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Argo-satha hardmode

April 18, 2014 3 comments

Argo-satha is the last-but-one boss in the Vile Nativity. It is fairly widely known that there exists a hardmode for him, but people hardly ever do it because the additional rewards aren’t worth the trouble. I never did Argo-satha HM before today, so I thought I’d write a post about it now that I know it a little better.

To trigger the hardmode, someone has to target the boss and click the [Curse of the Empowered Lich]. This is a generic item that you pick up by clicking the book on a pile of rubble near the entrance to Queen Cao-Polyphya’s room, approximately at (713, 347). Targetting the boss and clicking the Curse will also start the fight immediately.

The boss gets a typical green hardmode debuff icon (“Challenge of the Gods”) as well as a buff called Empowered Lich. This buff causes his Spiralling Descent (random single-target attacks that he does throughout the fight) to put a -50% received healing modifier on the target (Curse of the Empowered Lich). This means that pretty soon everyone in the group will have this -50% healing modifier and it will stay that way for the rest of the fight. I don’t think there’s anything you can do about it, you just have to manage to survive despite having less healing. (In fact this debuff remained on us after the boss was dead as well. Fortunately it’s not difficult to kill the next boss (Little Prince) with this debuff.)

Every 6 sec or so, the boss puts a wrack (Advisor’s Wrack) or ruin (Advisor’s Ruin) on someone. The target and type of debuff seems to be random, except insofar as the soldiers always get a wrack and other players always get a ruin. These debuffs have the usual yellow wrack/ruin icons, so they are easy to recognize. Both debuffs simply consist of an additional -50% received healing modifier. Together with the Curse of the Empowered Lich this would put you at -100% received healing, so it’s important to remove the wracks and ruins quickly.

Another difference compared to the normal mode is with the Ravenous Wardens, the red mobs that spawn on the outer edges of the platform and root random players. In the hardmode, you get several wardens spawning at the same time, but only one of them is real; the others are fakes. They look the same and have the same name, but they differ in several ways: the fakes often have a yellow nametag instead of a red one (at least until someone hits them); the real warden has a green Challenge of the Gods debuff, the fake ones don’t have this debuff; the real warden is casting Shackles of the Warden (the root spell) while the fake warden isn’t doing anything; and the fake warden has a ridiculously high natural health regen while the real one doesn’t. So if you start DPSing a warden and he keeps healing up, you know it’s a fake one.

When the boss was dead, a killable loot box mob appeared (Heavenly Remuneration). From it, everyone got 5 rare trophies and 75k AA XP; additionally, there were two items for people to roll on: an Excavator’s Kit and an [Advisor's Treasure]. This latter item is a blue cache; clicking it gave the lucky winner 3 Potent Daggamalts and a Vessel of Attainment (i.e. another 75k AA XP).

The boss and the Argo-satha’s Soul (add) have the same amount of HP as in normal mode (365k boss, 152k soul). It’s hard to be sure about the wardens as you can’t tell from the combat log which hits were on the real wardens and which on the fakes.

Yet more unchained loot

April 18, 2014 Leave a comment

(Earlier posts in this series: part 1, part 2.)

The Red Ruin heavy set

If you open the unchained caches on a guardian, you can get three armor sets: Fallen Empire (full plate), Red Ruin (heavy), and Pharaoh’s Guard (social). I was pretty luck with the Fallen Empire set and got all 8 parts of it within a few weeks after the unchained dungeons were released. I completed the Pharaoh’s Guard set about one month later. With the Red Ruin set, however, I was plagued by bad luck; it took me until today to get the chest piece (after opening 134 blue and 111 purple caches; meanwhile I got most of the other parts of the set multiple times, of course).

The main problem with this heavy set is of course the helmet, which makes you look like Hannibal Lecter’s more dangerous and less well-adjusted cousin:

Having zoomed in and checked carefully, I think I can safely say that there are no holes for the eyes whatsoever. Let’s hope the helmet is well-padded as you’re going to bang into a lot of things if you wear it :P

If you get rid of the helmet and the belt (the latter seems to have been pilfered from a semi-retired wrestling hero), you’re left with a pretty decent-looking set of slutplate armor, though I think I still prefer the Fallen Empire / Acheronian Keeper set. The shiny black color makes that set look much more badass and menacing, as you would expect from an Acheronian set. You can almost hear the screams of victims on the altars as you walk around wearing it :P

Much like the other “new” unchained armor sets, the models of this set are anything but new. It’s the same as the full-plate set from Xibaluku (Voidcage (chest), Impenetrable Legguards, Nescient Helm, Warlord’s Cinch (belt), Spiteful Gauntlets; there reportedly also exist boots called Bloodfeint Sabatons; I’m not sure about wrists and shoulders). The same models are also used Some of these models are also used in the normal (level 63) version of the Amphitheatre of Karutonia (full plate: Bloodbrute Chestguard, Bloodbrute Legguards; heavy: Frostmaw Helm, Frostmaw Gauntlets, Frostmaw Boots, Frostmaw Vambraces). The helmet model is also reused as the Mask of the Master Gaoler, which drops from Norach + Surberec in Xibaluku since 4.1.

In terms of stats, the purple parts of the Red Ruin set are similar to e.g. Tiger heavy armor from Khitai, but with a bit less constitution (and some combat rating replaced by strength).

Moar pets

Mini-Pet: Queen Cao-Polyphya

This pet dropped from a Mystical Excavator’s Kit.

Note: the pet is the ugly malevolent hag on the left,
not the beautiful guardian on the right :P (Click to enlarge.)

She does various emotes and has a couple of magic-looking animations:

Click to enlarge.)

Mini-Pet: Acheronian Raider

This pet dropped from a green cache. He doesn’t seem to do anything particularly interesting, just a few emotes such as /track and /poundchest.

(Click to enlarge.)

Accessories from the Excavators quest

I got the following beautiful bind-on-pickup purple cloak, Great Cloak of Blessed Winds (117 wis, 193 heal rtg, 45 hit rtg, 54 crit dmg rtg), on my ToS from a Mystical Excavator’s Kit (purple cache that you get as a quest reward from the excavators quest):

Given the stats, I would imagine that PoMs can also get it. The amount of heal rating is unusually high for a cloak; only the Cloak of Shivering Stars (from the Coils of Ubah Kan) is comparable (201 heal rtg), but has just 80 wisdom and no hit rating. The T4 cloak has only 72 heal rtg, but on the other hand it has 122 wis and an extra 20 magic damage. (Two of the legendary cloaks from the Portents quest will have still more heal rating: 227 on the BS legendary cloak and 425 on the non-DPS healer cloak.)

Judging by the dev’s post on the testlive forum, there is also a Bear Shaman cloak with the same style, but orange instead of white; as well as a dexterity necklace and a HoX ring.

Updated drop statistics

Unopened Chest (green)

This cache can drop one or two of the following things:

What How many times it dropped
3 Daggamalt 55
3 Sweetpressed Haste 51
3 Moonspill 37
Manual of Instruction [2000 Mastery AA XP] 54
Manual of Discipline [10000 Mastery AA XP] 25
Flask of Completion [20000 Mastery AA XP] 11
2 Ta Neheh Leaf Elixir 9
2 Kingsmight Ale 7
2 Bloodpurple Ale 5
money (1–5 silver) 102
an old-world level 80 blue BoE item (not from one of the level 70–80 sets); e.g. I got a Freestrider Tasset, a Deathvigil Tunic, a Marrowbite Hauberk, a Demonflesh Tasset, and Bladefervor Boots 5
Pet: Shredder 4
Pet: Emperor Scorpion 3
Mini-Pet: Undead Guardian 1
Mini-Pet: Acheronian Raider 2
Pharaoh’s Guard armor (1× Sleevelets, 1× Gloves, 1× Boots) 3

These are statistics from opening 328 green caches; in 44 cases, two items dropped instead of one, and in one case there were in fact 3 drops (money + Pharaoh’s Guard Gloves + money), though I guess it might be possible that there’s some mistake in my records. There were two occasions where two separate money drops came from the same cache, which I guess answers my questions from one of the previous posts (if the game decides to give you two money drops from the same cache, they will be shown separately in the money channel, rather than added up and shown as a single drop).

From the 103 money drops seen so far, it seems pretty reasonable to conclude that the amount of money in each money drop is distributed uniformly in the range [1, 5] silver. (The actual minimum and maximum I’ve seen were 1.0062 and 4.9796 silver.)

One notable new drop compared to my original post is 4-hour mana food. Perhaps it’s just a coincidence that it never dropped for me in the first few weeks, or perhaps they added it in one of the subsequent patches. In any case, mana potions were dropping from the very beginning, which suggests that the drops from the green caches are independent of the class of the character that’s opening them.

Acheronian Cache (blue)

Here are the results after opening 134 blue caches on my guardian. Again each cache can drop 1 or 2 of the following (a double drop occurred in 40 out of 134 cases):

What How many times it dropped
money (10–49 silver) 7
2 Ta Neheh Leaf Elixir 14
2 Kingsmight Ale 7
Blue potions:
2 Dire Sweetpressed Haste 4
Green armor:
Pharaoh’s Guard Armplates 1
Pharaoh’s Guard Gloves 2
Pharaoh’s Guard Goldmail 3
Pharaoh’s Guard Helm 5
Pharaoh’s Guard Shenti 1
Pharaoh’s Guard Sleevelets 4
Blue armor:
Belt of Red Ruin 8
Belt of the Fallen Empire 6
Greaves of Red Ruin [feet] 9
Greaves of the Fallen Empire 14
Rerebrace of Red Ruin [shoulder] 13
Rerebrace of the Fallen Empire 12
Tasset of Red Ruin [legs] 16
Tasset of the Fallen Empire 17
Purple armor:
Gloves of Red Ruin [hands] 1
Vambrace of Red Ruin [wrist] 1
Vambraces of the Fallen Empire 1
Elixir of Brute Force [366 combat rtg] 3
Elixir of Guile [73 crit rtg] 5
Elixir of Invigorative Rejuvenation [15 nat stam regen] 6
Elixir of Precision [73 hit rtg] 6
Refined Elixir of Precision [183 hit rtg] 3
Minor Elixir of Resurgence [self-rez] 1
Mini-Pet: Demigod 1
Pet: Living Statue 2

Regarding money drops, we still don’t have enough data to say anything much about the distribution; the 7 drops I’ve seen so far were 10.4923, 10.8027, 29.6378, 36.7848, 46.032, 46.0483, 48.1415, 49.3365 (plus 15.0030 and 34.5042 on other characters). IMO the safest guess would be that it’s uniform in the range [10, 50] silver.

Mystical Acheronian Cache (purple)

Here are the results after opening 112 purple caches on my guardian. Each cache can drop 1 or 2 of the following (a double drop occurred in 19 out of 112 caches):

What How many times it dropped
Blue potions:
5 Potent Daggamalt 6
5 Dire Sweetpressed Haste 5
Purple armor:
Breastplate of Red Ruin 1
Cuirass of the Fallen Empire [chest] 3
Gauntlets of the Fallen Empire 3
Gloves of Red Ruin 4
Helm of the Fallen Empire 4
Mask of Red Ruin 1
Vambrace of Red Ruin [wrist] 6
Vambraces of the Fallen Empire 8
Other purple gear:
Claw of the Death Master [1hb: 116.1 dps, 86 str, 47 hit rtg, 47 crit rtg, 55 crit dmg rtg] 1
Clasp of the Fallen Empire [necklace: 68 str, 37 hate inc rtg, 192 protection] 1
Emblem of Red Ruin [necklace: 86 str, 42 con, 18 hate dec rtg, 67 crit dmg rtg] 1
Trinket of Old Acheron [necklace: 534 combat rtg, 50 fatality rtg, 28 hate dec rtg, 67 crit dmg rtg] 1
Ring of Ancient Python [52 con, 52 hit rtg, 267 protection] 1
Ring of the Fallen Empire [80 str, 50 con, 35 hate inc rtg] 1
Refined Elixir of Guile [183 crit rtg] 4
Refined Elixir of Invigorative Rejuvenation [30 nat stam regen] 3
Refined Elixir of Precision [183 hit rtg] 3
Refined Philtre of Constitution [+5% con] 28
Refined Philtre of Strength [+10% str] 26
Minor Elixir of Resurgence [self-rez buff] 10
Phial of Tranquility [1 Expertise point] 5
Pet: Scorpion Archer 2
Mini-Pet: Un Nefer 2

One particularly annoying detail: not one, but TWO hate decrease necklaces (both bind-on-pickup, of course) can drop for a guardian. Perhaps they were inspired by John Donne‘s bitter but delightfully snarky lines:

  My constancy I to the planets give;
  My truth to them who at the court do live;
  My ingenuity and openness,
  To Jesuits; to buffoons my pensiveness;
  My silence to any, who abroad hath been;
      My money to a Capuchin:
    Thou, Love, taught’st me, by appointing me
  To love there, where no love received can be,
Only to give to such as have an incapacity.

Mystical Excavator’s Kit (purple)

These are the purple caches that you get as a quest reward for the excavator quest (to clear Ardashir Fort, Vile Nativity, Sepulcher of the Wyrm, and the Coils of Ubah Kan). Here are the results after opening 24 purple caches on my guardian. Each cache can drop 1 or 2 of the following (a double drop occurred in 4 out of 24 caches):

What How many times it dropped
Purple gear:
Fellhammer of the Sanguine Disciple [2hb, boe: 133.3 dps, 67 str, 45 con, 391 combat rtg, 38 hit rtg, 60 crit rtg, 90 crit dmg rtg] 1
Halberd of the Archaeologian [polearm, bop: 142.7 dps, 169 str, 221 combat rtg, 100 hit rtg, 86 crit rtg, 55 hate inc rtg, 123 crit dmg rtg] 1
Partizan of Red Ruin [polearm, boe: 135.8 dps, 50 str, 40 con, 7.7 nat stam regen, 409 combat rtg, 50 hit rtg, 75 crit rtg, 80 crit dmg rtg] 1
Refined Elixir of Brute Force [732 combat rtg] 2
Refined Elixir of Invigorative Rejuvenation [30 nat stam regen] 2
Refined Elixir of Precision [183 hit rtg] 6
Refined Philtre of Constitution [+5% con] 4
Refined Philtre of Strength [+10% str] 5
Mini-Pet: Forsaken Child of Yig 2
Mini-Pet: Queen Cao-Polyphya 1
Phial of Tranquility [1 Expertise point] 1
Minor Elixir of Resurgence [self-rez buff] 2

The Halberd of the Archaeologian uses the same model as Polearm of the Black Pharoah (from Coils of Ubah Kan).

The Partizan of Red Ruin uses the same model as Blighted Halberd (from Xibaluku) and Imperial Acheronian Halberd (from the Iron Tower). A recolored version of the same model is also used for the Whispering Touch (T3 crafted polearm).

In terms of stats, the bind-on-pickup polearm (Halberd of the Archaeologian) is very nice; basically the same stats as on the T4 polearm, just in slightly lower amounts. The bind-on-equip polearm (Partizan of Red Ruin) is much less attractive; compared to other purple polearms in the game, it’s low on strength and constitution and it seems to be a bit more dps-oriented. I guess you could say it’s somewhere on the level of T1/T2 polearms. At least it’s better than the other bind-on-equip purple polearms (The Herald of Blight, Return of Time).

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The Fifth Portent

April 10, 2014 6 comments

The fifth world boss was called The Thrice Drowned and spawned in three locations in Thunder River:

  • south of the graveyard, north of the Palisades rez pad (1310, 1650);
  • in the Wilds (green circle on the map, in the south of the playfield) (1000, 570);
  • on one of the islands in the west of the playfield, a bit east of the outlaw camp (500, 1300).

Like in the previous months, a green (unattackable) mob appears for a few minutes before the boss itself spawns. This time the green mob is called Follower of the Deep and says various pleasantly bizarre fishy cultist phrases in /say:

Follower of the Deep: Gods of the sea; hear my prayer!
Follower of the Deep: Rise! Rise! Rise!
Follower of the Deep: Glory to the drowned ones!
Follower of the Deep: All hail the lords of the deep!
Follower of the Deep: The water will cleanse you and gift you with new life.
Follower of the Deep: What is dead may never die!
Follower of the Deep shouts: That woman drowned. Her lungs filled with water, and the fish ate the scales of her eyes. Now rise again and see clearly.

The last of these lines is when the boss actually spawns.

(Click to enlarge.)

The boss looks like a giant crab, similar to the ones in the Sodabeh fight in Ardashir Fort, although the mechanics of the fight are different. Its white hits are crushing damage. There is an attack called Curse of the Drowned God, which puts a wrack on players standing in front of the boss (Drowned God’s Wrack: -30% physical invulnerability for 30 sec; also two ticks of poison damage at the start). There’s also a channeled frontal cone attack called Reaper Beam, which stuns people affected by it (3-second stun, as well as two ticks of holy damage). The boss slowly turns while channeling it, so that the frontal cone hits more people. There’s a nice blue beam particle effect associated with this attack (see the screenshot below).

Interestingly, this boss has slightly less HP than the previous portent bosses — 19.55 million instead of 20.13 million.

The boss using its Reaper Beam ability. (Click to enlarge.)

In terms of loot, there are again blue (Hunter’s Trove of the Drowned God) and purple (Slayer’s Cache of the Drowned God) caches, with the same mechanics as on the previous months’ portent bosses. There is likewise a new purple mini-pet, [Mini-Pet: Drowned One]. Unfortunately I had no luck in getting this pet, despite much farming (which is also one of the reasons why I didn’t make a post about this boss earlier in the week — I was busy farming). From what I’ve heard, it has a curious ability, namely it knockbacks the player that spawned it.

Apart from the new mini-pet, I haven’t seen any new loot from this boss that hasn’t been dropping from earlier bosses. As we saw in the previous months, some of the portent loot is considered “global” and some is considered “regional”; since this boss spawned in Aquilonia, the corresponding regional loot is unsurprisingly the same as e.g. from the Black Dragon last December. So we had lots of Mitra’s Blessed Ointment (which I still think should really be the name of a herbal hemorrhoid remedy), the Sanctum Atlantis social armor set, Tarantian-style masks, Atlantean Spellbinder’s Tunic (social chest piece which looks the same as Alvazar’s Vest from Atzel’s Fortress), etc.

Although I had no luck in getting the new mini-pet, I got a prodigious amount of other pets, including four Black Cobras, three Field Mice (I feel cheated; there should have been a fourth mouse to provide balance with the cobras), 11 dancers (I finally completed my collection of 8 dancing pets — 4 races × 2 genders), and a Charcoal Firebird Chick:

(Click to enlarge.)

I was impressed by its ability to bury its head into the ground regardless of what the ground is made of :P

One positive side of my bad luck in not getting the new minipet was that I kept on farming the boss intensively throughout the week, resulting in plenty of data for my drop tables. The following is a table of what dropped from blue caches on my guardian:

Count Item
Social animations, particles etc.
6 Sticky Fresh Blood
12 Prayer Book
12 Mitra’s Blessed Ointment
16 Electric Boogie, Bottled Spirits, Void Essence, Ritual Knife, Cowardice Remedy, Fermented Brain Juices
Food, potions, buffs
7 Potent Daggamalt, Dire Sweetpressed Haste
10 Ta Neheh Leaf Elixir
5 Kingsmight Ale
9 Elixirs (4 Guile, 1 Invigorative Rejuvenation, 2 Physical Might, 2 Precision)
2 Philtres (2 Constitution)
1 Minor Elixir of Resurgence (self-rez)
Vendors of crappy social consumables
6 Traveller’s Merchant Contract
Social armor sets
13 Sanctum Atlantis set
5 Shattered Colossus set
5 Slayer’s set
0 other social armor sets
Other social armor
6 Crown of Summer
3 Tarantian-style masks (2 Amber, 1 Azure)
1 Atlantean Spellbinder’s Tunic

3 Tigerskin cloaks
Raid gear
26 T1 armor
17 T1 weapons (5 swords, 3 shields, 9 polearms)
8 T2 armor
2 T2 weapons (2 polearms)
AA urns
10 Flask of Completion (20000 Mastery XP)
5 Flask of Direction (50000 Mastery XP)
7 Coffer of Radiance (62500 Mastery XP)
8 animal pets (4 Black Cobras, 3 Field Mice, 1 Charcoal Firebird Chick)
10 dancing pets (2 Aquilonian male, 1 Aquilonian female, 1 Cimmerian male, 2 Cimmerian female, 1 Khitan male, 2 Khitan female, 1 Stygian male)
Purple caches
1 Slayer’s Cache of the Drowned God (purple cache)

And here’s a refreshed version of the table for purple caches, on all characters:

Boss Total
no. of
# purple caches Drops from purple caches
direct total Simple
Urns Rare

Dragon 185 6 2 8 7 (29) 0 0 1 0
Yeti 61 3 2 5 4 (15) 0 0 1 0
Basilisk 141 4 2 6 2 (7) 2 0 2 0
Serp. Man 78 3 6 9 7 (25) 0 0 1 0
Thrice Dr. 236 1 12 13 8 (31) 4 0 0 1

This month’s boss was the first one where I got a piece of gear from a purple cache; this turned out to be a pretty unimpressive BoP purple ring called Iron Band of Constitution (164 armor, 73 con, 52 crit rtg).

Level 20-39 world-drop blues

March 22, 2014 5 comments

This is a continuation of my recent post about level 10–19 world-drop blues. In today’s post we’ll deal with the world-drop blues in the level 20–39 range. I collected the data in the same way as in the previous post: I was farming bosses in epic playfields until I saw each of the following items drop at least five times.

Let’s start with a table for the level 20–29 range:

Name Level Description
Bane 26 2hb, str
Battlehide Belt 20 light belt
Bladesplinter 26 shield, retributive procs
Bleeder 29 dagger, dex
Bloodband 21 ring, str + con
Bloodhallowed Jerkin 26 light chest, str
Bloodpath 29 sin shoes
Bloodthirsty Bolts 24 bolts
Bonecrusher Boots 29 medium feet, combat rtg
Brindlebone Boots 22 light feet, str
Corpsehacker 20 1he, str
Deepnight Belt 27 sin belt
Duskhunter Pants 23 sin legs
Fatetwisted Belt 23 cloth belt, mana
Feyspinner Leggings 24 cloth legs, mana
Fleetbarbs 22 arrows
Frostspike* 26 sin dagger
Gorthogs Axe 24 2he, str
Grimstaff 23 staff, magic dmg
Gutgirth 28 light belt, combat rtg
Hammerfirst Belt 27 medium belt, str
Headsever 28 1he, combat rtg
Heartwoe Leggings 23 medium legs, con
Legantine Necklace 25 necklace, protection
Lexicon of Murmurs 25 talisman, int
Magebraid Belt 20 cloth belt, con + retrib proc
Mark of Damnation 27 DT talisman
Nomad Chestguard 25 medium chest, con + retrib proc
Preystalker 22 bow
Rageblow 22 1hb, combat rtg, hate inc
Red Edge 21 sin dagger
Sageweaver Robe 26 cloth chest, int
Sandstride Sandals 21 sin feet
Shadowfall Chest 25 sin chest
Skewer 27 guardian polearm
Spinebreaker* 29 2hb, str
Thewgristle Leggings 24 light legs, combat rtg
Thundercoil 24 crossbow
Thunderer’s Boots 21 medium feet, combat rtg
Willwarper Ring 29 ring, int + wis
Witchwalkers 22 cloth feet, int

And here’s a table for the level 30–39 range:

Name Level Description
Backbiter Tunic 34 light chest, str
Bitterbite Jerkin 33 medium chest, combat rtg
Bladecheater Tunic 33 sin chest
Bladeskip Belt 35 medium belt, str
Bloodsnapper 32 crossbow
Bonewarden 34 shield, str
Bramblebite Fauld 39 medium legs, dex
Brim of Hathor Ka 31 ring, magic dmg
Cliffshatter 34 2hb, combat rtg
Cabalist’s Slippers 38 cloth feet, str
Corpsecutter Leggings 39 sin legs
Creepersoles 37 sin feet
Crystalmind 31 staff, magic dmg
Dark Heart* 32 DT talisman
Deathdancer’s Boots 30 light feet, str
Flamegirth 36 light belt, combat rtg
Fleshbreaker Bolts 32 bolts
Girthbrace Girdle 32 heavy belt, str
Gladewhisper Boots 37 medium feet, dex
Heartnock Arrows 30 arrows
Hungerflesh 36 1he, str, combat rtg
Jawbreaker 38 1hb, combat rtg, hate inc
Keen Claidhmore 32 2he, str
Libram of Clarity 33 talisman, int
Manaweb Leggings 32 cloth legs, mana, +speed
Mark of Catastrophe 35 DT talisman
Mercyfist 30 1hb, combat rtg
Mindgirdle 36 cloth belt, magic dmg
Naysayer Choker 33 necklace, con, stamina
Nemedian Skinning Knife** 34 sin dagger
Numinous Robe 34 cloth chest, int
Painbarbed Hauberk 38 heavy chest, str
Painbarbed Tasset 36 heavy legs, str
Ramnyr* 31 bow
Ringlet of Hathor Ka 37 ring, magic dmg
Saman-darun 35 guardian polearm
Serpentstrike Belt 35 sin belt
Skrymir* 32 2he, str
Skullcracker* 31 1hb, str
Snowfly 30 bow, +range
Soul Pins 38 arrows
Soulfang 37 sin dagger
Soulwarder Tasset 32 light legs, con
Spellsurge Slippers 30 cloth legs, magic dmg, +speed
Spinewarp 38 bow, +range
Steelskin Boots 34 heavy feet, str
Subtlestep Boots 38 light feet, combat rtg
Weaselweave Leggings 31 sin legs
Wisewalker 39 staff, magic dmg
Woodsneak’s Fauld 31 medium legs, combat rtg


* Items marked with an asterisk aren’t really part of the regular world-drop BoE system (although they are BoE). Instead, they can appear as an extra drop when you kill the Ymirish bosses in Conall’s Valley. Each of these 6 items drops from a specific boss:

  • Dark Heart drops from Jorgrimm
  • Frostspike drops from Battlemaster Torgvall
  • Skrymir drops from Lodur Frostbeard
  • Spinebreaker drops from Commander Magni
  • Ramnyr from Commander Ramn
  • Skullcracker from Commander Vakarr.

** The Nemedian Skinning Knife isn’t part of the world-drop boe system either. Instead, it’s a bind-on-pickup blue item that can appear as an extra drop when you kill General Zarathus in the Border Range.

We can again see many instances of multiple items sharing the same model:

  • Bleeder (level 29 dagger) uses the same model as Sandtooth (level 13), Red Edge (level 21), and the Nemedian Skinning Knife (level 34).
  • Grimstaff (level 23 staff) uses the same model as Skullstave (level 15), Crystalmind (level 31), and Wisewalker (level 39).
  • Corpsehacker (level 20 1he) uses the same model as Windreaver (level 12), Headsever (level 28), and Gargoyle Master’s Demise (BRC quest reward).
  • Bane (level 26 1hb) uses the same model as Hullbreaker (level 18).
  • Rageblow (level 22 1hb) uses the same model as Stonecrusher (level 14), Fist of Siptah (from Ulf in Atzel’s Fortress) and the ToS T1/T2 raid blunt.
  • Skewer (level 27 polearm) uses the same model as Lightning Rod (level 11) and Marauder (level 19).
  • Mercyfist (level 30 1hb) uses the same model as Jawbreaker (level 38).
  • Saman’darun (level 35 polearm) uses the same model as Reaching Strike (level 80 city crafted).
  • Spinebreaker (level 29 2hb) uses the same model as Icebreaker (level 32 blue BoP, probably a quest reward), Remorse (level 50 blue BoP, probably a quest reward), Malignant Crusher (level 80 BoE world drop) and Oxleg (from Nefru in the Onyx Chambers).
  • Skullcracker (level 31 1hb) uses the same model as Vanir Avenger (from Overseer Olik in the Vile Nativity), Scoundrel’s Spiked Mace (level 80 green quest reward from Tarantia Commons) and Vanir Raider’s Mace (level 20-ish green BoE from Vanir mobs in Conall’s Valley).

Below are the screenshots of all the items. Since there’s so many of them, I split them into several images, roughly in alphabetical order for each level range (20–29 and 30–39).

Level 20–29, part 1:

(Click to enlarge.)

Level 20–29, part 2:

(Click to enlarge.)

Level 30–39, part 1:

(Click to enlarge.)

Level 30–39, part 2:

(Click to enlarge.)

Level 30–39, part 3:

(Click to enlarge.)

The Fourth Portent

March 7, 2014 6 comments

The fourth portent is called Serpent Man Oldblood. Unsurprisingly, he looks like a large serpentman, though he isn’t nearly as enormous as some of the previous world bosses. As in the previous months, several green mobs spawn a few minutes before the boss himself; this time they are called Serpent Man Prophets.

The boss spawns in the Dragon’s Spine; as far as I know, there are two possible locations:

  • in the southwest corner of the playfield (450, 350), near the Nomad Camp;
  • in the southern excavation camp (1310, 460).

He has approx. 20.1 million HP, same as the previous bosses, but his mitigation seems to be considerably lower (especially to magical damage), so he dies faster than the previous bosses. The instance can fit around 120 players, judging by my combat logs.

(Click to enlarge.)

He does crushing damage, and in addition has a few special abilities: the Chosen and the the Forsaken are presumably meant to work the same way as on the Serpent Man Omni-Prophet in the Coils of Ubah Kan. The Chosen puts a debuff on 3 players and pulses damage (one tick every 2.5 sec or so), presumably on players who aren’t near the chosen ones; similarly, the Forsaken puts a debuff on 3 players and pulses damage on players who are near the forsaken ones. At least I imagine that to be the intention, but in a chaotic and crowded world-boss fight it’s hard to be sure. In the Omni-Prophet fight in the Coils of Ubah Kan, you can watch the boss’s cast bar and see who gets the Chosen/Forsaken buff, and then move to them or away from them as appropriate; but you can’t do that here since the boss targets himself during those casts, and in any case several players get the debuffs, not just one. In any case, the pulsing damage from these two abilities is holy damage, and hopefully you will get enough heals to survive it, or you can move away and eventually get out of its range.

The boss also has an ability called Void Prism, which puts a ruin on a few people, probably in front of the boss. This ruin (Void Ruin) gives you -50% holy/unholy invulnerability for 50 seconds, so the Chosen and Forsaken pulsing damage will then hurt quite a bit more. Hopefully healers will quickly remove it with Steadfast Faith.

The boss at night, cunningly concealed by an enormous mass of particles.
Picture taken shortly before my game client froze for the remainder of the fight :P
(Click to enlarge.)

The mechanics of the loot are the same as in the previous months; there is a blue cache (Hunter’s Trove of the Oldblood) and a purple cache (Slayer’s Cache of the Oldblood), and they drop the same kinds of loot as before.

  • Cool Runnings: a consumable that gives you a 30-second cold mist particle effect.
  • Eighth Plague of Stygia: a consumable that gives you a 15-minute buff of the same name, which makes a swarm of insects follow you around.
  • Stygian Special Mushroom: a consumable that gives you a 5-minute buff called Waking Dream, which causes you to be surrounded by beautiful psychedelic particles.

The Waking Dream particle effect from the Stygian Special Mushroom. (Click to enlarge.)

There are several new social armor sets. One is the Harlot’s set (green level 5 BoP), consisting of five parts (head, wrists, shoulder, chest, feet).

Unfortunately the only character on which I got this set so far is my bear shaman (shown above), and for some reason I just don’t think she looks good in slutty armor. Hopefully I’ll eventually get the set on some other character as well.

This set is very similar to the gear worn by Casilda in Tortage; the differences are that Casilda’s gear is more golden and less greenish in color, her shoes are different, and she doesn’t seem to be wearing any wrists or headgear.

The other new social set is called Khemi Guard (blue level 5 BoP), which looks almost the same as the Empyreal set (the ToS level 70–80 world-drop blue set); the main difference is the helmet, but the shoulders are also slightly different.

There seems to be another new set, Vizier’s * of State, consisting of 3 parts, but I haven’t got it yet.

There is of course also a new purple mini-pet, Mini-Pet: Serpent Man Oldblood. Unlike the dragon and basilisk mini-pets, this one is indeed relatively small:

(Click to enlarge.)

(Click to enlarge.)

He occasionally casts light particle effects that seem to be inspired by those of the Serpent Man Grand Vizier (a.k.a. disco boss) from the Coils of Ubah Kan. The Serpent Man Prophets also cast this same particle while summoning the world boss.

Oldblood mini-pet casting one of his four particle effects. (Click to enlarge.)

Setpent Man Prophets getting ready to spawn the world-boss. (Click to enlarge.)

Obsidian Basilisk drop statistics

February 15, 2014 4 comments

In my experience, farming the basilisk was much more fun than the yeti boss the month before. They reduced the respawn timer to about 30–60 min and instances tended not to fill up before the boss actually spawned. As a result, I was able to get more than twice as many kills (141 on the basilisk, 63 on the yeti boss). Much like with the Black Dragon drop statistics from last month, the loot table contains a huge number of things and some of them never dropped for me at all, so the table below is just meant to give us a rough idea of the relative frequency of different types of drops. It shows what I got on my guardian from the Hunter’s Trove of the Obsidian Basilisk (blue caches). In addition, during this week, I also got four Slayer’s Caches of the Obsidian Basilisk (purple caches) directly from the boss kills, but these aren’t shown in the table below; nor are any results shown from kills on other characters.

Count Item
Social animations, particles etc.
12 Electric Boogie, Bottled Spirits, Sticky Fresh Blood, Void Essence, Cowardice Remedy
9 Fatal Concoction
Food, potions, buffs
0 Potent Daggamalt, Dire Sweetpressed Haste
6 Ta Neheh Leaf Elixir
1 Kingsmight Ale
7 Elixirs (3 Guile, 3 Invigorative Rejuvenation, 1 Physical Might)
1 Philtre (1 Constitution)
1 Minor Elixir of Resurgence (self-rez)
5 Traveller’s Merchant Contract
Social armor sets
11 Heaven’s Lake set
2 Shattered Colossus set
3 Slayer’s set
0 other social armor sets
Other social armor
6 Crown of Spring
2 Tigerskin cloaks
Raid gear
23 T1 armor
6 T1 weapons (1 sword, 2 shields, 3 polearms)
7 T2 armor
2 T2 weapons (2 shields)
AA urns
8 Flask of Completion (20000 Mastery XP)
6 Flask of Direction (50000 Mastery XP)
2 Coffer of Radiance (62500 Mastery XP)
5 animal pets (1 Black Cobra, 2 Field Mice, 1 Fire Salamander, 1 Wolverine Kit)
2 dancing pets (1 Aquilonian male, 1 Khitan female)
Purple caches
2 Slayer’s Cache of the Black Dragon (purple cache)

Seen on other characters: 1× Fallen Leviathan set, 2× Heaven’s Lake set, 1× female Stygian dancer pet, 1× Topaz Komodo pet, 3× raid gear.

If we compare this with the Black Dragon drop statistics from a month ago, we can see many similarities and parallels, but also a few differences.

  • The blue health and stamina potions (Potent Daggamalt, Dire Sweetpressed Haste) seem to have been removed from the loot table.
  • Health food (Ta Neheh Leaf Elixir) is still much more common than stamina food (Kingsmight Ale).
  • Among the social sets, the plan seems to be that the current “regional” set drops a lot more often than the “global” sets. The Heaven’s Lake set is just as common here as the Sanctum Atlantis set was on the dragon.
  • There seems to be a kind of regional vs. global distinction for the non-set social items as well. For example, the tigerskin cloaks have been dropping from all three portent bosses so far, but I didn’t see any Atlantean Spellbinder’s Tunics or Tarantia-style face masks from the basilisk. But on the other hand, I didn’t see any corresponding new Khitai-themed items either.
  • In the crappy novelty consumable department, there seems to be one item that predominates on each boss. On the dragon, that was Mitra’s Blessed Ointment; here on the basilisk, it seems to be the Fatal Concoction, which AFAIK hasn’t been dropping from the first two portent bosses. Several of the items that used to drop from the dragon (Ritual Knife, Prayer Book, Fermented Brain Juices) don’t seem to be dropping from the basilisk.

Purple cache statistics

This table shows, for each boss, the total number of kills I’ve done (on all characters, regardless of class), the total number of purple caches I got (either as drops from blue caches or directly from the boss kill), and the things that dropped out of those purple caches. The “Simple Relics” column shows the number of times that I got simple relics from purple caches, followed by the total number of simple relics thus obtained. So for example, from the Dragon’s purple caches, I got simple relics seven times and I got a total of 29 simple relics that way. I never got any Rare Relics but I heard that some other people did, so I reserved a column for them as well.

Boss Total
no. of
# purple caches Drops from purple caches
direct total Simple
Urns Rare
Dragon 185 6 2 8 7 (29) 0 0 1
Yeti 61 3 2 5 4 (15) 0 0 1
Basilisk 141 4 2 6 2 (7) 2 0 2

The Third Portent

February 8, 2014 1 comment

The third portent is an Obsidian Basilisk. Like the previous ones, several green mobs spawn before it appears; this time they are called Legendary Beast Hunters. There are several possible spawn locations:

  • in the Northern Grasslands, near the bridge towards Kara Korum in the north;
  • in the Northern Grasslands, just north of the Hole rez pad;
  • in the Northern Grasslands, near the Red Cliff Inn on the eastern side of the playfield;
  • in Chosain Province, near the water just outside Gun Hai (the Scholars’ city in the northwest of the playfield);
  • in Chosain Province, near the water northeast of the Scholars’ tower on the northern side of the playfield.

(Click to enlarge.)

The mechanics of the fight are less interesting than I hoped. The boss does crushing damage; apart from white hits on the aggro holder, there is a rear cone attack (with knockback) called Tail Swipe, and a 360-degree aoe attack (with knockback) called Stomp. There is also Obsidian Gaze, which stuns people in front of the boss; it’s a relatively narrow cone and you can easily move out of it before it’s finished casting (similar to e.g. Frost Whip in the Palace of Yun Rau). This stun is a ruin, so it can be removed by a priest with Steadfast Faith. If you get hit by Stomp while having this ruin, you get oneshotted.

As far as I can tell, there are no ranged attacks, not even as an anti-kiting measure. The boss has 20.1 million HP, same as the previous two. It now respawns much more often in each instance (probably every 30–60 min or so), and for some reason it seems a lot easier to get into instances than before, so there’s almost no waiting between boss kills; this is a wonderful improvement compared to the previous two bosses, especially the first one.

(Click to enlarge.)

The loot is mostly the same as on the previous two Portent bosses; there is a blue cache (Hunter’s Trove of the Obsidian Basilisk) and a purple cache (Slayer’s Cache of the Obsidian Basilisk), etc. It seems that the drop rate of crappy food and potions has been somewhat reduced. Other changes I’ve noticed:

  • The Crown of Spring now drops instead of the Crown of Winter/Summer. I guess next month’s boss will drop the Crown of Autumn then.
  • Fatal Concoction drops from this boss (gives you +10% fatality chance for 20 sec), and it seems to have replaced Flaming Sanducca, Electric Boogie etc. from the previous bosses.
  • The Heaven’s Lake armor set is a new Khitai-themed social armor set. Presumably some of the regional-style social sets that used to drop from the previous two bosses don’t drop from this one.
  • There is of course a new purple Obsidian Basilisk mini-pet. The other pets (cobras, mice, salamanders, dancers, etc.) seem to be dropping same as before.

There’s been an interesting couple of developer posts in the testlive forum about the Portent bosses’ loot (1, 2). Most of the loot is shared; some of the social armor sets are “regional”, i.e. they appear only from bosses in certain areas, while other sets are “global” and drop from all bosses. I guess that the Hyperborean Shaman set from last month’s Yeti boss counts as regional then, as does the Heaven’s Lake set from this month’s boss.

The new basilisk pet looks nice and is pretty large for a mini-pet:

(Click to enlarge.)

It has several animations similar to those of basilisk mobs. Here is a picture from the “stomp” animation:

(Click to enlarge.)

And here is one from the “gaze” animation:

(Click to enlarge.)

The wolverine kit is not a new pet, but I only got it now, so here’s a screenshot of it as well:

(Click to enlarge.)

Here’s a screenshot of the new Heaven’s Lake social armor set:

And here’s the Fallen Leviathan set, which has already been dropping from the previous bosses, so I guess it counts as a global set:


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