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White Hand Officers

The northeastern corner of the Eiglophian Mountains playfield is a curious and somewhat unfinished place. Most people probably encounter it due to the two quests that lead there, one to kill a number of trash mobs (called Into the Fire, IIRC) and one to kill the three bosses in that area (Na’Tsu’Ko, Kamoinen, and Torumjumala). This latter quest is called White Hand Officers, from which this post also got its title.

The mobs in this area used to be group mobs, which made these quests fairly challenging to do with a level-appropriate group, especially due to the numerous patrols, the relatively quick respawns, many ranged mobs, and the fact that two of these bosses have an annoying ability to teleport around randomly during the fight, and might aggro additional trash mobs if they happen to teleport near them.

Eventually, update 3.0 changed all group mobs in Field of the Dead and Eiglophian Mountains into solo mobs, so these two quests are now quite easy to do. In a way, it’s a pity — in the previous form these quests were a nice challenge — but it was too difficult to get a level-appropriate group for them, so most people skipped them (or got a level 80 player to help them).

White drops

The curious thing about this bosses is some of the stuff that they have in their loot tables. Torumjumala always drops one item from the White Hand Master set, which is white cloth armor. It seems to consist of 6 parts: Tunic, Hood, Leggings, Boots, Gloves, Bracers. I’ve been farming Torumjumala long enough to get each item at least 3 times, and most of them 5 times, and a belt or shoulders never dropped, so I guess it’s reasonably safe to say that they don’t exist. (I found an old post on the US forum that had the same experience.) I tried checking this with a search in bebot’s item database as well, but it seems that most of this set is missing from there anyway (or maybe it’s misclassified under the wrong language and therefore doesn’t show up in searches).

Their stats are exactly the same as on the white level 60 armor that you can buy from NPC vendors (Sateen X, for various values of X):

  • White Hand Master Boots: 104 armor
  • White Hand Master Bracers: 52 armor
  • White Hand Master Gloves: 78 armor
  • White Hand Master Hood: 156 armor
  • White Hand Master Leggings: 182 armor
  • White Hand Master Tunic: 234 armor

(Click to enlarge.)

As you can see, this is a very unusual set. Technically it’s marked as cloth, but several parts of it (especially the chest and boots) look more like plate than cloth. The “hood” looks more like the sort of thing that is elsewhere called a “circlet” (an identical-looking item, Lauded Curatic Band, drops from Jan Vermis in the Catacombs; another such item is Leonid Helm, level 52 medium armor, which I suspect is one of the quest rewards in the Armsman’s Arena), and the “leggings” are the same sexy blue miniskirt that we also know as the Resplendent Tasset or Elegiast’s Britches.

There’s at least one other chest that looks the same as White Hand Master Tunic, namely Fangbreaker (level 50 green BoP medium chest), which is probably a quest reward but I’m not sure from where. As for the boots, another item based on the same model are Emerald-hide Shoes from Old Emerald in the Main System.

As we see, though other items with the same appearance do exist, they are scattered all over the game, so farming Torumjumala is an easy way to get the whole set in one place.

In addition, Torumjumala sometimes drops a white weapon called White Hand Dagger. It didn’t drop even once in 32 kills of Torumjumala in the normal instance of Eiglophian Mountains, but it dropped twice in 14 kills of Torumjumala in the epic instance; so either I had pretty bad luck in the normal instance or it only drops in the epic instance. Being a white weapon, its stats are of course utter crap, but it looks interesting; I particularly like the blue decorative end of the hilt:




(Click to enlarge.)

Kamoinen always drops a thrown weapon called Kamoinens Sling [sic] and a quest item called Key to Thurga.

(Click to enlarge.)

Sometimes he additionally drops a 1-handed edged weapon called Kamoinens Shortsword [sic]. Unlike the dagger from Torumjumala, this sword seems to drop just fine in the normal instance. I got it twice in 25 kills of Kamoinen in the normal instance, and once in 5 kills of Kamoinen in the epic instance. The sword looks interesting as well and I’m not aware of any other that looks exactly the same:

(Click to enlarge.)

I suppose there’s a tiny chance that some other weapons also drop here that I haven’t seen yet, but I think it’s pretty unlikely. This is the sort of thing that would be easy to check with yg.com if it still existed 😦 I can’t see any other weapons of this sort in bebot’ sitem database.

I haven’t seen Na’Tsu’Ko drop anything interesting. But he’s different from the other two bosses anyway; he’s level 59 and judging by his happearance he seems to be a cannibal native to this region, whereas the other two are level 60 Hyperboreans.

Unfinished content?

Thurga is the partly ruined temple in front of which Torumjumala stands. Presumably it was at some point meant to be an instanced dungeon and the Key to Thurga might have been needed to enter it; but as with so many other things in the game, they never actually got around to fully implementing it. Some people say there used to be quests mentioned on yg.com involving this key, though I can’t say that I remember seeing any such quest in the game itself; see the comments to one of my previous posts for further interesting information about this.

My guess is that the white armor and weapons that drop here are likewise unfinished. Even if they were intended primarily as vanity gear, the fact is that other similar sets in the game are green, not white, and their stats are at least somewhat useful (as far as green gear goes). Examples of this include the Darfari armor from Purple Lotus Swamp and the various Vanir armor sets from Conall’s Valley and Fields of the Dead. So maybe they intended to give the White Hand Master armor some more meaningful stats (and maybe even more original visual models), but never got around to finishing that either. Another thing that suggests this stuff is unfinished are the missing apostrophes from the weapon names 😛

Another odd thing is that, as far as I can see, the White Hand mobs aren’t actually wearing the items that drop here as the White Hand Master set — unlike the Vanir and Darfari mobs, which actually wear items that drop from their loot tables. I don’t think I’ve seen any mob in the Eiglophian Mountains wear the sexy blue miniskirt that drops here as White Hand Master Leggings (nor the plate-looking White Hand Master Tunic, for that matter).

There is at least one good thing about this armor being white, rather than green — it doesn’t get bound to you even if you equip it.

By the way, speaking of vanity armor worn by White Hand mobs in the Eiglophian Mountains, I’ve noticed that White Hand Witch and Warlock mobs here wear the interesting and little-known chest called Incursion Shroud, which drops from Alcippe in the Main System.



Torumjumala’s Champion

Another curious thing I noticed is that when you pull Torumjumala, another boss suddenly spawns and attacks you. This was called Torumjumala’s Champion and was level 80, even though Torumjumala is just level 60. Maybe the Champion’s level adapts to the level of the player that pulled Torumjumala.

In any case, I’m pretty sure this Champion wasn’t there initially, but I’m not sure when exactly they added him. Perhaps it was in update 1.06; this update added the guild renown system and one aspect of it were some additional quests through which you can obtain the Tarpani Stallion if your guild is at renown level 20. The last part of these quests involved the area around Torumjumala, and in fact you can now see a Tarpani Stallion in a cage next to him. Perhaps the Champion was added at that time; or if not, maybe he was added in update 3.0 when the mobs in that area were changed from group to solo mobs.

The Champion never seemed to drop anything interesting.

Epic instance

I also tried killing these bosses in the epic instance of Eiglophian Mountains. It turns out that the white armor and weapons, as well as the Key to Thurga, drop the same as in the normal instance. The only difference is that, as I mentioned earlier, I never managed to get the dagger from Torumjumala in the normal instance, only in the epic one.

As you would expect from an epic instance, each boss additionally also drops a piece of blue gear around level 60 (i.e. mostly from the level 40–69 sets), and the level 80 Torumjumala’s Champion drops a piece of blue gear around level 80 (i.e. mostly from the level 70–80 sets).

The Champion was a bit of a pain in the ass to kill, because he hits fairly hard and you’re fighting him and Torumjumala at the same time, as well as one or two trash mobs (which will likely be respawning during the fight); and you have to be careful about kiting as the Champion resets fairly easily. So I didn’t try killing him more than once in the epic instance of the playfield; usually I would just let him reset and then kill Torumjumala alone.

  1. Lene
    October 10, 2012 at 18:53

    Funny, I was actually up there a few weeks ago doing exactly the same, farming that set and looking around.

  2. October 10, 2012 at 18:57

    Yup, it’s a nice area. Too bad they didn’t get around to implementing a dungeon in the Temple of Thurga…

  3. Ghola
    September 1, 2013 at 11:35

    the withe Hand dagger is dropping in normal instance also! i got it after the 5th or 5th try!

  1. January 2, 2014 at 19:20

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