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Gugalanna of Yimsha

The 3.1 update notes say there is a new quest in the Coast of Ardashir playfield, called “Gugalanna of Yimsha”, but they don’t say how to obtain this new quest. Here’s an explanation.

The various zombies, ghouls, and Black Seers of Yimsha mobs in the west and south of the playfield now (i.e. since 3.1) have a chance of dropping a generic item called Mark of Yimsha. You will need a group of 6 people, each of whom has to have a Mark of Yimsha in his/her bag.

Another new thing in 3.1 is a group of 6 Black Seer Cultist mobs (level 60 normal mobs), each of which stands on a pad (approximate coordinates: 138, 813). You should kill the cultists and then each player in your group should step on one of the pads.

This causes Gugalanna of Yimsha to spawn, who turns out to be a level 55 epic boss based on more or less the same centaur-style model as Chatha or Tetharos. I’m not sure if he requires any special tactics as we did this with a level 80 group and he died very quickly; I do remember that at some point he stunned the current aggro holder. He dropped a loot chest containing a stamina potion, a green armor piece, 2 Soldier’s Pouches and a Manual of Discipline; and about 1 silver for each group member.

Killing him also gave us a quest, also called, Gugalanna of Yimsha, with a single task, namely to inform either Sergeant Pirooz or the Lector Garmayel of our deed. I spoke to Garmayel and all I got was a Soldier’s Bag and 2 silver. So it’s a bit of a disappointment, I was hoping for some nice blue level 55-ish item at least. The quest seems to be repeatable, with a 2-hour cooldown.

P.S. If the name Gugalanna sounds vaguely Sumerian to you, you are right, it’s borrowed from Sumerian mythology.

P.P.S. I recently killed him a second time and he dropped a nice level 55 blue ring: Ring of Yimsha (80 armor, 30 con, 25 crit rtg).

P.P.P.S. Actually you don’t need a group to spawn him; one player with the Mark of Yimsha is enough, he just has to go from pad to pad and stand on each pad long enough to get the blue particle effect. So if you’re level 80, you can spawn and kill him by yourself.

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  1. Xafrael
    February 22, 2015 at 22:37

    seems to be fixed. 6ppl needed

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