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Solo farming the Amphitheatre of Karutonia

The Amphitheatre of Karutonia is a level 63 group dungeon in Ymir’s Pass, consisting of 3 (or 4, depending on how you count them) boss encounters. Lately I’ve been farming it solo with my level 80 necromancer to get some vanity armor. It’s a bit trickier for solo farming than some of the other mid-level instances such as the Catacombs, so I figured I’d write up my experiences here.

First of all, there are a lot of trashmobs and they hit fairly hard, so that fighting more than 2 at a time gets very uncomfortable. With a bit of care you can always pull just two trashmobs at a time, and you can also avoid a lot of the trash (see the green line on the map for the path I took; generally it’s a good idea to stick to the railing on the inner side of the upper-floor ring most of the time).

An even better solution is to max out your hiding skill and just sneak past the trashmobs in hide. Occasionally you might still get spotted, so try to still choose your route carefully so that you won’t have to fight too many mobs at the same time in case they spot you.

The Dimensionalist

This boss is basically a fire demo, his spells hit moderately hard but fortunately he spends most of the time casting useless slow-casting things like Molten Shield that don’t do any real damage. He occasionally also spawns adds, which are melee mobs, so it’s best if you stand next to the boss while you fight him, thereby ensuring that the adds will also take splash damage from your attacks. The adds don’t hit particularly hard and you don’t have to focus on them, except when you notice that the boss has become invulnerable to damage — at that time you should kill the adds until the boss becomes vulnerable again.

Abyssal Keeper

This is an archer mob, he shoots an arrow approx. every 2 seconds and it hits for around 800-1000 points, so you’ll have to kite him. He’s in a partly walled-up area that also includes several cages; don’t kite him outside of this area or he’s likely to reset. I usually kite him around the big cage in the middle of the room, though several other cages also break his line of sight and are thus useful for kiting.

When his health reaches 75%, he goes to one of the cages, releases an add from it and locks himself up in the cage. Kill the add and the boss will come out again and you can continue the fight. The same happens at 50% with the next cage, except that he relases two adds this time. All the adds in this fight hit really weakly, in fact your mage shield will easily absorb all the damage they do.

At 25% of health, the boss releases an add from a cage again, but this time he doesn’t stay in the cage; so start kiting right away, send the pets on the add until it dies, then on the boss again. The same thing happens at 10% of health, except that the boss releases two adds instead of one.

When the boss is dead, the big cage in the middle of the room opens and the next boss comes out (Spirit of Khan).

Spirit of Khan

This is a big tiger boss that comes out of the middle cage after you kill the Abyssal Keeper. He does melee attacks and hits hard enough that you’ll probably have to kite him a bit, but he is also vulnerable to CCs. As a necro, you have a root, stun, snare, two fears, and the frenzy pet, so you can easily prevent him from causing you too much trouble.

The Devourer

This boss initially patrols on the big semicircular lava field on the lower floor (be careful, if you touch lava you get oneshotted, so you must jump over the lava canals). When you aggro him, he gets a retributive damage buff (he does 500 points of damage back for any attack he gets). To remove this buff, you have to bring him upstairs to the icy area around the Frostfather and fight him there.

The structure of the fight is as follows. DPS the boss down to 25%; at that point he disappears and you get the message “The supernatural barrier on one of the chains dissipates…”. IME this is always the chain on the Frostfather’s right-hand side (see the map); go quickly to that chain and use it. Your character will start hacking at the chain with the axe that you got from the Son of Ymir quest sequence. This is a long operation; don’t interrupt it, but you can send your pets on the adds that will spawn during this time (fortunately, they are harmless and won’t interrupt your work on the chain). The Dimensionalist reappears (back at 100%) after a certain amount of time — if you started working on the chain too late, he’ll reappear before you’re done breaking the chain and you’ll have to DPS him down to 25% again before you can try breaking that chain again.

Anyway, assuming that you successfully broke the right chain, you can now DPS the boss to 25% again, at which point he will disappear again and the left chain will now be ready to be broken. Break that chain, the boss reappears and this time you can DPS him down to 0% and get the loot.

This boss is basically a caster that does fire damage (Fire Strike) and unholy damage (Blast of the Devourer, Touch of the Devourer). He also has an attack that puts a stamina- and mana-draining debuff on you (Thirst of the Devourer). You should take advantage of the walls (shown red on the map) to break his line of sight, and thus prevent him from actually hurting you with his spells. Some of those walls are low enough that you can jump over them, but the boss can’t (and they still break his line of sight), which makes them even more useful for kiting the boss.

Ideally you want him to be moving as little as possible, so that your pets can DPS him more easily. So a good idea is to stand next to a corner until you see him start something; hide behind the corner until the cast is done; then peek out again quickly so that the boss won’t walk to you, but will instead stay where he is and start casting his next spell; then you hide behind the corner again, etc. Of course, like any caster mob, he occasionally still decides to walk to you and do a melee hit (crushing damage) before trying to cast again.

You can kill all the bosses in less than 40 min if things go smoothly (and you sneak past the trash in hide).

Loot tables

(work in progress)

Note: for the bosses that drop 2 items, the two drops are chosen independently of each other, so it’s possible that you get two of the same item.

The Dimensionalist: drops 2 of

  • Darkfury Slippers
  • Darkshear
  • Frostmaw Gauntlets
  • Grimjaw Helm
  • Grimshaker
  • Hellfury Wristbands
  • Rattlecurse
  • Ravenclaw Tasset
  • Scarhide Bracers

Abyssal Keeper: drops 2 of

  • Bloodbrute Legguards
  • Boneharbor
  • Darkslayer Bracers
  • Frostmaw Vambraces
  • Grimjaw Bracers
  • Hellfury Armbands
  • Ravenclaw Armbands
  • Scarhide Boots
  • Soulcrush

Spirit of Khan: drops 1 of

  • Claw of Khan
  • Darkfury Leggings
  • Frostmaw Boots
  • Grimjaw Gloves
  • Ravenclaw Bracers
  • Scarhide Belt

The Devourer: drops 2 of

  • Bloodbrute Chestguard
  • Darkslayer Hood
  • Frostmaw Helm
  • Grimjaw Jerkin
  • Hellfury Robe
  • Ravenclaw Helm
  • Scarhide Helm
  • Shatterfist
  • Soulcleaver

Some of the heavy armor items use the same models as plate armor from Xibaluku; some of the cloth items use the same models as some of the quest rewards from Tarantia Noble District.

  1. Misiuggah
    May 31, 2012 at 09:39

    Hmm… I didn’t notice it’s always the same chain first – we sometimes got the left-hand one (rarely). Trash mobs normally interrupt the “hacking” cast – maybe if you’re level 80 then the damage they deal is just too low.

    I wonder if I can solo it with a BS 🙂

  2. May 31, 2012 at 12:16

    Hm, I guess the left-hand chain first must be very rare then, for me it has always been the right-hand chain first so far. As for being interrupted, I agree that it’s probably related to the damage done. With a necro you don’t take any damage at all since the minions will do so little damage that it will be completely absorbed by your mage shield.

    I’m sure it should also be possible with a BS, it might just be more annoying as you can’t do any damage on the boss while you’re kiting and recovering health. And his stamina drain (Thirst of the Devourer) might be more of a nuisance since you need stamina for combos.

  3. FalandraAoC
    April 2, 2015 at 23:20

    I wonder where the tiger boss (Spirit of Khan) went… there is no such boss anymore, do you have any information about that?

    btw. awesome blog I really love your posts! 🙂

    • April 2, 2015 at 23:22

      Sadly, the Spirit of Khan is now a mere trashmob standing next to the Abyssal Keeper at the latter’s new location in Ymir’s Pass.

      • FalandraAoC
        April 4, 2015 at 13:12

        Thank you for your answer!

  1. April 17, 2012 at 16:56

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