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A dark assasin-style vanity set

December 28, 2011 6 comments

I’ve recently been farming for this lovely assassin-style armor set to use as vanity gear on my necromancer:

Incidentally, some of the trash mobs in BRC Wing 3 (Black Ring Shadow Menders) also wear this set. The parts used in it drop from the Catacombs and the Amphitheatre of Karutonia, or you can get equivalent-looking items as quest rewards in Tarantia Common District.

Chest: Sinister Tunic (Aturballon, The Catacombs); or, equivalently, Emblazoned Vest (quest reward from the quests to kill Attilius in Tarantia Common District, as part of either the watch or the daughters quest line).

Legs: Darkfury Leggings (Spirit of Khan, Amphitheatre of Karutonia); or, equivalently, Cutthroat’s Leggings (quest reward from “Enemy Within”, part of the Wharf Rat quest line in Tarantia Common District).

Belt: Sylphlike Sash (Jan Vermis, The Catacombs); or, equivalently, Thug’s Silken Belt (quest reward from “Walking the Plank”, part of the Wharf Rat quest line in Tarantia Common District).

Wrist: Darkslayer Bracers (Abyssal Keeper, Amphitheatre of Karutonia); or, equivalently, Guttersnipe’s Bracers (quest reward from “To Become a Crow Infiltrator”, part of the Wharf Rat quest line in Tarantia Common District).

Feet: Darkfury Slippers (The Dimensionalist, Amphitheatre of Karutonia) are apparently meant to go with the Darkfury Leggings, judging by the name. (According to, other items with the same model are White Hand Valewalker Sandals (crafted demonologist culture armor) and various low-level green quest rewards.) However, the Shadow Menders in BRC Wing 3 do not wear these slippers.

Head: there exists a Darkslayer Hood (The Devourer?, Amphitheatre of Karutonia) which is apparently meant to match the Darkslayer Bracers, so one could say that it fits with the rest of this gear. However, I don’t like headgear that covers my character’s hair, so I won’t wear it. The Shadow Menders in Wing 3 wear some other headgear, not this one.

Shoulders: I’m not aware of any matching shoulder piece that would drop in e.g. the Catacombs or the Amphitheatre. There are some cloth shoulders, Hellfury Armbands, that drop from the Abyssal Keeper in the Amphiteatre, but they don’t really match the rest of the gear here (and besides, the rest of the gear is obviously assassin-style while the Hellfury Armbands have caster stats, and they match with the Hellfury Robe and Hellfury Wristbands, both of which also drop in the Amphitheatre).

In Tarantia Common District, there is also a quest that gives shoulders as a reward (“Smoldering Supplies”); two of those shoulders are cloth: Firestarter’s Armbands (same model as Hellfury Armbands) and Arsonists’s Arm-straps (which look very unimpressive and don’t particularly fit with the rest of the gear mentioned here; they have the same model as e.g. Heavy-stitched Arm-straps, white level 30 cloth shoulders).

Hands: I’m not aware of any matching gloves that would drop in the Catacombs or the Amphitheatre. In Tarantia Common District, there is a quest that gives gloves as a reward (“To Wake from Darkness”); two cloth gloves are available there (Dead Warlock’s Gloves and Dead Sorcerer’s Gloves), both of which use the same model, which is also the same as for Steelsilk Mitts (level 80 white gloves), Fine Steelsilk Mitts (level 80 crafted blue gloves), Gloves of Torment, etc. They don’t match the rest of the gear here particularly well (not to they look good by themselves).

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Enigmata of Yag bosses

December 26, 2011 Leave a comment

The Enigmata of Yag is a popular group dungeon in Kara Korum. You get one of 3 possible bosses in it: Tetharos the Slaughterer, X’cth the Annihilator, and Spawn of Nyarlathotep. Tetharos is harder than the other two, whereas Spawn and Annihilator are both pretty easy but Spawn drops more loot and AA xp. Thus people often use rangers with the tracking ability to see which boss is in the instance before they start actually clearing it; if it isn’t the boss they want, they regroup and keep trying with new instances of the dungeon.

I’ve also had a ranger available for tracking for some time now, and I’ve been keeping count of how many times I saw which boss. The following table shows the results:



Relative frequency

Tetharos the Slaughterer



X’cth the Annihilator



Spawn of Nyarlathotep






So on average you’ll have to track about 15 times to find the Spawn! Keep that in mind next time you feel that you’ve been tracking unfairly long.

Solo farming the Amphitheatre of Karutonia

December 26, 2011 6 comments

The Amphitheatre of Karutonia is a level 63 group dungeon in Ymir’s Pass, consisting of 3 (or 4, depending on how you count them) boss encounters. Lately I’ve been farming it solo with my level 80 necromancer to get some vanity armor. It’s a bit trickier for solo farming than some of the other mid-level instances such as the Catacombs, so I figured I’d write up my experiences here.

First of all, there are a lot of trashmobs and they hit fairly hard, so that fighting more than 2 at a time gets very uncomfortable. With a bit of care you can always pull just two trashmobs at a time, and you can also avoid a lot of the trash (see the green line on the map for the path I took; generally it’s a good idea to stick to the railing on the inner side of the upper-floor ring most of the time).

An even better solution is to max out your hiding skill and just sneak past the trashmobs in hide. Occasionally you might still get spotted, so try to still choose your route carefully so that you won’t have to fight too many mobs at the same time in case they spot you.

The Dimensionalist

This boss is basically a fire demo, his spells hit moderately hard but fortunately he spends most of the time casting useless slow-casting things like Molten Shield that don’t do any real damage. He occasionally also spawns adds, which are melee mobs, so it’s best if you stand next to the boss while you fight him, thereby ensuring that the adds will also take splash damage from your attacks. The adds don’t hit particularly hard and you don’t have to focus on them, except when you notice that the boss has become invulnerable to damage — at that time you should kill the adds until the boss becomes vulnerable again.

Abyssal Keeper

This is an archer mob, he shoots an arrow approx. every 2 seconds and it hits for around 800-1000 points, so you’ll have to kite him. He’s in a partly walled-up area that also includes several cages; don’t kite him outside of this area or he’s likely to reset. I usually kite him around the big cage in the middle of the room, though several other cages also break his line of sight and are thus useful for kiting.

When his health reaches 75%, he goes to one of the cages, releases an add from it and locks himself up in the cage. Kill the add and the boss will come out again and you can continue the fight. The same happens at 50% with the next cage, except that he relases two adds this time. All the adds in this fight hit really weakly, in fact your mage shield will easily absorb all the damage they do.

At 25% of health, the boss releases an add from a cage again, but this time he doesn’t stay in the cage; so start kiting right away, send the pets on the add until it dies, then on the boss again. The same thing happens at 10% of health, except that the boss releases two adds instead of one.

When the boss is dead, the big cage in the middle of the room opens and the next boss comes out (Spirit of Khan).

Spirit of Khan

This is a big tiger boss that comes out of the middle cage after you kill the Abyssal Keeper. He does melee attacks and hits hard enough that you’ll probably have to kite him a bit, but he is also vulnerable to CCs. As a necro, you have a root, stun, snare, two fears, and the frenzy pet, so you can easily prevent him from causing you too much trouble.

The Devourer

This boss initially patrols on the big semicircular lava field on the lower floor (be careful, if you touch lava you get oneshotted, so you must jump over the lava canals). When you aggro him, he gets a retributive damage buff (he does 500 points of damage back for any attack he gets). To remove this buff, you have to bring him upstairs to the icy area around the Frostfather and fight him there.

The structure of the fight is as follows. DPS the boss down to 25%; at that point he disappears and you get the message “The supernatural barrier on one of the chains dissipates…”. IME this is always the chain on the Frostfather’s right-hand side (see the map); go quickly to that chain and use it. Your character will start hacking at the chain with the axe that you got from the Son of Ymir quest sequence. This is a long operation; don’t interrupt it, but you can send your pets on the adds that will spawn during this time (fortunately, they are harmless and won’t interrupt your work on the chain). The Dimensionalist reappears (back at 100%) after a certain amount of time — if you started working on the chain too late, he’ll reappear before you’re done breaking the chain and you’ll have to DPS him down to 25% again before you can try breaking that chain again.

Anyway, assuming that you successfully broke the right chain, you can now DPS the boss to 25% again, at which point he will disappear again and the left chain will now be ready to be broken. Break that chain, the boss reappears and this time you can DPS him down to 0% and get the loot.

This boss is basically a caster that does fire damage (Fire Strike) and unholy damage (Blast of the Devourer, Touch of the Devourer). He also has an attack that puts a stamina- and mana-draining debuff on you (Thirst of the Devourer). You should take advantage of the walls (shown red on the map) to break his line of sight, and thus prevent him from actually hurting you with his spells. Some of those walls are low enough that you can jump over them, but the boss can’t (and they still break his line of sight), which makes them even more useful for kiting the boss.

Ideally you want him to be moving as little as possible, so that your pets can DPS him more easily. So a good idea is to stand next to a corner until you see him start something; hide behind the corner until the cast is done; then peek out again quickly so that the boss won’t walk to you, but will instead stay where he is and start casting his next spell; then you hide behind the corner again, etc. Of course, like any caster mob, he occasionally still decides to walk to you and do a melee hit (crushing damage) before trying to cast again.

You can kill all the bosses in less than 40 min if things go smoothly (and you sneak past the trash in hide).

Loot tables

(work in progress)

Note: for the bosses that drop 2 items, the two drops are chosen independently of each other, so it’s possible that you get two of the same item.

The Dimensionalist: drops 2 of

  • Darkfury Slippers
  • Darkshear
  • Frostmaw Gauntlets
  • Grimjaw Helm
  • Grimshaker
  • Hellfury Wristbands
  • Rattlecurse
  • Ravenclaw Tasset
  • Scarhide Bracers

Abyssal Keeper: drops 2 of

  • Bloodbrute Legguards
  • Boneharbor
  • Darkslayer Bracers
  • Frostmaw Vambraces
  • Grimjaw Bracers
  • Hellfury Armbands
  • Ravenclaw Armbands
  • Scarhide Boots
  • Soulcrush

Spirit of Khan: drops 1 of

  • Claw of Khan
  • Darkfury Leggings
  • Frostmaw Boots
  • Grimjaw Gloves
  • Ravenclaw Bracers
  • Scarhide Belt

The Devourer: drops 2 of

  • Bloodbrute Chestguard
  • Darkslayer Hood
  • Frostmaw Helm
  • Grimjaw Jerkin
  • Hellfury Robe
  • Ravenclaw Helm
  • Scarhide Helm
  • Shatterfist
  • Soulcleaver

Some of the heavy armor items use the same models as plate armor from Xibaluku; some of the cloth items use the same models as some of the quest rewards from Tarantia Noble District.

Gugalanna of Yimsha

December 26, 2011 1 comment

The 3.1 update notes say there is a new quest in the Coast of Ardashir playfield, called “Gugalanna of Yimsha”, but they don’t say how to obtain this new quest. Here’s an explanation.

The various zombies, ghouls, and Black Seers of Yimsha mobs in the west and south of the playfield now (i.e. since 3.1) have a chance of dropping a generic item called Mark of Yimsha. You will need a group of 6 people, each of whom has to have a Mark of Yimsha in his/her bag.

Another new thing in 3.1 is a group of 6 Black Seer Cultist mobs (level 60 normal mobs), each of which stands on a pad (approximate coordinates: 138, 813). You should kill the cultists and then each player in your group should step on one of the pads.

This causes Gugalanna of Yimsha to spawn, who turns out to be a level 55 epic boss based on more or less the same centaur-style model as Chatha or Tetharos. I’m not sure if he requires any special tactics as we did this with a level 80 group and he died very quickly; I do remember that at some point he stunned the current aggro holder. He dropped a loot chest containing a stamina potion, a green armor piece, 2 Soldier’s Pouches and a Manual of Discipline; and about 1 silver for each group member.

Killing him also gave us a quest, also called, Gugalanna of Yimsha, with a single task, namely to inform either Sergeant Pirooz or the Lector Garmayel of our deed. I spoke to Garmayel and all I got was a Soldier’s Bag and 2 silver. So it’s a bit of a disappointment, I was hoping for some nice blue level 55-ish item at least. The quest seems to be repeatable, with a 2-hour cooldown.

P.S. If the name Gugalanna sounds vaguely Sumerian to you, you are right, it’s borrowed from Sumerian mythology.

P.P.S. I recently killed him a second time and he dropped a nice level 55 blue ring: Ring of Yimsha (80 armor, 30 con, 25 crit rtg).

P.P.P.S. Actually you don’t need a group to spawn him; one player with the Mark of Yimsha is enough, he just has to go from pad to pad and stand on each pad long enough to get the blue particle effect. So if you’re level 80, you can spawn and kill him by yourself.

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Shards of the Exiled God

December 24, 2011 6 comments

The Shard of the Exiled God is a purple tradeskill resource that is used to craft bags (Soldier’s Haversack, Commander’s Haversack) and epic weapons (Quill/Feather of Ibis in T2, and the various T3 crafted weapons). It drops from raid mobs in BRC Wing 1, between Yaremka and Sabazios.

  • There are 28 mobs that can drop shards. Non-raid mobs (i.e. the ones without skulls around their name), minions etc. don’t drop shards. Snakes from Sabazios’ room, and the Vengeance of Set from the bowl upstairs, AFAIK don’t drop shards (I’ve never seen it happen at any rate).
  • In addition to shards, these mobs can also drop armor pieces. It’s even possible for the same loot box to contain a shard and a piece of armor.

The statistics so far:

  • 451 shards dropped in 418 runs (in each run, all 28 mobs are killed).
  • That’s 1.079 shards per run.
  • For each mob, the probability that it will drop a shard is thus 1.079 / 28 = 3.85%. Let’s call this probability p.

If we assume, as is reasonable, that the loot table of each mob is independent of the other mobs, we see that the probability that k shards will drop in a run is binom(28, k) pk (1 – p)28 – k. We can compare these theoretical probabilities with the actually observed ones and see that they match very nicely, so our underlying model seems to be sound:

k (number of

Number of runs (out of 418) in which exactly k shards dropped

Observed probability of k shards

Theoretical probability of k shards
0 136 32.5 % 34.0 %
1 161 38.5 % 37.4 %
2 80 19.1 % 19.9 %
3 34 8.1 % 6.8 %
4 7 1.7 % 1.7 %
0 0 0.0 % 0.3 %

Some observations:

  • About a third of all runs are dry, i.e. without shards. The probability of three dry runs in a row is about 3.4% — if you farm long enough, it will happen. Keep that in mind when it happens, it feels horrible but doesn’t mean that anything is wrong with the loot tables or the random number generator 🙂
  • A greedy PUG raid leader that keeps the first shard to himself, ends up keeping 62% of all shards that drop. If he claims the first and third shard for himself, he ends up keeping 72% of all shards. If he claims the second shard for himself (a few decent ones do that), he ends up keeping 27% of all shards.

Some people say that Black Ring Scions have a higher probability of dropping a shard than other mobs do. (Indeed in the early days after the shards were introduced (in update 1.05), there was an impression that only the scions drop them.) I’ve never tried counting the drops from Scions separately from those of other mobs, so I don’t have any numbers to either support or disprove this claim. People who farm shards in ultra-small groups (like just 2 people) often kill just scions in the first room before resetting the instance.

Ardashir Arena

December 23, 2011 8 comments

The arena is located in the west of the Coast of Ardashir playfield. To spawn bosses in it, you have to have certain items in your inventory and then talk to a NPC upstairs above the arena. As far as I know, four level 55 bosses and two level 85 bosses are available. The level 55 bosses allow you to complete a quest that gives a level 55 epic weapon as a reward; the level 85 bosses drop blue armor pieces from the same armor sets whose other parts drop in Ardashir Fort.

The level 55 bosses

Four level 55 bosses are available in the arena, spawned by items that you will obtain pretty naturally during the course of questing in the Coast of Ardashir playfield. The following image shows the items required and where to obtain them:

(Click to enlarge.)

Note regarding the above image: I was farming the zombies for ages but didn’t get any ritual blood from them. Then I found a post on the U.S. forum that suggested the mages in the southwest of the playfield, and indeed I got the ritual blood from a Yimsha mob pretty quickly (in fact it wasn’t even a mage, but a melee mob — a mercenary).

One of the NPCs above the arena gives you a quest to kill these four bosses, and the reward is one of several epic level 55 weapons, which can serve your character well all the way up to level 80, so it’s well worth doing this quest.

I don’t know the tactics for the level 55 boss fights as I’ve always done them with at least one level 80 player in the group, which makes the fights trivial. My understanding is that for a purely level 55-ish group the encounters would require some nontrivial tactics.

Marjan of Kara-Shehr

Level 85 boss, spawned by [Old Grimoire], which drops from Sodabeh in Ardashir Fort.

She does piercing and unholy damage. Occasionally she casts the following three spells in sequence:

  1. Ancient Calamity. This is a big unholy AoE attack, so move away from her.
  2. Sands of Kara-Shehr. During this cast she targets one person (at random?), who will get rooted for a few seconds. This person and everyone nearby will also get a +75% slashing invulnerability buff for a few seconds, and a weak dot running on them.
  3. Blow of Sand. Spawns two adds (Sand Guardians), which should be CCed (and killed) before they can oneshot people (they have an ability called Cruel Whirlwhind). Meanwhile the main tank should remain on the boss. Presumably the idea of the slashing invulnerability buff mentioned above is that people with the buff can afford to be near the adds, because the buff will enable them to survive the Cruel Whirlwind attack. But if you CC the adds well enough, they won’t get the chance to do this attack anyway. Another useful idea is to fear the adds; this usually resets them so they will leave you alone.

Between the end of one Blow of Sand and the start of the next Ancient Calamity is exactly 60 sec.

Loot: 64484 AA xp from the kill, 50k AA xp urn for each person, 1-2 rare tokens, blue stat potion, shoulders/boots of the armor sets whose main parts drop in Ardashir Fort.

  • Armbands of the Kozak Slayer (light shoulder): 234 armor, 102 critigation amount, 307 combat rating, 38 hit rating, 33 hate dec rating
  • Armbands of the Usurper (cloth shoulder): 164 armor, 102 critigation amount, 28 con, 265 combat rating, 19 hit rating, 28 hate dec rating
  • Arm-straps of the Putrescent (cloth shoulder): 164 armor, 102 critigation amount, 30 con, 57 magic damage, 22 hit rating, 28 hate dec rating
  • Belt of the Putrescent (cloth belt): 109 armor, 131 critigation amount, 30 con, 310 mana, 60 magic damage, 31 hit rating
  • Belt of the Usurper (cloth belt): 109 armor, 131 critigation amount, 35 con, 276 combat rating, 48 hit rating
  • Boots of the Crimson Fort (plate feet): 623 armor, 161 critigation amount, 65 str, 64 con, 58 crit dmg rating
  • Boots of the Grand Monarch (light feet): 311 armor, 161 critigation amount, 30 con, 150 heal rating, 61 magic damage, 32 immunity rating
  • Boots of the Renegade (medium feet): 411 armor, 161 critigation amount, 46 con, 270 combat rating, 25 hit rating
  • Bracers of the Grand Monarch (light wrist): 156 armor, 88 critigation amount, 31 con, 120 heal rating, 58 magic damage, 36 immunity rating
  • Bracers of the Renegade (medium wrist): 206 armor, 88 critigation amount, 51 con, 115 heal rating, 48 hit rating, 28 hate dec rating
  • Girdle of the Kozak Slayer (light belt): 156 armor, 131 critigation, 32 con, 340 combat rtg, 30 hit rtg
  • Vambraces of the Crimson Fort (plate wrist): 311 armor, 88 critigation amount, 58 str, 50 con, 24 hate increase rating
  • Elixir of Brute Force: +366 combat rating for 4 hours
  • Elixir of Invigorative Rejuvenation: +15 nat stam regen for 4 hours
  • Elixir of Mystical Excellence: +40 magic damage for 4 hours
  • Elixir of Mystical Replenishment: +15 nat mana regen for 4 hours
  • Elixir of Precision: +73 hit rating for 4 hours
  • Refined Elixir of Brute Force: +732 combat rating for 4 hours
  • Refined Elixir of Guile: +183 critical rating for 4 hours
  • Refined Elixir of Invigorative Rejuvenation: +30 nat stamina regen for 4 hours
  • Refined Elixir of Mystical Excellence: +80 magic damage for 4 hours
  • Refined Elixir of Mystical Replenishment: +30 nat mana regen for 4 hours
  • Refined Elixir of Precision: +183 hit rating for 4 hours

Tomb King

He is spawned with the aid of Mystical Dust, which drops from the Ape boss on the Isle of Iron Statues.

The boss cycles through 3 phases: Death (-10% damage mitigation), Afterlife (+25% damage mitigation) and Rebirth. Each phase lasts 1 minute, and he casts a spell called Circle of Death (which you can see on his cast bar) when he’s about to switch to the next phase.

During Death and Afterlife, it’s a tank and spank fight, but you have to watch out for the following abilities (actually, Rigor Mortis and Passage to the Afterlife occur only during Afterlife, not during Death):

  • Gravedust: puts a weak dot on the target (he targets someone at random during this). The targeted person might want to run away from others or he will infect some people nearby with a similar weak dot as well (Dissipating Gravedust). But TBH these dots are so weak that you might just as well stay where you were and keep fighting, and it will be easy to outheal the dots.
  • Rigor Mortis: stuns people in a cone in front of him. This stun can be removed by AA abilities such as Vindication, or the Bear Shaman’s Grace of Nature.
  • Passage to the Afterlife: very powerful frontal cone AoE attack. If you are hit by it while under influence of Rigor Mortis, you get oneshotted. He doesn’t move while casting it, so if you aren’t rooted, you can actually move out of the cone and thus avoid getting hit.

As we can see from the above mechanics, after he uses Rigor Mortis, it is necessary to either unstun the stunned people or to swap aggro and turn the boss in a different direction, otherwise someone will get oneshotted. A good idea is to have 2 tanks standing on opposite sides of the boss, and everyone else standing on a third side.

The Rebirth phase is a bit different. During this phase, he will occasionally cast a spell called Seeds of Life, which puts a debuff of the same name (yellow icon, lasts 18 sec) on all players in a cone in front of him. Any player that does not get this debuff is likely to cause the boss to heal up by a huge amount. (I don’t know precisely how the mechanics of this healing work; from studying the combat log, it isn’t obvious to me that the heal is caused by the boss hitting, or being hit by, a player without Seeds of Life; I suspect it’s enough that a player without Seeds of Life just stands near the boss. What you can see in the combat log is that players without Seeds of Life periodically get hit by a moderate holy damage AoE attack called Life to Save Life, and for each such hit the boss is healed up by approximately 45k hit points.)

So when he’s about to switch to Rebirth, everyone should move in front of the boss so that they will get Seeds of Life (and it will get refreshed periodically when the boss recasts it). During the Rebirth phase, he doesn’t do Rigor Mortis or Passage to the Afterlife, so this phase is even easier than the other two, as long as you make sure everyone has Seeds of Life on them.

There are other, clumsier, ways of trying to prevent him from healing up, which were mostly used in the early days before the mechanics of Seeds of Life were understood. You can try kiting him during the Rebirth phase, which seemed to avoid his healing up as long as he didn’t get to hit anyone. Of course, kiting also meant that you couldn’t DPS him during that phase. I suspect that kiting worked (to the extent that it worked) because the kiter was likely to have Seeds of Life on him, and other players were likely to stand far enough from the boss to avoid triggering the heals. In any case, kiting is problematic because he snares the kiter after a while and someone else would have to irritate him and take over the kiting. Yet another option is to simply bring e.g. 15 people and nuke away at the boss from the start, trying to kill him before he even reaches the Rebirth phase.

After 10 minutes he enrages (Berserk: +40% movement multiplies, +20% scale, +500% damage, +500% magic damage).

Loot: probably ~64k AA XP from the kill itself (if you were in a 6-person group; 71649 in a 5-person group) + 50k AA XP urn for everyone; 1-3 green/blue stat potions; blue gear. Also 1-2 rare trophies if you are in a group (as opposed to a raid).

  • Armbands of the Renegade (medium shoulder): 308 armor, 102 critigation, 25 con, 130 heal rtg, 263 combat rtg, 31 hate dec rtg
  • Armguards of the Crimson Fort (plate shoulder): 467 armor, 102 critigation amount, 41 str, 60 con, 33 hate inc rating
  • Belt of the Crimson Fort (plate belt): 311 armor, 161 critigation amount, 70 str, 58 con, 58 crit damage rating
  • Boots of the Kozak Slayer (light feet): 311 armor, 161 critigation amount, 36 con, 335 combat rating, 24 hit rating
  • Boots of the Putrescent (cloth feet): 218 armor, 161 critigation, 28 con, 350 mana, 62 magic dmg, 28 hit rtg
  • Boots of the Usurper (cloth feet): 218 armor, 161 critigation amount, 50 con, 216 combat rating, 36 hit rating
  • Bracers of the Kozak Slayer (light wrist): 156 armor, 88 critigation amount, 61 con, 32 hit rating, 33 hate dec rating
  • Bracers of the Putrescent (cloth wrist): 109 armor, 88 critigation amount, 25 con, 296 mana, 54 magic damage, 29 hate dec rating
  • Bracers of the Usurper (cloth wrist): 109 armor, 88 critigation, 348 combat rtg, 48 hit rtg, 32 hate dec rtg
  • Girdle of the Renegade (medium belt): 206 armor, 131 critigation amount, 47 con, 135 heal rating, 193 combat rating, 31 hit rating
  • Sash of the Grand Monarch (light belt): 156 armor, 131 critigation amount, 28 con, 132 heal rating, 58 magic damage, 40 immunity rating
  • Elixir of Invigorative Rejuvenation: +15 nat stam regen for 4 hours
  • Elixir of Mystical Excellence: +40 magic damage for 4 hours
  • Elixir of Mystical Replenishment: +15 nat mana regen for 4 hours
  • Elixir of Precision: +74 hit rating for 4 hours
  • Refined Elixir of Brute Force: +732 combat rtg for 4 hours
  • Refined Elixir of Guile: +183 crit rating for 4 hours
  • Refined Elixir of Mystical Excellence: +80 magic damage for 4 hours
  • Refined Elixir of Mystical Replenishment: +30 nat mana regen for 4 hours

P.S. Here’s a very good video of the Tomb King fight. You can see how they move in front of him at the start of Rebirth, both tanks (and no doubt everyone else as well) get the Seeds of Life, they keep tanking and spanking him, and he doesn’t heal up at all.

Ardashir Fort

December 21, 2011 6 comments

The entrance is on the Coast of Ardashir playfield in Turan, on the northeastern edge of the city there. Recommended group setup: 2 tanks, a good healer, and plenty of DPS, ideally ranged DPS. To do the hardmode version of the final boss encounter, people should have Steadfast Faith, Tainted Weapons and preferably also Resolve, and it’s very good to have two healers in the group.

The dungeon begins with a ramp leading up to the first boss room. While moving up the ramp (and killing trash mobs), at some point the boss comes charging down the ramp on his rhino; move out of the way into the little side rooms or you will get oneshotted (similar to the giant boulder in Black Castle or to Sxi Ai in Ai District). A little later he comes charging in the opposite direction and you have to move out of the way again.

Commander Kamangir

He is in a big rectangular courtyard with a metallic grate in the middle. Don’t stand on the grate during the fight as you will take environmental damage (1000 points per sec).

The boss does physical damage and hits fairly hard so if the tanks are a bit squishy they might want to swap aggro between them. From time to time during the fight, he will run into the middle of the room (to the grate) and then perform two attacks: Hail of Arrows and then Rhino Charge.

  • The Hail of Arrows is an AoE hit to pretty much everyone in the room, but what is worse, they can also root you. You can remove the root with your AA abilities (such as Vindication), but of course you can’t afford to do that every time as they will be on cooldown. You can avoid getting rooted by standing on the grate (which isn’t a good idea as you’ll be taking environmental damage from it, as described above) or on the row of bricks immediately adjacent to the edges on the grate. But don’t stand on the bricks near the corners of the grate or you will still get rooted. See the following picture:

    (Click to enlarge. Green areas are safe to stand in, all other areas should be avoided. Picture by Drungly.)

  • After this the boss will turn towards a randomly chosen person and start casting Rhino Charge. At the end of the cast he charges into that person, who will take some heavy damage and also get a wrack (Crushed Armor Wrack: -20% damage mitigation, +30% hinder movement) and a dot (Crushed Bones). If this happens to a squishie, he will have a very hard time staying alive. To avoid getting hit by the charge, the person that’s being targeted must sprint towards the wall and then turn 90 degrees and keep running (start sprinting as soon as you see that he’s turned towards you!). The boss can’t change his direction quickly enough and will thus end up charging into the wall. This also gives him a 10 second stun and -25% damage mitigation debuff (Dazed) so you can DPS him more easily (the rest of the time he has a +50% damage mitigation buff, Natural Armor).

Note that watching target’s target isn’t very useful here, as he keeps targeting himself most of the time. To find out whom he is about to charge you must watch which way he is turned. Note that his charge has a bit of a cone so if you aren’t being targeted yourself but are standing near the line where he will move, you must run out of the way as well. (This also means that people shouldn’t all be standing close together while awaiting the charge — try to stand apart from each other on different sides of the boss.) If you see that he isn’t targeting you, get ready to run towards the place where he will hit the wall so that you can start DPSing him as soon as possible.

After 4:30 minutes he enrages and gains a +500% damage buff (Berserk). You should be able to kill him before that if you avoid his charges correctly. But even if he does enrage, the situation is not completely hopeless. A tank can try to kite him until he runs to the grating again; then, if you avoid the next charge, you can dps him for 10 sec while he is stunned, then kite him again, and so on.

By the way, when you enter the courtyard, you initially get a snare debuff. You can remove it by going (along the walls of course, so as not to aggro the boss) to the far left corner of the room (top left on the above picture); but be careful not to step on the grate during the fight or the snare will come back. But it’s also perfectly possible to do the fight without removing the snare.

Loot: 1 rare trophy, 62k + 50k AA xp, some blue items (armor and weapons).

  • Blade of the Turanian Army (dagger): 69.5 DPS, 80 dex, 38 hit rating, 58 offhand rating
  • Bow of the Rhino Rider (bow): 118.6 DPS, 80 dex, 200 stamina, 49 crit rating
  • Bracers of the Grand Monarch (light wrist): 156 armor, 88 critigation amount, 31 con, 120 heal rating, 58 magic damage, 36 immunity rating
  • Bracers of the Kozak Slayer (light wrist): 156 armor, 88 critigation amount, 61 con, 32 hit rating, 33 hate dec rating
  • Bracers of the Renegade (medium wrist): 206 armor, 88 critigation amount, 51 con, 115 heal rating, 48 hit rating, 28 hate decrease rating
  • Bracers of the Putrescent (cloth wrist): 109 armor, 88 critigation amount, 25 con, 296 mana, 54 magic damage, 29 hate dec rating
  • Bracers of the Usurper (cloth wrist): 109 armor, 88 critigation amount, 348 combat rating, 48 hit rating, 32 hate dec rating
  • Hammer of the Rhino Rider (2hb): 121.0 DPS, 152 str, 390 heal rating, 98 crit rating, 65 hate decrease rating, 102 crit dmg rating
  • Mark of the Ancient Sands (talisman): 82 armor, 10.5 nat mana regen, 10 nat stam regen, 70 magic damage, 47 crit rating, 32 hate dec rating, 56 crit dmg rating
  • Sword of the Old Commander (2he): 128.2 DPS, 153 str, 98 crit rating
  • Vambraces of the Crimson Fort (plate wrist): 311 armor, 88 critigation amount, 58 str, 50 con, 24 hate increase rating

Between the 1st and 2nd boss

In the next few corridors, avoid walking under holes in the ceiling as you will get a Burning Tar debuff (-40% fire invulnerability for 5 minutes; this isn’t a big deal by itself, as you won’t be taking any fire damage from mobs; the problem happens if you get another stack of Burning Tar, which then becomes a dot in addition to the debuff: 420-629 fire damage every 3 sec for 30 sec). Also avoid spike traps on the ground. Some of the trash mobs used to be pretty challenging, in particular the Turan Men-at-Arms (they used to have a very strong AoE attack called Fatal Strike, which could do up to ~5k damage on a tank), but they have been nerfed some time ago and aren’t much of a problem now.

After a while you reach a room with a lot of amphoras; don’t destroy them or they will release poison, which causes root, a dot and also drains your stamina. People should enter that room together and go to the far end of the room; at that point three Men-at-Arms will spawn and the door through which you entered closes. If you wipe on them, they will despawn and the next time all 3 will spawn again, even if you killed some of them in the previous try. But if you kill all 3, then the next door opens and you can proceed through the dungeon. Now that their Fatal Strike has been nerfed, it isn’t hard to tank and spank them, but if they are giving you trouble you can always have one of the tanks kite one or two mobs while the others are being DPSed. Fight them in the far corner of the room so you won’t be affected by the poison.

General Arman

The boss does physical damage; he can be solo tanked but if the tank is a bit squishy or the healing is low, you can always kite him a little. (You probably can’t have 2 tanks trading aggro because one of the tanks will be involved on the adds, see below.) Occasionally he will use a slow-casting ability called Fatal Strike, which is a very powerful AOE hit (tanks get hit by about 6k, so squishies probably more or less get oneshotted from it). So at that time everyone has to run out of range to avoid it; but the range isn’t terribly big, so don’t waste time by running too far out (you don’t even have to sprint to get far enough).

Every 30 seconds, an add will spawn out of the water to the right of where the boss was initially standing (right from the point of view of the person looking towards the water). The existence of adds gives all players a debuff called Poison Fog, which stacks (one stack for each add that is alive) and does some poison damage every 5 sec. The damage is expressed as a percentage of your health (1% at one stack of the debuff, 2% at two stacks, 3% at three stacks, 5% at four stacks, 10% at five stacks, 25% at six stacks, 50% at seven stacks), though your usual mitigation still applies to it. Getting up to 5 stacks is reasonably OK with decent healing, but at 6 stacks people will most probably begin to die.

So one way to do this fight is to regard it as a DPS race — ignore the adds, move the boss when they get close (CC the adds if needed), and keep DPSing him. The challenge in this case is to kill the boss before the debuff stacks to 6x or 7x (due to there being so many adds alive) and kills you. This is doable with good DPS, especially ranged DPS.

Another way is to kill the adds as they spawn. The adds don’t have very high HP (although they are group mobs), and are CCable and easy to tank. So you can have 2-3 people killing adds one by one and the rest of the group DPSing the boss. In this case you probably can’t afford to have 2 tanks on the boss, but the boss can be kited pretty easily if the tank needs to regain some health. Killing adds gives everyone a debuff called Lingering Poison (one stack for each add that was killed); this gives you -5% poison invulnerability at one stack, -10% at two stacks, -20% at three stacks, -40% at four stacks, -80% at five stacks and -160% at six stacks (it doesn’t stack further than that, no matter how many adds you kill). This isn’t really a problem, however — you’ll never have more than one add alive anyway, so the poison damage from Poison Fog will be small and even if the Lingering Poison debuff causes this damage to double, it’s still small.

You can also have an offtank bring the adds to the boss so that they will die from the splash damage there. Just be careful that he runs out on time when the boss casts Fatal Strike (it helps if someone calls it on vent).

If you won’t be killing the adds, it’s a good idea to initially move the boss to the far left end of the area where the fight is taking place; that way the first adds will take a long time to reach you and you have more time to DPS him without too much moving around.

Loot: 1 rare trophy, 62k + 50k AA xp, some blue items (armor and weapons).

  • Arrows of the Bastion (arrows): 400 combat rating (bow), 48 hit rating, 36 crit dmg rating, 38 health tap rating
  • Breastplate of the Renegade (medium chest): 925 armor, 292 critigation amount, 35 con, 195 heal rating, 378 combat rating, 18 hit rating, 31 hate dec rating
  • Chestplate of the Crimson Fort (plate chest): 1402 armor, 292 critigation amount, 76 str, 58 con, 49 crit rating, 30 hate inc rating
  • Crossbow of Ardashir Garrison (crossbow): 120.0 DPS, 10.6 nat stamina regen, 48 hit rating, 48 crit rating, 33 hate dec rating
  • Guisarme of the Bastion (polearm): 138.3 DPS, 139 con, 35 hit rating, 99 crit rating
  • Leggings of the Kozak Slayer (light legs): 545 armor, 277 critigation amount, 41 con, 380 combat rating, 32 hit rating, 32 hate dec rating
  • Leggings of the Putrescent (cloth legs): 382 armor, 277 critigation amount, 35 con, 295 mana, 69 magic damage, 42 hit rating, 33 hate dec rating
  • Leggings of the Usurper (cloth legs): 382 armor, 277 critigation amount, 30 con, 244 stamina, 380 combat rating, 30 hit rating, 32 hate dec rating
  • Shield of the Kozak Slayer (shield): 692 armor, 80 str, 180 stamina, 38 crit rating, 33 hate inc rating
  • Sword of the Crimson Fort (1he): 104.0 DPS, 76 str, 140 combat rating (1HE), 49 crit rating
  • Vestment of the Grand Monarch (light chest): 701 armor, 292 critigation amount, 42 con, 192 heal rating, 70 magic damage, 30 hate dec rating, 25 immunity rating


She initially stands a few steps behind the second boss and doesn’t get involved in that fight. After the second boss is dead, some level 40 crabs spawn in the area; killing them triggers the hardmode version of the Sodabeh encounter. (If you don’t kill them, you’ll have the normal mode version of the encounter, where you won’t get any ruins and wracks, and the adds won’t heal up.)

At the start she spawns two adds, giant crabs called Sodabeh’s Firstborn and Sodabeh’s Secondborn. Each of them has, at any given point, one of three possible debuffs:

  • Feeble Breeze (blue debuff icon): -250% damage
  • Empowering Wave (red debuff icon): +100% damage
  • Stormy Sea (black debuff icon): +250% damage, +10% scale.

Normally they change buffs every 40 seconds, switching from blue to red and back. They get the black debuff only if they are too close together or if one of them is dead.

A good tactic for this phase is to divide the group into 2 subgroups of 3 people each. Each subgroup has one tank, one healer and one DPSer (in one subgroup the DPSer is a rogue, in the other he is presumably a mage). Each tank grabs one of the adds when they spawn and from that point onwards he and his subgroup will focus on that add. When an add switches from blue to red buff or vice versa, he swaps the first and second person on his aggro list; this is why it’s good to keep the two groups separated, because if e.g. a DPSer moves from one add to another, it might happen that he’s still second on his old add’s aggro list and that add will run to him the next time he changes buffs. Because the add does almost no damage in the blue phase, he can easily be “tanked” by a DPSer at that time, while the tank goes frenzy; when the add switches to red, the tank takes aggro again and tanks him.

The add with higher health will occasionally get a heal, so the subgroup that includes a rogue should wait a bit at the start before DPSing their add; this will make sure that their add will have higher health and will get the heals all the time, so that the rogue can easily remove it (it’s inconvenient to remove heals if they occur on the add that’s being dealt by the non-rogue subgroup). You might want to have people calling the adds’ health on vent to make sure that the correct add is higher on health, and also to make sure that you don’t kill one add while the other one is still high on health.

(If you don’t have a rogue in your group, this part of the fight is trickier but still doable. You should focus on DPSing one crab down to a very low percentage of health first; then one person kites that crab far away from the rest of the group, which can meanwhile focus on the other crab and hopefully out-DPS his heals. The tricky part comes when the crabs change from blue to red or vice versa; the crab that’s being kited will leave its current kiter and run to the second person on its aggro list, but that person is at this time probably DPSing the other crab; so this person has to run towards the kited crab very quickly to prevent the kited crab from coming too close to the other crab that’s being DPSed (coming close together gives both crabs the black damage buff). This is easier if you can afford to keep two people on the kited crab all the time, but this means you have just 4 people on the other crab and they might have trouble out-DPSing its heals.)

The adds have a frontal cone attack called Poison Breath, but it’s slow casting so the person tanking that add can move out of the cone before the cast is done. Others should be standing to the side anyway, not in front of the add. The add also puts a wrack on the aggro holder (Poison Pincer Wrack: +50% hinder movement for 15 sec; applied by the crab when it casts Wracking Stab), which you can remove with Resolve if you’re a soldier.

When the two crabs are dead, Sodabeh herself changes into an even bigger crab and attacks you. This is basically a tank and spank fight. The main challenge ATM is that Sodabeh switches aggro like crazy; so she’ll often end up hitting squishies and they should try to maximize their HP and survivability. Watch out for the following abilities:

  • Necrotic Gaze: channeled spell which applies a debuff on the targeted player (not necessarily the one who is tanking); for each 1 sec of the channelling, a new stack of the debuff appears. It causes a snare and a poison dot, and squishies have a hard time surviving it at 5x, so make sure to interrupt the channeling quickly. At 5 stacks it hits people for 900-1600 per sec (depending on whether they are tanks or squishies) and also gives a 50% miss/fizzle chance. You can remove it by doubletapping to the side; it’s best to do this early, when you have just 1 or 2 stacks, it not only removes the stacks you already have but also prevents additional stacks from appearing. (This also works on a similar snare debuff that you get while fighting the Firstborn/Secondborn crabs.)
  • Shell Shock is a big targeted nuke (can be up to 4-5K damage on squishies), AFAIK it can’t be interrupted and you must simply survive and outheal it. There used to be another similar but even more annoying nuke called Tormenting Shell Shock, which would additionally afflict the target with a torment (Sodabeh’s Torment: -45% crushing inv, -45% poison inv, -5% damage every second for 15 seconds; can be removed by a mage with Unbinding Charm, or by a BS with Steadfast Faith); fortunately this ability was removed in the 3.1 patch. The Shell Shock cast is relatively slow and if you tank the boss near a corner, the target of shell shock can run behind the corner to break line of sight and avoid taking damage.
  • Occasionally she afflicts more or less everyone nearby with a ruin (Sodabeh’s Ruin: -4500 armor, -4% damage every second for 15 seconds), which the priest has to remove very quickly with Steadfast Faith, otherwise people will start dying. You won’t see her casting the ruin on her casting bar, so you have to watch your debuffs and people have to stand so that the priest can easily reach them with the cone of his Steadfast Faith.

Ranged classes can DPS her from range; if you stand far enough, you won’t get any ruins from her, nor any white hits (you can still get Shell Shock but this should be easy enough to survive and outheal).

If you wipe on the boss, you’ll have to fight the two crabs again on the next attempt. The adds no longer give any AA xp when killed. There is no lockout after killing the boss (nor any other boss here in Ardashir Fort).
After you’ve killed Arman, a door near the entrance to the dungeon becomes active which takes you directly to the entrance of Arman’s room; this saves you some time when running back after a wipe on Sodabeh.

Loot: crate of rare trophies, around 250k AA xp, some blue items, one purple helmet; sometimes a purple necklace (Soulbearer); sometimes an Old Grimoire (used in Ardashir Arena).

  • Coverings of the Grand Monarch (light legs): 545 armor, 277 critigation amount, 35 con, 200 heal rating, 68 magic damage, 31 hate dec rating, 38 immunity rating
  • Hammer of Dreams (1hb): 110.0 DPS, 200 stamina, 49 crit rating, 58 crit dmg rating
  • Harness of the Kozak Slayer (light chest): 701 armor, 292 critigation amount, 40 con, 382 combat rating, 32 hit rating, 33 hate dec rating
  • Headband of the Kozak Slayer (light head): 574 armor, 339 critigation amount, 43 con, 430 combat rating, 53 hit rating, 52 crit rating, 36 hate dec rating
  • Headdress of the Grand Monarch (light head): 574 armor, 339 critigation amount, 60 con, 315 heal rating, 72 magic damage, 51 crit rating, 37 hate dec rating
  • Helm of the Crimson Fort (plate head): 1148 armor, 339 critigation amount, 85 str, 96 con, 50 crit rating, 35 hate inc rating
  • Helm of the Renegade (medium head): 757 armor, 339 critigation amount, 35 con, 324 heal rating, 434 combat rating, 30 hit rating, 47 crit rating, 32 hate dec rating
  • Hood of the Putrescent (cloth head): 402 armor, 339 critigation amount, 42 con, 405 mana, 74 magic damage, 54 hit rating, 50 crit rating, 35 hate dec rating
  • Hood of the Usurper (cloth head): 402 armor, 339 critigation amount, 32 con, 280 stamina, 439 combat rating, 47 hit rating, 47 crit rating, 36 hate dec rating
  • Legguards of the Crimson Fort (plate legs): 1090 armor, 277 critigation amount, 74 str, 58 con, 49 crit rating, 32 hate inc rating
  • Legguards of the Renegade (medium legs): 720 armor, 277 critigation amount, 30 con, 200 heal rating, 376 combat rating, 28 hit rating, 32 hate dec rating
  • Putrescent Blade (dagger): 68.6 DPS, 105 int, 150 mana, 48 crit rating, 41 fatality rating, 55 crit dmg rating
  • Soulbearer (purple necklace): 625 HP, 11 nat mana regen, 11 nat stamina regen, 54 hit rating, 65 crit dmg rating
  • Staff of the Crustacean (staff): 59.5 DPS, 720 mana, 121 magic damage, 98 crit rating, 78 magic mana tap rating
  • Tunic of the Putrescent (cloth chest): 491 armor, 292 critigation amount, 30 con, 310 mana, 71 magic damage, 49 hit rating, 32 hate dec rating
  • Tunic of the Usurper (cloth chest): 491 armor, 292 critigation amount, 28 con, 200 stamina, 380 combat rating, 40 hit rating, 32 hate dec rating

The whole Ardashir Fort run (with hardmode on Sodabeh) gives you around 500k AA xp, and can be done in about half an hour if everything goes smoothly.