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Item shop revamp in update 4.10

June 9, 2016 13 comments

Funcom’s approach to monetizing AoC has been despicably greedy ever since they first introduced the item shop about a year after launch. But with today’s changes, they have surpassed my wildest fears. All vanity items and a great many other things have been removed, prices on many of the remaining items have been increased dramatically, and you can now buy full sets of T3 armor as well as treasure chests which have a chance of dropping T4 and T5 raid tokens (rare as well as common ones).

And meanwhile the community manager has the unspeakable, bald-faced impudence to say that they only “streamlined the item shop and removed some clutter”!

Fuck off and die, Failcom, you worthless, pathetic excuse for a game company.

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