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Ancient Letters

July 28, 2013 1 comment

I was only recently shown how to find this quest, and since it doesn’t seem to be widely known, I figured a post about it might be useful.

The patch notes for Update 3.2, in January 2012, contained this tantalizing item: ‘There is a new quest available in Ardashir Fort called “Ancient Letters.” ’ Until recently, however, I had no idea how to actually get this quest. I remember that relatively soon after 3.2, I was looking around a cleared instance of Ardashir Fort but didn’t find any way to obtain it; I also saw at least one forum thread in which others were also wondering how to get this quest (and/or giving up after much effort trying to find it), but none that would actually explain how to get it.

To get the quest, jump on the boxes near the wall in the harbor area, where you fight Arman and Sodabeh. You’ll see an Ancient Book; clicking it gives you the quest. (Note: the boxes are blocked by an invisible wall until you kill Sodabeh.)

(Click to enlarge.)

The quest itself is simple; you have to talk first to Kheradmand in Ardashir City, then to the Stygian Archaeologists near the arena, and finally to Ankh-Ausar in the Dragon’s Spine. In 3.2, when this quest was introduced, Dragon’s Spine of course didn’t yet exist, so I guess the quest text must have been updated at the time when Dragon’s Spine was launched. IIRC Ankh-Ausar stood in Khemi originally,* before the Dragon’s Spine was released, and the quest probably sent you there.

[For some definitions of ‘originally’. I first became aware of him in connection with the scrolls quest in Ai and T’ian’an Districts, so it’s possible that he was introduced into the game only in update 2.2, when those two dungeons were released.]

You might wonder why Funcom would bother introducing this quest in 3.2, five months after Ardashir Fort was released. The reason is that 3.2 also introduced the House of Crom, and Ankh-Ausar gives you some hints about the House of Crom when you’re handing in the quest to him:

It [i.e. he book you found in Ardashir Fort] appears to be a history . . . of a sort. By gods, friend, it would seem that a contingent of Atlanteans tried to colonize the mainland after the sea swallowed their civilization . . . perhaps in what is now the Pictish Wilderness or Cimmeria. It would have to be a place of high elevation . . . maybe even Mount Crom. . .

It is a history, but it is written in the form of a tragedy. They built a grand temple and. . .something went amiss. Yes, a tragedy in five acts. But I will tell you what is even more curious.

This book has only four acts. It would seem the author was — hmmhmm — interrupted. The opening of a door . . . the Threshold Lurker . . . curiouser and curiouser. . .

Apart from that, the quest reward is a Phial of Tranquility, which gives you 1 Expertise point.

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