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Sepulcher of the Wyrm

This is the new 6-player dungeon in Dragon’s Spine. The entrance is in the southeast of the playfield, below the southern excavation site. It contains three bosses and various puzzles along the way. Almost all of the damage you’ll be taking here is physical; the last boss crits quite a bit, the first two not so much. You don’t need archetype-specific perks (resolve, TW, FH, UC, SF) anywhere in the dungeon. You should have two tanks in the group, preferably also two healers but it’s doable with one.

Jarl-Kosh the Lotus-Haunted

He does poison damage. It’s mostly a tank-and-spank fight, with the following exceptions:

Corruptive Blitz is a channeled spell, during which green circles spawn on the ground under random people. Standing in a green circle (or moving through it) gives you a poison dot called Paralytic Toxin; it can stack up to 5 times. What’s even worse than the dot itself is what happens next (see below). So people should spread and keep moving around the room during Corruptive Blitz to make sure they won’t stand in the green circles.

Catalyze: comes after Corruptive Blitz. People that formerly had the Paralytic Toxin dot will now get stunned (Lethargic; the duration of the stun depends on how many stack of the Toxin you had: 4 seconds per stack). Additionally, being stunned like this will also restore some of the boss’s health, which is another good reason to avoid getting the Toxin in the first place.

Consume Lotus Powder: he casts it every now and then, usually after Catalzye; this gives him another stack of the Energized buff, which gives him +30% magic damage modifier per stack. So it’s like a soft enrage timer — at first he’s easy enough to tank, but if you let him reach 3 stacks, he hits quite hard.

After this boss’s room there’s a pair of gears (Illuminating Apparatus), which you’ll need to click to proceed to the next puzzle (see the section on steam puzzles below); but after you kill the second boss, clicking these gears will teleport you to the latest completed puzzle. This will shorten your way back if you wipe on the third boss or die on one of the puzzles between the second and third boss.

Osseous Abomination

Violent Swipe is a frontal cone attack. The tank can move out of the cone, others should be behind the boss anyway.

Ground slam = AoE knockback. Move a few steps away (but not very far, as it isn’t a large aoe).

Cave In usually follows Ground Slam. During this spell, the boss targets a random player and will spawn an AoE on the ground (looks similar to Trembling Rocks from Jade Dugout) on the location where that player stood at the end of the cast. Thus the targeted player can control where the rocks will spawn by moving suitably before the cast is done. The rocks will stay there for the rest of the fight and will do damage to anyone who steps into them, so you don’t want to fill the whole room with them. IME it’s best to try to get the rocks to spawn near the walls and keep the middle of the room clear for fighting the boss.

Seeing Red: the boss targets a random player, runs towards him and hits him. After this he casts Pulverize, which is a self-centered AoE attack. The strength of Pulverize depends on how long the targeted player has managed to avoid beind hit, so if you get targeted by Seeing Red, you should kite the boss for a few seconds (around a pillar — take advantage of the fact that the boss is too big to go between the pillar and the wall) before you let him hit you. You can observe a buff called Marked on yourself during this time; it gets a new stack every 4 seconds and the more stacks you have by the time you get hit, the weaker the boss’s Pulverize will be.

If you let him hit you right away, the resulting Pulverize will be very strong and might even oneshot squishies. So you really should kite him long enough to get at least a couple of stacks of Marked. You can also avoid Pulverize by breaking line of sight with a pillar, or by standing sufficiently far from the boss (like on the opposite end of the room). In fact this hints at a possible alternative way to deal with Seeing Red: get the boss behind a pillar and let him hit you there and do his Pulverize there; you can also run to the other side of the pillar before the Pulverize cast is done; if you positioned the boss well, the pillar will block his line of sight to all the players, so nobody will get hit and it doesn’t matter how many stacks the boss had.

The main thing in this fight is to control where the rocks are spawned (by Cave In) and to kill the boss before you run out of space.

If you try to be upstairs during the fight, he kills you with very strong ranged attacks (Paroyxsm); IME this often happens when a healer runs back after a wipe and tries to resurrect people (and inadvertently triggers the boss), so be careful.

Custodian of Yoth

This fight consists of two phases, and in the first phase the players will be divided into two subgroups of 3 people, one downstairs and one upstairs..

At the start of the fight, 3 players (two tanks and a healer) click the crystals on the corpses (Doomed Tomb Robbers) downstairs and get ported upstairs. There they fight the boss (Supernal Custodian of Yoth). This boss is just tank and spank, but he hits hard and they will need to swap aggro.

Supernal Custodian of Yoth, the upstairs form of the boss. (Click to enlarge.)

The other 3 people downstairs are meanwhile killing adds which will be spawning there (Forsaken Child of Yig). These are sufficiently easy to kill that you don’t require a tank in the downstairs part of the team; or, if you do have a tank, you don’t require a healer. Killing the adds will slowly charge the three colored orbs and eventually make them clickable. Clicking the orbs will CC the adds; the red (i.e. middle) orb even oneshots them. The adds will be trying to attack the Doomed Toom Robber corpses and every time an add hits a corpse, someone in the upstairs team will also take some damage (Tether), so the downstairs team should make an effort to prevent this.

When the boss upstairs reaches 75%, three adds around him activate (Spectral Child of Yig) and start doing ranged attacks on the players upstairs. The people downstairs should click the red globe (Globe of Ruin — the middle one) very quickly, in order to deactivate these adds before they kill someone upstairs. But make sure they click after the adds appear, not before. [See the historical note below for more.] By default they hit the player who ported upstairs first before the fight, so you should always make one of the tanks port first. They don’t have much HP, so you should kill them quickly; meanwhile one of the tanks can kite the boss. The adds can be stunned.

We got another such add wave a little after killing the first wave; IIRC the boss was around 60% HP at the time. After killing this second wave, no further adds spawned upstairs.

When the boss upstairs reaches 25%, he runs to the portal and disappears. The players upstairs should click the portal as well, to get ported downstairs.

The boss now appears downstairs under a slightly different name (Custodian of Yoth) and at full health. This second phase of the fight is just tank and spank, but the boss quickly buffs himself up to +100% damage (Yuggoth Risen), so he hits really hard.

If you’re really desperate, you can try to kite him a bit, but that generally doesn’t work too well — he runs quickly and he has frequent ranged attacks (Censure Outsider). Another idea that can help in desperate circumstances is to use the globes to break his line of sight during Censure Outsider.

By the way, if the upstairs team wipes, there’s no need to release — their corpses will get ported down and the fight will reset, so the downstairs team can rez them.

The upstairs boss spawns a door-like “mob” called Yoth-Gate; we tried killing it at various times but this didn’t seem to have any effect; the boss simply spawned a new one soon afterwards.

Note on the history of this encounter

This fight is one of those notorious situations, all too common in AoC, where Funcom “fixed” something that wasn’t broken to begin with, broke it in the process of fixing it, and then left it broken for ages afterwards. The dungeon was released in update 4.0 and was initially quite popular. The upstairs adds in the third boss fight (Spectral Children of Yig) were hitting extremely hard, but you could oneshot them by having one of the players downstairs click the red orb as soon as they spawned. There were no further add waves upstairs after that, so it was a pretty straightforward fight.

Apparently, killing the upstairs adds with the red orb wasn’t intended, so in 4.0.1, Funcom “fixed” this. This made the fight impossible as the adds upstairs were hitting too hard and took too long to kill now that you couldn’t oneshot them with the red orb any more.

In 4.0.2, they tried to fix the situation by nerfing the HP of the adds upstairs considerably, but they were still hitting just as hard as before. My tank was getting hit by about 1500 piercing damage from each add every 2 sec. My estimates of their HP from the combat log have unusually high variance from one add wave to the next, but as a rough estimate, each add seems to have had around 20k HP. Due to this relatively low HP, it was now possible to kill them before wiping. However, they would respawn very quickly afterwards, and we always wiped before killing the second wave.

In the 5th anniversary downtime (23 May 2013), they finally fixed the fight by nerfing the HP of the adds still further (they now seem to have about 10k HP each) and also nerfing their DPS by 60% (so they are now hitting me for around 600 instead of 1500). This makes it easy enough to kill them. Eventually a second wave spawned, we killed those as well and there weren’t any further waves after that. The health of the boss upstairs (Supernal Custodian of Yoth) also seems to be a bit lower than before 4.0.1 (around 458k to get him from 100% to 25%; before 4.0.1 it was around 545k).


Tile puzzle

This is initially a rectangular array of tiles, but some of them will collapse a few seconds after someone steps on them. The screenshot below shows which tiles are firm:

(Click to enlarge.)

There is a gear on each side that needs to be clicked to open the gate at the other end of the room.

Steam puzzles

This is a circular arrangement of pads around a pillar. If you step on a pad, it activates for a few seconds (you can see a smoky particle effect). (Note that if you keep standing on the pad, it will still deactivate after a few seconds, just as if you stepped off.) To solve the puzzle, you need to get all the pads to be activated at the same time.

Note the jet of steam on the left, and the particle effect indicating
that we stepped on a pad and activated it. (Click to enlarge.)

One way to do this is to have 2 people start on adjacent pads and then sprint along the circle in opposite directions. By the time they meet on the opposite side, all the pads should be active and none should have deactivated yet. Of course you could do the same with more people, so that each of them would have to run an even smaller part of the circle.

Be careful around the jets of steam, which will knock you into the abyss if they hit you. Some of the jets are positioned between two pads, some on a pad. The jets move clockwise around the pillar.

Pillar puzzle

This puzzle consists of four pillars, each with a clickable gear (Illuminating Apparatus) in front of it. Each pillar can be either active (with a light beam shining out of it) or inactive. The goal is to set all four pillars into the active state, as shown in the below screenshot:

(Click to enlarge.)

We’ll number the puzzles (and the gears) 1, 2, 3, 4 from left to right. I’m not yet sure if I completely understand how the gears work, but my impresion so far is that each gear toggles the state of a few pillars (i.e. changes those pillars into active if they were inactive, and vice versa):

  • gear 1 toggles pillars 1, 2, 3;
  • gear 2 toggles pillars 1, 2;
  • gear 3 toggles pillars 1, 3;
  • gear 4 toggles pillars 1, 4.

IME the initial state is pretty much always such that only pillar 2 is active, and the others are inactive; so you have to click gears 1, 2 and 4 to solve the puzzle.

Someone posted a script in global with instructions on which gears to click depending on the initial state of the pillars, though I suspect there might be one or two errors in it: link.

Once you start clicking the gears, adds will start spawning, coming from the area of the previous tile puzzle. The add will keep coming until the puzzle is solved. So you should have one person doing the puzzle and the rest of the group standing on the stairs, grabbing and killing the adds. It helps if you have two tanks in the part of the group that deals with the adds, so that they can keep them under control more reliably.

Warning: sometimes the gears get stuck (and you get an on-screen message saying that). This seems most likely to happen if you click a gear while the mechanism hasn’t yet finished moving from your previous click. So don’t do that — in the worst case it all gets bugged so that you have to go out, regroup and start from the beginning in a new instance of the dungeon.


There’s a quest (A World of Doom) from Yaqub-Har, to kill the first boss (Jarl-Kosh), as a followup to the quest chain involving the nomad tribe in the southwest of the playfield.

There’s also A Shard of Madness, a quest from Ankh Ausar to get a shard of the Shining Trapezohedron from the ground after killing the last boss.

There might be another quest involving this dungeon, but I can’t remember it now.


You might have noticed the NPC vendor in the northern excavation site in Dragon’s Spine, selling (purple) shoulders and belts from six new armor sets. It appears that at least some of the remaining parts of these sets drop in the Sepulcher of the Wyrm. The first boss drops feet, the second drops wrists, and the third one drops legs; all of these are blue items. The third boss also drops a purple item, which can be either hands from these sets (purple) or a purple weapon or accessory. AFAIK no chests and helmets have been reported so far. See also the Stygian section on the AoC > TV armory.

Purple weapons/accessories I’ve seen so far:

  • Necklace of Wormfire: 62 hit rtg, 515 combat rtg (fire), 111 protection (fire)
  • Ring of the Vampire Squid: 74 con, 60 hit rtg, 54 crit rtg, 20 immunity rtg
  • Relic of the Oyster Mucus [talisman]: 60 magic dmg, 56 hit rtg, 50 crit rtg, 45 immunity rtg, 60 crit dmg rtg, 245 protection

They also drop items from various social armor sets: Shemite Exile, Shemite Wayfarer, Shemite Mercenary.

I’ll post more details about loot tables once I’ve collected enough data.

  1. Anon
    January 13, 2013 at 13:26

    Thanks for explaining the tactics 🙂

  2. Lene
    January 13, 2013 at 14:12

    Very nice guide thx. What do you think about all this hit rating on the gear? Do you think a future dungeon or raid will require it? and btw. Have you noticed if there is any benefits from using hit rating gear in the wyrm dungeon? ie: is the new gear better in the wyrm than old gear with less hit rating?

  3. January 13, 2013 at 15:34

    I haven’t paid much attention to the stats of the new gear so far tbh… So far I’ve only been in the Sepulcher with my guardian, and there going from T4 armor to the new plate set (Black Pharaoh) doesn’t seem like a good idea – you’d lose a lot of strength, armor etc., and gain pretty much nothing except a little hit rating. I haven’t had any particular problems with mobs in this dungeon dodging or evading, so I don’t have the impression that you need any unusual amount of hit rating here.

    My guess is that these new sets are in the tradition of extremist sets similar to those from the House of Crom. The Black Pharaoh seems to be focusing on HP and hit rating, at the expense of DPS and armor. I don’t pretend to know what exactly Funcom thinks is the point of such sets, except perhaps that they are useful for mixing with other sets to get whatever balance of stats you like.

  4. Sapiento
    January 14, 2013 at 08:14

    I hope other stats (like STR) will appear as full set bonuses in near future to make this set more sexy, cuz now Khitai faction gear seems better…

  5. kalston
    January 14, 2013 at 08:28

    The full plate hands with 50 crit rating are the only interesting loot in this dungeon IMO (because apart from T3.5+ gear you don’t get much crit rating on soldier hands). But still it’s sad that this set has such low STR/armour.

  6. kalston
    January 14, 2013 at 09:33

    kalston :
    The full plate hands with 50 crit rating are the only interesting loot in this dungeon IMO (because apart from T3.5+ gear you don’t get much crit rating on soldier hands). But still it’s sad that this set has such low STR/armour.

    *full plate hands and the tali I mean (the talisman is really, good even for pvp)

  7. stage
    January 14, 2013 at 15:06

    on second boss, he dont lose stacks by timekiting, he lose stacks when you kite him through rocks

  8. ergo
    January 15, 2013 at 20:21

    for the third boss you need a good critical dmg mitigation….

  9. January 15, 2013 at 21:20

    Yes, as I wrote at the start, he does crit quite a bit.

    According to a recent post on the TL forum, they will soon be changing that encounter somewhat: link.

  10. ‚Pusjo
    January 18, 2013 at 14:09

    An interesting idea came up to me and my friend while fighting the last boss in SotW. Upstairs, behind the place you get ported when you click the crystals, you will see 3 NPC’s. Two of them play flute, and it occurred to me that Epic flute you get at the end of the chain quest in Dragon Spine, might have to do something with debuffing the boss, or something similar? Just throwing an idea over there.

  11. January 19, 2013 at 12:57

    Once we tried having two players play the flutes before the start of the fight, but nothing happened. I’m not sure if you can play it during the fight at all (since you’re in combat). I doubt the flute is meant to be anything more than a purely social item TBH.

  12. January 23, 2013 at 20:27

    Find that 3rd quest yet? Seen rumors, but have never seen anyone with it. Have done all of the hidden quests.

  13. Bleakone
    April 19, 2013 at 03:11

    Hi cynara, Have you managed to make any more progress in how to deal with those adds that pop at 75%?

    It seems like you need incredible gear to be able to survive their onslaught.

    • April 19, 2013 at 10:05

      Well, with good gear and class setup (a conq with bubbles turned out to be very useful), and some CCing on the adds, you can kill them now (since their HP has been reduced); the problem is that any killed add respawns very soon afterwards — like in 10 sec or so. We tried keeping one alive to see if that would prevent the other two from respawning, but they respawned anyway. So IMO this fight still isn’t doable in its present condition — you can’t keep killing those adds again and again because they hit too hard (and the tanks’ bubbles etc. have too long a cooldown).

      I’ve heard that some people know about exploits which enable them to avoid taking damage from the adds, but unfortunately I don’t know the details. I know that there used to be a way to kinda jump into/behind a wall, getting into a spot where neither the boss nor the adds can hit you (but you can hit them with ranged attacks). If this still works after 4.0.2, presumably the encounter could be completed in this way.

  14. October 6, 2014 at 23:06

    apparently there is one detail missing in the tactics, or I’ve overseen it – already late 😉

    the Adds attacking the Doomed Tomb Robbers downstairs will cause damage to that person which was ported through this very portal! So the 3 Adds-Killers downstairs *must* focus on the one where the (squishy) healer was ported upstairs; otherwise he will die just to quickly…

    and if you let the Healer always port through the middle one, the red orb gets filled fast – which gives you the one-shot 🙂

    • October 6, 2014 at 23:17

      You have indeed overlooked it.

      • Yorgo
        October 13, 2014 at 09:55

        quote: “The adds will be trying to attack the Doomed Toom Robber corpses and every time an add hits a corpse, someone in the upstairs team will also take some damage (Tether), so the downstairs team should make an effort to prevent this.” /quote

        hmm… don’t see where the relation between the downstairs Doomed Tomb Robber and the upstairs player was mentioned; “someone in the upstairs team” could also mean some random player…
        no doubt, the downstairs team should prevent the mobs from attacking *any* Tomb Robber — but for an inexperienced team (or them lacking a 3rd Tank with aggro capabilities) this can get messy soon as the attacking mobs spawn quite fast; so the hint on focussing on the one where the healer has ported through still seems a valid one imho 🙂

  15. October 13, 2014 at 10:55

    Fair enough, I agree that it makes sense to focus on the tomb robber that was clicked by the healer. IMO the easiest way is to have the tanks use the left and right tomb robber, leaving the middle tomb robber to the healer; and the downstairs team can then stand near the middle tomb robber and fight adds there – thus it doesn’t require much special effort to protect the middle tomb robber from the adds.

  1. December 23, 2013 at 14:01

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