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The Story of Karutonia

In Ymir’s Pass, there’s a long quest chain that starts with Niord in the Aesir camp; you have to go to their shaman Aevar, kill the Son of Ymir, break the seals of Karutonia, talk to Bellona and finally go to the Amphitheatre of Karutonia and kill the last boss there. The final quest reward is a choice between two purple cloaks which are very good for their level, so it’s a fairly popular quest chain.

Well, I’ve done that quest chain probably at least six times or so, and I also read what the NPCs are saying at least the first time around; and yet it was not until very recently, when I was tinkering with this chain on the testlive server, that I realized that was the point of the step where you have to break the seals of Karutonia. (The quest is called “The Sins of Karutonia”. The seals are 7 easily destructible objects near the road that leads towards the eastern end of Ymir’s Pass.) I guess that on pretty much all earlier occasions, I was doing the seals part of the quest while being in an impatient group for the Son of Ymir and the Amphitheatre, so I was always in a hurry to do the intermediate steps of the quest chain as quickly as possible so we could start doing the Amphitheatre soon.

So anyway, as I noticed recently, the seals actually tell you a nice bit of background information about the downfall of Karutonia, the ancient Acheronian city whose ruins lie in the eastern part of the playfield. The problem is that you don’t get popup windows with the text of the seals when you break them (this is how you get lore information in e.g. the Celestial Necropolis) — instead, you’d have to open your quest journal and read the text there at each step of the quest. And you can’t conveniently go back to (re)read the story at a later point — After you’ve completed the quest, the completed quests tab of your journal summarizes the whole thing with just one sentence: “I traversed Ymir’s Pass itself, stopping to break the seals of Karutonia and discover the dark history of that city.”

Thus I thought it might be interesting to include the full story here, in case someone else has (like myself until recently) never thought to look in the quest journal and read it there:

The First Seal

Let this record serve as a testament to the glory of Set and the might of the Empire of Acheron. Behold, Karutonia, might of the north and bulwark against the pitiful barbaric tribes that worship the false god, Bori.

We are ruled by three kings and beneath their wisdom, we prosper. A great and secret construction occurs in the heart of the city, and few know the true purpose of what is being built. Soon it shall be unveiled, and the glory of Karutonia will shine to rival even Python itself!

The Second Seal

Today our kings revealed the full extent of their magnificent wisdom — they have built us an amphithreatre without rival in the world.

Games have begun, pitting entire tribes of the barbarians against one another in bloody mortal combat. Their women and children go to the altars to feed the gluttony of our priests.

An orgy of glorious blood flows in Karutonia and we, her grateful citizens, can do nothing more than praise Set.

The Third Seal

The barbarians have increased their raids against our walls and our rulers have demanded more troops for the city. We continue to slaughter any prisoners we capture — and there are more than ever these days.

The priests of Set tell us that the increased attacks are a trial and that we must endure. Every holy day they butcher thousands of prisoners in the great amphitheatre and praise the name of Set. They assure us that Set will lead us to victory.

The Fourth Seal

The rumors are true — Ixion the Devourer is coming to Karutonia! He comes with troops to reinforce the border and all of the power that his sorcery brings.

If the most powerful sorcerer of our age cannot drive back these barbarians, then nothing will.

I have heard that the three kings are preparing a magnificent sacrifice for his arrival — some five thousand barbarians await execution in the amphitheatre. This will be a spectacle beyond anything that has gone before.

(Ixion is also mentioned in connection with the Sanctum of Burning Souls; see one of my previous posts.)

The Fifth Seal

The three kings are overthrown, by order of the Devourer. He used his magic to trap their souls within a grove of trees, forever alive but never free.

Ixion now rules the city with an iron fist. By his edict the amphitheatre has been closed and the sacrifices have been ceased. If Ixion is trying to placate the barbarians, I fear it is too late. They test our walls daily and it will not be long before they breach the city.

Great Set, what have our people done except follow your laws?

(You can find the ghosts of these three kings wandering the road through the swamp west of the ruins of Karutonia. In some of the other quests in this playfield you have to kill their ghosts and restore the trees in the grove.)

The Sixth Seal

The walls are breached and the streets run red. The barbarians stalk the streets, wicked swords in hand. They do not have the mercy of the civilized man and they slaughter without remorse. Men fall beneath their blades; women and children are shackled and led off to be sold on the slave blocks of the south.

Ixion has fled with his troops. We are abandoned. Karutonia is dying.

The Seventh Seal

A few of us have fled to the relative safety of the swamps. Our city is destroyed, razed by the barbarians. In the grim march of that immense horde, I saw the end of an empire.

Let whoever finds this remember Karutonia. We lived as we believed was right and, despite our faith, our god abandoned us. Perhaps such is the fate of all civilization

P.S. Having already typed all this stuff in from the screenshots of my quest journal, I did a bit of googling and found that someone else has already done the same thing like 3 years ago 😛 So here’s a link to that page as well.

P.P.S. Incidentally, each seal of Karutonia seems to have 500 HP.

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  1. Sapiento
    August 2, 2012 at 13:20

    Great job Cynara on this blog, I check for new posts every day!

    So Ixion kinda failed the job he took by force… Do we know story of his other two brothers? And why we see them as walking deads in T3?

  2. August 2, 2012 at 16:31

    I don’t think the Ixion from the Karutonia story is meant to be the same as Ixion from T3. Rather, he’s meant to be Ixion the Devourer, the father of Xaltotun and Dhurkhan Blackblade. See one of my previous posts for more about these three. Xaltotun is mentioned at length in Howard’s The Hour of the Dragon; but the other two are, I think, from some post-Howard source. As for the Ixion from T3, and his fellows Kharon and Daimone, I have no idea where they are from — I tried googling a bit but found nothing useful, so my guess is that Funcom made them up by themselves.

    According to the gazetteer at xoth.net, Karutonia itself is from Conan the Bold, a 1989 novel by John Maddox Roberts.

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