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Amphitheatre Unchained armor sets

Five sets of social armor drop in the recently introduced unchained version of the Amphitheatre of Karutonia. If you want to know which boss drops which item, see one of my previous posts with the loot tables. The present post, on the other hand, will be dedicated to the appearance of these five sets, as I’ve finally finished farming all of them and can now post the screenshots.

I’ll also include some comments about similar items that are available elsewhere in the game — none of these five sets is particularly original in appearance. Similar (or, in some cases, completely identical) items can be found in the item shop, as T1 PvP armor, in Xibaluku, in the normal (level 63) mode of the Amphitheatre, and in one case also among the old-world level 80 dungeon sets.

A small disclaimer: when talking about the Xibaluku armor sets, my information about them is unfortunately a bit incomplete. For most other armor sets in the game, the name of the set appears in the names of all items that belong to that set, but in Xibaluku this is not the case; there, sets don’t really have names at all and each item has a completely individual name. You can only recognize that they form a set by comparing their stats and appearance. Thus, it’s hard to find all the items that belong to a set, especially since yg.com (where this sort of information would likely have been available) is gone now. I’ve found an old forum post listing two of the sets, but there are several other sets which I know only partially. To make matters worse, some of the items can’t be found in BeBot’s item database, even if you know their names (possibly because they are mistakenly indexed in the wrong language, a depressingly widespread problem), so I couldn’t include pictures of them in the comparison tables below.

Abyssal Battle

I think this is one of those sets that look better on a light-skinned character than on a darker one. I initially farmed it on my ToS, who is the darkest shade of Stygian, and didn’t find the set attractive at all. Then I tried on a pale Cimmerian character, and it looks better, though I can’t say that the heavy leather style is particularly good-looking there anyway. You can see screenshots of both characters below:

Other similar sets:

  • Grimjaw (from the Amphitheatre normal mode), but it only contains 4 items: chest, head, wrists and hands; these are identical to the corresponding Abyssal Battle parts;
  • for other similar sets, see the Crusader section below.

Acheronian Convoker’s

Another unappealing set. Just as with the previous one, I think it looks better on a lighter character than on a darker one:

I only found one similar set from elsewhere in the game:

  • Ravenclaw (from the Amphitheatre normal mode), but it only contains 4 items: head, legs, wrists and shoulders; they are identical to the corresponding parts of the Convoker’s set.

(Click to enlarge.)

Acheronian Monarch’s

Not a bad set and very Acheronian-looking, but green rather than the more usual red:

Other similar sets are:

  • Acheronian Bloodtyrant (from the item shop; very similar to Acheronian Monarch’s, just red instead of green);
  • Acheronian Keeper (guardian culture armor);
  • Wicked (dark templar T1 PvP set);
  • Xibaluku heavy set (very similar to Wicked), consisting of: Desecrated Chestguard, Impervious Tasset, Tenebrous Girdle, Sanctimonious Helm, Steadfast Armguards, Malevolent Gauntlets; according to this post there’s also Bloodfeint Sabatons, but I can’t find them in BeBot’s item database; I would imagine that the set also contains wrists, but that post doesn’t mention any;
  • Xibaluku plate set, consisting of: Voidcage (chest), Impenetrable Legguards, Nescient Helm, Spiteful Gauntlets, Warlord’s Cinch; I wouldn’t be surprised if other parts also existed;
  • Bloodbrute chest and legs (from normal mode Amphitheatre), which are identical to Voidcage and Impenetrable Legguards (Xibaluku plate).

One interesting difference is the following. In most of these sets, there are considerable differences between the male and female models; in particular, the female versions of the chest and leg armor are sluttier and more revealing. But in the Acheronian Monarch’s (from Amphitheatre unchained) and Acheronian Bloodtyrant (from the item shop) sets, the female models of the chest and legs are much more similar to the male ones, and thus considerably different from the female models of the other sets listed above.

One downside of this is that the Acheronian Monarch’s legs include the long front dangly bit (which the female versions of the other sets don’t), which, as it turns out, doesn’t just have clipping issues, it has lifetime subscriptions and charter memberships, and spends much of its time mercilessly cutting through your legs :S

The following table shows both the male and the female models for some of the sets. (All rows that don’t specifically mention a gender show the female models.)

(Click to enlarge.)

Ashbone of Oblivion

This is probably my favorite-looking set among the five that drop here:

One curious feature of the set is the liripipe on the helmet:

Other similar sets are:

  • Doomsayer (HoX T1 PvP set);
  • Prophet’s and Scoriaceous (two social armor sets from the item shop);
  • Xibaluku medium set, consisting of: Vigortouch Harness (chest), Enduring Tasset, Clandestine Helm, Caliginous Girdle, Durable Gauntlets, Bloodweasel Boots;
    according to this post there’s also Pallid Bracers (wrist) and Untamed Armbands (shoulder), but I can’t find those two in BeBot’s item database.

(Click to enlarge.)

Crusader’s of the Abyss

Another bizarre set that I wasn’t impressed with at all:

Other similar sets are:

  • Forsaken (necro T1 PvP set);
  • Strifescar (bear shaman level 80 old-world dungeon set), identical to Forsaken;
  • Scarhide (from the Amphitheatre normal mode), which however contains only 4 items: head, feet, belt, and wrists; they are identical to the corresponding parts of the Crusader set;
  • Xibaluku light armor: there actually seem to be two light armor sets in Xibaluku, one for barbarians and one for priests, but my information about them is depressingly incomplete:
    • Xibaluku PoM/ToS armor: Votanthic Raiment (chest), Astral Handguards, Primordial Armbands (shoulder); according to this page, there are also Contemplative Helm and Perennial Girdle, but I couldn’t find those in BeBot’s item database;
    • Xibaluku barbarian armor: Witchborn Tasset, Emaciated Bracers (wrists), Ferocious Armbands (shoulder), Bloodscythe Gauntlets (hands); there’s also Iniquitous Skullcap (head), which has barb stats but doesn’t really match the rest of the set in appearance (although it’s great-looking in its own right — a crocodile head helmet, basically); probably other parts also exist.

    (Click to enlarge.)

    Two other chest pieces in a vaguely similar style are Darkrend Tunic (The Red One, Xibaluku) and Catacomb Tunic (Catacomb Stalker Queen, The Catacombs):

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