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Level 70-80 world-drop sets

A few months ago I made a few posts about the old world-drop armor sets and included the screenshots of all twelve level 40–69 sets. I was wondering whether I should try farming the level 70–80 sets as well; initially I thought it would take too much effort, but eventually I decided to do it after all. It provided a pleasant enough diversion from other boringly repetitive activities such as farming hardmodes.

(If you don’t want to read my ramblings, you can jump straight to the screenshots.)

Farming epic Kheshatta

I did all the farming in the epic instance of Kheshatta (although a few bosses in the 70–80 level range could also be found elsewhere, particularly in Atzel’s Approach). Although these are group bosses, they can also be killed by a single player, at least by soldier classes, as long as you use enough CCs (don’t forget the stun from doubletapping forward) and kite them when needed to recover health. You can even solo kill the level 82 Bat Demon Lord boss that way, even though it hits pretty damn hard; in my experience, the best thing to do was to kite it in a fairly big circle in the area left of where it floats before you pull it; the sloping and uneven terrain there seems to hinder the bat’s pathing a bit and thus slows it down, making it easier to kite and recover health. But solo killing the bat is really more trouble than it’s worth.

The main problem with soloing these high-level bosses is that it takes a relatively long time to kill them; with my DT it usually took me a little over 6 minutes to kill a level 80 boss in the Ghanatan area in the southwest of the playfield. (Killing the level 75 Hong Gildong bosses took me about the same amount of time — although they have a bit less HP, they do magical damage and I don’t have much protection gear, so I had to kite them more.) If I grouped up with a healer, even if it was a crappy healbot that didn’t do much damage by himself, the same level 80 boss could be killed in little more than 2 minutes, simply because I didn’t have to kite and doubletap.

Another problem with farming these bosses by yourself is that many of them are surrounded by trash mobs, e.g. the ones in tents in the bat camp area. With a group of 2 people, this is no problem — one of them pulls mobs from the tent and runs away; the other player aggroes the boss from this group, moves him out of the way and starts fighting him; the first player keeps running until the other mobs reset, whereupon he can join the first player in fighting the boss. If you are alone, separating the boss from the trash mobs is a lot more difficult because by the time the trash reset, chances are very good that the boss resets as well. You have to try hitting him or irritating him so as to keep him aggroed a bit longer than the trash mobs. So generally, when I was farming alone, I limited myself to bosses that can be pulled without aggroing any trash: the two level 80 ones in the first group of camps in the Ghanatan area, and two level 75 Hong Gildongs near the city of Kheshatta (one near Onyx Chambers and one northeast of the city).

I feared it would be very difficult to find someone to team up with for farming epic Kheshatta bosses, since hardly anybody goes there nowadays. However, it turned out to be easier than I expected; I could often get a healer by advertising in global. Of course, if you wanted to find a full group for this, it would probably be next to impossible. Fortunately the way these bosses are balanced now makes it easy enough to fight them with 2 people and there’s really no need for a complete group. It even turned out that you don’t really *need* a healer for this; on a few occasions I teamed up with an assassin and it went OK as well — between the two of us we could keep the bosses CCed so much that my potions and self-heals were able to outheal the damage I was taking.

(It was interesting to see how thoroughly unfamiliar many people are with epic Kheshatta farming nowadays. For example, the concept of pulling the trash so that I could then separate the boss from the rest was new to many people, and some of them had remarkably many problems implementing it. Yes, when I say “pull the mobs and run away until they reset”, I mean that you should sprint the hell away from there, not take two timid steps backwards and wait until the mobs maul you! And when I say “pull any mob from inside the tent”, I don’t mean that you should walk into the tent with your 4k HP and your green light armor and expect to be able to run out of there alive while five epic mobs are whacking at you… It’s as if some people didn’t know about ranged attacks, and remarkably many healers seem to lack a bow or crossbow. Grrrr.)

Epic Kheshatta in the olden days

Farming epic Kheshatta felt very nostalgic and brought back many memories from the early months of the game. I suppose that nowadays much of the game’s population consists of people who weren’t playing in 2008 or early 2009 and thus don’t even see what the fuss is about — why the heck would anyone get the idea of going to epic Kheshatta in the first place? And yet in those early months of the game, the level 80 blue armor sets you could farm there were for all practical purposes the best armor you could get. They were practically just as good, in terms of stats, as the dungeon sets from places like Atzel’s Fortress and Onyx Chambers; and the only armor better than that was purple gear from raids, which few people had access to in the early months of the game.

Many people would join with a character below level 80 and get some XP from the boss kills, which was particularly valuable in those days when the amount of solo content was insufficient to comfortably level you through the 70–80 range (unless you wanted to grind villas a lot). I spent so much time in epic Kheshatta farming groups with my barbarian that she got the entire level 80 Ravager’s set before even reaching level 80 🙂

Another good reason for going to epic Kheshatta was money. In the early days of the game, bosses in epic playfields dropped a lot more money than they do now. If a group of 6 players killed a level 80 boss in the epic instance, it could easily drop 15–30 silver for each of them. You could get a similar amount by solo killing a level 50-ish boss, for example in epic Fields of the Dead. And I heard of people who would go at level 40 to farm level 20-ish bosses in epic Wild Lands of Zelata to get enough money for their horse. I wasn’t really aware of the money-making potential of epic bosses until relatively late; when I did, I spent a few hours farming epic Fields of the Dead and got the impression that the money from it was quite a bit better than from gathering materials for sale. But I was hampered by the fact that my character was a juggernaut guardian, her DPS was therefore complete crap and killing those bosses was fairly slow.

In any case, some time in the summer of 2008 Funcom then nerfed the money drops from bosses in epic instances, to approximately 1/4 or 1/5 of their previous values. This made farming epic bosses (killing level 50-ish bosses alone, or level 80-ish bosses in a 6-player group) quite unattractive from a money-making point of view. However, nowadays, since you can farm epic level 80 bosses just fine as a group of 2 players instead of 6, the money aspect is non-negligible again. In terms of gold per hour, I suspect it’s a viable alternative to doing MoA farming runs in Kara Korum. I still wouldn’t really want to try farming substantial amounts of gold this way, though.

In my experience, epic Kheshatta farming declined significantly from early 2009 onwards, probably as people got more accustomed to doing dungeons and raids, but what really put the last nail in its coffin were the itemization changes in 1.05. Previously, epic Kheshatta gear was, in terms of stats, almost as good as the best blue dungeon gear; after 1.05, blue dungeon gear was still decent but epic Kheshatta gear turned into utter crap. So epic Kheshatta farming was quickly turning into a very time-consuming way of farming very unattractive gear, and it’s no surprise that people gave it up.

I couldn’t help noticing how much easier epic Kheshatta is nowadays than it was in those early days of the game. Back in mid-2008, it was a perfectly respectable challenge for a full group of 6 people. I guess this is partly because we have better gear and AA now, partly because the bosses probably got nerfed during the various rebalancing changes, especially following 1.05; but partly it might be because we use crowd control abilities so much more. At least I do — back in those early days, I hardly ever used CC at all. Maybe PvPers and people who played squishy classes were more used to doing CC, but I really only started paying attention to CC after the expansion was released — there the solo mobs were hitting hard enough that CCing them really made a significant difference.

Another thing that used to make epic Kheshatta farming harder than it’s now is that mobs sometimes failed to reset properly. For example, one player would pull mobs from a tent and kite them until they reset; meanwhile someone else would extract the boss from this group and start fighting him; and the trash mobs that were supposed to reset and go back to their tent would sometimes go to the players that were fighting the boss instead. Sometimes this would happen even if they took care not to hit those other mobs with splash damage as they were running past the players, etc. These problems seem to have been fixed, and I haven’t noticed any difficulties with the mobs resetting nowadays. Indeed sometimes they are more eager to reset than I would have liked — for example, bosses would sometimes reset while I was kiting them (in what I thought was a reasonably small circle) to regain health.


The sets are shown in alphabetical order, and the class with which each set is traditionally associated is shown in parentheses after the set name. I included a few comments about other similar items below some of the screenshots.

Baleful (Dark Templar)

In typical Funcom style, the relationship between the weight of the armor and its appearance is tenuous at best. This supposedly heavy armor set looks fairly similar to (and just as leathery as) the light armor Zephyrous set (level 40–69 ToS set).

Beastfury (Bear Shaman)

This is very similar to the Wildsoul set (bear shaman level 40–69 set); one notable difference is that Beastfury Helm has horns, which the Wildsoul Helm lacks.

Crow Feather (Ranger)

Crow Feather Jerkin and Tasset use the same model as Canach Scales and Breeches (barb light armor from the Iron Tower). Crow Feather Helm uses the same model as Coronal Helm (priest light helmet from Sanctum).

Empyreal (Tempest of Set)

This set is worn by many Stygian soldier NPCs. (The higher ranks seem to prefer Skyshear, though — the ToS level 80 dungeon set.) The level 40–69 PoM set, Beatific, is in a similar style.

I can’t help thinking that this curious combination of the flat-topped hat with the slutty chest is unlikely to get you taken seriously anywhere outside of a Railroad Conductors Gone Wild audition.

Midnight (Assassin)

Many of these items are similar to ones that drop in mid-level dungeons or as quest rewards in Tarantia Common District; see one of my old posts for more about those items. But they aren’t exactly the same; the Midnight set is more dark blue instead of really black.

Nadiral (Demonologist)

Ravager’s (Barbarian)

Ravager’s Harness (the chest part of this set) uses the same model as the Royal Hunting Jerkin, a level 76 green chest piece (barbarian light armor). I’m not sure where exactly I got the latter one; I suspect it’s some sort of quest reward. Ravager’s Helm uses the same model as Corybantic Helm (from the level 40–69 barb set), Spellguard Helm (level 80 blue BoP PoM/ToS helm, but I have no idea where one gets it), and Bossonian Bascinet (ranger helmet from Awar in Atzel’s Fortress).

In the ‘front’ picture, the character’s hair appears to be clipping very badly through the helmet.

Resolute (Guardian)

A disappointingly nondescript set, in which you’ll look little better than in green crafted full-plate armor :S Resolute Chestguard uses the same model as Deadmercy Chestguard (rare blue drop from the Trapped Ghost, Slaughterhouse Cellar) and Bloodsire Harness (heavy chest from Sanctum). Resolute Helm uses the same model as Bloodsire Helm (heavy armor, Sanctum) and Rookwarden Helm (from Jovus in the Crows’ Nest). Resolute Boots and Tasset use the same model as Watchman’s Boots and Tasset (guardian level 40–59 armor).

Resplendent (Priest of Mitra)

The chest uses the same model as the Sanctified Jerkin (a level 16 light armor chest, IIRC one of the quest rewards in Tortage night quests) and the Dustcovered Jerkin (green chest from the Trapped Ghost, Slaughterhouse Cellar), and IIRC there’s also an early 70-ish quest reward based on the same model. But the main feature of this set is surely the sexy blue miniskirt. There’s at least one other item based on the same model, Elegiast’s Britches, which is a low-level quest reward, but I don’t remember exactly from where. (Damn, how I wish that yg.com was still available!)

Vanquisher’s (Conqueror)

The helmet has an interesting crest which looks better from the side:

This set is very similar to Zingaran Doomed Path set (ranger culture armor), though not exactly the same. Vanquisher’s Tasset uses the same model as Mordec Greaves (which drop from Rorik in Atzel’s Fortress).

Voidseeker (Necromancer)

The Voidseeker Robe seems to have worse clipping problems with boots and thighs than other robes of a similar style.

Wildfire (Herald of Xotli)

I had to remove the boots for the back picture because they clipped too badly with the robe. Apart from that, the boots themselves are pretty nice and I’m not aware of any other boots that would look exactly the same. So they deserve a separate screenshot:

What else is in the loot tables?

In addition to the armor from these twelve sets, the loot tables of bosses in epic playfields include various bind-on-equip items (not just armor but also weapons, shields, etc.). In one of the recent posts, we saw the list of twenty such items that drop from level 50 epic bosses; here’s a similar list for level 80 and 82 bosses:

Name Level Description Seen it drop at level
80 82

80 guardian polearm x x
Bloodrill Pants

80 demo/necro pants x
Bloodspittle Girdle

80 BS belt x

80 melee 1HB x
Celeritous Slippers

80 cloth feet with str x
Dawnmist Mantle

80 melee cloak x
Deathscream Arrows

80 arrows x x
Deathvigil Tunic

80 sin chest x
Diamondmind Opus

80 magic tali x

80 2HE, str, con x
Earthlink Boots

80 BS feet x

80 wis tali x x
Hollowheart Tunic

80 BS/ranger chest x
Howler Hide Cloak

80 melee cloak x x
Impskin Tunic

80 demo/necro chest x
Malignant Crusher

80 2HB, str, con x
Mark of Hate

80 DT tali x x

80 magic staff x

79 magic staff x
Nightwhisper Crossbow

80 xbow x
Ornvyth’s Bane

80 1HE, str, con x
Razorspike Chestguard

80 plate chest x
Scarabshell Tasset

80 BS legs x
Shadowslick Treads

80 sin feet x

80 sin dagger x
Skysplendor Shafts

80 bolts x

80 demo/necro staff x

80 soldier shield x x
Steelbrawn Sabatons

80 plate feet x
Swiftsinew Shoes

80 barb feet x x
Thornwarden Hauberk

78 heavy chest x
Thundernorth Girdle

80 heavy belt x

IME the epic open-world bosses generally drop items that are at most 2 levels above or below their own level; but unless there is some mistake in my notes, I’ve seen the level 79 Mindspire drop from level 82 bosses. I haven’t seen any level 77 items from level 80 bosses, though.

Of course it’s quite possible that some items are still missing from this list, if they never happened to drop for me during the time I was farming epic Kheshatta bosses. And it could be the case that some of the items that I’ve only seen dropping from level 82 bosses can also drop from level 80 bosses (or vice versa).

Some of these items also exist in a few lower-level versions, which drop from bosses of a suitably lower level (e.g. Howler Hide Cloak, Mark of Hate, Soulfeast).

A bit of statistics

In my post about the level 40–69 sets, we saw how to compute the probability that you’ll need to kill a certain number of bosses to get all the r items you want, assuming that the bosses have a loot table consisting of n items (and each item is equally likely to drop). So if you want to read about how to compute this, just click the link to that old post and read it there.

In the charts included in that post we used n = 96 as the size of the loot table, i.e. we pretended that it contains just the twelve armor sets and none of the other bind-on-equip items. But now we’ve seen that the number of these additional BoE items seems to be usually around 20, so we can repeat our analysis with n = 116 instead of 96. As for r, the number of items that we want to get, there are various interesting values to choose: r = 1 (if you’re missing just one part to complete your set — a familiar experience for many farmers like myself!), r = 4 (if you want to farm the BoP parts of one set, and will buy any missing BoE parts on the trader), r = 8 (if you want to farm one whole set), r = 20 (if you want to find all the items that aren’t part of any of the sets), r = 48 (if you want to farm the BoP parts of all 12 sets), and r = 96 (if you want to farm all parts of all 12 sets).


(all the results are for a loot table of n = 116 items)
r (no. of items we want) Avg. (± std. dev.) number of kills needed No. of kills needed to have a certain probability of getting all r items you want
10% 50% 90%
1 116.0 ± 115.5 13 81 266
4 241.7 ± 137.5 97 213 422
8 315.2 ± 142.2 162 289 502
20 417.3 ± 145.1 259 392 607
48 517.2 ± 146.0 358 492 708
96 597.0 ± 146.3 437 572 788
116 618.9 ± 146.3 459 594 810

By the way, in the special case where r = n, the Wikipedia refers to our problem as the “coupon collector’s problem”. One of the interesting results in its Wikipedia article is that the average number of kills needed in this case is n · Hn, where Hn is the n-th harmonic number. In our case, for n = 116, it turns out that H166 is approx. 5.335, and multiplying this by 116 really gives us approximately 618.9, which matches our result from the above table.

An encouraging conclusion

As you can see, the amount of farming required is considerable even at small values of r. In a way, this is discouraging — even if we limit our interest to just 8 out of 116 items, we still have to farm 50% as much as if we wanted to get all 116 items!

But seen in another way, it’s actually encouraging. Nobody would regard the goal of farming one set as unreasonable — after all, that’s exactly why we were doing all that farming in epic Kheshatta back in 2008 and early 2009. I farmed the complete Resolute set for my guardian back then, as well as the complete Ravager’s set for my barbarian. Now, a few weeks ago, when someone saw me looking in global for a healer for epic Kheshatta farming, they asked me why I wanted to farm it, and seemed to be impressed by my goal of farming all 12 sets. Perhaps they thought me somewhat crazy for even attempting something like that.

A statistically very naive person might imagine that farming for 12 sets will take 12 times as long as farming for one set; a moment’s thought would convince him that this is not the case, as farming for one set will likely also give you a few pieces of various other sets, and so on; so farming for 12 sets will take less than 12 times as long as farming for just one set. But how much less exactly? Our intuition isn’t of terribly much help with things like this. But now we can see from the above table — just compare the rows for r = 8 and for r = 96 — that farming for all twelve sets takes less than twice as much effort as farming for just one set!

So there you have it. If you wouldn’t think a player crazy for farming one set, it would hardly be decent to think them crazy for farming all 12 sets either 😛

  1. Sapiento
    October 1, 2012 at 09:50

    Oh that Vanquisher set looks quite nice – wouldn’t mind having one 🙂

    • October 1, 2012 at 10:06

      Well, I can join you with my ToS for farming epic Kesh 😛

  2. al
    October 2, 2012 at 06:39

    Good post, I remember killing all bosses in epic khesh on my demo except for the big bat ( he is not worth the reward as you said) before they nerfed the CCs, was quite fun and rewarding. Getting tells from bystanders how strong I am lol, it wasn’t that hard really my build had all the CCs you could get as I only played my demo to solo epic khesh.

    The black ring hox bosses could hit my clothie demo pretty hard if I missed a CC and their hard hitting combo ( had PoIF animation but named smth else)

    When an item dropped that one of my other chars could use I would log my parked char and looted the chest. Sold the Item in box as well few times on global.

    My demo is the real hard working man in my family of chars XD

    I farmed the gold needed to buy mats for four ingots, farming stuff on my demo and occasional shard runs but most of it came from farming outside W1.

    Oh I also used to rob the mobs blind in epic khesh idk if you were aware of this. Snatched the occasional good stuff in their chest from the back of the tent without them ever knowing XD.

    I like to take a look at sets one notch higher that epic khesh again the ones that drop from onyx, oasis etc. IIRC was prett hard to get a full set of those or rather time consuming I think the pics were posted somewhere before,.

  3. October 2, 2012 at 06:56

    Yup, the dungeon sets are damn time-consuming to farm, especially the parts that drop in Onyx. I got the entire Skyshear set on my ToS and 6/8 parts of the Steelspirit set on my guard, but that’s about it. I was thinking of eventually posting the screenshots of those as well – you can get them on testlive by asking Fate for level 80 gear.

    And lol, I didn’t know you can steal from the chests in the tents from the outside without aggroing mobs 😛

  4. Zamali
    November 7, 2012 at 23:28

    The lvl30’s piece you mentioned which shares the same model as the Blue Mini for the Priest of Mitra, the Elegiast’s Britches, can be found in Conall’s Valley by completing the quests for the Gravesinger.

  5. Nanate
    March 15, 2013 at 23:40

    I saw a conq running around in some good looking “blue” armor and he said it was from Iron Tower. I looked and looked but can not find any screen shots or names. Do you happen to have any avail? Helm of Idra is also super cool looking blue vanity gear that I dont see much on these types of tables. Probably as it is not a “set” Thanks for a great site.

    • March 16, 2013 at 01:02

      I’ve been slowly gathering information about Iron Tower loot tables, but I haven’t made any post about it yet as I suspect I’m still missing lots of items. But in case it helps, here’s the list I’ve got so far. I don’t have any screenshots but you can look them up with !items on your guild bot.

      The Executioner – drops 2 items
      – Balthus’s Wolf Bow
      – Balthus’s Wolf Crossbow
      – Club of Larsha
      – Endless Battle Blade
      – Helm of Indra
      – Hood of Haloga
      – Mask of Conajohara
      – Ring of Amra the Lion
      – Token of Terror
      Anoki (lvl 80 boss) – drops 2 items
      – Dagger of Nebthu
      – Grizzly Brigandine
      – Kothian Battle Helm [same model as Helmet of the Warmaster (city level 80 crafted heavy helmet) and Soulthunder Spangenhelm (Shaddrizzar, The Cistern)]
      – Plumed Helm of Divinity
      – Ring of Katar
      – Royal Zingaran Blade
      – Sorcerer’s Dread
      – Thunder River Helm [same model as Deathmaven Helm (Putharjath, Main System)]
      Tana Wolfmilk – drops 1 item
      – Balthus’s Woodsman Gloves
      Horace the Shadow – drops 1 item
      – Balthus’s Woodsman Boots
      Nightcharm – drops 1 item
      – Canach Battle Belt
      Jack Knives – drops 1 item
      – Kothian Battle Pauldrons
      Vulferam – drops 1 item
      – Bracer of the Katari
      – Savage Death Bracers
      Desumo – drops 2 items
      – Balthus’s Buckskin Chaps
      – Breeches of Haloga
      – Breeches of Nebthu
      – Eternal Faith Tasset
      – Grizzly Breeches
      – Maul of Conajohara
      – Kosalan Enruned
      – Royal Zingaran Sabre
      – Savage Death Pantaloons
      Rabidus – drops same as Desumo plus optionally one of the following purple cloaks:
      – Kosalan Enruned
      – and 3 other cloaks
      Guardians – drop 2 items
      – Blade of Endless Night
      – Club of Larsha
      – Dagger of Nebthu
      – Imperial Acheronian Halberd
      – Royal Atlantean Dagger
      – Royal Zingaran Sabre
      – Token of Terror
      – and optionally one of the purple items:
      – – Pristine Rock Salt
      – – Amulet of Souls
      – – and 3 other necklaces
      Treasure chest on the roof – drops 2 items
      – Balthus’s Woodland Helm
      – Blade of Endless Night
      – Canach Scales [same model as Crow Feather Jerkin]
      – Cuirass of Conajohara
      – Dead Iron Hammer
      – Orastes’s Robe
      – Staff of Souls

  6. Traemnor
    March 22, 2013 at 05:31

    Thank you for the Iron Tower loot table – I have been looking all over for information on it! The Grizzly Mask drops from Anoki, or at least that is where I got it. Also there is a Belt Of Ben Morgh that I think I got from The Executioner, and a Mask of Ben Morgh (same as the Helm of Boiling Blood in the in-game store) that I got from the final boss fight.

  7. Shawshank
    July 8, 2013 at 20:08

    Holy crap cyn. I actually accidently stumpled upon your page looking for some slutty cloth gear. Impressive work m8 🙂


    • July 8, 2013 at 23:56

      Thx 🙂 Good luck in your quest for slutty cloth gear 😛

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