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Ai District

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Entrance: go to the Insurrection camp in Paikang. Enter the sewers to the left of the camp. This takes you to a small lobby-type instance with 2 doors leading to Tian’An and Ai (the right door is for Ai District).

Quests: pick up whatever quests you can from the Insurrection camp in Paikang; some of them are repeatable (with a 20 hour cooldown). IIRC you need to be rank 3 with them. But you can also enter the instance without any quests.

Trash mobs: there are plenty of trash mobs here, some are solo mobs and some are group mobs, so check before pulling too many. Some (but not all) of the group mobs can be easily recognized by having “Elite” in their name. Try to CC them as much as possible. Some abilities to watch out for:

  • Elite Dark Legion Cavalry mobs have a powerful AoE attack called “Dark Wave”. Try to interrupt it with CCs. Failing that, squishies shouldn’t stand too close to the mob when Dark Wave hits.
  • Craterspawns have an AoE attack called “Smash Earth”.

Starving Lowlifes: are beggars, initially green; once you come close to them, they start following you around and begging. After a while they become hostile and attack you (they are group mobs, so be careful and don’t grab too many of them).

If you decide to walk from the entrance towards Sxi Ai’s place, there are certain points where waves of mobs are triggered once someone gets there, so be careful and don’t rush too quickly. (Or, alternatively, do rush quickly, ignore all the mobs, and jump into the water at the end of the road. You can get out after the mobs have reset. This could be useful if you want to kill just Sxi Ai and ignore the other bosses. In fact, since you don’t get a lockout debuff, you could farm her for rare trophies, AA xp and insignia, similarly to the way people used to farm the first boss in the Pillars of Heaven.) But most groups don’t walk from the dungeon entrance towards Sxi Ai’s place anyway; instead, you should go kill the Commander first and then simply jump down from his room to reach Sxi Ai’s yard.

Occasionally you will see the ground shake; this means that Sxi Ai is approaching on her way through the instance. If she runs over you, you die, so don’t stand in the middle of the street.

Barricades: there are two barricades which must be destroyed before you can reach the Commander. To destroy a barricade, someone must click on the catapult nearby. This someone can be a player or the Engineer NPC that originally stands near the entrance (talk to him and he’ll follow you; he starts operating the catapult as soon as you bring him close to it).

Interacting with the catapult triggers several waves of adds who will try to attack/kill the person/engineer operating the catapult, so the rest of the group has to cc and kill them before they can do that. If the catapult is operated by a player, that player can’t do anything else meanwhile, so it’s better to use the engineer instead (this way you have 6 people to deal with the add waves instead of just 5). If the engineer takes too much damage, use the bandages (which you collected from the box behind where he was initially standing) to heal him.

Laboratory: is located near the Northern gate and its catapult. Clicking the scroll here gives you a quest to collect 3 ingredients; once you have them, you can come back to the laboratory, click on the mortar on the table and complete the quest. This gives you a potion that you can use during the Sxi Ai fight to remove the taint debuff from yourself (but the fight is also quite doable without this, there’s just a somewhat higher risk of wiping).

The ingredients required are: lichen (looks more a mushroom, they grow at random places all over the dungeon), blood (which drops randomly from trash mobs; it also reliably drops from the Commander), and a plant which grows in a specific area (shown on your map; but reaching it requires you to kill a fair few trash mobs which you could otherwise ignore).

Scrolls of Ankh-Ausar: jump off the bridge near the first barricade and swim southwards; you will reach a garden with a scroll, clicking which gives you a quest. After talking to two NPCs in Paikang and one in Chosain, you will get a followup quest which requires you to collect 5 scrolls in Ai and T’ian’an districts; the reward is one expertise point. One scroll can be reached by crossing the bridge near the first barricade and going north along a ledge (it will require one or two semi-careful jumps). Another scroll is in the garden reached by climbing down the vine from the stairs leading to Commander Yeng-Wang-Yeh’s room. The other three scrolls are in T’ian’an: one on the edge of the central market area; one in a garden not far from where the Priestess is initially located; and one on the top floor of a building east of Yi-T’ian’s location. More than one person can pick up the scrolls but they do take a while to respawn.

Loot: some notable items are Ring of the Ponderous Lady (+65 con, +46 hit rating, +49 crit rating) from Sxi Ai; Cloak of Wakening Nightmares (+88 magic damage, +48 hit rating, +56 crit dmg rating, +10.5 natural mana regen) from the Commander; Pendant of the Legion Commander (necklace: +76 str, +246 combat rating), also from the Commander. Several blue armor pieces (the kind that you would otherwise buy from faction vendors with Simple Trophies III) also drop here (the nice thing about them is that you can sell them to NPC vendors for 30 silver each). See also aoc.is-better-than.tv and this forum thread.

Each boss also drops two Rare Trophies, 60 Imperial Insignia and approx. 60k AA xp.

Boss fights

Commander Yeng-Wang-Yeh

Barriers spring up around his room when the fight starts, so make sure you enter together or someone will get locked out. He does magical damage so the tank(s) should maximize protection. He has a frontal cone attack, so squishies should stand behind him or to the sides.

The main thing in this fight is that circles will occasionally spawn near the boss (enable particles to see them). Standing in the circle puts a debuff on you, which does a certain amount of damage on you each tick. The damage is defined as a percentage of your health and is higher if the debuff stacks higher (it can stack up to 4x). Each circle has its own debuff, which does damage of a specific type: fire, cold, holy, or unholy.

In the early part of the fight, the boss spawns just one circle at a time — after that circle disappears, he will spawn a new one, etc. This part of the fight is a bit bugged in the sense that standing in the circle gives you a 4x debuff immediately. In any case, everyone must make sure that they do not stand in the circle — move out of it immediately.

  • The first two circle spawns seem to be random, but the boss turns into that direction briefly before actually spawning the circle. So watch where he’s turning and you’ll be able to move out of the way before the circle spawns.
  • The third circle is also random, he doesn’t turn that way but some sparks appear on the ground in that direction just before the circle spawns, so you can move out in time. After this the subsequent circles spawn systematically, in a counterclockwise direction (if you look at it from above). So when a circle spawns, you already know where the next one will spawn. Thus it’s safest if the tank turns the boss so that the circle is on the boss’s right, the rest of the team should be standing on the boss’s left, and the next circle will spawn behind the boss (when this happens, everyone moves 90 degrees to their right again).
  • After a certain amount of time (or when the boss reaches 25%, whichever is sooner), he will spawn all 4 circles at the same time. The good news is that the debuffs stack properly now, they begin with 1x and then stack slowly from there. The idea to prevent debuffs from stacking is to move around the boss all the time. For example, the fire and cold circles are on opposite sides of the boss; moving into the fire circle removes your cold debuff, and vice versa. The holy and unholy circle work in the same way. Thus, by moving around the boss all the time, you’re constantly cancelling debuffs before they have the time to stack more than 1x or 2x. While everyone is moving around the boss like this, you should of course still keep in mind that squishies shouldn’t stand in front of him.

You can also try killing him with a “full burn” approach – a tank tanks him, everyone else stands behinds the boss and DPSes him as much as possible. If the tank, healers and DPS are good enough, the boss will die before the dots from the circles will wipe the group.

The Commander drops his head (a quest item), which you can place on a spike on the balcony near his room. This will trigger the hardmode version of the Sxi Ai encounter. You can also jump down from this balcony directly onto the roofs of the houses around Sxi Ai’s yard, and from there into the yard itself. This way you can avoid fighting your way through the trashmobs on the way between the dungeon entrance and Sxi Ai’s place. (A downside of this is that if you later decide to do Cheehwa One Eye and some people die there and want to release and come back, they have a much longer way to run.) Note: whenever anyone jumps from the balcony onto the roofs, Sxi Ai will spawn in her yard. If nobody is in the yard yet, she will then reset and despawn. So you should wait until everyone is on the roofs and healed up, then wait for Sxi Ai to despawn, and only after that should you jump down into the yard and start the fight.

Sxi Ai

A few seconds after anyone enters the yard where the fight will take place, a barrier goes up at the entrance and the boss comes running into the yard (stay near the walls so you’re out of her way). So if you’re entering from the harbor side rather than jumping from the roofs, make sure you all enter together or somebody might get locked outside.

This is mostly a tank and spank fight; squishies should stand behind her to avoid her frontal cone attacks. At 75, 50, 25% of health she enrages (the spell is called Rage) and the tank will kite her (her aggro resets at that time, so others should stop DPS and the tank should make sure he grabs her again before running away to start kiting). While she’s being kited, the other players will kill adds which spawn from one of the huts. Once 5 adds have been killed (BTW they are normal mobs, not group mobs), she de-enrages and everyone can go back to DPSing her.

Occasionally she puts a debuff (Sxi Ai’s Taint) on a random person, which eventually causes that person to grow in size, become nearly invulnerable to certain types of damage and also receive a -95% healing modifier. So an alternative to the kiting tactic mentioned above is to have the tainted person “tank” the boss while she’s enraged, as he will take no damage from her attacks in that phase. But the adds that spawn in this phase all run towards the most recently tainted person, so IMO it’s more convenient if the tank kites the boss while the tainted person goes together with everyone else to the hut where the adds are spawning.

Occasionally she does an attack called Tremor, which is a very wide AoE attack. Normally it hits squishies for around 4k but people with the Taint debuff get hit for about twice as much. So if you’re a squishy and have the Taint debuff, try to have at least around 8500 HP by the time Tremor comes, or you are likely to get oneshotted. This can be tricky because if you have Taint, you’re probably also being targeted by adds who will take some of your HP and it will be difficult to regain it fast enough due to the -95% healing modifier from Taint; so others should try to grab the adds as quickly as possible. Things like bubbles, cunning deflection or a selfrez are of course also very useful for dealing with Tremor if you have the taint debuff. If your DPS is good enough, she will do only one Tremor between any two Rages, which means that people can heal up (if they are careful and if the healing is good) by the time the next Tremor comes. If the DPS is slow, she might do Tremor twice between two Rages, which means that any squishies with Taint won’t have time to heal up and will die (unless they have any bubbles etc. left).

If you have done the laboratory quest (mentioned above) at some point, you got potions that remove the taint as a reward from that quest, and can use them to avoid getting killed by Tremor.

In the hardmode version of this encounter, the only difference is that she occasionally casts an ability called Rampage. She then runs towards a randomly chosen player and anyone she touches will be oneshotted. So when you see her casting Rampage, everyone should run away from her and if you then see that she is going towards you, you must run away until she loses the red particle effect.

The hardmode version drops an additional loot chest with a crate of rare relics and a potion that allows you to sprint for 10 sec without consuming any stamina. Since this potion is labeled as “can only have one”, the best thing about it is that you can vendor it for 50 silver. Since update 3.1, this chest also contains a piece of purple leg armor, the same kind that drops in the Enigmata of Yag.

Cheehwa One Eye

To trigger this boss, someone needs to have an Oversized Brain in his inventory; you buy it from the food vendor NPC in the harbor area of Ai District (it costs 25 silver). One of the Starving Lowlifes is initially sitting rather than standing. When you approach him, he stands up and starts behaving much like other lowlifes, but he mutters something about his brains. The person with the brain in his inventory should go to this lowlife and click the brain; this will trigger the boss. Don’t wait too long or he will turn into an ordinary group mob instead, like any other lowlife.

He has two main abilities; one is a single-target electrical attack, which he spams all the time and it hits quite hard; the other ability spawns a blue circle on the ground and everyone standing in the circle or near it will take a lot of damage very quickly (yes, the area of effect is bigger than the actual particle that you can see on the ground). No barriers spring up during this boss fight, so if a player dies, he can release and run back (and should do so, unless the boss is low on health already).

Before update 2.6, this boss was very CCable so the idea of the fight was to keep him more or less permanently CCed. After 2.6 he is immune to all CCs, so the fight will almost inevitably involve a lot of kiting. Kite him around one of the statues in market squares, so that you can break his line of sight while you’re kiting. Make sure you clear all lowlifes and Burningmen near this boss before you trigger him — you really don’t want to fight him and another mob at the same time. (Note: it seems that the Burningmen trash mobs have been removed in update 3.1.)

He occasionally roots the person who’s running away from him to start kiting; I’m not sure what causes this but it doesn’t seem to happen often and usually isn’t a big problem. You shouldn’t try to root him, because if he is rooted and doesn’t feel that he can reach anyone from where he stands, he will cast a spell called Dismiss and disappear.

He doesn’t drop any noteworthy loot and many groups simply skip this boss altogether.

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    December 17, 2012 at 11:40

    It looks like they moved Ankh-Ausar to Dragon’s Spine: http://shrani.si/f/45/mu/2TG1xcob/scrolls.jpg

    • December 17, 2012 at 15:34

      Have you been to Khemi on testlive to check if he has been moved away from there? I haven’t checked but I wouldn’t put it past Funcom to keep two copies of Ankh-Ausar up at the same time 😛

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