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Enigmata of Yag bosses

The Enigmata of Yag is a popular group dungeon in Kara Korum. You get one of 3 possible bosses in it: Tetharos the Slaughterer, X’cth the Annihilator, and Spawn of Nyarlathotep. Tetharos is harder than the other two, whereas Spawn and Annihilator are both pretty easy but Spawn drops more loot and AA xp. Thus people often use rangers with the tracking ability to see which boss is in the instance before they start actually clearing it; if it isn’t the boss they want, they regroup and keep trying with new instances of the dungeon.

I’ve also had a ranger available for tracking for some time now, and I’ve been keeping count of how many times I saw which boss. The following table shows the results:



Relative frequency

Tetharos the Slaughterer



X’cth the Annihilator



Spawn of Nyarlathotep






So on average you’ll have to track about 15 times to find the Spawn! Keep that in mind next time you feel that you’ve been tracking unfairly long.

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