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The Slithering Chaos

October 20, 2016 3 comments

The Slithering Chaos is a six-player dungeon introduced in update 5.1. The entrance is located in the Dragon’s Spine at (1273, 316), in the southern excavation site.

The trash mobs can be CC’ed, but do not fear them as they can get bugged and you then have to exit the dungeon for 10 minutes to reset them. One ability that is particularly worth interrupting is Tempest, which is a frontal cone knockback. There is also Revitalize, a very powerful and annoying heal on the mobs (if you didn’t manage to interrupt it, a rogue can still remove it with Tainted Weapons).

There are three boss fights, all featuring the same boss (Avatar of Yig) that looks like an enormous dust mite.


The Void Behind the Veil: from Alanza, it requires the Shard of Madness as a prequest (that is a Sepulcher of the Wyrm quest from Ankh-Ausar; it becomes available after you’ve done the early part of the Crawling Chaos quest chain, up to the Serpent Beneath the Skin quest). Rewards: 2 expertise points, 24 MoA.

The Origin of Species: from Alanza; it becomes available if you have completed The Void Behind the Veil and also The Metamorphic Madman (the latter is a solo quest that begins with killing the Scorpion mob near (980, 527); note that sometimes the instance of the playfield gets bugged and the scorpion stops respawning; in that case try switching to a different instance). This is a solo quest that is mostly of interest because it leads to the next one.

The Descent of Serpent Men: from Yaqub-Har; this is a followup to the Origin of Species. This quest requires you to kill three bosses in the Coils of Ubah Kan, then all three bosses in the Slithering Chaos, and finally you have to get a Shard of the Trapezohedron, where the intention was probably that you’d have to also clear the Sepulcher of the Wyrm to get this; but the Slithering Chaos is really just a copy of the Sepulcher, and the developers presumably forgot to remove the Shard of the Trapezohedron from it, so that you can also pick it up from the Slithering Chaos. In both dungeons is on the little mound in the centre of the final boss room.

The quest reward for the Descent of Serpent Men is one of the rings that also drop from the final boss in the Shard of the Trapezohedron. You can choose among two or three different rings depending on your archetype.

The first fight

The boss normally does physical damage on the aggro holder. However, if the aggro holder isn’t standing in front of the boss and within melee range of it, the boss will instead hit him with Smite, which is a much harder-hitting magical ranged attack.

Occasionally, a gray circle spawns on the ground, centered on the player that is the farthest away from the boss. Anyone that stands in these circles will take damage, so you should have one player at range all the time to make sure the circles don’t spawn immediately in front of the boss.

Another important ability cast by the boss is Eradicate. At the end of this cast, there is a big AOE hit that comes from a glowing sphere in the center of the room. Thus, before the cast is finished, everyone should go behind the pillars to break line of sight to the center of the room (note: not line of sight to the boss!), and then go back to their usual positions after the Eradicate cast is finished.

The aggro behavior of the boss in this fight is a bit odd; it seems that he can only change aggro after eradicate, even if you use goad or forced engage.

The boss runs away at 25% of health and leaves behind a loot box which mostly drops blue chaos gems (which are tradable, unlike the purple and legendary gems which are bind-on-equip). There’s a small chance of getting a purple gem here as well.

(The loot box, just like in the other two fights in this dungeon, is a separately killable mob, so you can relog to a different character before killing it.)

The second fight

The boss still does mostly physical damage on the aggro holder and spawns gray circles on the farthest player, just like in the first fight. Occasionally he also cycles through three new attacks:

Primacy is a frontal cone magical attack. The cone is fairly narrow, but the hit (which comes at the end of the cast) is very hard and will oneshot most people, so everyone should avoid it by moving to the side.

Undertow: at the end of the cast, the floor of the room gets covered by electricity that will kill anyone that comes in contact with it. This electricity stays there for several seconds, until you see the electrical particles disappear. To avoid this damage, everyone must be on elevated ground — the various pillars, torch holders, and assorted other rubble that lies around the room. The very centermost part of the little mound in front of the boss is also safe, but has enough space for only two people; so ideally, the aggro holder should stay there (because if he moves away, the boss will hit him with Smite, same as in the first phase) with one of the healers.

Spines of Set: is like Primacy, but it hits in a cone on the sides of the boss (perhaps also behind him?), so everyone should avoid it by moving to the front of the boss.

When the boss’s health drops below 50%, he gains another ability: Resplendent Beam. This is a channelled cast where the boss targets a player at random and a beam goes from the boss to that player. This player and everyone else standing in the way of the beam will constantly be taking damage from the beam (this is untyped damage, so it bypasses mitigation, bubbles etc.). To break the spell, the targeted player must quickly run into one of the gray circles on the ground. Thus it is useful to make sure that at least one circle is not too far from the boss (but also not too close to it so that the mound where the aggro holder stays during Undertow doesn’t get covered by a gray circle). It is also useful is players spread apart a little during this phase, so that they won’t all be taking damage when one of them gets the beam.

The boss runs away at 10% and leaves behind a loot box which drops purple chaos rings. There will also be a clickable item on the ground called a Broken Antenna. Clicking it gives you an item called Luminescent Antenna Fragments in your inventory, which you will need in the third fight.

The third fight

The boss alternates between two phases. In the first phase, he does physical attacks on the aggro holder (and hits him with Smite if he is not in front of the boss and within melee range), puts gray circles on the ground where the farthest player was, and does the Primacy frontal cone attack.

During this phase, the boss has a 95% damage deflection shield, so he takes almost no damage. He also has a buff called Curse of Yig, which slowly stacks up and if it reaches 10 stacks, everyone gets oneshotted.

Eventually the boss casts Rapture; a large red circle slowly emerges from the boss and at the end of the cast, there is a big AoE hit of holy damage. Thus, everyone has to run out of the red circle to survive.

After Rapture, you should send three players to the three large orb-like structures on the outer edge of the room, where each of them should stand at one orb and click his Luminescent Antenna Fragments (all approximately at the same time, somewhat like Yaremka’s balls in BRC Wing 1; wait for a red particle effect to appear on the globe before using your antenna). This will switch the boss into the second phase, remove his damage deflection shield (so you can and should DPS him during this phase), and reset his Curse of Yig buff (so that it won’t reach 10 stacks and oneshot everyone). The three players that used the antenna fragments also get a protection buff (Blessing of the Trapezohedron: +80% electrical and holy invulnerability) that makes them safe from the Horror of Yig attack (on which see below). However, they must be careful not to take aggro while they have this buff, or they will get killed instantly.

In the second phase, the boss does damage in the following ways:

Horror of Yig: the boss keeps spamming this attack, which does electrical damage to everyone that is near the boss, unless they got a protective buff from using the antenna fragments (on which more below).

Seethe: everyone is constantly taking holy damage from this unless they stand in one of the gray circles on the ground that have been left behind from the first phase.

Baptism of Fire: a large fiery cone particle appears (without the boss casting anything) at the location of a player (seems to be always on the second one on the aggro list — it could even be a pet, dread shadow etc.). A few seconds later, the cone explodes and does a big hit of fire damage to anyone nearby, so players must move away from this cone to survive. (Note that the area of effect of this attack is a little bigger than the cone itself.)

• The boss still uses Smite on the aggro holder if the latter is not in front of the boss and in melee range. This should be avoided and in fact in this phase Smite hits harder than in the first phase..

During the second phase, the boss doesn’t have a damage shield, so this is when you should focus on doing DPS on him. Eventually the boss switches back into the first phase and the fight goes on like this until he’s dead.

A few notes to help people survive the various sources of damage in the second phase:

• The aggro holder needs to be able to stand in a gray circle so he doesn’t get damage from Seethe; but at the same time he must still be standing in front of the boss and within melee range so that he doesn’t get Smite. And at the same time, this circle must be positioned so that the aggro holder can stand out of it in the first phase and still not get hit by Smite (because in the first phase, standing in the gray circle causes you to take unholy damage). This means that one gray circle has to be carefully positioned in front of the boss, but a little to the side, so that the area where the aggro holder is safe from Smite is partly within the circle and partly outside of it. (Note: circles disappear after some time, so you should spawn a new one if needed; e.g. after each Rapture, everyone can run in and wait in front of the boss until the gray circle spawns there, and then the three people who have to click the antennas should run out to the globes and do it.)

When the boss switches back to the first phase, one of the people that don’t use the antennas on the globes can use his antenna to remove the gray circle in front of the boss so that it won’t get in the way of the aggro holder while he is tanking the boss. You’ll be able to spawn a new circle after the next Rapture anyway, as described above.

• Ranged DPS players should stay at range from the boss so that they don’t get hit by Horror of Yig. So they should be staying in one of the other gray circles that are farther away from the boss.

• Three players can be made safe from Horror of Yig by having them use their antenna fragments. This should be non-tanks that will need to be close to the boss, e.g. melee DPSers and healers.

• The area in which a gray circle on the ground protects you from Seethe is slightly larger than the circle itself. A PoM/ToS can, with a bit of care, stand just outside the circle in front of the boss and thus be far enough from the boss to avoid the Horrors AoE while still being close enough to the circle to also avoid the Seethe AoE; and also be able to heal the tank from there and do some damage (e.g. with Storm Field). This is useful if you have enough melee DPSers that need the protection buff more than a PoM/ToS does (because they really can’t be useful if they have to stay at range).

• Tanks should use a lot of protection, various protection-related group buffs from healers etc. are also very useful here. Some offtanking (at least with a dread shadow) is also useful, preferably in the shielded phase.

• If you use the antenna and then have aggro, the boss oneshots you (Damnation), so you can’t use the antenna to provide tanks with protection buffs directly.

The loot box from this fight drops legendary chaos gems as well as (purple) rings with a chaos gem slot.


For more about the gems that drop in the Slithering Chaos, see this excellent post by Fass in the AoC forum.


  • Mark of Metamorphosis: 65 str, 373 heal rtg, 172 combat rtg, 51 hit rtg, 43 crit rtg, -183 pvp combat rtg, chaos gem
  • Mark of the Serpent King: 79 wis, 60 magic dmg, 51 hit rtg, 43 crit rtg, -54 pvp magic dmg, chaos gem
  • Might of the Serpent Men: 79 str, 258 combat rtg, 51 hit rtg, 43 crit rtg, -247 pvp combat rtg, chaos gem
  • Ophidian Band: 79 dex, 258 combat rtg, 51 hti rtg, 43 crit rtg, -247 pvp combat rtg
  • Ring of the Serpent Father: 65 wis, 373 heal rtg, 40 magic dmg, 51 hit rtg, 43 crit rtg, -39 pvp magic dmg, chaos gem
  • Serpent’s Scale: 280 armor, 63 con, 51 hit rtg, 43 crit rtg, 156 protection, chaos gem
  • Sigil of Yig’s Dominion: 79 int, 60 magic dmg, 51 hit rtg, 43 crit rtg, -54 pvp magic dmg, chaos gem
  • Undulating Band of Yig: 32 str, 32 int, 50 magic dmg, 172 combat rtg, 51 hit rtg, 43 crit rtg, -134 pvp combat rtg, -35 pvp magic dmg

Gem stats (excluding any blessings)

The new chaos gems that drop in this dungeon consist of a base stat and zero or more T6 blessings (zero for blue gems, one for purple, two for legendary). Additionally, the base stat is 50% higher on the legendary gems than on the other two; the list below will show this in parentheses. What exactly the base stat is depends on the prefix in the name of the gem:

Precise: 27 (40) critical rating.

Warding: 267 (400) armor, 47 (70) protection.

Fierce: the stats on this gem depend on the class of the character with which you’re looking at the gem.

  • Guardian, barbarian, assassin, conqueror, ranger: 150 (225) combat rating.
  • PoM, ToS: 160 (240) heal rating, 20 (30) magic damage.
  • HoX, dark templar: 20 (30) magic damage, 100 (150) combat rating.
  • Necromancer, demonologist: 33 (50) magic damage.
  • Bear shaman: 160 (240) heal rating, 100 (150) combat rating.


The blessings on the gems are the same ones that also occur on T6 weapons and necklaces. Thus, by combining these with the new rings and gems, you can get three or even four stacks of a blessing. You need at least two stacks of a blessing for it to have an effect, but by combining the new rings (and gems) with T6 weapons and necklaces you can get three or even four stacks of a blessing.

  • Ashur — Armor/Spell Penetration
  • Black Pharaoh — Critical Damage Increase
  • Crawling Mist — Hate Increase
  • Emandua — Heal Rating
  • Manic Haze — Offhand Rating + Tenacity
  • Silence Falls — Hate Decrease
  • Silver Twilight — Mana Tap
  • Steel Behemoth —Critigation Chance