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Maximum amount of player HP

This post is an attempt to estimate the maximum amount of HP that a player character can currently reach in the game. (Of course there’s no good reason why one would actually want to reach that much HP, as in doing so you’d be losing too much DPS and make yourself much less useful in a group. For example, most of the armor used in the calculation below is from the Atlantean set, which gives you a lot of HP but no DPS.)

When you’re making a calculation like this, you have to decide which things to include and which not to. I decided to exclude purely short-term buffs such as the Blessing of Jhebbal Sag (which, among other things, gives you +20000 HP for 1 minute), or the one from the Sustaining Wrath AA perk (which gives you +1800 HP for 30 seconds, if you used it when your Wrath stack was at 20x), or the +2500 HP buff that you get from the fourth sarcophagus during the Grim Grey God encounter; everything else, however, is allowed, e.g. group buffs from priests, from a rogue’s Flanking perk, etc.

In the calculation below, we have to also keep track of constitution, not just HP itself, because the Empowered Vitality perk applies only to constitution.

New in Update 4.1: the Black Pharaoh set brings us slight improvements in HP from the helmet and boots; there’s also a new sword with slightly more HP. Additionally, there is a new potion, Refined Elixir of Constitution, available as a quest reward from the Mastering the Dragon’s Spine quest. This potion gives you +5% constitution for 4 hours; it works the same way as the Empowered Vitality perk and it stacks additively with it. For any aspiring HP-whoring conqs, there is now also a nice two-handed sword with 139 con (Brand of the Black Pharaoh).

What HP Con
Naked guardian: I created one on testlive and without any perks, buffs etc. she has 6673 HP and 230 constitution at level 80.
(No screenshots, you perverts! :P)
6673 230
Guild city buffs
Keep I 15
Keep II 30
Keep III
(Note: the buffs from all three tiers of the Keep stack with each other, so being in a guild with a T3 keep gives you a total of +75 HP.)
Battlekeep III
(Note: according to the guild city window, Battlekeep III gives +240 HP; however, the same character transferred to testlive, where we have a T3 guild city but no battlekeep, had only 225 HP less than on live.)
Destiny quest rewards
Level 30 destiny quest 40
Level 50 destiny quest 45
Level 60 destiny quest 50
Food buffs
Ta Neheh Leaf Elixir 324.5
Minor Brew of Fortitude 160 20
AA perks
Fortifying Empowerment (+79 con at rank 5) 632 79
Vitality (+800 HP at rank 5) 800
Empowered Vitality: see below (it’s applied on top of all your constitution)
Group buffs
Priest HP buff (by default it’s +1087.4 HP, but if the priest feats Spirit of Vitality in the priest general tree, the HP buff will be 40% higher, i.e. +1522.4 HP) 1522.4
Rogue AA perk: Flanking (375 HP at rank 5) 375
Demonic Vitality (group buff from the Demon Guardian pet; assuming that the demonologist has 2/2 feat points in Hell’s Embrace) or Soul Infusion (group buff from the Cacodemon pet; assuming the demonologist has 5/5 ranks trained in the Cacodemon perk) 409.3
Crimson Shield (group buff from the mage shield; assuming that the mage has 3/3 points in Crimson Shield in the mage general tree)

Helm of the Black Pharaoh 1040 130
Vambraces of the Atlantean 800 100
Armguards of the Atlantean 768 96
Belt of the Atlantean 840 105
Shin-pads of the Atlantean [feet] 1024 128
Gauntlets of the Atlantean 792 99
Chestplate of Courageous Souls 1056 132
Tasset of Courageous Souls 1120 140
Ring: Death’s Ward (Brittle Blade faction) 624 78
Ring: Coil of the Jiang Shi (Jiang Shi faction) 680 85
Cloak: Valka’s Illimitable Aegis (drops in the Little Prince hardmode in the Vile Nativity) 624 78
Necklace: Pendant of Royal Zamoran Favor (Silk Road quest reward)
(Note: Soulbearer, from Sodabeh HM in Ardashir Fort, has 625 HP, but no constitution, so it’s worse than the Pendant of Royal Zamoran Favor after you take Empowered Vitality into account.)
624 78
Sword: Blade of the Black Pharoah (drops in the Coils of Ubah Kan) 552 69
Shield: Impenetrable Word of Valka (drops from the Lurker at the Threshold) 680 85
Constitution so far:

AA perk: Empowered Vitality (+5% constitution) 692.8 86.6
Potion: Refined Elixir of Constitution (+5% constitution for 4 hours) 692.8 86.6
Total 24147 1905.2

You can get another 1900 HP by mounting a rhino or mammoth.

The Impenetrable Word of Valka mentioned in the above table is a healer shield from the Lurker at the Threshold. Other shields that make more sense for a guardian give less HP: Aegis of Dhurkan Blackblade (T3 shield) gives 528 HP; Waning Boundary (T3 crafted shield) gives 560 HP; The August Ones’ Impassible Grin (T4 shield) gives 576 HP; Steelforged Salvation of Undying Atlantis (from the Lurker) gives 624 HP.

Another good choice for the sword is Nilus the Blood Wake (T3 sword, 62 con); the T4 one-handed swords don’t have any HP or constitution. Other weapons with high HP include The Rock (thrown weapon from Den of the Crowmen), which gives 1040 HP, and Guisarme of the Bastion (blue polearm from General Arman in Ardashir Fort), which gives 1112 HP (just 8 HP less than the sword and shield combination in the above table). The Guisarme is an interesting example of a blue polearm which sacrifices armor and DPS in exchange for more constitution; as a result, it has more HP than any other polearm in the game, even purple ones. Unfortunately I didn’t find any sword with a similar tradeoff.

For the necklace, another option is the Ironclad Trinket of Eternal Resilience, which can drop from the Portents (world bosses) and also has 78 con.

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  1. Sapiento
    August 23, 2012 at 05:58

    Ok now do the same with DT and Conq πŸ˜‰

    • August 23, 2012 at 08:23

      Heh, I’m too lazy for that,I don’t know those two classes well enough, and I doubt that the end result would be any higher. Most of the stuff in the above table applies to DTs and conqs as well, the only differences would be if they have some HP buffs from their class feats or class-specific AA perks.

  2. Sapiento
    August 24, 2012 at 07:21

    Not higher for sure!
    Naked base Hp will be lower and different weapons. Rest is same.
    …ah Conq has (usless) gold perk giving him +1800HP for certain time.
    20k HP seems possible on conq thou…

    • August 24, 2012 at 08:01

      A DT could use the same sword and shield as a guardian (in the above table). As for the conq, I suspect it would be best if you dual-wielded two guardian T3 swords πŸ˜› or maybe there’s some two-handed sword with lots of HP, I have no idea about that TBH.

      The conq gold perk that you describe sounds pretty similar to a guardian’s Sustaining Wrath (which I didn’t include in the table as it’s such a short-term buff).

  3. Kandur
    August 27, 2012 at 11:42

    Please count here guardian AA sustain wrath, which gives about 1800 hp for short time if u consume wrath stuck =)

    • August 27, 2012 at 13:35

      Uhm, I already explicitly wrote in the second paragraph that I won’t include such purely short-term stuff.

  4. Baelerion
    August 29, 2012 at 14:31

    This Shield from the Lurker has even more const: http://img201.imageshack.us/img201/2615/impenetrableworldofvalk.jpg

    • August 29, 2012 at 16:44

      Excellent! I updated the table now.

      P.S. Why the heck do healers get shields with more HP than tanks :S

  5. Haarax
    November 28, 2013 at 11:00

    Does healers buffs stack? Then you’d be able to get much more hp with 3 buffs.

    • November 28, 2013 at 12:19

      Of course they don’t stack.

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