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How to spawn the Lurker at the Threshold

The Lurker at the Threshold is a hidden raid boss that can be spawned in the Threshold of Divinity, the social part of House of Crom. After long efforts, some people have finally figured out how to spawn him and enough information has now been posted in the epic forum thread that the rest of the details can be reconstructed without too much trouble.

Or click here to see a larger map in vector format (SVG).

1. First, you need a Restored Keystone. To make it, you first need a Faded Keystone Fragment, which drops from the rare form of Narvi (Narvi the Opener of Hideous Doors). If you have this fragment in your inventory during the Alchemist Myk-ra encounter, and get hit by his Transmute spell, the fragment gets changed into a blue item called Energized Keystone Fragment.

For the next step, you’ll need the following ingredients in your inventory: 1 Energized Keystone Fragment, 1 Aqua Regia, 1 Aurichalcum, 4 Powdered Desert Glass. Then you can go kill Artificer Xan-Phon; after he’s dead, someone should do fire damage on the Heating Device (the pillar right of the forge) until it reaches 100%; then the person with the aforementioned ingredients in his/her inventory can click the forge and will have those ingredients replaced by a Restored Keystone. (The list of ingredients is hinted at by one of the Atlantean inscriptions in the Artificer’s room. See these forum posts: link 1, link 2.)

Both kinds of fragments, as well as the Restored Keystone, are tradable generic items, so you can also buy them from other players on the tradepost etc.

2. Now go place the Restored Keystone into the holder next to where Narvi is standing. You’ll probably have to kill Narvi first as you can’t reach the holder without aggroing him. Once the keystone is placed into the holder, it is lost from your inventory and there’s no way to recover it; it will stay in the holder until this instance of the dungeon resets, and then it will disappear for good. So you’ll need a new keystone the next time you want to do this in a different instance.

3. The next step is to “charge” the four circular platforms on the ground by spellweaving on them. These four platforms are located as follows (see the above map): one near Jotunrodull; one is reached by jumping down from the Hero Plateau; one is on the Ledge of the Scholars; and one is where the Arcanist Khor-nu is standing (so you have to kill him before you can charge the platform).

To charge a platform, someone has to spellweave on it for 2 minutes. Any class that can spellweave will do. When the platform is charged, yellow glowing particles appear on it, and the spellweaver gets a short cutscene which shows that the portal on top of the ziggurat (behind Narvi) is opening little by little.

Once a platform is charged, it remains charged indefinitely (until the instance resets). So you don’t have to have multiple people doing this simultaneously or anything like that; you can simply have one group moving around the dungeon and charging the platforms one by one.

4. When all 4 platforms are charged, the portal appears fully open. On the Ledge of the Scholars, there are 4 clickable Atlantean Scriptures (actually 5 but one of them isn’t clickable so I won’t count it). The Scholar NPC on the Ledge of the Scholars moves towards the middle scripture and starts repeating 4 lines of text, with pauses in between and with a longer pause after all 4 lines.

For the next step of the ritual, you’ll need one person on the ledge and one by the altar (next to the portal). When the Scholar says something, the person on the ledge should click the Scripture which produces a “matching” line of text. At the same time, the person by the altar should do the corresponding emote. The correct order of the scriptures, if you number them 1–4 from left to right (as you stand on the ledge and look towards the ziggurat), is 3-4-2-1. The corresponding order of emotes is /pointup, /horizon, /poundchest, /beckon (these are based on hints given by inscriptions in Priest Syth-Los’s room). The complete ritual looks like this:

Scholar: In his house, Yog-Sothoth waits dreaming.
Scripture 3: He is the Lurker at the Threshold, and his computation is eight, and twenty, and four hundred.
Altar: /pointup

Scholar: Past, present, future, all are one in Yog-Sothoth.
Scripture 4: He knows the gate. He is the gate. He is the key and guardian of the gate.
Altar: /horizon

Scholar: The Old Ones were, the Old Ones are, and the Old Ones shall be.
Scripture 2: Not in the spaces we know, but between them, they walk serene and primal, undimensioned and to us unseen.
Altar: /poundchest

Scholar: Open the gate, Yog-Sothoth! Shatter the doors between the screaming stars!
Scripture 1: Ia, Old One! Ia, Faceless One! Ia, he whose name is The Abnormal Ones Are Coming! Ia! Ia!
Altar: /beckon

The person clicking the scriptures has to have more or less maxed out his/her Atlantean language skill (by consuming 8 Fragments of Atlantean) in order to be able to click all four scriptures. The person doing the emotes doesn’t require anything special.

5. If this ritual has been done correctly, four candles and a book will now appear on the altar. Anyone moving close to the altar gets a 60-second buff called Ritual Blessing. A female character wearing the Royal Atlantean Gown should now approach the altar, get the Ritual Blessing buff, and then click the portal. This summons the Lurker.

If you didn’t get the emotes correctly during the ritual, the candles and book might still appear, and even give you a buff called Ritual Blessing, but it will have a different icon (orange instead of yellow) and will last just 30 seconds instead of 60. This is your clue that something went wrong. If the gown-wearer clicks the portal while having this wrong buff, she will get a message that “something with the ritual has gone horrifically wrong” and will get oneshotted by a gian hand reaching out from the portal. But this is nothing tragic, the candles etc. will reset when the Scholar on the Ledge starts his four lines of text again, so you just have to wait a bit and you can try repeating the ritual again.

During all this clicking and waiting, Narvi will probably respawn, but he doesn’t hinder the ritual in any way. He’ll disappear anyway if you manage to summon the Lurker. I saw barriers going up at the entrances into Narvi’s area when the Lurker was summoned, so I guess that if you want to actually kill the Lurker, you should probably assemble your raid team in Narvi’s yard before you summon him.

Update: the tactics for the Lurker encounter have recently been published by X.legion on the German AoC forum: link.

Update 2: the above link is now broken since the old EU forums were shut down by Failcom, and it seems that nobody bothered to transfer the tactics to the new forums. Here’s an archived copy of the old forum thread: link.

  1. sarcopthes
    May 25, 2012 at 09:16

    is it a raid or group instance?

    • May 25, 2012 at 19:25

      Well, the Threshold of Divinity is a social dungeon (like Onyx) that fits up to 24 players; all the mobs there are group mobs, except for the Lurker at the Threshold, which is a raid encounter.

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