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Full-plate armor from the Dragon’s Spine

Two full plate sets are now available in Dragon’s Spine: Black Pharaoh (which is more defensive) and Dark Messenger (which is more DPS-oriented). As with the other Dragon’s Spine sets, each of them exists in two versions, blue and purple (but purple helmets, chests and wrists aren’t available yet — my guess is that they will be dropping in some dungeon that will be added in the future). So basically there are four full-plate sets here, but as far as I can tell, all four look exactly the same.

For example, I have all four leg armor pieces and tried swapping them around, and couldn’t notice even the slightest difference in my character’s appearance. This will certainly make matters easier for people who just want to get this stuff for vanity 😛 So the following screenshots contain a mixture of blue and purple items, some from the Black Pharaoh set and some from the Dark Messenger set:

Congratulations, you are now a fully certified rhino molester!

Front side of the helmet.


A full comparison of the stats will have to wait until later since I don’t know the stats of all the items yet. I tried, however, comparing the total stats of belt + hands + legs + shoulder from various purple sets. It turns out that the Dark Messenger plate set has basically the same DPS as Tiger heavy set, but more armor. The Black Pharaoh purple set seems to be comparable to the Wolves of the Steppes set, but with more hit rating and critical rating.

The Black Pharaoh blue set has a lot of HP for a blue set (6152 HP), but almost no DPS; but on the other hand, it has shitloads of hit rating and a very respectable amount of critical rating and critical damage rating.

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