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T’ian’an District

Motivation: T’ian’an district is a group dungeon in Paikang with a very challenging time trial and some very nice purple loot if you manage to complete the time trial.

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The story behind this district is that the local commander of the Dark Legion is a bit crazy and his idea of purifying the district of corruption is to walk around it and set fires wherever he goes. So as time passes, more and more parts of the dungeon are on fire; your goal is to kill all the bosses before they become unreachable due to fire. The time limits are very short, so you have to do everything as quickly as possible and there is not much room for mistakes.

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When you enter the dungeon, wait a little at the entrance until you’re sure that everyone has finished zoning and is ready to continue. The time trial starts running as soon as anyone crosses the little canal near the entrance (you will see an on-screen message about the sound of marching in the distance — this is the clue that the commander has started patrolling the district and setting fires).

When running from one boss to the next, move as quickly as possible, let the trashmobs follow you until there are enough of them, then just AoE them down. But be careful as some of the trash are group mobs (most are solo mobs, however). Be particularly careful about Craterspawns, they can put a very nasty wrack on the target (so if the target isn’t a soldier, he can’t remove the wrack and is likely to die).

The bosses need to be killed in the following order: Ironwright, Juxia, Shadowmaster, Yi-T’ian, Noztaal, Uxus. The time limits apply only to the first four (you have to kill all four in 16:45 minutes); the last two are in areas that never catch fire. You will get purple loot from Uxus if you kill all the other 5 bosses before killing him.

If you aren’t aiming for the time trial, you can simply kill one or two of the first four bosses and the time limits won’t give you too much trouble; then you can kill the last two at your leisure.

Note: in update 3.1, they increased the timer for the time trial by approx. 2 minutes and added purple loot to Uxus (see the screenshots above) if you successfully complete the time trial. Most of the timer information below is out of date as it refers to the pre-3.1 conditions.

Path through the dungeon

The above map shows a recommended path through the dungeon. First follow the red line from the entrance, go through the big round pagoda in the middle (there you can stop and kill the trash that you have accumulated until then) and continue through the middle bridge, stop in front of the Ironwright’s house and kill the trash there, then go in to start the boss fight.

Alternatively, you could follow the dotted red line, cross the southern bridge and go to a spot where you can reset all the trash that will be following you (after you cross the bridge, jump on the right and go behind a building; the mobs won’t be able to jump and won’t have line of sight to you, so they will reset). Then go back across the southern bridge and up along the river bank (stay close to the edge to minimize the number of mobs you’ll pull) to reach the middle bridge. This way you have to fight fewer mobs but you have to run a longer way, so it’s doubtful whether this is any faster.

After you kill the Ironsmith, follow the blue line to reach Juxia (the rhino boss). Two variants are shown: you could follow the dotted line back to the bridge, jump across the fence there (which is a bit tricky) and then go up along the river bank; or you can go through a gate to the north first and then turn left to eventually reach the river bank. This second variant is more commonly used, and is preferable to the first unless you see some group mob standing in the way there.

After you kill Juxia, follow the green line to the Shadowmaster. The most direct way is across the northern bridge and through a small garden, which is unfortunately thickly infested with mobs (typically including a Craterspawn). Alternatively, you can follow the dotted line and walk down to the middle bridge (or even swim across, as there is a point where you can climb out of the water near the middle bridge), but this detour is so long that it’s probably better to cross the northern bridge and fight the mobs in the garden. In any case you will then continue by going behind the houses, as shown by the solid line (it requires a few jumps but isn’t difficult with a bit of practice). Going behind the houses means you won’t pull any mobs. Using the left bridge to the Shadowmaster’s house instead of the right one also allows you to avoid a few mobs (one of which is a group mob). Pull that last group of mobs into the Shadowmaster’s house and fight them there; when they are nearly dead, one of the tanks can click the leaflet which will spawn the Shadowmaster. (Alternatively, you can follow the dotted line and use the right bridge to reach the Shadowmaster’s house; this way you will have more mobs to kill but you will also take less risk of someone failing the jumps and getting killed in the water.)

After you kill the Shadowmaster, follow the magenta line south, turn right and enter a house; go up the stairs to the top floor (where you’ll also find one of the scrolls of Ankh-Ausar) and jump through the opening in the wall. You’ll end up on the roof one floor below and from there you can jump to the roof of Yi-T’ian’s building.


Mechanics: The boss initially has a buff called Mirrored Shield, which gives him 20% immunity and a chance to proc some retributive damage in response to any magic attack. (So casters should be careful not to kill themselves with the retributive damage. ToSses shouldn’t use Storm Crown.) The forge next to which he originally stood is clickable; if you click it, you get a buff (Imbue) with +150% magic damage for 20 seconds. If you hit him with melee while you have this buff, you will lose the buff, but the boss will also lose his Mirrored Shield buff, and replace with with a 25% evade buff (Anticipate). During the fight he also gains a healing buff called Concentration, which stacks higher and higher as the fight progresses. When he changes from the immunity buff to the evasion buff, he loses any stacks of Concentration that he gained up till that point.

Strategy: Pull him out of the small building where he originally stands; but demos/necros can go inside, stand by the forge and click it often to get the magic damage buff from it (unfortunately you have to exit spellweaving to click the forge). When his HP reaches approximately 50% (and his Concentration healing buff has probably reached at least 3 stacks by then), move him to the forge, someone should click the forge and hit him with a melee hit to remove his healing stacks (and also change his immunity buff to an evasion buff). (If you don’t remove his heals like that, he will end up getting 5 stacks of Concentration before you kill him, and it will be very difficult to out-DPS his heals; the fight will take too long that way.)

He hits fairly hard, so tanks might have to swap aggro occasionally. He also has some AoE knockbacks and AoE attacks that hit everyone in the group, but these can be outhealed.

It seems that he switches from the evasion buff back to the immunity buff (and loses his heals again) if everyone walks out of the building with the forge. So in principle you can change his buffs and reset his heals as many times as you like; if your DPS is a bit low, you might want to do it as soon as he gets two stacks of healing.

Fire reaches this boss 6 minutes after you started the time trial.

Juxia the Berserk

This is a big rhino. Mostly it’s just a tank and spank fight, but every now and then the boss runs to one of the cages and releases an add from it. The other tank should grab this add and tank it, preferably close to the boss so that they can both be DPSed together. The boss’s aggro is a bit shaky around this time (it knockbacks the tank on Impale and seems to reset the aggro at that time), so the DPSers should be careful to avoid pulling aggro.

Each possible add (kappa, firebird, etc.) has a different particular ability; one of them interrupts spells, one has retributive damage, one has mana drain etc. Generally they can’t be CCed. When the boss dies, any adds which are up at that time will despawn immediately. Thus, if the boss is relatively low on health, just kite the current add and focus DPS on the boss.


This assassin-like boss is in a house with two floors connected by a staircase. Click the note in the room downstairs to spawn him. He hits fairly hard so the tanks will need to swap aggro. At any point in the fight, you can only fight him on one of the floors (anybody on the other floor is silenced). Every now and then he disappears and when he will eventually reappear, the floors will switch roles. In the time until he reappears, he heals up and gains various annoying buffs; thus, it is very important to make him reappear as quickly as possible. To do this, someone should hurry to the floor where the boss will appear (i.e. not the floor where you have been fighting him most recently) and look at the tables there; a light will appear on one of the tables; hit that table with some AoE and the boss will reappear there at once.


This is a drunkard somewhat reminiscent of Bibaculus from Crows’ Nest. His abilities include:

  • Haymaker: a powerful frontal cone attack, so the DPSers should stand behind him or far away. Tanks can avoid it by moving to the side quickly when they see him casting Haymaker.
  • Cocktail: puts a spot of fire on the ground around the target, and anybody standing in it will be taking damage. So you should move out of the fire on the ground if you’re standing in it. The cocktail might be targeted on one of the people that are next to the boss, in which case you’ll have to move the boss as well (to avoid tanking him in the fire).
  • Berserk: Every now and then (it seems to be based on a timer) he enrages and starts running around the room, leaving a trail of fire on the ground and anybody near him gets rooted and dotted for a few seconds, so you should get out of his way (when you see that he started casting Berserk, move a few steps away from him). He also has a 60% damage deflection buff in this state. While enraged, he always runs towards one of the barrels along the walls of the room. Whoever is nearby should hurry to that same barrel, preferably stand behind it (between the barrel and the wall), and click it just as the boss is there; this will break the barrel and the water will de-enrage the boss, so that the fight can continue right away.

Fire reaches this boss 15 minutes after you started the time trial. After 3.1, fire seems to reach him in 16:45 minutes. (Note: this doesn’t mean that you have to kill the boss within 16:45 or you will fail the hardmode. As long as you manage to kill all the bosses, you will have triggered the hardmode. So if the room catches fire while you’re fighting, and you succeed in killing the boss despite the fire, you’ll be fine. Of course, the fire is sure to kill your group relatively soon, so you don’t have much time to kill him at that point.)


Someone should go talk to the priestess; she comes running into the circular building in the centre of the dungeon, where all the players should now go as well. Talk to her again to trigger the encounter. Over the next several minutes, a number of mobs will come running into the room, mostly one by one but occasionally several at a time; initially they are solo mobs, later there will also be some group mobs. You should intercept them and kill them before they do too much damage to the priestess. Eventually, the boss will spawn; he looks similar to Chatha or Tetharos. IIRC he doesn’t have any special abilities and isn’t particularly hard to kill. When he’s dead, a treasure chest mob will spawn, and when you kill it, a real loot box will appear. The treasure chest mob looks like a purple box, but the loot box that you actually get after killing it is blue.

It takes spectacular incompetence and/or serious AFKing to wipe on this encounter, but if you do, the boss will kill the priestess and you won’t be able to repeat the encounter in the same instance; so your effort in triggering the hardmode and doing the time trial will have been wasted.


When you enter his room, you will see approx. 8 solo mobs, which are initially yellow; after you pull and kill them, the boss will appear. Initially, he has a bubble (Heavily Armored) similar to a guardian’s Last Stand: DPSing him actually burns his stamina instead of his health. When he runs out of stamina, he loses the bubble (so you can now actually decrease his health) but gains a stamina regeneration buff (Overheated). When his stamina reaches 100% again, he loses the stamina regeneration buff but regains the bubble, and so on. To burn his stamina, the tank should move him near one of the piles of wood along the walls and set it on fire; after a while he should move him to the next pile and so on. The idea is to first burn his stamina to 0% so that he’ll lose his bubble, then use the wood piles to prevent his stamina from recovering back to 100% for as long as possible, so that you can keep on DPSing him.

Occasionally he also casts a self-heal (Regenerative Elixir), which a rogue should remove. If you have really good DPS, you can also kill him without a rogue by out-DPSing the heals.

The other tank should pick up adds (elite mobs) which spawn from time to time (they come from doors in the same wall where the boss also came from). They are ranged mobs so you might want to occasionally move the boss to the adds for more efficient DPSing, as it would be difficult to move the adds to the boss.

Scrolls of Ankh-Ausar

Three of the scrolls for this quest (which starts in Ai District) are here in T’ian’an. All three are shown on the map above (some of them exist in several copies). Two are near the centre of the map and are easy to reach. The third one (Pnakotic Manuscripts) is a bit more tricky; it’s located in a part of the map that eventually catches fire. But it’s fairly close to an area that doesn’t catch fire (marked “To Scroll” on the map), and even a squishy can run from there to the scroll and pick it up before he dies of the fire. It’s on the second floor of a building and guarded by a (solo) trashmob.

Ankh-Ausar, incidentally, is located in Khemi, near the caravan to Khitai.

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    December 23, 2012 at 00:13

    “Ankh-Ausar, incidentally, is located in Khemi, near the caravan to Khitai.”
    Since the 3.5.1 update, you need to deliver the scrolls to Dragon’s Spine (which is not yet available)

    • December 23, 2012 at 18:04

      Lol, nice. Good old Funcom ๐Ÿ˜›

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