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Killing Keaira

Keaira, a.k.a. the Raven, is a character that has a prominent role in a big quest arc in the mid-level range (40s and early 50s); finally you meet her as an actual NPC standing in the Amphitheatre of Karutonia, right near the entrance. (You might also remember her from the 2007 trailer, which was also included with the game itself until the expansion was launched.) Later you meet her again as part of the Shadows of Jade quest chains in Khitai, and you can even get to fight her as a T4 raid boss in the Memory Cloud encounter.

In the Amphitheatre, she is unattackable by default, but there is a loophole. You might remember the long quest chain in Ymir’s Pass: Niord in the Aesir camp sends you to find Aevar, their shaman; the shaman then asks you to bring hearts and kill the Son of Ymir, then break the seals of Karutonia and go talk to Bellona; she then sends you into the Amphitheatre, where you will then have to talk to Keaira and then go kill the Devourer. This is the quest chain that has two very nice purple cloaks (Cloak of Hugin and Cloak of Munin) as the final quest rewards.

Anyway, if you’re at the point in this chain where you have to talk to Keaira, one of the first things she will ask you is to guess who she is. As with most quests in the game, option 1 is the one you’re supposed to use; but if you instead choose the option 2 and insult her (“you’re a filthy trollop” :P), she will attack you, and your entire group can then fight her and kill her.

She is marked as a raid boss, with skulls next to her name and everything. Given the amount of HP she has (3 million — that’s 50% more than e.g. Vistrix!), this is not unreasonable, but apart from that she’s very much like any plain old open-world boss (except that she hits a little harder); she doesn’t have any special abilities or require any special tactics, she’s vulnerable to CCs and she doesn’t run very fast, so you can easily kite her if needed.

In principle you could even solo kill her; the main problem with that is that it would take you a very long time due to her high amount of HP. I tried it with my guardian and took 5% of her health in 13 minutes; extrapolating from that suggests it would take me more than 4 hours to kill her. Later we brought a group of 4 people and killed her in 16 minutes; with better DPS it could of course go considerably faster as well. (These were all level 80 characters, of course. I’m not sure if a group at a level appropriate for the rest of the Amphitheatre, i.e. around 63, would be able to kill her.)

She didn’t drop any loot, but surprisingly we got 264400 AA XP each.

P.S. See also this interesting forum thread with pictures of Keaira cosplay 😛

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