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The Second Portent

As of January 1, the Black Dragon world boss is no longer spawning and has been replaced by the second world boss. This turns out to be a giant yeti called The King of Winter. It can spawn in four possible locations:

  • in Atzel’s Approach, near Black Dragon Magnus;
  • in Atzel’s Approach, on top of the ladder above the Halls of Eternal Frost;
  • in Conall’s Valley, on the yeti plateau above the Mountain Groves resurrection poin (820, 1046);
  • in Conall’s Valley, in the Ymirish camp near Commander Magni (1375, 723).

The impression I have is that the respawn timer is still attached to the instance, not to each respawn point itself. Thus a new yeti will spawn about two hours after the previous one has been killed in the same instance, but which of the two spawn points in that instance he will respawn at is random.

As a signal that the boss is coming in a few minutes, an unattackable mob called Ymirish Herald appears first, just like the four cultists appeared before the dragon boss last week.

Moving around between the spawn points is quite a bit more annoying here than it was with thedragon boss, as they are spread so far apart. In my experience, it’s useful to bind your Path of Asura to the village tavern in Conall’s Valley, and you can use the veteran path to Vistrix’ lair when you want to port to Atzel’s Approach.

(Click to enlarge.)

The boss has 20.1 million HP, same as last week’s dragon. The maximum number of players per instance seems to be higher than it was for the dragon boss last week; I noticed as many as 116 players on some of my parses on the yeti boss. Unfortunately my impression is that this resulted in quite a bit more lag and lower frame rates, without making it substantially easier to actually get into an instance; instances still tend to fill up plenty of time before the boss is due to spawn.

Encounter mechanics

This fight is slightly more complicated than the dragon boss was. The yeti’s primary attacks are crushing white hits on the aggro holder.

There is a frontal cone knockback (and a bit of aoe damage) called Mighty Sweep, so it makes sense to stand behind him if possible. The knockback can fling you an unusually large distance away, so be careful that you don’t get knocked over a cliff.

There is also an aoe crushing attack called Pulverize, which seems to be centered around the aggro holder. People affected by this also get stunned for 3 seconds. I also remember sometimes getting a smaller hit and no stun, which I guess applies to those a bit further away from the aggro holder.

There’s also a ranged single-target attack called Ice Strikes (cold damage), which the boss uses if he can’t reach the aggro holder to do melee hits on him.

The most interesting new mechanic is a spell called Call of Winter. This spell traps several randomly-chosen players in a big cone of ice; these players get a debuff called Grip of Winter, which stuns them and oneshots them after 29.5 seconds. The ice cone is a destructible object called Shard of Winter, and other players should DPS it down to liberate the trapped player before he gets oneshotted. This is much easier to do if people aren’t spread far apart from each other all over the place, but I’ve largely given up hope that they’ll learn to huddle up together during this fight.

(Click to enlarge.)

The loot

The loot works pretty much the same way as on the dragon: when the boss dies, each participant in the fight gets either a blue cache (Hunter’s Trove of the King of Winter) or, rarely, a purple one (Slayer’s Cache of the King of Winter).

The loot that then drops from these caches is also very similar to what we were getting from the Black Dragon’s caches; the only difference is that a few items seem to be no longer dropping and have been replaced by others.

  • The Crown of Winter now drops instead of the Crown of Summer (both are social head pieces that are also sold by a NPC vendor in your guild city tradepost).
  • Winterdream Wine — a new consumable which gives you a 30-minute novely particle effect (snow falling on you).
  • Ymirish Prayer — gives you a 30-minute buff which causes you to leave a trail of ice wherever you go, and little icicles form on the ground around you if you stand still for some time.

Several of the social sets that we saw on the dragon still drop here, though I’m not sure if all of them. I also noticed a new social armor set called Hyperborean Shaman. Interestingly, it consists of only five items (head, chest, shoulders, wrists, belt). It’s the same costume that is worn by some of the Hyperborean (Gurnakhi) NPCs in e.g. the Eiglophian Mountains (see also my old post about the White Hand officers):

Note that items with the same 3-d models have already been available to players before this: the chest is the same as Incursion Shroud (from Alcippe in the Main System); the head is the same as Clandestinus Darkhood (also from Alcippe in the Main System); the wrist is the same as Nightlord Bracers (from the Sewer King in the Main System); shoulders are the same as Dimshade Straps (from Aturballon in the Catacombs). Those are all assassin items; legs and feet with matching stats also drop in the Main System, but they don’t match these items in appearance (Covert Leggings from Hek’lar and Gossamer Slippers from Alcippe). I couldn’t find a belt with the same appearance as the Hyperborean Shaman belt, however. The chest, head and wrists are also the same as the 3-part Cruel Rending set, which is a purple level 20-ish armor set from the item shop.

There’s another new social set called Black Leather. This one looks particularly unimpressive, little better than countless green sets of light and medium armor that you can get during levelling. Curiously, this set consists of seven parts: everything except hands.

Most of the pets that dropped from the dragon also drop here from the yeti, though I imagine that the legendary dragon mini-pet doesn’t. There is however a new purple one, Mini-Pet: Frost King. I was lucky enough to get it from my first purple cache, after only 18 yeti kills. I’m not much into yetis myself and this one looks particularly small and unimpressive.

(Click to enlarge.)

He does however have a very peculiar animation: occasionally he will spawn a small rabbit out of nowhere and whack it with his club, sending it flying in a way that would give even Tiger Woods a run for his money 😛

(Click to enlarge.)

  1. Blows
    January 2, 2014 at 21:50

    I took a picture of the Black Leather set:

    It looks like lowlevel stuff in my opinion.

    • January 2, 2014 at 23:22

      Hm yes, a rather nondescript set. From the name “black leather” I was expecting something cooler :}

  2. Dagget
    January 10, 2014 at 01:50

    The Call of Winter AoE seemed to strike only Mages, Priests, and Rangers. Never hit my Guardian and I can’t recall offhand ever seeing a melee char caught in an icicle.

    • January 10, 2014 at 11:32

      My guardian got trapped in icicles many times, but then it’s true that I was just DPSing with it, I didn’t bother trying to tank.

  1. May 15, 2014 at 22:56

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