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Halls of Eternal Frost unchained

Spirit of Un Nefer

There are four mobs with this name, and although they are labelled as bosses in the game, they are really more like minibosses.

Their primary single-target attack does electrical damage, so the tanks should use protection gear. Apart from this, each of them spawns a different kind of adds:

1. The first Spirit casts Raiseth the Dead, which spawns several solo adds (easy to kill).

2. The second Spirit casts Awakening, which spawns several minions (even easier to kill).

3. The third Spirit also casts Awakening, but this now spawns a group trashmob (Living Statue); it can be cc’ed.

4. The fourth Spirit also casts Awakening, which now spawns a group trashmob named Risen Bloodhunter. This add can’t be cc’ed.

The Risen Bloodhunter will occasionally petrify (i.e. stun) one of the players; anybody can unstun a petrified player by clicking him, as if he was a clickable object.

After you’ve killed all 4 spirits, you should click the sands on the balcony as you’ll need them for the Acheronian Warlord fight later. Every player in the group should pick up the sand.

You should also break the urn on the balcony. This will cause the Soul of Un Nefer to spawn (see below). After this point, some of the statues in the dungeon will start becoming active when you move near them, so be careful when moving through the dungeon again.

Soul of Un Nefer

This boss spawns after you break the urn on the balcony; you’ll find him waiting for you in the first big room just after where you killed the first Spirit.

He doesn’t actually hit you by himself. Instead, he spends all of his time spawning adds, using the four abilities that we saw earlier on the Spirits of Un Nefer. So you’ll be getting some minions, some solo mobs and some group mobs — make sure to tank the group adds so that they won’t kill the squishies. As before, the Bloodhunter adds can petrify people, and you will have to click the petrified player to unstun him.

If the boss activates all the statues in the room before you kill him, everyone gets oneshotted.

Acheronian Warlord

– Dealing with the statues and Shatterfield

The boss stands in the middle of the room, and there are 8 statues around him: 4 in the corners and 4 on the sides of the room. Each statue has a Gift of Acheron debuff; at the start of the fight, this debuff has 4:00 minutes left on the corner adds and 2:30 minutes on the side adds. After a statue’s Gift of Acheron debuff expires, it comes alive and has to be tanked and spanked. To avoid having to do this, you should use the Shatterfield mechanic to oneshot the statues (see below).

Occasionally the boss casts a long cast called Shatterfield, during which he targets a random player. This player has to run to a statue and it will get oneshotted; if he isn’t near a statue at the end of the cast, the player himself gets oneshotted instead. Note that this only works on statues that haven’t woken up yet. You can also break line of sight at the end of the cast to avoid being oneshotted.

You should use this mechanic to oneshot the statues before they become alive; make sure to destroy the statues on the sides of the room first, and the ones in the corners later as they have a longer timer before they will wake up.

Other players should avoid being near the player that is being targeted by Shatterfield, or they will take very heavy damage (and likely get oneshotted). Note that this damage already comes during the cast itself, not just at the end!

– Using the sand

The boss has a heal (Acheronian Revival) running on himself all the time (without a corresponding icon above his name and healthbar), which heals him by 1% every 3 sec. To remove this heal, a player has to target the boss and click the sand (which you picked up earlier on the balcony, see above). This will not only block the boss’s heal but even put a dot on him, called Sands of the Ancients, which takes away 1% of his HP every 3 sec. The icon for this dot is easy to recognize, as it looks just like the ToS root (Quicksand).

Eventually this dot will expire, or the boss will remove it from himself by casting Cry of Acheron. At that point another player should click his sand, etc. The sand has a relatively long cooldown so it’s a good idea to set up a rotation beforehand; that way, you can keep the dot on the boss pretty much all the time.

– Other abilities

Flames of Acheron = frontal cone fire aoe attack by the boss, it hits very hard and the cone seems uncomfortably wide (in fact it sometimes feels as if at least a part of this attack is 360-degree aoe rather than any kind of cone), but it isn’t very long, so you might want to run away to be safe. I have the impression that Flames of Acheron always comes immediately after Shatterfield, and that it’s directed towards the most recently shattered statue.

Apart from that, he does physical damage (and crits quite a bit).

  1. Shane
    November 23, 2013 at 20:14

    It seems that when the boss casts Shatterfield, it will detonate when one of three criteria are met: when the cast finishes, or when the player it’s targeting gets behind a statue, or when the player it’s targeting gets near another player.

    While running this last night, quite a few of us got one-shotted from Shatterfield due to the third criteria. What we did to combat this is to designate one corner statue as a “safe spot” and space everyone out so that no two people are standing right next to each other. When he starts to cast Shatterfield the player who’s targeted doesn’t move until everyone has moved to the safe spot.

    We had four melee and two ranged toons, so we had one person on each side of the boss (N, S, E, W), with the two ranged toons at NE and SW. This way there was no one close enough to activate Shatterfield when it was cast, and since the person targeted wouldn’t move until everyone was safely away, it made it much easier.

    • Stemma
      November 26, 2013 at 22:58

      I think its not near the other player but in a line between the targeted player and boss. So if you get in between you will be one shot, or on our last run, if your demo friend holds down shift and runs like a headless chicken he can wipe the group !

      • November 27, 2013 at 00:10

        I tested the line theory some time ago and I definitely didn’t get the impression that it works that way. My understanding of Shatterfield is basically this: anybody standing near the player that’s targeted by Shatterfield will take damage; and this by itself doesn’t interrupt Shatterfield or anything of that sort, it’s perfectly possible to kill one of your teammates with Shatterfield and then a few sec later run to a statue and destroy the statue later.

  2. Shane
    November 27, 2013 at 20:34

    You’re absolutely right that it can kill a player and then run to a statue and destroy it. I should have said that killing a player doesn’t stop the Shatterfield cast. I also don’t think that it’s a line between the boss and the targeted player, but haven’t been able to extensively test that.

  1. December 23, 2013 at 14:01

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