Bloodhunter cloth armor

May 7, 2016 2 comments

This is one of the armor sets that were introduced with the unchained dungeon system and parts of it drop from the various boxes that you get there, either as direct drops from bosses or as quest rewards from the quest to clear all 4 unchained dungeons. Bloodhunter is the assassin set.

One of the many wonders of Funcom’s software development is that somehow they manage to make some items look vastly different on the character selection screen than they do in game. This set is one of them. On the character selection screen, it has a hideous combination of colors, some parts are purplish and some are a sort of greyish green that can best be described as puke-colored:

Looks like a cosplay effort gone horribly wrong.

Fortunately, in game it looks almost completely black instead. That’s much better and especially suitable for an assassin:

And it looks even better without the headpiece and the belt:)

I was quite lucky with this set; I got the whole set after doing just 3 full unchained runs (i.e. where each run consisted of all four unchained dungeons), whereas on my guardian it took me about 12 runs to finish collecting the full-plate set and over 30 runs for the heavy set.

The HoX unchained set (Crimson Slaughter) looks exactly the same, as far as I know. And the demo/necro set (Hell Walker) looks the same too, except for the fact that it isn’t (nearly) black in game — it’s vomit-colored, same as on the character selection screen (another way to describe this set is by saying that it’s worn by Black Ring Reanimator mobs in BRC Wing 2).

So I’m half afraid that one fine day, someone at Funcom will decide that the badass black color of the HoX and sin sets is really a bug, and the set will be ‘fixed’ into having the same vomit color that the demo/necro set already has now.

Since all parts of the unchained armor sets are bind-on-pickup, the various caches only drop items from sets that are suitable to your character’s class. If you want to wear this stuff on a character from some other class, one possible option might be to farm Caravan Raiders Hideout in normal mode (i.e. not unchained). The bosses there can drop items that have the same names and appearance as those from the unchained armor sets, but not the same stats (for example, items from CRH normal mode don’t have any critigation). Another difference is that in the unchained sets, hands are always purple, but in CRH normal mode the hands are blue. I don’t know if the drops in CRH normal mode cover all possible locations; I’ve seen hands, belts and feet so far, but admittedly I don’t do CRH normal mode much.

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Steel Behemoth plate set

May 4, 2016 Leave a comment

Steel Behemoth is one of the two T6 full-plate sets. I recently got the last piece I was missing from it, so here’s a screenshot of the whole set:

If you went on a safari wearing this stuff, you’d either get molested by a rhino or shot at by poachers 😛

I actually rather like the look of most of the T6 raid armor sets, and I’m glad that the developers took the trouble to design new sets rather than just recolor old ones like they did in T5. Of course, they had to cut some corners anyway, and so for example the other T6 plate set (Warded Brute, the protection set) looks the same as this one, just in a different color (a kind of violet). One minor complaint is that for a full-plate set, it sure doesn’t look very plate-y. In fact the chest piece is delightfully revealing:

There are of course the inevitable clipping issues, or in case of the dangly bit in the front (which is part of the leg piece), they aren’t so much issues as lifetime subscriptions and charter memberships😛 Still, overall I’m definitely happier with the look of this set than I was with the T5 set.

In terms of stats, Steel Behemoth is a physical tanking set, with an emphasis on armor and HP; thus, it’s similar to the Courageous Souls set from T4, but with most attributes increased by 5–10% (the DPS and critical damage rating got a more substantial increase). In addition, wearing T6 armor gives you a buff called Emerald Lotus Coating, whose strength depends on how many T6 armor pieces you’re wearing:

  • 2–3 items: 220 armor penetration, 152 spell penetration, 158 tenacity
  • 4–5 items: 470 armor penetration, 330 spell penetration, 340 tenacity
  • 6–7 items: 845 armor penetration, 590 spell penetration, 610 tenacity
  • 8 items: 1250 armor penetration, 875 spell penetration, 900 tenacity

In addition, the buff includes some negative PvP stats to make T6 armor unattractive in PvP. For PvE, my understanding is that tenacity is only useful in T6 for now, since that’s the only place where mobs have critigation. Armor and spell penetration might also be useful in some lower raid tiers where the mobs have a lot of armor and protection (see also this interesting recent forum thread about penetration stats).

Penetration FTW!

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The Rare Panda of Chosain

April 28, 2016 1 comment

A rare panda boss spawns in Chosain, just southwest of the bamboo grove in the central part of the playfield (the one where you go as part of the quest chain to obtain your tiger mount from the Tamarin Tigers faction). I first heard of it (and of the unique thrown weapon that drops from it) when people were talking about it in the comments of my “About” page; since then I occasionally rode past that bamboo forest on purpose every now and then but never had any luck seeing it. So, more recently, I decided to look for it a little more deliberately, and yesterday I finally found it.

Take that, WWF!

There is a tiger mob (Wildwood Stalker) patrolling slowly south of that bamboo grove. If you kill it, it can take quite a long time to respawn, up to 2.5 hours when I was killing it. The impression I have is that this mob is a placeholder for the panda boss, so when you kill it (or you enter a new instance of the playfield), there’s a small chance that the panda boss will spawn in its place instead of a new tiger. The patrolling tiger spawns around (455, 755) and then moves in a sort of rectangle south and east of there.

So getting the panda to appear seems to be mostly a matter of killing that tiger again and again, and waiting for a very long time between the respawns. I was mostly standing at the nearby rock at (435, 775) and waiting, alt-tabbed away from the game. When the tiger respawns, its patrol route will soon bring it close enough to this location that it will aggro you, so I was simply standing there in defensive stance and checking back every few minutes to see if the tiger showed up or not. With some luck, I found find it nibbling on my guardian so I could kill it, but sometimes it had already managed to kill me by the time I got back into the game.

On one occasion I found my guardian dead but the combat log showed that she had been getting hit by a Panda, not by the Wildwood Stalker, which confirmed that I was on the right track:) Unfortunately, the panda had already despawned by then. After another day or two of waiting, I finally got lucky and alt-tabbed back into the game just as the panda was attacking me, so I could finally kill it.

The Panda was a level 83 boss and according to my combat log, it had around 22225 HP, which is just as one would expect from a level 83 Khitai boss. There’s a nice video on youtube where someone’s fighting the panda on a barbarian and almost gets killed by it:) so I was sort of expecting a harder fight than it turned out to be. (Incidentally, that video also shows that the panda appears in a sort of impromptu miniature bamboo grove, which then promptly disappears. I didn’t see that one myself, probably because it was already gone by the time I had alt-tabbed back into the game.)

The panda boss does have a few interesting abilities: occasionally it casts a buff called Bamboo Grove (+20% evade chance, +50 damage deflection for 20 sec) and eventually it got another buff called Shadow Style (-30% movement multiplier, +50% damage multiplier for 25 sec). Its white hits are crushing damage, but it also has an attack called Bamboo Paddle, which does slashing damage. When you kill it, you get a 12-hour debuff called Panda Killer (-500 charisma), same as from killing the panda pet in the new Pit Master’s Arena. (Charisma, of course, is a joke stat that doesn’t actually do anything. IIRC it appears in some other places in the game, possibly from one of the whores in Tarantia Common District.)

(Click to enlarge.)

Another interesting thing about the panda boss is that it drops a thrown weapon called Bamboo Javelin with a unique 3-d model. Thrown weapons, of course, are largely a joke as well; they had some use in the very early times of the game, when most classes couldn’t use bows or crossbows until level 40, soldiers didn’t have the Irritate ability yet, so for some classes a thrown weapon was the only way they could pull a mob from range. But after these things were changed in update 1.05 or so, thrown weapons are mostly interesting as some sort of easter eggs, and by the time the Khitai expansion was released, the devs seemed to see them in such a light as well.

(Click to enlarge.)

There is another famous joke thrown weapon in Khitai, namely The Rock (which drops from the somewhat uncommon mini boss in the Den of the Crowmen). I was naturally curious how the stats on these two thrown weapons compare. It turns out that The Rock is very defensively oriented (306 armor, 130 con, 99 hit rtg, but only 35.1 DPS) whereas the Bamboo Javelin is much more aggressive (62.3 DPS — twice as much as The Rock! — 86 hit rtg, 89 crit rtg, 93 crit dmg rtg, 61 hate increase rtg).

Khitai world-drop blues

October 31, 2015 1 comment

The introduction of the achievement system in update 4.5 has been an unexpected boon for my efforts to catalogue the world-drop blue loot. (For my previous posts in this series, see: level 10–19, level 20–39, level 40–49).

A large number of (moderately) rare open-world bosses were introduced for the Bane achievements, and these bosses always drop a piece of blue BoE loot, even in normal-mode playfields. The two big differences between them and the traditional open-world bosses that we’ve known since release are the following:

(1) From the traditional bosses, a blue drop is only guaranteed if you kill them in an epic instance; in a normal instance, a blue drop is very unlikely. By contrast, the new achievement bosses always drop a blue item, even in a normal instance.

(2) From level 40 up, the loot tables of the traditional bosses include 12 armor sets (see my old posts for screenshots: level 40–69, level 70–80), which account for around 90% of the items in these loot tables. So if you’re only interested in farming the other items, those which aren’t part of the sets, you’ll have to kill the bosses a lot more times than on lower levels because most of the time they’ll be dropping the set pieces that you don’t care about. The new achievement bosses don’t have these 12 armor sets in their loot tables, so the problem is gone.

This makes the new achievement bosses very attractive for farming the open-world blue loot. They do have one disadvantage, however: they are, in principle, rare — you have to kill a placeholder mob and hope that your boss will then spawn in its place. But in practice, they aren’t *that* rare, so farming them isn’t that much of a problem.

When the Khitai expansion was released, the old open-world blue drop system was extended with a number of new level 80 items — armor pieces (which do not form complete sets), weapons, and accessories. Unlike in the old world, these items did not drop directly from bosses, but had a small chance of dropping from various bags which you could get as random drops from mobs (not just bosses) or as quest rewards. I got a few blue items that way, but the drop rate is very low, and there was simply no practical way for an individual player to explore the whole loot table.

But now, these Khitai blue BoE items also drop from the new achievement bosses in Khitai and the Dragon’s Spine, so they are quite easy to farm and I was able to explore the loot table in the same way as in my earlier posts for low-level open-world BoE blues; I kept killing the bosses until I had seen each item drop at least five times. Who knows, I just might eventually do the same for old-world level 50–80 blue drops.

Name Level Description
Administer’s Gloves 80 light hands, magic dmg
Band of Introspection 80 str/con ring
Bands of Consequence 80 heavy shoulder, str/con
Belt of Adulation 80 cloth belt, str/con
Bracers of Evaluation 80 light wrist, magic dmg
Bracers of Quick Study 80 ranger wrist
Ceremonial Blade 80 1he, wisdom
Cloak of Flourishes 80 cloak, magic dmg
Dagger of the Ninth Rank 80 dagger, magic dmg
Dragon Grips 80 plate hands, str/con
Drape of the Headless Man 80 cloak, combat rtg
Examiner’s Skirt 80 cloth legs, magic dmg
Exemplar’s Breastplate 80 plate chest, str/con
Girdle of Courage 80 heavy belt, str/con
Gloves of Remark 80 light hands, str/con
Greaves of the Bold 80 plate feet, str/con
Hammer of Fortunes 80 2hb, con, combat rtg
Harmonious Sword 80 2he, con, combat rtg
Heirloom of the Barren Line 80 DT talisman
Helm of the Wise One 80 medium head, wisdom (WTF?!)
Helm of Tribute 80 ranger head
Hoop of the Fox Demon 80 ring, magic dmg
Intruder’s Wrist-straps 80 light wrist, str/con
Lance of the Province 80 2hb, con
Lively Bands 80 ranger shoulder
Martial Blade 80 1he, con, combat rtg
Master’s Bolts 80 xbow bolts
Mysterious Necklace 80 necklace, magic dmg
Officer’s Chestplate 80 heavy chest, str/con
Pendant of Longevity 80 necklace, str/con
Prefect’s Hammer 80 1hb, hate inc
Red Fletched Arrows 80 bow arrows
Ring of Leverage 80 ring, combat rtg
Shield of the Scale Mountain 80 shield, con
Shirt of Contention 80 light chest, str/con
Shoes of the Long Road 80 cloth feet, magic dmg
Silent Treads 80 cloth feet, dex
Skirt of Sustaining Fire 80 cloth legs, str/con
Soulkindle 80 2he, HoX
Staff of Justice 80 staff, mage or priest
Steward of Secrets 80 dagger, combat rtg
Stifling Cord 80 cloth belt, dex
Survivor’s Luck 80 necklace, combat rtg
Swordsman’s Shoes 80 HoX feet
The Fifth Arm 80 guardian polearm
The Rose’s Bloom 80 crossbow
The Subtle Disguise 80 assassin legs
The Two Cranes 80 medium wrist, con
Thickened Silk Rope 80 cloth belt, magic dmg
Tightly-woven Armbands 80 BS shoulder
Truncheon of the Lawgiver 80 1hb, magic dmg
Tunic of Talent 80 light chest, magic dmg
Waterbuffalo Horn Bow 80 bow
Wind of Battle 80 cloak, str/con
Wise Man’s Trinket 80 talisman, int

(Click to enlarge.)

(Click to enlarge.)

An interesting difference compared to the old-world BoE blues is the absence of procs on these new ones — things like retortive revenge, sacrarial guard, and countless others. Such procs were a prominent feature of AoC combat and itemization at release; they were present on many pieces of gear and you could also get them from crafted gems. Later the developers seemed to change their mind; from the big changes in update 1.05 onwards, procs of that sort are more or less irrelevant, and none of the items added since then (including anything from the Khitai expansion) have them.

Zhu-Khang joins the Steam marketing team

July 25, 2015 Leave a comment

This is not strictly speaking an AoC post but I found it funny so I’ll post it anyway. Zhu-Khang is the NPC in Tarantia Noble District who offers to sell you thirty gold for the low price of forty gold. I was reminded of him when I saw the following package deal on Steam:

(Click to enlarge.)

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Vanir armor

July 17, 2015 Leave a comment

This is the Vanir counterpart to the post about Nemedian armor from a few weeks ago. Age of Conan contains a decent amount of low-level green Vanir-themed gear; much like the Nemedians, any Vanir mob can drop armor that is within a couple of levels of the mob’s own level. Most of this gear occurs across several levels, such that the different-level version of an item have different stats (and often also different names) but the same appearance. The lists below will try to indicate which levels each item is available on, but this information is probably a bit incomplete; there is so much Vanir gear that I didn’t explore it as thoroughly as I did Nemedian gear for my previous post. When not mentioned otherwise, the gear in this post is green and bind-on-equip.

Vanir weapons

Each sub-list below is a group of weapons with the same 3-d model, but different names (the corresponding levels are given in parentheses). Many of these 3-d models are used numerous times in the game for various quest rewards, dungeon drops, etc., and I don’t pretend to have collected all these variants; the lists only include those that I’m aware of.

  • One-handed blunt
    • Crazed Vanir’s Mace (41)
    • Vanir Prospector’s Mace (45, 47)
    • Vanir Raider’s Mace (23, 25)
    • Vanir Avenger (80 blue bind-on-pickup) from Overseer Olik in the Vile Nativity
    • Scoundrel’s Spiked Mace (80 green bind-on-pickup), quest reward from War on the Roofs, Tarantia Commons
    • Skullcracker (31 blue bind-on-equip), drops from Commander Vakarr in Conall’s Valley (I’ve seen it in the epic instance, not sure if it also drops in the normal one or not)
  • One-handed edged
    • Vanir Aggressor’s Axe (20, 22)
    • Vanir Beastmaster’s Axe (26, 28)
    • Vanir Sentry’s Axe (24)
    • Vanir Butcher Axe (80 blue bind-on-pickup) from Overseer Olik in the Vile Nativity
  • Dagger
    • Vanir Ambusher’s Dagger (21, 23)
    • Vanir Flametender’s Dagger (25, 27)
    • Vanir Oracle’s Dagger (31)
    • Vanir Ritemaster’s Dagger (45, 47)
    • Vanir Fleshcarver (80 blue bind-on-equip) from Overseer Olik in the Vile Nativity
  • Two-handed edged
    • Vanir Assailer’s Greataxe (40)
    • Vanir Infiltrator’s Greataxe (20, 22, 24)
    • Redspray (80 blue bind-on-pickup) from Tramplerage in the Onyx Chambers
  • Two-handed blunt
    • Vanir Basher’s Battlehammer (46)
    • Vanir Cutthroat’s Battlehammer (20, 22, 24)
    • Vanir Deathbringer’s Battlehammer (30)
    • Vanir Reaver’s Battlehammer (28)
    • Oxleg (80 blue bind-on-pickup) from Nefru in the Onyx Chambers
    • Spinebreaker (29 blue bind-on-equip), world drop
    • Icebreaker (32 blue bind-on-pickup); prob. a quest reward
    • Remorse (50 blue bind-on-pickup); prob. a quest reward
    • Malignant Crusher (80 bind-on-equip), old-world drop
  • Shield
    • Vanir Beastmaster’s Shield (27)
    • Vanir Champion’s Shield (31)
    • Vanir Desecrator’s Shield (29)
    • Vanir Raider’s Shield (21)
    • Vanir Sentinel’s Shield (25)
    • Vanir Warrior’s Shield (43)
  • Thrown
    • Vanir Champion’s Throwing Axe (30)
    • Vanir Raider’s Throwing Axe (20, 22, 24)
    • Vanir Reaver’s Throwing Axe (26, 28)
    • Vanir Warder’s Throwing Axe (40, 42)
    • Vanir Warrior’s Throwing Axe (44, 46)
    • Throwing Axe of the Ziggurat (80 blue bind-on-pickup) from Narvi in the Threshold of Divinity
  • Bow
    • Vanir Digger’s Bow (39, 41, 43)
    • Vanir Lookout’s Bow (21)
    • Vanir Master Scout’s Bow (31)
    • Vanir Sharpshooter’s Bow (45, 47)
    • Vanir Skirmisher’s Bow (23)
  • Shield
    • Vanir Square Shield (80 blue bind-on-pickup) from Overseer Olik in the Vile Nativity

Heavy armor

Each of these sets consists of 7 parts (everything except hands) at every possible level. They occur under two names: Vanir Champion’s (level 30, 32) and Vanir Warrior’s (level 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48). Regardless of name and level, all these sets look exactly the same.

Medium armor

Each of these sets consists of 2 parts (head and chest) at every possible level. They occur under various names: Vanir Assailer’s (level 40), Vanir Deathbringer’s (30, 32), Vanir Raider’s (level 20, 22), Vanir Reaver’s (level 26, 28), Vanir Sentry’s (level 24), and Vanir Sharpshooter’s (level 44, 46, 48). Regardless of name and level, all these sets look exactly the same. In the following screenshot I combined the two medium parts with the other 5 parts of the heavy set (legs, feet, belt, shoulders, wrists).

Light armor

Each of these sets consists of 7 parts (everything except hands) at every possible level. They occur under various names: Vanir Ambusher’s (level 21), Vanir Berserker’s (level 27, 29, 31), Vanir Hunter’s (level 41), Vanir Infiltrator’s (level 25), Vanir Pathfinder’s (level 45, 47, 49), Vanir Skirmisher’s (level 23), and Vanir Warder’s (level 39). Regardless of name and level, all these sets look exactly the same.

Cloth armor

Each of these sets consists of 7 parts (everything except hands) at every possible level. They occur under four names: Vanir Acolyte’s (level 20, 22), Vanir Mystic’s (level 30, 32), Vanir Ritemaster’s (level 44, 46, 48), and Vanir Runecaster’s (level 24, 26). Regardless of name and level, all these sets look exactly the same.

Vanaheim Conquest armor

This is conqueror culture armor; like other culture armor sets, it consists of 6 parts: the head, chest, and legs are level 78, and the hands, belt, and feet are level 79. These are all crafted blue bind-on-equip items and the recipes (one for the big pieces and one for the small pieces) drop from the Ghost of Rorik in Atzel’s Fortress. This set looks exactly the same as the Vanir heavy armor we mentioned above (except of course that it lacks wrists and shoulders, and on the other hand it includes hands, which the Vanir green sets lack).

In principle you could combine the conqueror culture armor with low-level green Vanir heavy armor to obtain a complete set (the conq culture set has hands, the low-level green sets have wrists and shoulders, and the other 5 parts are available in both sets and look identical). However, the result isn’t that great, in my opinion; as the following picture shows, the hands don’t go too well with the wrists.

Excavator armor

This is a level 80 social armor set (containing all 8 parts) that drops partly from the Overseer Olik in the Vile Nativity and partly from Narvi in the Threshold of Divinity. It’s closely related to the Vanir heavy sets shown earlier. Here’s a screenshot of it from my old post about the House of Crom armor sets:

Miscellaneous armor

One of the Clan Vigdis vendors (in Conarch Village) sells level 39 purple chests using the same models as the green bind-on-equip sets we’ve seen above (to buy them, you need rank 2 in that faction): Housekarl’s Harness (light), Vanir Bloodied Mail Jerkin (medium), Pathfinder’s Jerkin of the Wilds (medium), Raider’s Feral War Coat (heavy).

Narvi in the Threshold of Divinity also drops a few additional pieces of armor (blue, bind-on-pickup, often with interesting stats, especially a high amount of constitution) that reuse the same models:

  • Vanir Armguards of Subterfuge (heavy shoulder, using the same model as shoulders from the low-level heavy sets above): 446 armor, 102 critigation, 74 str, 40 evade rtg, 46 hit rtg
  • Vanir Bracers of Deterrence (light wrists, using the same model as wrists from the low-level *cloth* sets above): 284 armor, 132 critigation, 75 con, 30 hit rtg
  • Vanir Helmet of Vitality (medium head, using the same model as heads from the low-level medium sets above): 699 armor, 263 critigation, 96 con, 5 nat stam regen, 45 hit rtg, 48 crit rtg
  • Vanir Boots of Rapidity (cloth feet, using the same model as feet from the low-level cloth sets above): 295 armor, 161 critigation, 65 con, 7.5 nat stam regen, 48 hit rtg, 58 crit dmg rtg, 5% out of combat movement speed

There are also several low-level cloth feet that use the same model as the feet from the Vanir cloth sets: you can get Frayed Padsoles (level 5, white) and Coarse Padsoles (level 10, white) from the armor vendor NPC in Tortage; green versions (with additional adjectives in the name, e.g. Dense Frayed Padsoles) in this level range also drop randomly from mobs.

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Nemedian armor

July 7, 2015 1 comment

Ever since the launch of the game, various low-level mobs have been dropping green armor with names and appearance specific to their culture. Thus, we have Vanir, Nemedian, Darfari, and Pictish armor. The introduction of the achievement system has encouraged us to perpetrate small-scale genocides against Vanir, Nemedians, and Picts, and this in turn has enabled me to work on cataloging as much of their loot as possible. This post will be about Nemedian gear, and hopefully one about Vanir gear will follow in due course.

It appears that any Nemedian mob has a chance of dropping a piece of Nemedian gear (in addition to whatever other things you might expect a mob of that level to drop); however, a mob can only drop Nemedian gear close to its own level. Thus, if there is no Nemedian gear of a suitable level, the mob in question won’t drop any Nemedian gear. As we’ll see below, two pieces of Nemedian gear are level 37 (two-handed weapons) and everything else is on level 26–30. This means that you can’t get Nemedian gear from Nemedians in Tarantia Noble District and in Poitain; and the level 37–39 Nemedians in the eastern parts of the Wild Lands of Zelata can only drop two pieces of Nemedian gear (level 37 two-handed weapons). Thus, the best place for farming Nemedian gear is in the southeast of the Wild Lands and in the Border Range. Since this gear is green and bind-on-equip, you can also buy it from other players.

Nemedian weapons

  • Nemedian Crossbow
  • Nemedian Double-handed Axe
  • Nemedian Falchion
  • Nemedian Mace
  • Nemedian Pugio
  • Nemedian Scrotum Scutum
  • Nemedian War Maul

These weapons are available in several versions with different levels: 26, 28, 30, 32. Additionally, the Double-handed Axe (2he) and War Maul (2hb) are also available in a level 37 version.

There is another weapon which is a bit of a special case, called Nemedian Skinning Knife. This is a blue bind-on-pickup weapon (unlike everything else in this post, which is green and bind-on-equip), exists only in a level 34 version and drops from General Zarathus in the Border Range.

Nemedian Legionary’s armor

This medium armor set consists of 6 pieces (head, chest, wrist, belt, legs, feet) and exists in a level 30 and 32 version.

Some items with the same models also appear elsewhere: the helmet uses the same model as Zukas’ Prized Helm (from Zukas in the Main System) and Border Kingdom Helmet (quest reward for Atzel’s Head on a Pike, from Aelfrith in Conan’s castle); and the leg piece looks the same as Dogmatist’s Tasset (from Zukas in the Main System).

Nemedian Mage armor

The only Nemedian Mage item is a chest piece (Nemedian Mage Robe), which also exists in a level 30 and 32 version.

This robe uses the same model as generic level 20–29 mage cloth chest pieces; the basic level 20 white version is called Rough-stitched Robe (you can buy it from NPC vendors) and there are also lots of green versions with additional adjectives in front of the name. Another similar robe, but not quite the same, is the Dark Ember Robe (from the HoX level 40–49 world-drop set).

Nemedian Scout’s armor

This light armor set consists of 7 pieces (everything except hands) and exists in a level 30 and 32 version.

It looks exactly the same as the Pathfinder set (level 40–69 world-drop set for rangers), except that the latter also contains hands. The Pathfinder set is medium armor, so Nemedian Scout’s might be a useful option if you want it for vanity on a character that can only wear light but not medium armor.

Some of these models are also reused elsewhere: the legs look the same as Corruptor’s Tasset (from Renato Savill in the Cistern); the shoulders look the same as Proselite Armbands (from Zukas in the Main System).

Nemedian Cursecaller armor

This is HoX culture armor and is thus not really part of the Nemedian armor system; it doesn’t drop from any Nemedian mobs (although you can see some of them wearing at least some parts of it, e.g. caster mobs in the Noble District, so I just mention it here for the sake of completeness. Like other culture armor sets, it consists of six parts: the head, chest, and legs are level 78, and the hands, belt, and feet are level 79. These are all crafted blue bind-on-equip items and the recipes (one for the big pieces and one for the small pieces) drop from Black Ring Slave Masters/Mistresses in the Onyx Chambers.

Interestingly, this set used to look pink but was eventually changed into a much less appealing pale green. See the following screenshot of my HoX from early 2009 or so:

It looked a lot less attractive on male HoXes, as can be seen from the following picture (linked from the now-lost EU forum):

 photo Psy_picture065-1.png

There are also some other items with the same models: the chest (Nemedian Cursecaller Robes) uses the same model as Darkcraft Vesture (from Hek’lar in the Main System) and Corpse-mouldered Robe (Trapped Ghost, Slaughterhouse cellar); the head (Nemedian Cursecaller Cap) uses the same model as Border Kingdom Headdress (quest reward from the Atzel’s Head on a Pike quest, given by Aelfrith in Conan’s castle).

Sexy boots!

Some of the lovely Nemedian Priestesses in the Wild Lands of Zelata wear these very cute boots, but unfortunately they don’t drop as part of the Nemedian armor drops:

I’ve also seen some other mobs wear these boots, e.g. Jovus in Crows’ Nest.

It turns out that this model is available to us players on the following items: Leopardbane Slippers (level 44 quest reward from the Armsman’s Arena), Shadowmantis Treads (level 61 world-drop blue bind-on-equip item), Svelte Treads (level 69 world-drop blue bind-on-equip item), Ironsilk Padsoles (generic level 75–79 assassin cloth feet; you can buy a white version from NPC vendors, you can craft green and blue ones (the blue version is called Fine Ironsilk Padsoles), and there are also several green ones with additional adjectives dropping from mobs in that level range).

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