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The Battle Commanders of Chosain

Two raid mobs stand on the big battlefield west of Shaulun, one on each side: the Cheng-Ho Battle Commander and the Tamarin Battle Commander. They are surrounded by a few normal (solo) trash mobs and are pretty easy to kill; the only challenging part is getting a group of people interested in doing it 😛 They don’t have any special abilities; they hit pretty hard, but they are vulnerable to CCs, so they can even be solo tanked if enough people are CCing them. Each of them has approx. 2.2 million HP.

(Click images to enlarge.)

Incidentally, they are considered faction mobs, so if you are friendly to one of these two factions, you can’t attack its Battle Commander; but if someone else in your team starts the fight, the mob will become attackable by you in a few seconds as well, so you’ll still be able to participate in the fight normally. You needn’t worry about losing faction reputation as they don’t seem to be considered worth any more than a normal boss and it will be divided among all the people in your team anyway.

Their loot doesn’t seem to be terribly impressive; we killed them with a group of 8 people and got around 2k AA XP for each kill, each Battle Commander also dropped one weapon, one social helmet, and a few imperial insignia, patroller’s kits and esteem tokens to roll on.

According to both yg.com and the BeBot item database, it seems that the Cheng-Ho Battle Commander drops 8 weapons and the Tamarin Battle Commander drops 7 others. Their loot tables are complementary, and taken together they drop useful weapons (and shields; but no ammunition) for all classes. The weapons look nice and the stats seem pretty decent for blue items; but the Cheng-Ho weapons show the same silly preoccupation with immunity that is so characteristic of their armor sets as well.

(Click images to enlarge.)

Additionally, each of them also dropped one of these social hats. I don’t know if there are any other social items dropping from them; I didn’t find anything obvious along those lines in yg.com.

(Click images to enlarge.)

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