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The Catacombs

This is a level 59 group dungeon attached to the Tarantia Noble District. It’s also quite a pleasant place to farm with a level 80 character (a ToS is particularly suitable); Jan Vermis drops the Tiraz recipe, and Commander Zoria drops all 4 recipes for “base armor” (Brute Garb, Celebrant Garments, Incanter Attire, Mercenary Equipment). Each of these recipes makes 3 level 62 items (chest, head, legs), which have very good stats for that level, but more importantly they are used as base items to craft the main pieces (chest, head, legs) of culture armor. The base armor recipes aren’t bind-on-pickup, so they can be sold on the tradepost, where indeed they are often seen for sale at various more or less fantasy prices. It’s only fair to note that there doesn’t seem to be much money in crafting culture armor nowadays, nor in the base armor parts.

Encounter mechanics

Jan Vermis: an assassin-type boss. Special abilities:

  • Lotus Overload: this is a buff that gives him 90% invulnerability to all magic damage for 20 seconds. You can easily recognize it by a brown circle around his feet.

  • Prediction: this is a buff that gives him 90% evade chance for 20 seconds. You can easily recognize it by a white circle around his feet.

  • Lotus Overdose: he gains this buff when his health drops to 10%; it gives him a +50% damage multiplier and +50% magic damage modifier.

Karel Vernus: a conq-type boss. He has a special ability called Monstrous Hulk (+45% scale, +350% damage multiplier, +200 damage deflection, -60% movement multiplier), during which you have to kite him (he’s invulnerable to damage and hits much harder than usually; fortunately he is also slower).

Catacomb Stalker Queen: this is just a simple tank-and-spank fight. Occasionally she roots you (Spider Web: root for 4 sec) or snares you (Phermone Spit [sic]: +5% hinder movement), and spawns waves of minions.

Aturballon – Flame of Acheron: a HoX-type boss, he seems to be a bit bugged in the sense that some of his combos (Cleave, Fire Lance) do not appear on his casting bar, nor does he have any sort of animation while he’s doing them; you just get suddenly hit after he seemed to be standing still for a while. They hit hard, so you should step away and kite him a little when you’re low on health. Occasionally he spawns a patch of fire on the ground (Living Fire), which moves around slowly and does fire damage if you step in it. He also has a knockback ability (Blast Wave).

Commander Zoria: a DT-type boss; she does crushing and unholy damage. She hits pretty hard, so you might have to kite her. Occasionally she casts Shadow Barrier, which spawns a wave of minions (Dread Shades), which you should kill quickly or they will heal her. Killing them gives you debuffs that make you more vulnerable to unholy damage (Shadow Taint: -10% unholy invulnerability for each minion you killed), so you might want to kite her until your debuffs expire.

When her health reaches 40%, she starts casting Deaths Void. During this 20-second cast, she has 150% invulnerability to all types of damage; in other words, any attacks during this phase would actually heal her, so leave her alone and move away so you’ll be out of reach of her big AoE attack (Burst of Death: 4-5k unholy damage) that comes just after Deaths Void. Then you can DPS her again for about 15 seconds before she casts Deaths Void again, and so on.

When her health reaches 10%, she starts simply spamming an attack called Shriek of Acheron and you don’t need to worry about Deaths Void any more.

Loot tables

Jan Vermis: drops 1 of

  • Grand Elder Jerkin
  • Lauded Curatic Band
  • Praeceptum Bands
  • Savant’s Ancient Scripts
  • Sleightcraft Mitts
  • Sylphlike Sash

Can also drop recipes:

  • Architect: Honored Matriarch
  • Weaving: Tiraz

Karel Vernus: drops 1 of

  • Battlestance Boots
  • Bloodvaliant Gauntlets
  • Bonecleave
  • Eminent Girdle
  • Heroking’s Breastplate
  • Upholder Armguards

Catacomb Stalker Queen: drops 1 of

  • Catacomb Legguards
  • Catacomb Gauntlets
  • Catacomb Gloves
  • Catacomb Tunic
  • Queen Blade

Aturballon — Flame of Acheron: drops 1 of

  • Dimshade Straps
  • Frostfire Cowl
  • Incandescent Cane
  • Rustic Fauld
  • Sinister Tunic
  • Timeworn Gloves

Commander Zoria: drops 1 of

  • Blackrain Arbalest
  • Consecrated Libram
  • Dictatus Carver
  • Judicator Arcus
  • Wildling Hauberk
  • Zoria’s Spire

Can also drop recipes:

  • Armorsmith: Brute Garb
  • Armorsmith: Celebrant Garments
  • Armorsmith: Incanter Attire
  • Armorsmith: Mercenary Equipment
  • Armorsmith: Circlet of Might
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