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Argo-satha hardmode

Argo-satha is the last-but-one boss in the Vile Nativity. It is fairly widely known that there exists a hardmode for him, but people hardly ever do it because the additional rewards aren’t worth the trouble. I never did Argo-satha HM before today, so I thought I’d write a post about it now that I know it a little better.

To trigger the hardmode, someone has to target the boss and click the [Curse of the Empowered Lich]. This is a generic item that you pick up by clicking the book on a pile of rubble near the entrance to Queen Cao-Polyphya’s room, approximately at (713, 347). Targetting the boss and clicking the Curse will also start the fight immediately.

The boss gets a typical green hardmode debuff icon (“Challenge of the Gods”) as well as a buff called Empowered Lich. This buff causes his Spiralling Descent (random single-target attacks that he does throughout the fight) to put a -50% received healing modifier on the target (Curse of the Empowered Lich). This means that pretty soon everyone in the group will have this -50% healing modifier and it will stay that way for the rest of the fight. I don’t think there’s anything you can do about it, you just have to manage to survive despite having less healing. (In fact this debuff remained on us after the boss was dead as well. Fortunately it’s not difficult to kill the next boss (Little Prince) with this debuff.)

Every 6 sec or so, the boss puts a wrack (Advisor’s Wrack) or ruin (Advisor’s Ruin) on someone. The target and type of debuff seems to be random, except insofar as the soldiers always get a wrack and other players always get a ruin. These debuffs have the usual yellow wrack/ruin icons, so they are easy to recognize. Both debuffs simply consist of an additional -50% received healing modifier. Together with the Curse of the Empowered Lich this would put you at -100% received healing, so it’s important to remove the wracks and ruins quickly.

Another difference compared to the normal mode is with the Ravenous Wardens, the red mobs that spawn on the outer edges of the platform and root random players. In the hardmode, you get several wardens spawning at the same time, but only one of them is real; the others are fakes. They look the same and have the same name, but they differ in several ways: the fakes often have a yellow nametag instead of a red one (at least until someone hits them); the real warden has a green Challenge of the Gods debuff, the fake ones don’t have this debuff; the real warden is casting Shackles of the Warden (the root spell) while the fake warden isn’t doing anything; and the fake warden has a ridiculously high natural health regen while the real one doesn’t. So if you start DPSing a warden and he keeps healing up, you know it’s a fake one.

When the boss was dead, a killable loot box mob appeared (Heavenly Remuneration). From it, everyone got 5 rare trophies and 75k AA XP; additionally, there were two items for people to roll on: an Excavator’s Kit and an [Advisor’s Treasure]. This latter item is a blue cache; clicking it gave the lucky winner 3 Potent Daggamalts and a Vessel of Attainment (i.e. another 75k AA XP).

The boss and the Argo-satha’s Soul (add) have the same amount of HP as in normal mode (365k boss, 152k soul). It’s hard to be sure about the wardens as you can’t tell from the combat log which hits were on the real wardens and which on the fakes.

  1. Blows
    April 22, 2014 at 09:11

    Some rumors say Argo Satha can drop a male version of the Queen’s dress. Yet no pictures ever confirmed that.. New challenge?:)

    • April 22, 2014 at 10:07

      Eh, that started as nothing more than speculation in an old post on the EU forum very soon after the House of Crom was released – see the link in my old post about the Royal Atlantean Gown, though the forum itself is of course gone by now. (What is more, IIRC that post was by a rather notorious and weird guy called Idoll/Hemann/Tosallmighty/etc. (he changed names like underwear) who was… prone to wild flights of fancy – so I wouldn’t be inclined to pay much attention to his speculation in the first place.) In any case, that speculation was not entirely unreasonable at such an early point (Argo-satha had not been killed many times by then, and many people were avoiding that boss altogether by jumping over an invisible wall), but I’m pretty sure that by now someone would have seen such a dress if it really existed.

  1. April 18, 2014 at 21:28

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