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Lunn the Warmonger

Lunn the Warmonger is a somewhat notorious level 68 group boss in Thunder River. One reason for that is that he’s a group boss patrolling through an area otherwise populated by solo mobs, so he often surprises people that weren’t expecting him as they were doing their solo quests. This was initially exacerbated by the fact that he hadn’t been there from the start — he was added in update 1.04 along with many other additions to Thunder River (Slaughterhouse Cellar, Xibaluku, and a number of new quests in the eastern part of the playfield).

The other reason for his notoriety is that he was, at least at first, ridiculously overpowered; he’s been known to wipe raids of 12 or 15 people, including several level 80 tanks 😛 Indeed the earliest mentions of Lunn on the forums mostly consist of people scratching their heads about how the heck one is supposed to kill him [1, 2]. (Some of these posts even mention that he summoned “some kind of war machine”, looking like “some kind of small ballista”. I don’t remember ever seeing him do that; either those posts are mistaken or this ability of his was removed subsequently.)

I guess he was eventually nerfed and rebalanced, for nowadays he isn’t that hard to kill any more; a level 80 character can solo him (though this might depend on the class, as you are likely to have to kite him).

Here’s a map of his patrol route in the southeastern part of Thunder River:

How to kill him?

The boss himself doesn’t do anything special; you can’t CC him, but you can kite him when you need to regain health. Normally he does melee hits (slashing damage) but occasionally he will run away from you and start doing ranged attacks (Piercing Snipe). His ranged attack has a long range but it’s also very convenient as you can break line of sight to prevent him from hitting you for a while and thus recover health.

At the beginning of the fight he spawns two adds. They can be either melee (Crocodile Pict Savages) or rangers (Crocodile Pict Flesh Hunters). In either case they will be level 67 group mobs.

The easiest way to deal with the adds is to kite them (and the boss) until they reset, which they usually do pretty quickly. Unlike the boss, the adds are vulnerable to CCs.

Sometimes the adds will enrage (so far I’ve only seen this happen with the melee adds). They grow bigger, get a red particle effect, move very slowly and hit very hard. This is similar to e.g. Karel Vernus in the Catacombs. There’s also a corresponding line in the combat log, but no debuff icon above their name/healthbar. In any case, if they enrage you really need to kite them.

Sometimes he spawns additional pairs of adds later in the fight (in which case you can deal with them in the same way as with the initial pair); but sometimes he doesn’t, and I didn’t find any obvious pattern as to when he does and when he doesn’t. I got the impression that he tended to be more troublesome when I was fighting him in the gorge in the southern part of his patrol route than e.g. in the camp northwest of that gorge; but that might be just a random coincidence (I doubt that Funcom would bother implementing a mechanic which causes the mob to behave differently depending on which part of his patrol route you pulled him from).

Lunn has around 98500 HP.


He drops various level 67 blue items with Pict-style models, mostly weapons.

For most of these, you can find identical looking items elsewhere as well (mostly from Picts in Tortage), except for the shield, which, as far as I know, is unique.

Warmonger’s Battlebow: same model as numerous green and even white bows in the 5-40 level range.

Warmonger’s Club (1hb): same model as Pictish War Club (level 18 green).

Warmonger’s Dagger: same model as Fha’quth’s Claw (level 5 green), Pictish Dagger (level 6/10/14 green), Pictish Obsidian Dagger (level 18 green), Duskfang (level 39 blue; Ancient Blood Defiler, Sanctum of Burning Souls), Alpha Hound Fang (level 54 blue; Vicious Alpha Male, Main System), Shah Stinger (level 76 blue; Shah in the Scorpion Caves).

Warmonger’s Mask: same model as Pictish Cryptbearer Hood (necro culture armor head), Pictish Featherskull (level 12 green), Pictish Skullcap (level 8 green). This is also the helmet that Lunn himself is wearing.

Warmonger’s Shield: as far as I know, there is no other item with the same model. It’s shown on the following screenshot together with Warmonger’s Club:

Warmonger’s Zaghnal (2hb): same model as Pictish Zagnal (level 6, 10, 14 green), Pictish War Zaghnal (level 18 green).

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  1. Paul and Eric
    November 15, 2017 at 05:52

    I am foreigner and enjoyed and benefited from your post about Lunn the Warmonger, but it is impossible for me and my bro to understand abbreviations like CC or the meaning in this context of the word “kite”. Please, someone, clear this for us.

    • November 15, 2017 at 21:03

      CC = crowd control (i.e. things like stun, root, charm, fear, knockback). To kite means to run around so that the mob has to run after you and can’t hit you (and you can hopefully recover some health meanwhile and wait for your abilities to come out of cooldown).

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