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The Seventh Portent

The seventh portent is called Spawn of Nergal and spawns in two locations in the Coast of Ardashir playfield: on the island in the north (775, 840) and in the area north of the logging camp (660, 450).

The boss looks more or less the same as the Bat of Nergal in the Temple of Erlik, and is preceded a few minutes earlier by an unattackable green mob called the Arch Lector, who looks more or less the same as the Archlector of Zaal in the Temple of Erlik.

(Click to enlarge.)

Some of the bat’s mechanics were also inspired by those in the Bat of Nergal fight, but of course suitably nerfed and simplified. The boss does crushing white hits on the aggro holder; there’s a ranged attack (Screech of Fury, does electrical damage) for when it can’t reach the aggro holder; there is the inevitable aoe knockback, called Sonic Ripple (includes some electrical damage), but this time you at least get a fair warning: the KB itself comes about 2 sec after the Sonic Ripple cast is finished, so you may be able to doubletap in time. Occasionally the boss casts Sonic Beacon, which seems to afflict 3 players with some sort of debuff, but it isn’t obvious to me what (if anything) this debuff does. Immediately after the Sonic Beacon, the boss flies spectacularly high in the air and casts Sonic Barrage, at the end of which it swoops down again and hits people with an electrical aoe hit.

Occasionally the boss puts a dot called Devouring Parasite on a random player; this does -10% poison damage every 2 sec, for 8.5 sec, at the end of which it spreads to one random nearby player. After your dot expires, you also get a debuff called Parasitic Weakness (-25% received healing modifier for 25 sec).

The boss has the usual amount of HP: 20.1 million.

The boss during the Sonic Barrage cast.
(Click to enlarge.)

I haven’t noticed any new loot or armor sets from this boss. The regional drops seem to be the same as in the Dragon’s Spine a few month ago, so you can get e.g. the Harlot’s set, Vizier’s State set, Special Stygian Mushrooms and the like. I’ll post a table with my loot statistics after the boss stops spawning. (Update: this is now posted, see below.)

There is, of course, also a new mini-pet, also called Spawn of Nergal.

(Click to enlarge.)

It has a screech-style ability:

(Click to enlarge.)

And also a Sonic Barrage-style ability:

(Click to enlarge.)

Here’s the Vizier’s State set. It has already been dropping a few months ago from Serpent Man Oldblood in the Dragon’s Spine, but I only got it now. It consists of just 3 parts: head, chest, and wrists. This is mostly sufficient but they really should add some sort of boots as well.

Pimpin’ ain’t easy, dawg.


Social animations, particles etc.

Sticky Fresh Blood

Ritual Knife

Stygian Special Mushroom

Bottled Spirits, Cool Runnings, Electric Boogie, Fermented Brain Juices, Void Essence
Food, potions, buffs

Potent Daggamalt, Dire Sweetpressed Haste

Ta Neheh Leaf Elixir

Kingsmight Ale

Elixirs (0 Guile, 0 Invigorative Rejuvenation, 2 Physical Might, 0 Precision)

Philtres (3 Constitution, 0 Strength)

Minor Elixir of Resurgence (self-rez)
Vendors of crappy social consumables

Traveller’s Merchant Contract
Social armor sets

Khemi Guard set

Harlot’s set

Slayer’s set

Vizier’s State set

other social armor sets
Other social armor

Crown of [some season]

Tigerskin cloaks

Pharaoh’s Honor Helm
Raid gear

T1 armor

T1 weapons (2 swords, 2 shields, 2 polearms)

T2 armor

T2 weapons (0 swords, 0 shields, 1 polearm)
AA urns

Flask of Completion (20000 Mastery XP)

Flask of Direction (50000 Mastery XP)

Coffer of Radiance (62500 Mastery XP)

animal pets (1 Barachan Gull, 1 Field Mouse)

dancing pets (2 Cimmerian female, 1 Khitan male)
Purple caches

Slayer’s Cache of the Nergal (purple cache)
  1. byenar
    June 11, 2014 at 00:07

    What about anniversary event, was’n it worth to mention¿

    • June 11, 2014 at 07:33

      I’m not sure what I could say about that event – the quest itself is trivial, there aren’t any interesting or new rewards, etc. I wish there was a way to farm gilding tokens, then I could try collecting all the pets etc. that can be bought for them, and I’d make a post about that.

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