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More T6 armor sets

March 31, 2017 9 comments

Some time ago I posted some screenshots of the Steel Behemoth set, one of the T6 full-plate armor sets. Well, after many months of further lootwhoring, I am now in a position to post a few more sets 🙂

Warded Brute

This is the full-plate protection set. It looks just like Steel Behemoth, except that it’s blue instead of orange. I think I like this color scheme better than the orange one:

Compared with the Steel Behemoth set in terms of stats, the Warded Brute set gives you 1355 protection at the expense of 1488 HP and some smallish amounts of DPS, armor, hit rating and hate increase rating.

Steel Behemoth

For the sake of completeness, I’ll repost the Steel Behemoth full-plate set from my previous post:

Great Impi

There are two heavy sets in T6, both fairly DPS-oriented; Masquer of the Sands is for DTs (it includes magic damage (unholy)), while Great Impi is suitable for conquerors and guardians. Compared to the two plate sets, this one has more DPS, critical rating, lots of hit rating, and even a little protection (400 to be precise); at the same time, of course, it has less armor and HP.

The mighty DPS gaurd!

The DT set (Masquer of the Sand) looks the same, just recolored (reddish instead of green).

I think that except for the headpiece, which is completely ridiculous, the rest of this set actually looks pretty good. It reminds me a little of these guys:

(Source: Wikimedia)

Primal Spirit

This is another DT set the PoM/ToS T6 set. In terms of stats, it’s a very nice set. It gives you a total of 777.4 magic damage and 2288 heal rating (see also my old post with the comparison of priest armor sets). This means that compared with the T5 PoM/ToS sets, you gain about 850 HP and 900 heal rating, as well as a little magic damage, hit rating, and 400 protection (not counting what you get indirectly from wisdom). In other words, the T6 set has almost as much heal rating as the T4 Thousand Blossoms set (which remains the set with the largest amount of heal rating), while having more DPS than any other priest set.

The main downside is that it looks fairly ridiculous. There’s the inevitable skull on the left shoulder, some elephant tusks on the helmet, some sort of miniature palm tree on the top of your head that will be all the rage at your next cannibals’ meetup, etc. :}

Coming Soon™ some day, hopefully: Cackling Marionette, the demo/necro set (a.k.a. how many dead babies can you fit onto a set of armor before your own pets start laughing at you?).

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