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More screenshots of House of Crom armor sets

As mentioned in one of my earlier posts, 15 sets of armor drop in the House of Crom. I collected one of them, Atlantean (the only full plate set here), relatively soon after House of Crom was released, but I didn’t take too much trouble to collect any of the other ones. If it was possible to buy lots more storage space, I wouldn’t mind trying to collect all 15 of them on one character; it would make an interesting challenge πŸ˜› Alas, this is not realistic, and even collecting just 5 or 6 sets on one character would take up more storage space than I can spare for this sort of thing. Even if I delete each set as soon as I complete it and take a screenshot, I still need space for multiple partially-completed sets during this process. So what I ended up doing is to collect just one or two sets on several alts.

Another thing that makes these sets painful to collect is that inevitably some of the items drop from bosses that people rarely kill. In the Threshold of Divinity, you usually find groups of poorly geared and unskilled players that just want to farm rare trophies efficiently, so they skip Shryke, Jotunrodull and Arcanist Khor-nu, who are either too hard, too far out of the way, or take too long to kill; similarly, in the Vile Nativity, most groups just care about the cloaks and thus skip Queen Cao-Polyphya. It took me a nontrivial bit of effort to form/persuade groups to kill these bosses. So I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my guildies who helped me farm Shryke, Jotunrodull and the Arcanist. If I had to rely only on people from global, collecting these sets might well have turned out to be impracticable. The nuissance of forming groups to farm these bosses is also the main reason why I didn’t try to collect any further sets beyond the ones shown here.

This post will contain screenshots of the sets I managed to collect; you can follow the links to old posts for more about their stats and to see what drops where.

Sadly, it turns out that most of these sets aren’t particularly good-looking. What is more, many of them aren’t terribly original either; related sets share very similar designs and often differ in little else than color. Perhaps the idea was to make sure that you won’t look like a clown if you combine parts from two related sets (the stats certainly seem to be designed exactly for this sort of mixing and matching); too bad that you look like a clown in most of these sets anyway, even if you equip all 8 items from the same set πŸ˜› On the positive side, these sets seem to look just as good on darker characters as on lighter ones, unlike several of the sets from the Amphitheatre of Karutonia.

Update: by now we have screenshots of all 15 sets in this post.


This is the only full plate set in the House of Crom. It has a ridiculously high amount of constitution, but no DPS and not much armor.

See also my old post about the Atlantean set and a comparison with other full-plate sets.


This is the only heavy set in the House of Crom. It has a lot of DPS, a decent amount of armor, but no HP.


Two PoM/ToS sets drop in the House of Crom. Nebulous is the “defensive” one; it has HP, heal rating, even hate decrease — though I doubt you’ll need it, as this set gives you no wisdom or magic damage whatsoever.


This is the other PoM/ToS set from the House of Crom, the “aggressive” one. It has a very impressive amount of wisdom for a blue set, and also some critical damage rating; but it has no HP or heal rating. It might also be of interest to the occasional DPS-whoring pyjama DT early in his career πŸ˜›

See also one of my recent posts for a comparison with other PoM/ToS armor sets.


Similarly as for the PoM/ToS sets, the House of Crom also contains two demo/necro sets. Spheres is the “defensive” one, with plenty of constitution but only a moderate amount of magic damage.


This is the “aggressive” demo/necro set, with plenty of magic damage (in the form of intelligence), as well as hit rating, crit rating and crit dmg rating, but no constitution.

One of the things that annoys me about Both Spheres and Sepulcher is that if you show the headpiece, your hair appears shortened, without any obvious need for it. My necro has the maiden braids haircut and the braids disappear if I equip one of these circlets. The PoM/ToS sets don’t seem to have this problem, as you can see from the earlier screenshots.


This is a social set and can thus be equipped by all classes. Unlike other sets, it drops from only two different bosses: the helmet, wrists, hands and shoulders drop from Overseer Olik in the Vile Nativity; the belt, boots, chest and legs drop from Rune-Caster Narvi in the Threshold of Divinity.

It’s a nice looking set, but in hindsight, collecting it on my necro may have been a mistake. It has such a clearly northern look (somewhat similar to what the Vanir in Conall’s Valley and the Field of the Dead are wearing, and unsurprisingly since it’s named after the (Vanir) excavators in the House of Crom I guess) that it can’t help feeling kind of incongruous on a Stygian character. I suspect it would fit a Cimmerian barbarian better :}


Most classes can choose between two sets in the House of Crom, but HoXes get only one. Bedlam is a fairly aggressive set, lacking constitution but with a decent amount of magic damage (463 magic damage; for comparison, the Brittle Blade purple set has 581 and the T3 raid set has 416) and critical rating (178 crit rating; the BB purple set has 205).

I’m intrigued by the style of this armor, which seems to cast the HoX as some sort of feathered savage witch-doctor — not something that is typically suggested by other HoX sets in the game. I might actually end up wearing it as vanity gear on my HoX.

Wells of Night

Many House of Crom armor sets come in pairs, and the assassin sets are no exception. The Wells of Night is the one with HP and stamina, but low DPS:

In terms of appearance, both sin sets are very similar, except for the color; and they are also very similar to the HoX set (Bedlam).

Most of the sets in the House of Crom have names based on the theme of madness and incomprehensibility, inspired by the idea familiar from H. P. Lovecraft’s stories, namely that the Lurker at the Threshold and similar entities are so far beyond the scope of our normal world that dealing with them will drive you insane. In the case of the Wells of Night, the connection to Lovecraft is even more direct, as this exact phrase appears several times in his work (e.g. The Horror at Red Hook, The Whisperer in Darkness).


This is the more offensive-oriented sin set: it has plenty of DPS and critical rating. On the other hand, it has much less hit rating than the Wells of Night set, and no constitution.


The barbarian sets also form a natural pair along similar lines. Ichorous is the one with lots of HP and stamina, but little DPS:

All the barbarian and medium sets are very similar in terms of appearance, again differing only in color. Their trademark feature are the extremely horny helmets, which provide excellent GPS reception even in the darkest depths of the House of Crom.


This is the other barb set; it has no constitution but plenty of strength, which provides not only DPS but also armor.

Also note the classy skull on the left shoulder.
That’s from the last person that tried to make a ‘me so horny’ joke.


Bear shamans and rangers, unlike barbs and sins, don’t get a pair of armor sets each; instead, each gets a separate offensive set (with strength for BSes and dexterity for rangers), but they both share a defensive set, which has generic combat rating (with low overall DPS) and plenty of constitution. This defensive set is called Membranous:


This is the BS-specific set; it has plenty of strength, which makes it uniniteresting for a ranger, while to a BS it provides not only good DPS but also more armor than the other two medium sets. One thing that strikes me as a bit unfair is that there’s no heal rating on this set (or any other medium set here); unlike PoMs and ToSses, which do have a heal rating set here in the House of Crom, the bear shamans don’t.


This is the DPS-oriented set of rangers. It relies on dexterity, which makes it uninteresting for bear shamans (or indeed any other classes):

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