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Attilius’ Mansion

This is a small level 80 dungeon attached to Tarantia Common District. It was added to the game in update 1.5. Like several other dungeons, you can choose between a solo and a group version when entering; but last time I tried, the group version was bugged — each member of the group ended up in a separate instance of the dungeon. In any case, I vaguely remember doing the group version at some earlier point (when it was possible to get everyone into the same intance), but the bosses just dropped world-drop blue gear, so it was hardly worth doing.

Therefore, this post will be just about the solo version of the dungeon. None of the bosses in this dungeon is in any way challenging to kill, nor do they require any special tactics, so the interesting thing here is mainly in the items they drop. Some of the drops here are well known — the pet kitten and a few gemcutter recipes — but the thing that really surprised me is that Funcom also took the trouble to design several green items that are completely uninteresting in terms of stats, but that don’t drop anywhere else in the game; in other words, they designed several useless crappy items specially for this dungeon. Some of them even have unique and interesting 3-d models.

Trash mobs

Trash mobs have the chance to drop the following four green bind-on-equip rings:

  • Conjurer’s Ring: 40 int, 179 mana
  • Preserver’s Ring: 40 wis, 179 mana
  • Blade Ring: 40 str, 55 combat rtg
  • Shield Ring: 90 armor, 36 con

I find it hard to imagine why anybody would want these rings; you can easily get better blue ones as quest rewards from group quests in Tarantia Commons and Crows’ Nest.

Marcus Antonius

This is a rare boss that might appear on the ground floor, next to the big dinner table. It’s a matter of luck whether you get him or a plain trash mob in his place. He drops green bind-on-equip cloaks:

  • Conjurer’s Shroud: 40 int, 179 mana
  • Blade Mantle: 40 str, 55 combat rtg
  • Shield Mantle: 90 armor, 36 con
  • Preserver’s Shawl: 40 wis, 179 mana

Some of these might be potentially interesting as vanity gear. In terms of stats, it’s again hard to see why anybody would want them, as you’ll get a better cloak as a quest reward in Crows’ Nest. The Blade Mantle seems to use the same model as Heavy Jovian Cape (Crows’ Nest quest reward) and Hek’lar’s Cloak (from Hek’lar in the Main System). A number of cloaks in the same style, but in different colors, are sold by one of the NPC vendors in your guild city tradepost (X Swept Cloak, for various values of X).

Conjurer’s Shroud.


This is a rare boss on the middle floor. As with Marcus Antonius, it’s a matter of luck whether you get her or a trash mob instead. (Neither of these two bosses is actually terribly rare, IME.) The developers tried to make the fight more interesting by causing her to spawn adds (pumas), but it’s a pretty trivial fight anyway.

She drops a pet kitten:

Mmmm, dinner.

By the way, several other cat-themed pets are available in the game: if your guild city is in Poitain, one of the NPC vendors in the guild city tradepost sells the Black Cat, Tabby, and Orange Tabby. These pets are tradable between playeres, which can be useful if your city is in some other zone (or your renown level is too low).

AFAIK none of the quests or conversations with NPCs mention anything about Pia or Marcus Antonius. The only lore information I could find about them is in a single sentence in an old forum post by Famine: “ Random bosses include Marcus Antonius, corrupt watchman friend of Attilus [sic], and Pia, his mistress.”

In an early version of Attilius Mansion on testlive (before 1.05 went live), Pia was called Kitty and appeared topless 😛

(Click to enlarge.)


This is Attilius’ daughter; she stands on the middle floor and you have to talk to her to get the key to Attilius’ room. She hates Attilius and his lotus drug habit, so if you tell her you’ve come to kill him, she’ll cheer you on, but if you tell her that you brought him a new delivery of lotus, she’ll attack you. For some reason, some of my characters don’t get the conversation option to make her attack, but I don’t know what causes this.

She drops four green bind-on-equip handheld items:

  • Aisa’s Archive [talisman]: 49 int, 180 mana
  • Aisa’s Lifeshield [shield]: 473 armor, 49 wis, 180 mana
  • Aisa’s Spellblade [dagger]: 39.1 dps, 21 int, 22 magic dmg, 16 magic life tap rtg
  • Aisa’s Trophy Pike [polearm]: 70.5 dps, 65 wis, 380 mana, 31 magic dmg (electrical), 83 crit dmg rtg

I’m particularly intrigued by the shield and talisman, which have a very curious design that is, as far as I know, completely unique in the game. The talisman actually makes you appear to be holding a scroll in your hands:

Aisa’s Archive and Aisa’s Lifeshield.

Aisa’s Lifeshield.


He stands on the top floor; he’s easy to kill but occasionally he stuns you and runs to the opposite end of the room, which is a bit annoying (you can avoid it by moving away when he’s near 75% and 50% of health).

He drops one of these green bind-on-equip handheld items:

  • Attilius’s Bulwark [shield]: 587 armor, 42 con
  • Attilius’s Fury [polearm]: 70.5 dps, 90 str, 163 combat rtg (polearm)
  • Attilius’s Guile [dagger]: 39.1 dps, 23 con, 31 dex
  • Attilius’s Might [2he]: 69.0 dps, 90 str, 163 combat rtg (2he)

Unlike Aisa’s items, I can’t say that any of these looks particularly interesting. Nevertheless, the shield has, AFAIK, a unique model:

Attilius’s Bulwark.

He also drops the following blue gemcutter recipes — sometimes even two at the same time. They are tradable and can often be bought very cheaply on the trader.

  • Gemcutter: Marquise Jet
  • Gemcutter: Marquise Pushparagam
  • Gemcutter: Sanguine Radiant Sapphire

They make the following gems:

(Click to enlarge.)

He can also drop the following architect recipe:

  • Architect: Acceptance

This requires renown level 14 to learn and 525 Granite + 75 Adamant to craft it. The resulting decoration looks like this:

(Click to enlarge.)

Here’s another picture with my barbarian next to it for size comparison:

Some statistics

The bosses have around 12.6k HP each, which is the standard amount for old-world level 80 bosses. The exception to this is Attilius himself, who has 25.3k HP, i.e. twice as much.

The average amount of money dropped by each boss seems to be around 3.20 silver, which is about the same as for level 80 open-world bosses. But I haven’t killed the bosses in Attilius’ Mansion sufficiently many times to get a really good estimate.

  1. Oduda
    August 7, 2013 at 01:46

    Atilus can drop of one 3 gem recipes.

    • Oduda
      August 7, 2013 at 02:38

      [Sanguine Radiant Sapphire] is the other gem that drops there.

      • August 8, 2013 at 21:30

        Good point, I updated the post now.

  2. Argantes
    November 22, 2013 at 20:28

    that scroll isn´t that unique actually, got a blue lvl 40 tali named “Ancient Scroll” with the same model (it should be a drop from “Pyramid of the Ancients”.. I would like to see this model used on some epic stuff 🙂

    • November 22, 2013 at 21:30

      Ah, good point. But the Ancient X weapons, for numerous values of X, are from the Treasury of the Ancients, not the Pyramid. I’ll get around to making a post about the loot tables in those two places eventually :}

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