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Nemedian armor

Ever since the launch of the game, various low-level mobs have been dropping green armor with names and appearance specific to their culture. Thus, we have Vanir, Nemedian, Darfari, and Pictish armor. The introduction of the achievement system has encouraged us to perpetrate small-scale genocides against Vanir, Nemedians, and Picts, and this in turn has enabled me to work on cataloging as much of their loot as possible. This post will be about Nemedian gear, and hopefully one about Vanir gear will follow in due course.

It appears that any Nemedian mob has a chance of dropping a piece of Nemedian gear (in addition to whatever other things you might expect a mob of that level to drop); however, a mob can only drop Nemedian gear close to its own level. Thus, if there is no Nemedian gear of a suitable level, the mob in question won’t drop any Nemedian gear. As we’ll see below, two pieces of Nemedian gear are level 37 (two-handed weapons) and everything else is on level 26–30. This means that you can’t get Nemedian gear from Nemedians in Tarantia Noble District and in Poitain; and the level 37–39 Nemedians in the eastern parts of the Wild Lands of Zelata can only drop two pieces of Nemedian gear (level 37 two-handed weapons). Thus, the best place for farming Nemedian gear is in the southeast of the Wild Lands and in the Border Range. Since this gear is green and bind-on-equip, you can also buy it from other players.

Nemedian weapons

  • Nemedian Crossbow
  • Nemedian Double-handed Axe
  • Nemedian Falchion
  • Nemedian Mace
  • Nemedian Pugio
  • Nemedian Scrotum Scutum
  • Nemedian War Maul

These weapons are available in several versions with different levels: 26, 28, 30, 32. Additionally, the Double-handed Axe (2he) and War Maul (2hb) are also available in a level 37 version.

There is another weapon which is a bit of a special case, called Nemedian Skinning Knife. This is a blue bind-on-pickup weapon (unlike everything else in this post, which is green and bind-on-equip), exists only in a level 34 version and drops from General Zarathus in the Border Range.

Nemedian Legionary’s armor

This medium armor set consists of 6 pieces (head, chest, wrist, belt, legs, feet) and exists in a level 30 and 32 version.

Some items with the same models also appear elsewhere: the helmet uses the same model as Zukas’ Prized Helm (from Zukas in the Main System) and Border Kingdom Helmet (quest reward for Atzel’s Head on a Pike, from Aelfrith in Conan’s castle); and the leg piece looks the same as Dogmatist’s Tasset (from Zukas in the Main System).

Nemedian Mage armor

The only Nemedian Mage item is a chest piece (Nemedian Mage Robe), which also exists in a level 30 and 32 version.

This robe uses the same model as generic level 20–29 mage cloth chest pieces; the basic level 20 white version is called Rough-stitched Robe (you can buy it from NPC vendors) and there are also lots of green versions with additional adjectives in front of the name. Another similar robe, but not quite the same, is the Dark Ember Robe (from the HoX level 40–49 world-drop set).

Nemedian Scout’s armor

This light armor set consists of 7 pieces (everything except hands) and exists in a level 30 and 32 version.

It looks exactly the same as the Pathfinder set (level 40–69 world-drop set for rangers), except that the latter also contains hands. The Pathfinder set is medium armor, so Nemedian Scout’s might be a useful option if you want it for vanity on a character that can only wear light but not medium armor.

Some of these models are also reused elsewhere: the legs look the same as Corruptor’s Tasset (from Renato Savill in the Cistern); the shoulders look the same as Proselite Armbands (from Zukas in the Main System).

Nemedian Cursecaller armor

This is HoX culture armor and is thus not really part of the Nemedian armor system; it doesn’t drop from any Nemedian mobs (although you can see some of them wearing at least some parts of it, e.g. caster mobs in the Noble District, so I just mention it here for the sake of completeness. Like other culture armor sets, it consists of six parts: the head, chest, and legs are level 78, and the hands, belt, and feet are level 79. These are all crafted blue bind-on-equip items and the recipes (one for the big pieces and one for the small pieces) drop from Black Ring Slave Masters/Mistresses in the Onyx Chambers.

Interestingly, this set used to look pink but was eventually changed into a much less appealing pale green. See the following screenshot of my HoX from early 2009 or so:

It looked a lot less attractive on male HoXes, as can be seen from the following picture (linked from the now-lost EU forum):

 photo Psy_picture065-1.png

There are also some other items with the same models: the chest (Nemedian Cursecaller Robes) uses the same model as Darkcraft Vesture (from Hek’lar in the Main System) and Corpse-mouldered Robe (Trapped Ghost, Slaughterhouse cellar); the head (Nemedian Cursecaller Cap) uses the same model as Border Kingdom Headdress (quest reward from the Atzel’s Head on a Pike quest, given by Aelfrith in Conan’s castle).

Sexy boots!

Some of the lovely Nemedian Priestesses in the Wild Lands of Zelata wear these very cute boots, but unfortunately they don’t drop as part of the Nemedian armor drops:

I’ve also seen some other mobs wear these boots, e.g. Jovus in Crows’ Nest.

It turns out that this model is available to us players on the following items: Leopardbane Slippers (level 44 quest reward from the Armsman’s Arena), Shadowmantis Treads (level 61 world-drop blue bind-on-equip item), Svelte Treads (level 69 world-drop blue bind-on-equip item), Ironsilk Padsoles (generic level 75–79 assassin cloth feet; you can buy a white version from NPC vendors, you can craft green and blue ones (the blue version is called Fine Ironsilk Padsoles), and there are also several green ones with additional adjectives dropping from mobs in that level range).

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