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Assorted Concoctions

In the hub cities (Khemi, Conarch Village, Old Tarantia) there are NPCs called Provisioners, who sell crates of level 80 food and potions. They also sell something called Crate of Assorted Concoctions, which costs 19.50 silver; when you open it, you get 3 (or, rarely, 4) items from among the following: blue level 80 potions, stacks of green level 80 food/potions, and social armor.

I bought and opened 1000 crates on the testlive server to estimate how frequently you get which item. For the stacks of green level 80 food and potions, I also computed the average stack size (based on just 100 crates, as it’s a bit more time-consuming). The following table shows the results:

Group Frequency
(in 1000 crates)
Item Average stack size
Green level 80 potions 660 stack of Daggamalt 49.3
411 stack of Moonspill 42.0
387 stack of Sweetpressed Haste 41.2
Blue level 80 potions 29 Absolute Moonspill
29 Dire Sweetpressed Haste
31 Potent Daggamalt
Green level 80 food 652 stack of Leg of Fena 20.1
379 stack of Red Devilled Dates 17.3
422 stack of Cynosural Ale 20.9
Social armor 24 Eyepatch
29 Loincloth
21 Seafaring Vest
15 Stitched Rags
27 Torn Rags

Among the social items from this list, the Eyepatch is probably the most interesting; as far as I know, you can’t get it anywhere else in the game. The other items drop (under different names) from low-level mobs in Tortage Island. (And those mobs also drop several other pirate-themed items that don’t drop from the crates.)

As we can see from the above table, you need to open on average approx. 41.7 crates to get an eyepatch (1000 crates / 24 eyepatches); if we multiply this by the cost of a crate, we see that getting an eyepatch will cost you on average 8.13 gold. I’ve seen one for sale at 6.5 gold on Crom today — a pretty good deal for the buyer.

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