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Royal Atlantean Gown

This is a somewhat rare drop from Queen Cao-Polyphya in the Vile Nativity (the 6-person part of House of Crom). Interestingly enough, it’s bind-on-equip rather than bind-on-pickup, so you can mail it between characters or even sell it. Technically it’s similar to the disguises that you get during some faction quests in Khitai: it’s considered to be a social chest armor piece and when you put it on, it actually hides all the armor that you’re wearing in the other slots. Unfortunately you can’t equip it in the vanity armor slots, and it can be worn only by female characters.

I think the dress looks gorgeous, but it has some horrible clipping issues if your character has long hair.

In the early days after the House of Crom has been released, there has been some speculation that Argo-Satha drops the male-only counterpart to this robe (e.g. link), but by now he has been killed so many times by so many people that we can probably pretty safely conclude that no such male robe exists.

The Royal Atlantean Gown plays a key role in the process of spawning the Lurker at the Threshold, a hidden raid boss in the Threshold of Divinity.

P.S. I recently noticed a forum post which speculates that the chance of the gown dropping is higher if there are more female characters in the group. I have no idea whether there’s anything to this or not — my guess is that the groups I’m in always have a reasonable number of female characters and the drop rate is still very low. It would require a huge amount of farming to notice a difference between two such low drop probabilities (if such a difference exists at all, of course).

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