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Scorpion Cave unchained

Cave Crusher Tyrant

This is a boss that spawns after you destroy a scorpion nest. It’s just a tank and spank fight; it’s mostly interesting because it drops an Antivenom Sac, which is needed to remove a dot in the Shah boss fight (see below). You should let the tank(s) get the Antivenom Sac first, though eventually if you kill enough nests, you can get enough sacs for everyone.

The Shah

This is mostly a tank and spank fight. Occasionally the boss casts Relentless Venom, which puts a dot on the aggro holder; this dot stacks and eventually starts hurting pretty badly, so the tank should click his Antivenom Sac to remove his dot. The sac has a bit of a cooldown and the boss reapplies the dot often, but you should at least be able to keep your dot to 3 stacks or less this way.

The scorpion nest in the boss’s room will activate during the fight and spawn waves of minions, so it helps if you tank the boss by the nest so that you can DPS both him and the minions at the same time.

Scorpion Archer Prince

Every now and then, he targets a random player and casts Berserker Toxin. The targeted player gets charmed (Will of Selket, 35 sec) and also gets a +500% damage modifier and +40% hinder movement (Berserker Toxin, also 35 sec). At the same time, an add called Scorpion Dominator also spawns.

The charmed player hits very hard due to his damage buff, so be careful that he doesn’t kill other people. You can cc him or kite him. Focus your dps on the Scorpion Dominator; once this add is dead, the charmed player gets uncharmed, but his damage buff doesn’t get removed, so he can now do very high dps on the boss for a few seconds.

This extra dps on the boss is very important in this fight since the boss has 2.4 million HP (update: reduced to 2.1 million HP in update 4.1.5) and a 5:30 minute enrage timer. So you should focus on uncharming people as quickly as possible (by killing the adds), thereby giving them more time to dps the boss with their damage buff.

Scorpion Zealot / Scorpion Abomination

This is mostly a tank and spank fight, but the boss also spawns adds (Scorpion Vessel), which you should kill as quickly as possible, otherwise their aoe (Evolve) eventually hits too hard.

At 50%, the boss transforms (from Zealot to Abomination) and starts doing crushing damage instead of poison, but apart from that the fight is largely the same. He has two new abilities:

Scorpion Sting is a frontal cone root; you can avoid it by moving out of the frontal cone.

Dread Claw is a powerful frontal cone aoe attack, which comes immediately after Scorpion Sting.

The tank can avoid both simply by moving aside during Scorpion Sting and waiting until Dread Claw is over; other players shouldn’t be standing in front of the boss at all.

Constantius the Falcon

Strangling Grasp = 70% hinder movement on people nearby (you can break LOS to avoid getting this snare, but the cast is fairly short); it is followed immediately by Constantine Revenge.

Constantine Revenge = big aoe (16k holy dmg on my necro) over a wide area; people shouldn’t hope to outrun it, and they must break line of sight before the cast is finished. This is made more difficult by the fact that they are probably snared from Strangling Grasp. You should tank the boss near a rock or pillar or something of that sort to make it easier to break the line of sight.

A tank with good protection can stay next to the boss and use cunning deflection instead of having to run out and break line of sight. This is useful since he can then cc the boss quickly during Constantine Renewal (see below).

Note that the Constantine Revenge also hits any undestroyed scorpion nests within their range. This can eventually destroy the nests and cause Cave Crusher Tyrant bosses to spawn during the Constantius fight. So if you wiped a few times on Constantius, check the health of the nests before the next pull.

Constantine Renewal = comes immediately after Constantine Revenge; this is a massive channeled heal, 60581 points every 3 sec. Fortunately the boss is CCable during this time, so you should CC him to interrupt the heal as quickly as possible.

Float Away = knockback on the aggro holder; it occurs in the middle of the cast rather than at the end. This is a good moment to swap aggro, to prevent the boss from moving to the knockbacked tank (or, even better, you should tank him with your back to a wall). The aggro holder can also doubletap before being kb’ed to shorten the amount of time until he can move again.

Touch of the Grave = frost damage, single-target attack on the aggro holder + it drains all his mana.

The rest of his attacks are slashing white hits on the aggro holder.

He has 1.5 million HP (update: reduced to 1.42 million HP in update 4.1.5) and a 6:30 enrage timer, so the key thing here is to make sure people stay alive (during Constantine Revenge) and to interrupt his heals quickly (Constantine Renewal).

  1. Stelus
    November 23, 2013 at 15:29

    How do you do in The Shah fight? Do you kill the nest first and then the boss, or just go straight for the boss and keep AOE on the minions?
    Cause I was yesterday doing it with a guild group and the nest was taking forever to get killed. After 1min into the fight it was still at 95% (althought I have an uncorfimed theory that it might be related to not killing all the other nests before).

    • November 23, 2013 at 16:36

      When we were there 1 or 2 days ago, the nest in the Shah’s room wasn’t attackable at all – this surprised me as I remembered it used to be attackable on testlive. I have no idea why. But if the nest is attackable, my idea would be to focus on destroying the nest first.

  2. Shax
    November 26, 2013 at 20:39

    We had a wipe night on the Archer. He enrages on 5 minutes 40 seconds and with 7% left we had done 2,48 million dmg on him which makes the total around 2,68 mill. Thats the health of Louhi or Yaremka, in a sixman dungeon. Why……

    • November 26, 2013 at 21:29

      Well, the high amount of HP is there to force people to make good use of the 500% damage buff that comes with the charm. So the challenge is to uncharm people quickly so they can contribute good dps on the boss while their damage buff lasts. But I agree that the enrage timer should be a little longer, or his HP lower — IIRC one of the devs recently posted on the TL forum that they will decrease his HP in a forthcoming patch.

  1. December 23, 2013 at 14:01

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