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The Seventeenth Portent

This month’s boss, The Thrice Drowned, is mostly the same as last year, with the same name and appearance, spawning in the same locations, preceded by the same green mob, etc. etc. See my post from last year for more about it.

Crabs with LAZERS!!! (Click to enlarge.)

A notable difference is that they gave the boss a new ability: What is Dead May Never Die, which gives the boss a 15-second shield (including an easily noticeable yellow particle effect). This shield provides it with both damage deflection (so your hits will do a lot less damage while the boss has this shield) as well as retributive damage, so it’s quite easy for people to kill themselves on it if they keep DPSing while the shield is up. The other abilities are the same as last year: Reaper Beam (channeled spell, the boss turns about 180 degrees while casting it; it’s a frontal cone attack that does holy damage and a 3-second stun); Rise Again (piercing damage, probably in a frontal cone); Curse of the Drowned God (frontal cone, does a bit of poison damage and puts a wrack on people, giving them -30% physical invulnerability for 30 sec); Geyser (ranged frost attack which the boss uses as an anti-kiting mechanism). The boss has 19.55 million HP, just like last year (and a bit less than most world bosses).

As usual, killing the boss gives you a buff called Slayer of the Thrice Drowned, but curiously it doesn’t remove the previous buff, Slayer of the Dust Fiend. I guess the devs forgot to update this when they replaced last year’s March boss (Serpent Man Oldblood) with the Dust Fiend.

The new shield particle. (Click to enlarge.)

Last year I had very bad luck on this boss, killing it 236 times without getting the purple pet. This year was better, as I got the pet after 67 kills on my guardian. The boss seemed to take much longer to kill than last year, perhaps because of the new shield ability and perhaps because there’s fewer people and/or more of them are AFK. I wouldn’t be able to manage even half as many kills as last year, even if I didn’t slow down after getting the pet. Fights lasting over 20 minutes are nothing unusual this week.

Here are a few screenshots of the purple pet dropping from this boss, Mini-Pet: Drowned One. The description (“A miniature replica of a drowned sorceress, she is now one with the sea”) seems to allude to Sodabeh, which makes sense since that’s the fight that contains mobs that look like this crab. But in that case, why did they use this model here in Thunder River, which (1) is in Aquilonia instead of in Turan, and (2) is a river and not the sea?!

People used to say that my guardian is a slut that probably has crabs…
Now, in a sense, they are right 😛 (Click to enlarge.)

Occasionally, the pet will KB you, producing a big geyser-style particle effect:

(Click to enlarge.)

I’ll add the loot table later, after I’m done farming the boss and opening the boxes.

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