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Changes in Xibaluku in Update 4.1

Several changes have been made in Xibaluku recently, probably in update 4.1, without any corresponding announcement in the update notes. Presumably these are some work-in-progress type of things that have been unintentionally and prematurely pushed to the live server. Anyway, I thought it would be interesting to summarize the changes in a post. (See also the interesting forum thread.)

Changes in boss HP

Probably the most obvious change is that the amount of hit points for pretty much all the bosses there has been significantly reduced, by around 30–40%. (As usually, the HP measurements are only approximate.)

Boss Amount of hit points Change
Before After
Warlord Repadis 270 k 202 k −25 %
Master Gaoler Norach 238 k 151 k −37 %
Surberec 315 k 197 k −38 %
Acheronian Reaper 276 k 198 k −28 %
Balko 207 k 120 k −42 %
Martyr of Votantha 1178 k 744 k −37 %
Tia Shar 337 k 223 k −34 %
The Red One 302 k 218 k −28 %
Meskit the Fated 231* k 202 k —12 %
Iziel-Al’zeep 140–180 k 100–120 k −31 %
Jal Kor Bloodbane 355 k ?

(Some of the data is missing: I haven’t done any non-hardmode runs yet recently, so I haven’t seen Jal Kor yet either. The HP shown for Iziel doesn’t include his huge loss of health when the mirror is purified, and a range of values is reported since purifying the mirror doesn’t seem to always drop his HP to the same percentage. I’m not sure how reliable my pre-4.1 estimate of Meskit is; I couldn’t find a log in which I didn’t die during the fight.)

The latest combat log I can find with the old HP amounts was from April 2013, and it seems I haven’t done Xibaluku between then and this week. Some people in the forums say that the boss HP seemed normal as little as one month ago, which suggests that the changes were most likely introduced in update 4.1.

I’m somewhat disappointed by the nerfs to boss HP; in my opinion, Xibaluku was one of those places that didn’t require nerfing. I find it hard to imagine that the change from e.g. 300 k to 200 k would actually make a significant difference to anyone; even if you go there with a poorly geared group of newly-level-80 characters, anything that they can kill with 200 k HP they could also have killed if it had 300 k HP. And in the case of the Martyr of Votantha, it is now more tempting than ever to just tank and spank him instead of trying to deal with the platform puzzle, which is a bit of a pity (the platform puzzle has been fixed a long time ago so that it doesn’t require any jumping, merely walking, so isn’t unreasonably difficult now).

Loot changes

New epic accessories from Iziel-Al’zeep. Like before, Iziel drops one epic accessory, but the set of possible drops has been expanded. In addition to the Conviction of Will (magic damage ring) and the Fury of Iziel (combat rating ring), there is now a Might of the Wrathful (armor/con ring) and a Necklace of Thousand Souls (protection necklace).

I don’t think the new ring will be particularly popular, but the necklace is very nice; comparable to Scipio’s Necklace of Protection (45 con, 40 immunity rtg, 220 protection), which you get as a quest reward for killing Arbanus, but with a bit more HP and with armor instead of immunity. In fact I like the new necklace better than Scipio’s one.

Bone-Rattle of Gullah items. This is a social armor set that had originally been introduced for the fifth anniversary event a few months ago (May 2013). The five open-world raid bosses in that event would drop bags (called ‘pentasacks’), and opening them would get you various kinds of loot, among them this set. One particularly nice thing was that you would get the whole set (all 8 parts) from one bag.

Now it seems that at least some parts of this set drop in Xibaluku. In our recent runs, Iziel always dropped (in addition to his usual loot) one part (chest, legs, or head), and the Red One has a chance of dropping hands or wrists. I haven’t seen the other parts yet.

Other new social items. The (now separately killable) treasure chest behind Norach and Surberec can now contain (in addition to the usual loot) a social helmet called Mask of the Master Gaoler. It looks the same as the Nescient Helm (full plate protection helmet from Jal Kor / Iziel) and Frostmaw Helm (from the Devourer, Amphitheatre normal mode).

The Acheronian Reaper (rare boss upstairs) has dropped (in addition to the usual loot) a social belt called Reaper’s Loin Girding of Oblivion. This looks exactly the same as the Acheronian Convoker’s Belt (which drops from the Dimensionalist in Amphitheatre unchained). I haven’t seen any other parts of this new Reaper set dropping so far, and we only saw the Acheronian Reaper once in our recent runs, so I don’t know if he always drops a social item or only sometimes.

Other changes

Killable treasure chests. The treasure chest that becomes reachable after you kill Norach and Surberec is now a separately killable mob (which then drops a treasure chest with the loot), instead of a plain old treasure chest.

Likewise, Iziel-Al’zeep now doesn’t drop a loot box directly, but spawns a separately killable treasure chest (which then drops the loot box). One nice thing about that is that you no longer need to search for the loot box underwater — the killable chest now always spawns outside the pool.

Reduction of money drops. Formerly, each Xibaluku boss used to drop (in addition to the gear) around 3–4 silver per player (on average; if the group was full); this is a fairly standard amount for old-world level 80 group content. (See e.g. my posts about open-world bosses: 1, 2.)

Now, some of the bosses (Balko, Martyr of Votantha, Tia Shar) drop much less money than before — around 70 copper per player on average. Other bosses (Warlord Repadis, The Red One, Protector / Vindicator / Defender of Acheron) drop the same amount as before.

In the case of Iziel, it’s even worse; his new separately killable treasure chest contains almost no money (in our runs it was around 7 copper per player).

Reduction of trash mobs. Two mobs that were patrolling through Repadis’s room have been removed. This makes dealing with the trash at the beginning of the dungeon easier and less dynamic.

Boss levels. Whereas formerly bosses had various levels from 81 to 83, now they are all level 82.

[Update: according to the 4.1.6 patch notes, the changes in boss HP were unintentional and have now been reverted.]


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