (Ardashir Arena)
84 k Dila, Lich Lord Hek’lar, Ka-Pusemet, Meru, Teremsefi, Putharjath (Main System)
88 k Jan Vermis, Karel Vernus, Catacomb Stalker, Commander Zoria (Catacombs)
90 k level 60 bosses in epic playfields
95 k The Dimensionalist, Spirit of Khan (Amphitheatre of Karutonia, normal mode) [1]
98 k Lunn the Warmonger (Thunder River)
100 k Scorpion Nest (Scorpion Cave unchained)
101 k Sentinel of Harmony, Grief, Fury, etc. (adds in the Celestial Necropolis boss fight)
112 k each Guardian on the roof of the Iron Tower
113 k Gray Man-Ape (Isle of Iron Statues)
114 k The Devourer (Amphitheatre of Karutonia, normal mode) [1]
116 k Animal Handler, Harem Master, Provisioner (Kang Pagoda HM)
119 k level 70 bosses in epic playfields
120 k Shaddrizzar (Cistern)
121 k Master of Protection, Restoration, Resurrection (Vile Nativity)
125 k Son of Ymir (Ymir’s Pass) [13]
127 k Vampire Bat (adds in the Unknown fight, Coils of Ubah Kan)
128 k Un Nefer, Un Nefer’s Spirit, Acheronian Warlord (Halls of Eternal Frost)
132 k Ahazu-Verin (each of the adds in the Ahazu-Zagam encounter)
133 k Ancient Wooly Mammoth (level 73 boss, epic Atzel’s Approach)
140 k level 75 bosses in epic playfields
142 k level 76 bosses (in epic playfields etc.)
142 k Champion of Ymir (level 63 boss, epic Ymir’s Pass) [13]
142 k Abyssal Convoker (Amphitheatre of Karutonia, normal mode) [1]
150 k level 80 bosses in epic playfields, Onyx Chambers, etc.
150 k bosses in Caravan Raiders’ Hideout; Anoki and Desumo in the Iron Tower
151 k Flesheater (adds in the Imp encounter)
153 k Argo-Satha’s Soul (Vile Nativity)
159 k level 81 bosses in epic playfields, Onyx Chambers, etc.
159 k Stone Golem (Xibaluku) [11]
162 k Abyssal Keeper (Amphitheatre of Karutonia, normal mode) [1]
162 k Frozen Cadaver (Vistrix trash)
165 k Black Ring Geo-Essence Extractor (BRC Wing 1/2 trash)
168 k level 82 bosses in epic playfields, Onyx Chambers, etc.
168 k Fire Guard, Ice Guard (each of the adds in the Shryke encounter)
174 k Dusk Fiend (adds in the Seruah encounter)
175 k Gor-na the Commander (Threshold of Divinity)
178 k Bibaculus (Crows’ Nest), The Executioner (Iron Tower), Argech the Tempest (Onyx Chambers)
178 k Eldritch Tendril (adds in the Lurker encounter)
180 k Black Ring Gargoyle (BRC Wing 1 trash)
196 k Black Ring Scion (BRC Wing 1 trash)
203 k Aguth the Landeater, Al-Basti, Karakoncolos (Ardashir Arena)
207 k Balko (Xibaluku)
212 k Black Ring Guard Gargoyle (adds in the Excorant encounter)
216 k Black Ring Flame Keeper (BRC Wing 1/2 trash)
217 k Black Ring Shadow Gargoyle (BRC Wing 3 trash)
225 k Gurnakhi Honorguard, White Hand Priest, White Hand Spellguard (Kyllikki’s Crypt trash)
230 k The Devourer (Amphitheatre of Karutonia, normal mode, post-3.4) [1]
235 k Protector of Acheron (Xibaluku)
238 k Jovus (Crows’ Nest)
240 k Black Ring Assassin (BRC Wing 1 trash)
240 k King Atzel the Nithing (Atzel’s Fortress)
241 k Bloated Celestial Parasite (Enigmata of Yag)
243 k Ravenous Fiend (Kang Pagoda) [second form of Po-Sha]
250 k Black Ring Artificer (BRC Wing 1 trash)
262 k Spawn of Nyarlathotep (outside the receptacle) (Enigmata of Yag HM) [8]
265 k Black Ring Shadow Mender (BRC Wing 3 trash)
270 k Abyssal Keeper (level 60 boss, epic Ymir’s Pass) [1]
272 k Ming the Knife (Pillars of Heaven)
275 k Spawn of Nyarlathotep (inside the receptacle) (Enigmata of Yag) [8]
288 k Black Ring Cabalist (BRC Wing 1 trash)
289 k Black Ring Shadow Magus (BRC Wing 3 trash)
289 k Kian Lai’s Consort (mini boss in Den of the Crowmen)
290 k The Devourer (Amphitheatre of Karutonia, normal mode, pre-3.4) [1]
290 k Black Ring Diabolist (BRC Wing 2 trash)
295 k Dagger-Tooth Leopard Alpha (level 79 boss, epic Kheshatta)
300 k Warlord Yun Rau (first phase) (Palace of Yun Rau)
302 k Master of Awakening (Vile Nativity)
302 k The Red One (Xibaluku)
303 k Cave Crusher Tyrant (Scorpion Cave unchained)
305 k Tesso Watchman (level 80 guard, Wild Lands of Zelata)
313 k Po-sha (Kang Pagoda HM) (until 10%, when he transforms)
324 k Chill Crawler Champion (Vistrix trash)
325 k Black Ring Quietus (BRC Wing 2 trash)
335 k Tia Shar, Jal Kor Bloodbane (Xibaluku)
340 k Clay Automaton (add in the Alchemist Myk-ra encounter)
340 k Black Ring Reanimator (BRC Wing 2 trash)
340 k Black Ring Shadow Assassin (BRC Wing 3 trash)
353 k Thaex the Challenger (Threshold of Divinity)
362 k Black Ring Guard (BRC Wing 1/2 trash)
366 k Noztaal (T’ian’an District)
367 k Black Ring Summoner (BRC Wing 1 trash)
368 k Black Ring Templar (BRC Wing 1 trash)
370 k Am-ra the Trapper, Dem-ru the Mage (Threshold of Divinity)
370 k Black Ring Honor Guard (BRC Wing 2 trash)
370 k Argo-Satha (Vile Nativity)
383 k Brass Mask (Pillars of Heaven)
389 k Phylactery (each of them) (in the Favored of Louhi encounter)
400 k Black Ring Shadow Guard (BRC Wing 3 trash)
406 k Vram the Duelist (Threshold of Divinity)
406 k Mei-lin, Jing-zhi (each of them) (Cavern of Malice HM)
430 k Eldritch Aegis, Arms, Talisman, Tome (adds in the Keeper of Artifacts encounter)
430 k a Refuge of the Apostate run
436 k Harbinger of Jang (Celestial Necropolis HM)
447 k Mental Projection (Entity encounter, T4)
452 k Serpent Man Grand Vizier (Coils of Ubah Kan)
453 k Containment Receptacle (Enigmata of Yag)
455 k Sodabeh’s Firstborn, Sodabeh’s Secondborn (Ardashir Fort)
467 k Warlord Yun Rau (second phase) (Palace of Yun Rau HM)
484 k Royal Hatchling (small bird in Den of the Crowmen)
513 k Little Prince’s Tentacles (Vile Nativity) [all of them together]
515 k Obliterator, Overlord (Thoth-Amon’s adds)
532 k Alpha Male (Pillars of Heaven)
543 k Spirit of Un Nefer (Halls of Eternal Frost unchained)
546 k Alchemist Myk-ra, Artificer Xan-phon, Cross Road King, Priest Syth-los, Rune-Caster Narvi, Jotunrodull (Threshold of Divinity)
546 k I-Po, Master of Bats (Pillars of Heaven)
546 k Bhangi Khan (human form) (Pillars of Heaven) [10]
576 k The Dimensionalist (Amphitheatre of Karutonia, unchained mode)
600 k Dagon (Paikang)
604 k Myk-ra the Apex Alchemist, Hierophant Syth-los, Shryke, Shryke the Storm-Shrieker, Narvi the Opener of Hideous Doors, Jotunrodull Lord of the Black Ice (Threshold of Divinity)
605 k Juxia the Berserk, Shadowmaster, Yi-T’ian, Armsmaster Uxus (T’ian’an District)
605 k Commander Yeng-Wang-Yeh, Cheehwa One Eye (Ai District)
605 k Commander Kamangir, General Arman, Sodabeh (Ardashir Fort)
605 k Serpent Man Hierophant, Serpent Man Unknown Hybrid (Coils of Ubah Kan)
606 k Idol of Silence (Vile Nativity) [each of them]
608 k Demigod of Acheron (Caravan Raiders’ Hideout unchained)
611 k Supernal Custodian of Yoth (Sepulcher of the Wyrm) [14]
618 k Air and Water (Vortex of the Storm HM) [until he resets at 10%]
620 k Khor-nu the Archarcanist (Threshold of Divinity)
623 k Monkhbat the Wolfslayer, Nekkhi Khan (The Breach, group version)
640 k The Little Prince (Vile Nativity)
640 k Bhangi Khan (wolf form) (Pillars of Heaven HM) [10]
646 k The Ironwright (T’ian’an District)
646 k Kun Whu (Abyss of Kun Whu HM)
648 k Sxi Ai (Ai District)
660 k Kian Lai (Den of the Crowmen)
675 k Balbet-Zhun (Reliquary of Flame HM)
687 k The Devourer (Amphitheatre of Karutonia, unchained mode) [1]
688 k Excorant the Gargoyle Master (BRC Wing 1)
725 k Overseer Olik (Vile Nativity)
725 k Vengeance of Set (BRC)
726 k Bottom Feeder (BRC Wing 2)
727 k Soul of Un Nefer (Halls of Eternal Frost unchained)
727 k Jarl-Kosh the Lotus-Haunted, Osseous Abomination, Custodian of Yoth (Sepulcher of the Wyrm)
782 k each trash mob in the Memory Cloud encounter (T4)
782 k Apotheosis, Xenomaster, Vivifier of Yag (adds in the Entity encounter) (T4)
790 k Bone Golem (adds in the Yah Chieng encounter) [7]
858 k Abyssal Convoker (Amphitheatre of Karutonia, unchained mode)
872 k Scorpion Abomination (Scorpion Cave unchained) [15]
896 k Yi Qin, Dai Gang, Bannerman (adds in the General Sheng encounter) [5]
896 k Aspect of the Infinite, Aspect of the Ruin (adds in the Lurker encounter)
900 k Minion of Erlik (T3.5 trash)
905 k Po-sha (both forms + adds) (Kang Pagoda hardmode)
908 k The Shah (Scorpion Cave unchained)
910 k The Unknown (Coils of Ubah Kan)
915 k Medjian the Unholy, Sethik Bloodblade (Caravan Raiders’ Hideout unchained)
930 k Scorpion Zealot (Scorpion Cave unchained) [15]
945 k Grim Lancer, Grim Curate, Grim Blade, Blood Magus, Storm Magus (T3 trash)
1.00 M Perimeter Generator (each of them) (Enigmata of Yag)
1.00 M The Emperor’s Gift (golem) (Northern Grasslands)
1.00 M Aspect of the Titan (add in the Lurker encounter)
1.03 M Unruly Kang Zai (The Breach, group version)
1.06 M Jathred the Life-Drinker (Caravan Raiders’ Hideout unchained)
1.09 M Vral the Wrathful (Caravan Raiders’ Hideout unchained)
1.12 M Temple Lector, Temple Sorcerer (T3.5 trash)
1.14 k Kian Lai + Royal Hatchling (Den of the Crowmen hardmode)
1.15 M Little Prince + tentacles (Vile Nativity)
1.17 M Martyr of Votantha (Xibaluku) [11]
1.20 M Heiromonk Zhu-La (Reliquary of Flame HM)
1.21 M Queen Cao-Polyphya (Vile Nativity)
1.23 M Temple Enforcer (T3.5 trash)
1.27 M Serpent Man Omni-Prophet (Coils of Ubah Kan)
1.26 M Blood-fused Black Ring Gargoyle (second form of Excorant)
1.42 M Constantius the Falcon (Scorpion Cave unchained) [15]
1.46 M Kharon (T3)
1.50 M Yakhmar (T1)
1.51 M Tomb King, Marjan of Kara-Shehr (each of them; Ardashir Arena)
1.52 M Sodabeh + Firstborn + Secondborn (Ardashir Fort)
1.55 M Ixion (T3)
1.61 M Incubus, Succubus (each of them) (BRC Wing 2)
1.63 M Daimone (T3)
1.70 M Kyllikki (T1)
1.80 M Scorpion Zealot + Scorpion Abomination (Scorpion Cave unchained) [15]
~1.8 M approximate total HP of all mobs on Dead Man’s Hand (level 82 unchained version)
2.00 M Champion of the Honorguard (Kyllikki’s Crypt, T1)
2.00 M Vistrix (T1)
2.07 M Ahazu-Zagam (BRC Wing 2)
~2.1 M a complete Halls of Eternal Frost run
2.12 k Scorpion Archer Prince (Scorpion Cave unchained) [15]
2.24 M Cheng-Ho Battle Commander, Tamarin Battle Commander (each of them; Chosain)
2.30 M Seruah (BRC Wing 2)
2.32 M Hollow Knight (T3)
2.40 M Favored of Louhi (T3)
2.42 M Acheronian Warlord (Halls of Eternal Frost unchained)
2.42 M Guardian of the Antechamber (Vile Nativity) [16]
2.64 M Yaremka the Soul Eater (BRC Wing 1)
2.87 M Athyr-Bast the Shadow Master (BRC Wing 3)
2.88 M Chatha (BRC Wing 2)
3.00 M Keaira (Amphitheatre of Karutonia)
3.09 M Keeper of Artefacts (T3)
3.11 M Sabazios the Insane (BRC Wing 1)
3.14 M General Sheng (T4) [5]
3.21 M Leviathus (BRC Wing 3)
3.22 M Incubus + Succubus (BRC Wing 2)
3.22 M Excorant (both forms + adds) (BRC Wing 1)
3.23 M Hathor-Ka (T3)
3.36 M Arctic, Harvest, Swelter, Thaw (Zodiac encounter, T4)
3.36 M Mithrelle (Memory Cloud encounter, T4)
3.37 M Arch Lector Zaal (fake one) (T3.5) [4]
3.43 M Arbanus (T3)
3.54 M Overseer Lao-Che (Jade Dugout) [12]
3.58 M Lu Zhi, Keaira (Memory Cloud encounter, T4)
3.81 M Saddur (Memory Cloud encounter, T4)
3.97 M Favored of Louhi + 4 Phylacteries (T3)
4.21 M a complete Caravan Raiders’ Hideout run
4.39 M Thoth-Amon (actual damage you have to do on him) (T3) [3]
4.48 M Strom (Memory Cloud encounter, T4)
4.48 M Obsidian Basilisk (T4)
4.48 M The Entity (T4)
4.48 M Vistrix unchained (T5)
4.50 M Yah Chieng (T4) [7]
4.50 M The Lurker at the Threshold (Threshold of Divinity)
4.64 M Kharon + Daimone + Ixion (T3)
5.15 M Master Gyas (T3)
5.41 M Keeper of Artefacts + Hollow Knight (T3)
5.43 M a complete Iron Tower run
5.49 M a complete Scorpion Cave run (normal mode, pre-4.1.4)
5.60 M Imp (T4)
6.01 M Thoth-Amon (total HP) (T3) [3]
6.15 M Bat of Nergal (T3.5)
6.27 M Champion of the Honorguard unchained (T5)
6.30 M a complete Pillars of Heaven run
6.57 M a complete Atzel’s Fortress run
6.63 M Kyllikki unchained (T5)
6.80 M Arch Lector Zaal (the real one) (T3.5) [4]
6.83 M a complete Vistrix run
7.06 M Archfiend of Gore (T3.5)
8.97 M Yakhmar unchained (T5)
9.99 M Staff of Death fatality on the Master of the Brittle Blade during the Brittle Blade quest chain in Paikang
10.0 M Lurker + all adds (Aspects, Tendrils, Chaoses) (Threshold of Divinity)
10.2 M General Sheng + mini bosses + adds (T4) [5]
11.5 M Black Dragon (5th anniversary event boss)
11.7 M Guardian of the Antechamber’s self-destruct ability (Vile Nativity) [16]
13.4 M Zodiac encounter (all 4 animals) (T4)
16.5 M a complete Kyllikki run
17.3 M Kraken, Ice Worm, Leviathus Spawn, Obsidian Basilisk (5th anniversary event bosses)
20.1 M nearly all Portent world bosses (from December 2013)
21.4 M ranger oneshot bug
~24 M a complete BRC Wing 3 run
~25 M a complete Tier 1 run
~27 M Memory Cloud encounter (trash + all 4 bosses) (T4)
~31 M a complete BRC Wing 2 run
~37 M a complete BRC Wing 1 run
~52 M a complete Temple of Erlik run
~59 M a complete Thoth-Amon’s Stronghold run
~75 M a complete Tier 5 run
~93 M a complete BRC run
~95 M a complete Tier 4 run


[1] The Devourer has around 114 k HP. In the pre-3.4 Amphitheatre, you had to fight him from 100% to 25% twice and then from 100% to 0%, so the total damage you had to do was around 290 k; in the post-3.4 Amphitheatre (normal as well as unchained), you have to fight him from 100% to 50% twice and then from 100% to 0%, but he also heals up a little from Touch of the Devourer (unless you always manage to avoid it), so the total damage done will be probably a bit over 230 k (in normal mode) or 1.37 M (unchained mode). The Abyssal Keeper and Spirit of Khan were removed from the Amphitheatre in update 3.4 and replaced by the Abyssal Convoker. After 3.4, the Abyssal Keeper is a normal level 60 boss in Ymir’s Pass, but with triple the health of usual level 60 bosses; the Spirit of Khan is just a normal level 60 trash mob next to him.

[2] With group buffs, food, gear, AA etc., but excluding temporary HP buffs from Sustaining Wrath (guardian AA perk) and the Blessing of Jhebbel Sag. See this post for details.

[3] Thoth-Amon has 6.0 million HP, but if you exclude the damage done to him by using the pads and the fact that Conan oneshots him at 12% HP, you have to do only approx. 4.4 million points of damage on him.

[4] The main form of Arch Lector Zaal (the one that does unholy damage and a bit of crushing damage at the end) has 6.8 million HP. At 75, 50 and 25% of health he disappears and a fake Zaal spawns instead; each of these three fakes (which do piercing damage) has around 3.3 million HP. However, the fake Zaals have a dot which takes 2% of their HP every 2 seconds, so the actual amount of damage needed to kill them is far less than their total HP (unless you let them heal up too much). Still, the total amount of damage done by players during the entire Zaal encounter is likely to be well over 10 million points.

[5] My estimate of Sheng’s HP might be a bit unreliable as I was on one of the doors, so some of the people DPSing him might have been out of range and wouldn’t appear in my combat log. I don’t have an estimate of Zhu Meng’s HP because we kite him rather than killing him, but I guess he probably has the same HP as the other two mini bosses, i.e. approx. 896 k. The total amount of 10 M for the entire encounter is of course just a rough estimate; the exact number will depend on how fast you are and how many mini bosses you kill.

[6] That the game uses non-integer amounts of HP in its internal calculations is obvious; even many tooltips show non-integer amounts of HP. A good argument can be made that its basic internal unit of HP is 0.01 HP. You might remember the notorious bug where a ranger would oneshot a mob by suddenly doing 21 million points of damage on it. The exact number there is actually 231 / 100, just the sort of thing you would expect if they are internally using signed 32-bit integer variables where the unit represents 0.01 HP.

Incidentally, it appears that this bug used to be more widespread and not specific to rangers: in old combat logs from 2009, I found this exact same amount of damage being done to players by trash mobs in Kylikki’s Crypt and the BRC.

[7] The main (real) form of Yah Chieng has 4.5 million HP. The illusions take mana damage instead of health damage and therefore your combat log will only show the amount of damage absorbed from you, not from other players. Thus I don’t see any practical way of estimating how much damage an illusion must absorb to get its mana to 0%. For the Bone Golems, 790 k is a rough upper bound on a golem’s HP, as I wasn’t in a position to see to what percentage they were actually DPSed before exploding.

[8] The estimate of the boss inside the receptacle is more inaccurate than most measurements in this list, because, to trigger the hardmode, one doesn’t actually kill him; so I had to extrapolate based on the percentage of health at which the boss was when we broke the receptacle. For the boss outside the receptacle, he spawns with his health at 12% and the list shows the amount of HP he has at that time; if we extrapolated from that to 100%, he’d turn out to have almost 2.2 million HP, but it didn’t seem to me to make much sense to put that into the list. Similarly, the Guardian who appears outside the receptacle at 5% has approx. 32 k HP at that time; extrapolating this to 100% would give us 625 k, again a highly meaningless result.

[9] The Drostan, Accalia and Vayaspâra fights end when the enemy is at 25%; I extrapolated from that to get an estimate of the total HP of these bosses (which is what is shown in the list above).

[10] What we have for both forms of Bhangi Khan are just rough extrapolations. For the human form, we DPSed him down to 25% (to trigger the hardmode); for the wolf form, I extrapolated from the damage done by the time it reached 80%. After that, you’re always dealing with multiple mobs of the same name and you can’t tell which log entries refer to the real boss and which refer to the various fakes.

[11] The Stone Golem in Xibaluku stands on top of the ramp with the bat swarms; you can’t target him or attack him directly, but he can be hit by retributive damage (e.g. Cunning Deflection, Stall the Advance, Curse of Gwahlur; it took us an hour to kill him this way :P). He has the same amount of HP as typical level 81 group bosses. For the Martyr of Votantha, our list shows his full HP, although in practice you’ll of course use the platforms to quickly reduce him to 3% of health. As a general note, all the Xibaluku data here is from before the ninja HP nerf in update 4.1.

[12] This is an extrapolation based on the amount of damage done to him by the time he reached 75% and disappeared. A similar estimate, 3.46 million HP, can be obtained by observing that each barrel explosion seems to take 8% of his health, while in the combat log it’s shown as going 276617 points of damage.

[13] The Son of Ymir used to be a group boss in the normal as well as in the epic instance of Ymir’s Pass. In update 3.4, he was replaced by the Champion of Ymir, who is still a level 63 boss, but is a solo boss in the normal instance and a group boss in the epic instance. He has 50% more HP than usual level 63 bosses.

[14] This is an extrapolation based from the fact that we did 458k damage on him by the time he reached 25% and become unattackable. The number shown is from after the 23 May 2013 downtime; before 4.0.1, the total HP of the Supernal Guardian of Yoth seems to have been around 725k, same as the other bosses in the dungeon.

[15] These are post-4.1.5 values. In the original 4.1.4 version of Scorpion Cave unchained, the Scorpion Archer Prince had approx. 2.43 million HP and Constantius had approx. 1.51 million HP. For the Scorpion Zealot, the amount shown is from 100% to 50%, and for the Scorpion Abomination the amount shown is from 50% to 0%.

[16] Of course, normally you don’t fight the Guardian of the Antechamber at all. If you kite him over the pads in the wrong order, he oneshots himself with a 11.7 million hit. On one occasion he got bugged so that we could DPS him down to 0% and he didn’t oneshot himself at any point; there we measured his HP to be 2.4 million.

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The HP of solo mobs in Khitai

June 10, 2012 2 comments

Measuring mob HP

Lately I’ve been somewhat obsessed by the idea of measuring the amount of hit points (HP) that various mobs have. In principle this is very easy: you kill the mob and analyze the combat log, summing up the amount of damage done to it and subtracting any healing that the mob may have received. In practice it turns out that these results are annoyingly imprecise; if you repeat this several times with the same mob, you’ll get a slightly different amount of HP each time.

Partly this is because your last attack, the one that kills the mob, may have exceeded the amount of HP the mob had left at the time; e.g. if the mob was down to its last 100 HP and you hit it for 300 HP, 300 is what will get written in the combat log and you’ll end up overestimating its HP by 200. To minimize this problem, I was playing my necro and finishing off each mob with a few whacks of my talismans; such melee attacks are extremely feeble since a necro doesn’t have much strength and combat rating.

Despite this precaution, there is still more variance in the results than I’d like; I’m not sure what other source of error there is. Perhaps the game deliberately selects a mob’s HP at random, from a certain (rather narrow) range, when spawning that mob.

A model for the HP of Khitai solo mobs

I was going around the Khitai level 80+ playfields, killing various kinds of mobs and writing down their HP. Gradually a very interesting pattern emerged.

You find that, on each level, the amounts of HP that mobs have tend to cluster around a relatively small number of possible values. Furthermore, the relationships between these values are the same on any level. For example, at any given level (from 80 to 85) you will find that most humanoid mobs have the same amount of HP; then there are some weaker mobs that have only 85% as much HP; bosses have 275% as much HP; and so on.

And finally, if you compare the results across levels, you will find that the amount of HP increases in a systematic manner, by 7.5% per level (relative to the HP of a level 80 mob).

So you can divide the mobs into several ‘types’ and you will find that the HP of a mob is then fully determined by its type and level; to compute it, you just have to take a certain base HP (a constant), multiply it by a fixed coefficient that depends only on the type, and then multiply it by another fixed coefficient that depends only on the level.

mob_HP = baseline_HP × type_coefficient × level_coefficient

As I mentioned above, the level coefficients are very simple: you simply increase the mob’s HP by 7.5% of its level-80 HP for each level above 80. Thus, for a level 80 mob the coefficient is 1, for 81 it’s 1.075, for 82 it’s 1.15, for 83 it’s 1.225, for 84 it’s 1.3 and for 85 it’s 1.375.

Mob types

The type coefficients will of course depend on which type you take as the baseline. The following lists shows the types along with their coefficients; I used the ‘normal’ type from the list below as the baseline as it seems to be the most common, and choosing it as the baseline also leads to the most elegant results (a 7.5% increment emerges again, as we’ll see).

  • Feeble (0.775): this type mostly contains animals, e.g. wolves and firebirds.
  • Weak (0.85): this type also mostly contains animals, e.g. snakes.
  • Normal (1.00): this is the most common type; in particular, nearly all the humanoid mobs fall into it.
  • Tough (1.70): twice as much HP as the ‘weak’ type; this type mostly includes big animals such as kappas and water buffalo.
  • Boss (2.75): as the name says, this type consists of boss mobs.

Note that the 7.5% increment appears here as well, just as it did for the level coefficients: feeble = normal − 3 × 7.5%, weak = normal − 2 × 7.5%, tough = 2 × weak.

There are a few other types that appear more rarely:

  • Double normal (2.00): horse archers in the Northern Grasslands.
  • Double tough (3.40): wild stallions in the Northern Grasslands.
  • Tough boss (3.57): 30% more HP than a regular boss; Scarred Ursa in the Northern Grasslands.
  • Double boss (5.50): Reanimated Mammoth in the Northern Grasslands.
  • Triple boss (8.25): Senior Warmonk in the Northern Grasslands.

The Senior Warmonk, in the southwestern part of Northern Grasslands, appears as either a level 80 or a level 81 version (it’s random). The level 81 version, with approximately 58400 HP, has the highest amount of HP I’ve seen on a solo mob in a solo playfield so far.

A few other anomalies I’ve noticed:

  • Baio the Guardian in Chosain is marked as a boss but has 30% less HP than a regular boss would. This almost puts him into the ‘double normal’ type.
  • Level 80 Wild Horses in NG have a type coefficient of 0.70 (i.e. another 7.5% step below the ‘feeble’ type); on the other hand, level 81 Wild Horses fit nicely into the ‘feeble’ type.
  • Level 82 Peasant Workers in Chosain have an anomalous type coefficient of 0.75.

Estimating the baseline HP

So far we’ve seen the coefficients that will appear in our formula for mob HP from the beginning of this post; but what about the baseline HP?

We’ve seen that this is nothing else than the HP of a level 80 normal-type mob. After killing numerous such mobs, the lowest estimate of their HP that I could find was 6587 HP.

Another approach is to take the HP of some other kind of mob and divide it by the coefficients (now that we’ve established them). For example, we can estimate the HP of the level 81 Senior Warmonk (I got 58440), divide it by 1.075 (its level coefficient) and by 8.25 (its type coefficient), and we get 6589 HP. These things seem to fit together pretty nicely, so I’ll stick to 6587 as my estimate of the baseline HP.

Finally, a table

Now we can plug this baseline HP into the above formula and obtain estimated amounts of HP for each combination of type and level. It turns out that the results match my empirical measurements (obtained by analyzing logs after killing various kinds of mobs) very nicely. If you move your mouse over a number, you should see examples of mobs with that amount of HP in the tooltip.

Type Type coef. Level and level coefficient
Feeble 0.775 5105 5488 5831 6254 6636 7019
Weak 0.850 5599 6019 6439* 6859 7279 7699
Normal 1.000 6587 7081 7575 8069 8563 9057
Tough 1.750 11198 12038 12878* 13717 14557 15397
Boss 2.750 18114 19473 20831 22190 23549 24907

* The asterisk marks combinations of type and level for which I didn’t find any mobs. This occurs at level 82 because there are relatively few mobs at that level in Khitai: Northern Grasslands is mostly 80–81, Chosain and Kara Korum are mostly 83–84.

Comparison with old-world mobs

I haven’t yet explored the HP of old-world (i.e. pre-expansion) mobs thoroughly enough, but from what I’ve seen so far, there aren’t as many different types there; only the normal and boss types are present. The bosses have 2.75 times as much HP as normal mobs, same as in Khitai. The HP increases by 20% (of the level 80 value) for each level above 80 (as opposed to 7.5% in the case of Khitai mobs). The baseline HP is much lower than in Khitai.

Level Pre-expansion Khitai
Normal Boss Normal Boss













The Breach and Forgotten City follow the old-world pattern as well, although some of the bosses there have an extra 50% HP (which pushes them to 19000 HP at level 80).

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