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House of Crom armor sets

As far as I’m aware, there are 15 sets of blue armor dropping in the House of Crom. All of them are full sets, i.e. consisting of all 8 parts (chest, head, legs, feet, shoulder, wrist, hands, belt):

  • Atlantean [plate]
  • Bedlam [hox]
  • Beyond [heavy]
  • Excavator [social]
  • Ichorous [barb]
  • Inconceivable [bs]
  • Insanity [barb]
  • Lunacy [sin]
  • Membranous [bs/ranger]
  • Nebulous [pom/tos]
  • Sepulcher [demo/necro]
  • Spheres [demo/necro]
  • Unutterable [pom/tos]
  • Wells of Night [sin]
  • Writhing [ranger]

Most people who go to the House of Crom probably already have gear with better stats than these sets, so they will be mostly interesting as vanity armor (if at all). I personally don’t find their appearance to be all that impressive, with the exception of certain helmets which are so ridiculously horny that people will probably start offering you five dollah if they see you walking around in them.

(Click to enlarge.)

The above picture shows the Helm of Insanity, but there are several other similar ones.

This post is about stats; see also: screenshots of some of these sets, what drops where.

Comparison of stats

The following tables show the total stats of each set (after taking trickledowns from things like strength, dexterity, etc. into account). They are arranged so that sets that seem to be targeting the same or related classes are shown next to each other:

Soldier sets: Atlantean (plate), Beyond (heavy)

These two sets seem to go into opposite extremes; Atlantean has lots of HP and no DPS, Beyond has plenty of DPS but no HP.

Attribute Atlantean
Armor 5605 6486
Crit Dmg Rtg 232
Crit Rtg 190
Critigation 1460 1460
DPS 82.1
HP 7304
Hate Inc Rtg 130
Hit Rtg 322 344
Immunity Rtg 73
Nat Stam Regen 79.7 29.0
Stamina 1926 1158

See also my separate post about the Atlantean set from a few days ago.

Barbarian sets: Ichorous, Insanity

Ichorous has HP, stamina and stamina regen; Insanity has armor and DPS.

Attribute Ichorous
(melee light)
(melee light)
Armor 2804 3790
Crit Dmg Rtg 223
Crit Rtg 182
Critigation 1460 1460
DPS 39.3 83.3
Evade Rtg 38
HP 2792
Hit Rtg 380 285
Nat Stam Regen 83.5 24.7
Offhand Rtg 80
Procs 2x Ripping Revenge
Stamina 2850 986

Assassin sets: Lunacy, Wells of Night

Attribute Lunacy
(melee cloth)
Wells of Night
(melee cloth)
Armor 1964 1964
Crit Dmg Rtg 225
Crit Rtg 183
Critigation 1460 1460
DPS 82.9 38.6
Evade Rtg 312
HP 2752
Hit Rtg 230 391
Nat Stam Regen 31.2 85.8
Offhand Rtg 105
Stamina 1248 2901

Mage sets: Sepulcher, Spheres, Bedlam

Sepulcher is the offensive demo/necro set, Spheres is the defensive demo/necro set, Bedlam is the HoX set:

Attribute Sepulcher
(magic cloth)
(magic cloth)
Armor 1964 1964 2898
Crit Dmg Rtg 216 214
Crit Rtg 179 178
Critigation 1460 1460 1460
DPS 80.1
HP 2768
Hit Rtg 321 391 321
Magic Damage 543 249 463*
Mana 2715 2904
Nat Mana Regen 63.4 84
Nat Stam Regen 17.3 23.4
Protection (Cold, Electrical, Fire) 543
Stamina 692 934

*Note: on the HoX set, it’s actually Magic Damage (Fire) rather than general Magic Damage.

PoM/ToS sets: Nebulous, Unutterable

Nebulous has heal rating and HP, but no magic damage; with Unutterable it’s just the other way around.

Attribute Nebulous
(priest light)
(priest light)
Armor 2932 2804
Crit Dmg Rtg 217
Crit Rtg 192 179
Critigation 1460 1460
Evade Rtg 134
HP 2880
Hate Inc Rtg -122
Heal Rtg 1316
Hit Rtg 321
Magic Damage 543
Mana 2850 2715
Nat Mana Regen 82.8 63.4
Nat Stam Regen 18
Protection (Holy, Unholy) 543
Stamina 720

Medium sets: Inconceivable (BS), Writhing (ranger), Membranous (generic medium)

There are three medium sets; Inconceivable has strength, Writhing has dexterity, Membranous has generic combat rating.

Attribute Inconceivable
(generic medium)
Armor 4755 3701 3701
Crit Dmg Rtg 224 225
Crit Rtg 186 184
Critigation 1460 1314 1460
DPS 82.2 83.3 39.3
Evade Rtg 123 312
HP 2792
Hit Rtg 319 345 380
Nat Stam Regen 26.4 31.2 83.6
Stamina 1054 1248 2850
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    Hi there, just started following your blog. Very informative and I enjyoed the read ffor HoC. This is huge for my guild which is just getting to the point where we can go after HoC and Khitai 6 mans. Good stuff! Anyways, I run a small blog, Hyborian Rage. Drop by if you feel inclined. Love your site!

  2. February 13, 2012 at 09:53

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    This all is very informative and well written.

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  5. Argantes
    February 17, 2012 at 12:03

    good post. maybe add a drop list later, so ppl can farm their missing and desired piece?

  6. February 17, 2012 at 15:53

    Yes, I have a post about the HoC loot tables in progress, the only question is at what point are there sufficiently few items missing on it that I’m willing to post it 😛 Probably I’ll post it in the next few days.

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