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Amphitheatre Unchained

Today’s patch, update 3.4, introduced the unchained (level 84) version of the Amphitheatre of Karutonia. This post is a somewhat preliminary version, based on what we learned of the boss fights while the dungeon was on the testlive server; so of course there’s a chance that the current live versions are different, and I intend to update this post later if/when I learn something new about the dungeon. I’ll also add information about loot etc. later, when I have more of it. For now it seems that the bosses drop blue accessories (with quite decent stats considering that they are blue), social armor (nothing with really original looks so far, AFAIK), and they also have a chance to drop purple items — several weapons have so far been reported.

(Update 20 Oct 2012: more details about the encounter mechanics and strategies.)
(Update 21 Oct 2012: loot tables.)
(Update 17 Nov 2012: screenshot of Pain’s Edge, plus more statistics.)
(Update 1 Dec 2012: screenshots of all the armor sets are now available in a separate post.)

Currently the bosses seem to hit relatively hard, and there will be several adds to deal with in the Dimesionalist fight, so it’s a good idea to have two tanks and two healers in the group. As for the AA perks, IIRC you don’t need TW or FH but the other perks are useful here. It’s good if one of the healers is a ToS, so he can help with removing the torment in the Devourer fight.

The Dimensionalist

Seems that he doesn’t spawn unless you destroy all the portals on the way there.

He does fire damage.

Firestorm: puts a fire dot (Lingering Flame; 6.5 sec) on the aggro holder and nearby; so it’s safer if the tank keeps him turned away from the rest of the group. He can also run away from the other players before the cast is done, to prevent them from getting the dot.

Fiery Ruin: -50% fire invulnerability for 20 sec on the aggro holder; should be removed quickly with Steadfast Faith. The first ruin comes very soon after the start of the fight.

Demonic Aggression: AoE knockback at 75%, 50%, 25% of health. Doubletapping is a good idea to avoid being kb’ed.

At 50% of health, he casts Shield of Flames. This gives him +100 damage deflection and some very heavy retributive damage, so everyone should move away from him and wait until the next wave of adds spawns. Kill these adds and wait for the next wave of adds to spawn; at that point the boss’s shield will be removed. (Rogue AA can’t remove it.) Apparently the shield also disappears after a while anyway (50 sec or so), even if you aren’t killing any adds.

Summon Demon: spawns adds; but if any adds from the previous wave are still alive, no new adds will spawn. This spell is cast every 30–35 sec or so. If the boss is above 75% of health, two Guardian Fiends will spawn in each wave; from 75% to 25%, three Guardian Fiends will spawn; below 25%, a large number of minions will spawn instead, which are trivial to kill. The Guardian Fiends can and should be CCed. They have a frontal cone fire attack called Flame Signature; you can move out of the cone like you would from Frost Whip in the Palace of Yun Rau.

An easy way of dealing with the adds in this fight, though some people consider this to be an exploit, is to take advantage of the fact that no new adds will spawn until you kill the previous wave. So when the first wave of 2 Guardian Fiends spawns, you can kill just one and then kite the other one indefinitely, thereby preventing any further adds from spawning. Some people kill this add when the boss is at 50% and then also kill 2 of the 3 adds in the next wave and kite the surviving one until the end of the fight. But the boss’s shield at 50% seems to disappear after around 50 seconds even if you don’t kill any adds.

Abyssal Convoker

He looks like Chatha and stands where the Abyssal Keeper stood in the pre-3.4 version of the Amphitheatre. The cages with animals that used to be there are gone as well. The Abyssal Keeper now appears as a normal boss in Ymir’s Pass and is a mere shadow of his former self.

He does crushing and some fire damage.

Blazing Maw: frontal cone channelled spell; move out of it like from Frost Whip in the Palace. Being hit by it will put a wrack on you (Scorching Wrack: -25% fire invulnerability per stack, for 30 seconds), so you can remove it with Resolve. Non-tanks shouldn’t stand in front of the boss at all, of course.

Hellish Influence: big 360 degree AoE (up to 5.7k fire damage). So squishies should move away from the boss (or stand at range to begin with, if possible).

Hellfist: usually appears immediately after the end of Hellish Influence on the player that was farthest away from the boss . Hellfist is a debuff on that player and after 3 seconds it causes a knockback and -50% fire damage to anyone within 5 meters (but not on the player that had Hellfist himself). So at the end of Hellish Influence, the player farthest away from the boss should stay there and not go back to the boss until his Hellfist expires.

Eviscerate: at the beginning of this spell, it stuns the aggro holder [on second thought, it might stun everyone in a frontal cone?] and puts a debuff called Death Draws Near on him. He will get oneshotted at the end of the cast unless someone interrupts it (with a silence, stun or knockback — the boss has a debuff called Reckless during this time, whose tooltip shows you what he’s vulnerable to). (Using a knockback to interrupt Eviscerate has a tendency to cause the boss to partly reset and heal up by a considerable amount, so it’s better to use only stuns and silence.) Interrupting it will prevent the tank from being oneshotted, but won’t unstun him. Since a Blazing Maw usually comes immediately after Eviscerate, you shouldn’t interrupt Eviscerate too soon or the tank will be hurt badly by Blazing Maw (as he’ll still be stunned and won’t be able to move out of it quickly enough).

Vile Invocation: the boss casts this when he’s at 75%, 50% and 25% of health. It spawns several adds (Impious Trespassers) and afflicts several players with a debuff (Fiendish Curse). These players will start being hit by the adds (Char; does fire damage) after the boss has finished casting Vile Invocation. To protect them from this attack (which would likely kill them quickly), everyone should go into the burst of light (Sanctuary) that will spawn in one of the corners of the room (it isn’t the same corner each time, so it might be random). Standing in the sanctuary gives you a buff (Deific Protection) which prevents the adds from hurting you. If you don’t reach the Sanctuary before the Vile Invocation cast is done, you won’t be able to enter it afterwards (you get kb’ed out of it if you try). If you move close to an add on your way to the Sanctuary, you get snared (Fiendish Mark: +50% hinder movement for 3 sec). The boss stands still meanwhile, but he has a heavy retributive damage shield (Hellish Retaliation), so people should stop hitting immediately when his HP reaches 75/50/25% or they will kill themselves on the shield.

The Devourer

You can spawn him by clicking the Axe of Ymir that stands in front of the Frostfather, or in the old-fashioned way by pulling him from the lava area downstairs.

He does crushing and fire damage.

Touch of the Devourer: frontal cone AoE attack, unholy damage. The tank can move out of the cone, like from Frost Whip in the palace; other people shouldn’t be in front of the boss anyway. For each person that gets hit by Touch of the Devourer, the boss heals up by 6915 HP (which is 1% of his total HP).

Blast of the Devourer: puts a torment (Scorching Torment) on the aggro holder and anyone nearby. So the aggro holder should run away before the cast is done. The torment is a fire dot and should be removed by a mage with UC or by a ToS with SF. Blast of the Devourer is on a 30 sec timer. This spell is used only after at least one chain is broken; and in that case it is the very first thing he does after healing up during the chain-breaking phase, so the aggro holder should watch his cast bar and run away immediately (if you don’t want to risk infecting the entire group with the torment).

At 50% he gets a shield called Infernal Regeneration (+100 damage deflection, heals 10% every 1 second) and spawns a bunch of adds (Devourer Thralls). These just stand still for a few seconds, later they become hostile; so you should try to do as much damage as possible before they wake up. Someone has to go break the chains (you’ll need the Axe of Ymir from the Ymir’s Pass quest chain) while others DPS the adds.

Thirst of the Devourer: puts a mana draining debuff on people within 4 meters of the main aggro holder. This debuff doesn’t appear immediately, but only after 3.5 seconds — you can see the circle slowly being formed around the aggro holder, and the debuff comes when it’s complete.

Currently you can kill this boss more than once in the same instance of the Amphitheatre. After killing him, everyone from the group should exit the dungeon, reform the group, and go back in. You’ll end up in the same empty dungeon as before (and you still have the 20-hour lockout to it), but you can click the Axe of Ymir again and it will spawn the Devourer again, so in principle you could farm him as much as you like. It’s hard to imagine that this wouldn’t be considered an exploit, however. [Update: apparently this was fixed in update 3.4.2.]

Each boss gave 53k AA XP for the kill and dropped a chest with 3 rares, two 75k AA XP vessels, some blue accessories and social loot (which is based on models that are already in the game). Together with 53k AA XP directly for each boss kill, the total AA XP for the entire dungeon is around 600k. The whole run usually took us around 1 hour and could probably be done in half the time once people get used to the fights.

Loot tables

Each boss drops one accessory, two social armor pieces, and occasionally a purple item.


There are six rings and six necklaces dropping here, named Abyssal Demon {Pendant, Ring} of {Assault, Constitution, Dexterity, Intelligence, Strength, Wisdom}. In terms of stats they are very specialized — they tend to have a very high amount of one specific attribute (e.g. wisdom, intelligence, etc.) and nothing (or almost nothing) of any other attribute (such as hit rating, critical rating, constitution, etc.).

Attribute X Necklace (Abyssal Demon
Pendant of X)
Ring (Abyssal Demon
Ring of X)
Assault Devourer Dimensionalst
Constitution Convoker Dimensionalst
Dexterity Convoker Devourer
Intelligence Devourer Convoker
Strength Dimensionalist Convoker
Wisdom Dimensionalist Devourer

Social armor

Five sets of social armor drop here, each consisting of 8 items: Abyssal Battle, Acheronian Convoker’s, Acheronian Monarch’s, Ashbone, and Crusader’s of the Abyss.

Part Set
Abyssal Battle Acheronian Convoker’s Acheronian Monarch’s Ashbone Crusader’s of the Abyss
Belt Convoker Devourer Devourer Dimen. Dimen.
Chest Convoker Devourer Dimen. Devourer Devourer
Feet Dimen. Dimen. Dimen. Convoker Devourer
Hands Dimen. Devourer Convoker Convoker Dimen.
Head Convoker Convoker Dimen. Devourer Convoker
Legs Dimen. Dimen. Devourer Convoker Convoker
Shoulders Devourer Devourer Dimen. Devourer Convoker
Wrists Devourer Convoker Convoker Dimen. Dimen.

Purple items

Several weapons and one ring are available. Some of them have stats comparable to Khitai faction purples or even T3 raid weapons; others are less impressive (e.g. the bow and crossbow lack the +range modifier). The ring is similar to Death’s Ward, which is potentially useful as you can’t have two Death’s Wards. It’s bind-on-equip and seems to be considerably more rare than the weapons (which are bind-on-pickup); I’ve heard of people paying as much as 150 gold for this ring. The devs apparently intended it to be rare and tradeable.

Item name Description Boss # times I’ve seen it drop
Abyssal Gale bow Convoker 4
Abyssal Slicer dagger, dex Devourer 6
Abyssal Sting crossbow Dimensionalist 7
Bloodbane shield Convoker 7
Devourer’s Ring of the Abyss ring, con, protection Devourer 3
Grimwrest 2hb, heal rtg Dimensionalist 3
Harbinger of Acheron 2he, magic dmg Convoker 6
Pain’s Edge 1he, str Devourer 6
Relic of Dark Blessings talisman, heal rtg Dimensionalist 9
Toil of Woes staff, magic dmg Devourer 7

A few observations for the statistically inclined:

  • So far I’ve seen 58 purple items drop in 113 Amphitheatre runs; that’s an average 0.51 purples per run.
  • Of this, 19 purples dropped from the Dimensionalist, 17 from the Convoker, 22 from the Devourer. So I guess that each of them has the same chance of dropping a purple.
  • Once it even happened that we got 3 purples in a single run (one from each boss).
  • I saw the Devourer’s Ring drop 3 times, so the drop rate would seem to be around 1/30 or 1/40 or so. This seems consistent with what I’ve heard from other people farming it.
  • A nice illustration of the vagaries of fortune: I never saw Pain’s Edge drop in the first 53 runs. In the remaining 60 runs, it dropped 6 times!
  • Another illustration: Grimwrest, the healing 2hb from the first boss, isn’t supposed to be any rarer than other weapons, and yet I saw it drop only 3 times — as few times as the ring, which is intended to be very rare!

Loot list for each boss

The Dimensionalist

Drops one of:

  • Abyssal Demon Pendant of Strength
  • Abyssal Demon Pendant of Wisdom
  • Abyssal Demon Ring of Assault
  • Abyssal Demon Ring of Constitution

And two of:

  • Abyssal Battle Armwraps
  • Abyssal Battle Chestguard
  • Abyssal Battle Helm
  • Abyssal Battle Footwraps
  • Acheronian Convoker’s Belt
  • Acheronian Convoker’s Wristwraps
  • Acheronian Monarch’s Legcasing [feet]
  • Acheronian Monarch’s Loin Girding [legs]
  • Ashbone Boots of Oblivion
  • Ashbone Gloves of Oblivion
  • Ashbone Legplates of Oblivion
  • Crusader’s Belt of the Abyss
  • Crusader [sic] Gloves of the Abyss
  • Crusader’s Wristwraps of the Abyss

And sometimes one of:

  • Abyssal Sting [xbow]: 127.0 dps, 80 dex, 50 hit rtg, 45 crit rtg, 45 immunity rtg
  • Grimwrest [2hb]: 132.5 dps, 160 str, 525 heal rtg, 100 hit rtg, 90 crit rtg, 90 immunity rtg
  • Relic of Dark Blessings [talisman]: 275 heal rtg, 62 magic dmg, 50 hit rtg, 48 crit rtg, 33 fat rtg, 65 crit dmg rtg, 44 magic life tap rtg

Abyssal Convoker

Drops one of:

  • Abyssal Demon Pendant of Constitution
  • Abyssal Demon Pendant of Dexterity
  • Abyssal Demon Ring of Intelligence
  • Abyssal Demon Ring of Strength

And two of:

  • Abyssal Battle Gloves
  • Abyssal Battle Wristwraps
  • Acheronian Convoker’s Boots
  • Acheronian Convoker’s Gloves
  • Acheronian Convoker’s Legguards
  • Acheronian Monarch’s Skullcasing
  • Acheronian Monarch’s Vambraces
  • Ashbone Headdress of Oblivion
  • Ashbone Jewelled Plate of Oblivion
  • Ashbone Loin Girding of Oblivion
  • Crusader’s Armwraps of the Abyss
  • Crusader’s Helm of the Abyss
  • Crusader’s Legguards of the Abyss

And sometimes one of:

  • Abyssal Gale [bow]: 127.0 dps, 80 dex, 50 hit rtg, 45 crit rtg, 45 immunity rtg
  • Bloodbane [shield]: 900 armor, 75 con, 55 hit rtg, 55 crit rtg, 45 immunity rtg, 65 crit dmg rtg
  • Harbinger of Acheron [2he]: 132.5 dps, 160 str, 135 magic dmg (fire), 100 hit rtg, 90 crit rtg

The Devourer

Drops one of:

  • Abyssal Demon Pendant of Assault
  • Abyssal Demon Pendant of Intelligence
  • Abyssal Demon Ring of Dexterity
  • Abyssal Demon Ring of Wisdom

And two of:

  • Abyssal Battle Belt
  • Abyssal Battle Legguards
  • Acheronian Convoker’s Armwraps
  • Acheronian Convoker’s Chestguard
  • Acheronian Convoker’s Helm
  • Acheronian Monarch’s Knuckleplates [hands]
  • Acheronian Monarch’s Ribcasing
  • Acheronian Monarch’s Navelcasing [belt]
  • Acheronian Monarch’s Straps [shoulder]
  • Ashbone Bands of Oblivion
  • Ashbone Wristwraps of Oblivion
  • Crusader’s Boots of the Abyss
  • Crusader’s Chestguard of the Abyss

And sometimes one of:

  • Abyssal Slicer [dagger]: 76.5 dps, 80 dex, 50 hit rtg, 45 crit rtg, 45 immunity rtg, 40 crit dmg rtg
  • Devourer’s Ring of the Abyss [ring, bind-on-equip]: 130 armor, 78 con, 54 crit rtg, 113 protection
  • Pain’s Edge [1he]: 111.0 dps, 80 str, 50 hit rtg, 45 crit rtg, 45 immunity rtg, 50 combat rtg (fire)
  • Toil of Woes [staff]: 64.4 dps, 122 magic dmg, 100 hit rtg, 90 crit rtg, 90 immunity rtg, 105 crit dmg rtg, 88 magic mana tap rtg
  1. Michael
    October 11, 2012 at 19:43

    Tnx man!

  2. cynara's fan
    October 12, 2012 at 08:42

    I want to have your babies ❤

  3. Maark
    October 12, 2012 at 11:10

    Hi Cyn,

    Did you notice there was a new(?) clickable statue close to the last boss. Not sure I´ve seen it before when I did AoK at lower level and wonder if its possible to interact with it somehow. 🙂 Btw, we got an epic hammer with nice amount of heal rating from first boss.

  4. October 12, 2012 at 11:29

    Nice, I’ve seen that hammer linked in global but didn’t know which boss it drops from.

    I’ve seen that clickable crocodile statue as well — it looks just like the Joy of Slaughter guild city decoration. I don’t remember exactly if it was there before or not. I doubt you can get close enough to it to be able to really click it, but I haven’t really tried much either. It wouldn’t be the first time that they made something clickable without any good reason.

  5. Lene
    October 12, 2012 at 13:56

    It’s possible to check out some of the loot on the wikia site:

  6. DivochLubo
    October 17, 2012 at 21:09

    I can only say great work on this site and in the game.

  7. October 21, 2012 at 12:55

    People keep mentioning that a Polearm drops in there. Some of my Guildies even mentioned that someone linked it in Global. Can’t find it anywhere though. Anyone heard anything about it?

  8. October 21, 2012 at 14:59

    Hm, I haven’t seen any such polearm nor heard of it. But I do seem to have missed a 1-handed edged weapon called Pain’s Edge from my lists above.

    Maybe some people saw the staff (Toil of Woes) and mistakenly thought that it was a polearm? It does look like one TBH.

  9. Maark
    October 22, 2012 at 21:22

    Here is the Pains Edge btw Cyn (http://i45.tinypic.com/9id3k9.png) but maybe you already have a pic of it. And iirc I got the blue wisdom ring from the Dimensionalist.

  10. October 22, 2012 at 23:30

    Hm, in 39 runs, I’ve seen the wisdom ring drop 12 times, always from the Devourer, so I’m a bit skeptical about the idea that it also drops from the Dimensionalist.

    Thanks for the link to the Pain’s Edge. Sooner or later it will drop in one of my runs as well :} Today I’ve seen the epic ring drop for the first time, after 37 runs 😛

  11. Nergalpriest
    March 1, 2013 at 18:45

    i can say i found out that the statue appears to be one of the funcom fails.
    it is not clickable! http://s14.directupload.net/file/d/3181/mxpg28sj_png.htm


    • June 27, 2013 at 17:10

      how did you get that wing?

      • July 5, 2013 at 10:00

        Those are probably the Kushite Wings of Power – a cloak that gives bonus XP, IIRC. I think it was made available as part of various subscription offers, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s on sale in the item shop now. AFAIK previously an item based on the same model was also given as a reward in some PvP event on one of the (long gone) Polish/Russian PvP servers.

  12. Kelatid
    June 17, 2014 at 23:47

    eviscerate is single target

  13. Paput
    December 3, 2014 at 11:02

    Hi Cynara. Add one thing on last boss. If tank have 50% protection he can tank without SF or mage UC.It’s magic DoT so if tank run out on Blast AoK group don’t need any SF or UC. I did it X times using this tactic and sometimes it’s safer than normal tactic hehe.

    • December 3, 2014 at 11:19

      Yes well, TBH I want people paying *more* attention to encounter mechanics, not less. I don’t like the idea that one has to go there with a ludicrously overgeared ubertank in order to compensate for incompetent/no-AA/lazy/dps-whoring mages/ToSses who can’t remove the torment (or can’t be bothered to do it).

      I’m similarly disappointed that few people bother to move out of the frontal cone during Touch of the Devourer; they just take the hit and ignore the fact that it even healed up the boss. I wish the devs balanced such mechanics in such a way that people wouldn’t be able to ignore them.

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